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It sucks that Yachty has abandoned this bubblegum trap sound him and TheGoodPerry were building to do generic trap stuff, this was really his specialty.

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aka burberry perry at the time before the cease & desist

they had a falling out too, no?

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yeah yachty stole perry’s holographic blastoise

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I know it’s kind of a meme to say “I miss the old Yachty” but it’s pretty wild to think that this era was when Boat was in his prime, really wish he still made music like this. Lil Boat is personally probably my favorite mixtape of all time

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Dude i remember bumping Lil Boat all the fuckin time, i dont think people remember how much hate he got too. Crazy how at the time he was somehow the "worst thing to happen to hip hop". Look at who we got now lmao

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yeah fr look back on hhh reaction to lil boat 1, everyone was trashing it.

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I thought Lil Boat was just the start but he went downhill so fast, idek what he’s saying in his songs half the time it’s about his jewelry or fucking a bitch, but I still like Lil Pump which makes no sense

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He go to cool imo, plus splitting with perry. The appeal of yachty was he was a regular kid who was kinda a dork making fun music. Now he is a mainstream celeb with tons of money, fuckin all hoes, and he hangs with a bunch of savages like the migos (the goons from gwenith county) etc etc. now all his music is standard migos sounding shit where he talks about how rich he is and how he will steal ur bitch. Shit gets old real fast

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Lol, lil yachty can barely even talk fuck do i wanna hear him rap for?

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I like to assume I inspired this post with my reply in the other thread!

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Broo summer songs 2 and back are my favorite of yachty , quavo and yachty float on this

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Bumped this so much back in Summer 16.. That was such a fantastic time for hip hop music

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Such an underrated song. Me and my friends used to bump this all the time a couple summer’s ago

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ok but oj did it better. I do dig yatchy and quavo together tho.

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I don’t need no hook for this shiiiit