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Twelvvy is so slept on. Dude constantly drops heat and never gets any recognition.

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twelvvy is not bad but he doesn't do anything special that earns him special recognition aside from sounding like a traditional ny rapper which is not what people are barely looking for in 2018

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The last part of your comment confuses me

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twelvvy sounds like the epitome of traditional NY rap and thats not what people are looking for anymore

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There you go

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i didn't think it was that confusing to begin with but there you go

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“Not what people are barely looking for” doesn’t make sense

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yea it does it makes perfect sense it means people are barely looking for it wtf is so confusing about that lmfao

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But you said it’s not what people are barely looking for

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meanwhile 6ix9ine sounding like sticky fingaz and is extremely popular

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yea cus sticky fingaz had 69s tatted all across his face and body and had rainbow hair right

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whats that got to do with the sound?

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nothing but it has pretty much everything to do with his popularity

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I wouldn't say constantly he just put out his first project last year

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TESTING Release date is hidden in the periodic table boys.

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Christmas 2018 you heard the man

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Don't play with me like that.

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Lonewolf and twelvvy is what I like to see. Y'all stay sleeping on Twelvvy, he had one of the best albums of last year

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Lonewolf's videos are so dope, love his work with Lucki

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Lonewolf is so underrated

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Twelvyy is my favorite A$AP member, so heavily slept on it's not even funny

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This song didn't impress me before but this video was mad dope and made me like the song

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Twelvy is nice. He has a clean delivery. he needs a full length

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he dropped a full length lol. 14 tracks

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The Mob consistently puts out awesome music videos.