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so you have 23 episodes of Barney and Robin wedding, i they just last for 3 years. The heck?

Also i am not a fan of this Ted obsession with Robin. Good finale but seriously, after everything it writers decided to give us that. maybe just 40mins of screentime with the mother in season 9.

Also Lily is definitely the best character of the show.


It’s a commonly used stereotype that women tell each other everything, I understand when a girl tells her friends about her boyfriend but the boyfriend doesn’t know or regularly see the friends. Robin and Lily know so much sexual stuff about the three guys but hang out with them everyday. Is that not weird?


When Ted tells his kids when the gang’s actual last cigarettes ever were. He says Lily’s was the day she started trying to have a baby and Marshall’s was the day his son was born. Implying their first born is a boy. Later on there are of course a few episodes heavily focused on baby gender

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For guys, it's an unspoken rule that if you have to pee next to someone at the urinal, you don't talk to them or look at them. Barney broke this rule. After Ted talked to him back, Barney decided he liked Ted and 15 minutes later they became friends. So basically Ted and Barney's friendship was built on a broken rule.


Not that she looks old, but I’m almost 23 and I never would’ve thought she was my age there!


So I was watching the episode and I noticed something. I think the reason Marshall forgot where it was is because ted hit him on the head with a bat and then forgot the location. Thoughts?


In Season 3 Episode 17, Teds 30th birthday at the end he realizes that the goat wasn’t at his 30th birthday.. it was at his 31st birthday. And the way he figures that out is when the goat was eating Robins wash cloth he says, “wait.. Robin didn’t live here on my 30th birthday..”

This is also the episode that Ted and Barney have a falling out after Barney sleeps with Robin.

So is Ted saying that Robin lived there on his 31st Birthday supposed to be foreshadowing to make the audience think something will happen between them again in the future? Is that the whole reason for the goat slip up?


In season 8 I noticed that, “How dare you, and what is that?” is used quite often.

Wondering if anybody knew of any other phrases or small pieces of dialogue that were specific to a particular season.


I’m getting a bit bummed out by the female relationships in HIMYM especially considering they had a female director for the majority of the show. Outside of Lily and Robin female relationships are pretty poor especially with Lily’s MIL and Robin’s MIL.

Also Robin’s comment: I was raised a boy. I don’t get along with women. Oof.


So, correct me if I'm wrong, because I want to be wrong here. Anyway, In S3E5, How I Met Everyone Else," the gang (minus barney and robin) are at their college reunion in the future. At the end of the episode, the group sneaks off to go "eat a sandwich." At one point Marshall remarks something and Lilly responds with "Dude, we're 42," before giggling about how old they are. Immediately afterwards Ted responds with (also giggling) "Where's my wife?" suggesting that the wife is at the reunion as well. This would also suggest that Ted was 42 (or 41/43 since people go into college around the same time.

But, wasn't it established at the end, that Ted was 40 when his wife died and he brought the blue French horn back to robin?


I remember that quite a few people at my high school were vocal about how they don't like her, so I'm wondering if she's more of an unpopular character (or the least liked character from the gang)?

What are your thoughts on her? And do you think there's someone in the gang (Ted, Marshall, Barney, Lily, Robin) who gets a lot of flak from the viewers/is less popular? My guess is that both Barney and Marshall are pretty popular, but I don't know about the rest since I've never kept track of forums and the like.


Well that, I remember the penis building and the Mosby Designs, but it never appeared to have issues for money or something similar.

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