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This is a good song

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This got me pumped for it, its decent though

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I concur

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Why ain't this got the fresh tag? This is nice tho

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"I just fucked a girl to mask off (molly percocet)"

Best line/ad lib of all time.

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Travis ft. NAV more like, how it should be.

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guess they’re even for Biebs in The Trap

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It was navs song, then Travis jumped on it and put it on his album

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He draked it

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I took her to my penthouse

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i got 3500 for the coat then i freaked it

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Still probably the best Nav song I've heard.

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Tbf Nav does most of the second half so it's pretty even

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really? new nav - 1 hour thread - 1 comment ? maybe because no [fresh] tag. heard the album , leaked earlier. pretty good ( coming from a nav fan so im biased )

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Probably because it's not an official post

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is the album dropping tonight? I'm hyped for this

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Dm me for full album leak.

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it's on apple music for me

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Already heard it, maybe a quarter of the songs on the album are this good, this being the best though

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This is a fucking great song and beat. Nav killed it.

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Flex just played this. Fuego

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Travis and nav should make a 10 track collab tape

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Trav (ft. Nav) (prod. By Nav)

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(Cover artwork by Nav)

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Just cuz they don’t sound bad together (for the record this sounds p good so far and beibs is dope too) doesn’t mean a collab album between them would be good. Look at how HJJH turned out. Travis had to make his style too much like Quavo’s and he sounded interchangeable on a lot of the tracks.

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HJJH was only "bad" cause it was pretty rushed though. Quavo basically released 3 albums in just under 2 months and he's been out of ideas for like a year now.. everyone's been bored of him for a good few months

I don't think the same would happen with Nav and Travis Scott.. they actually seem like they have good chemistry together and there's way more variance in their styles

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HJJH isn’t even a bad album, people honestly expected too much, like it’s a fucking collab album it’s not going to be Rodeo

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Lets face it, most of these collab tapes are cash grabs with little to no effort put into them. I'll pass.

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If HJJH had an actual year of curating instead of that rushed garbage we might of gotten a platinum winning album out of that.

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Travis announced they were going to do it in like October of 2016 iirc. It seems rushed, but I don't think it was. I think they just aren't that good of a team and Oh My/Dis Side was a fluke.

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Easily one of the worst ideas I’ve heard

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Your username included?

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Yo DM me for the full album leak.

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Can I get that swung this way?

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Dm'd you

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hit me up fam

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torrent it...it's on piratebay

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lmfao thanks

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sorry went to bed my b

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bless me please

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Trav x nav

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These two got amazing chemistry

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This is probably Travis's best feature of recent. This a jam for sure

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best beat i’ve heard in a minute nav should stick to producing lmao

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great song

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This is the weirdest thread, does Nav have some defense squad on here? Without Travis this would be the most generic song and people act like this is good? Out

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Well It is sonically pleasing, at least to me.

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What part did Nav have in that? He didn’t even produce the song.

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Uhh, rapping?

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You actually enjoyed Nav’s verse where he said “I like her 'cause she basic, she got braces” yikes

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With Travis it's still generic as fuck

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The song is really good but where is the 808?? I barely hear any bass in the mix

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I work in the mutual fund industry and every time I see NAV name I think of Net Asset Value. 😅🤓

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I made a version without NAV’s verse - I just can’t listen to him at all