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After removing the wrapper, I shook my new bottle of hot sauce out of habit before opening and it exploded like a bottle of shaken soda. Is this normal? I assume it is because it wasn't opened yet, but just wanted to make sure. If it is, let this be a PSA: don't shake your new, unopened bottle of hot sauce before opening!


Hi all, I am want to try a new sauce, I haven't tried many but I'm looking for something which is:

Not particular vinegary Around 50,000 SHU Maybe slightly smokey?

I love the taste of sriracha, but anything I'm after something hotter than encoda extra hot and nandos extra extra hot.

Any help is appreciated.


Hey group! Just wanted to pass this along. We have our new Spicy Ginger Hot Sauce recipe tutorial posted up and we're not just showing you how to make this sauce at home, we're giving away a free bottle to a subscriber as well. We usually are only picking from a small amount of people who express interest so odds of winning are usually pretty good on these. Rock on! Rock fist in the air

Right here --->


I have a bunch of Habaneros and Ghost Peppers in the freezer from last season, and want to work them into a hot sauce. Can I ferment peppers that have already been frozen?

I'd also like to make a fruity but quite spicy sauce, thought about adding mangos or peaches, as well as some slightly roasted garlic and onions. I suppose it will be around 10 Habaneros and 2 Ghost Peppers, so how much fruit should I add to get the spiciness closer to the habs then the ghosts (somewhere around 500k Scoville would be ideal)? Or should I cut one ghost and add more habs?


What are the most common ingredients in hot sauces and what kind of ratios should I use for them. I'm seeing tomato, onion, vinegar, and obviously peppers.

Edit: pretty good results. I made a mild version(still decently hot to most people) and then threw in like 3 more habinaros after I poured like 3/4th out to make really hot sauce.


Long story short I work at a pub and we have a wing hot sauce challenge. All our hot sauces are homemade and got good flavour and decent heat. There’s 3 stages in the challenge stage one is literally nothing stage 2 is spicy and stage 3 has a bit of kick to it but it’s not enough. Deal is if you can eat all 3 at once and sit for 10 minutes and not drink a thing you get a free pound of wings of your choice. A lot of people beat it because my boss that makes the sauces doesn’t do spicy. So the sauces are kinda shit. I’m tasked with making things spicier and wanna make something that is literally unbearable. So main question here is if I were to mix the two would I kill someone? Or should I just stick to a ghost or carolina reaper? I have dried of both and am getting some fresh ones once the guy a know has harvested because he’s into growing hot peppers and selling them. I have a recipe for a base now I just need to add my heat.

Edit:did the “challenge” we have right now tonight because I hadn’t done it yet. I did it. Didn’t even really make my face red literally comparable to franks red hot 😂


this is very good


I'm in the process of making some of my Jala-Raiser hot sauce, and a custom order from a local person who wanted me to make him some hotsauce the same way only using habanero instead of my regular peppers. So today I was getting ready for the daily stir of the pepper mash and some of the habanero stuff splashed up into my eye. OUCH! Here's a good tip...don't do that! I'm ok now but man that was painful. Going to go buy some safety glasses for stirring.


Hey guys,

Does anybody know anything about this site?

I've been looking at the site for the past week and I am thinking of placing order. Not sure how they are able to produce. loll


I've always loved hot sauce and I've tried quite a few over the years. From reading on here I tried Secret Aardvark and Yellowbird Hab. Yellowbird varies I understand. My bottle is less hot than the Secret Aardvark. I think both are pretty good. Secret Aardvark isn't worth how much it costs in my opinion though. I also tried Valentina black label for the first time and it seems so similar to Tapatio of course just slightly thicker. I want to try Yellowbird Ghost next.


Are there any sauces that have heat but little to no flavor? I like habanero and would probably like something a bit hotter


A few years ago, I went to this hip slider joint in Memphis that had an impressive selection of hot sauces. One of them was marketed as a ghost pepper centric sauce. It was the greatest hot sauce I've ever had and I have not been successful relocating it.

I can't remember the name, but I'll never forget the flavor. The heat was good, but the focus of the sauce was this complex smokey flavor. It was the hot sauce form of slow cooked beef chili. Literally, you could cover a hot dog with it and not miss the chili.

Anyway, I'm not asking for the name of the mysterious sauce (although if you can identify it with only what I've provided, you are a god), but have any of you run across a stellar sauce with similar characteristics? I would be forever grateful.


the hot sauce was some sort of snapper turtle hot sauce that kinda had a flavor reminiscent of snapper soup. Been searching online and cant find anything. Any ideas of what it was?


This was a fun little episode we posted up just touching on some of the peppers and sauces most people have grown to know. We've been looking for more deep flavor layers, not just heat for heat's sake if anyone has some good suggestions?


I like hot food. I'll take jalapenos on anything their offered with. Love Indian food, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican. I liberally add that asian chili garlic paste to just about anything. I like the spice! I also think it's healthy and aids digestion... but ...

I don't like the pain threshold to be crossed. if my mouth is on fire and my nose is running, eyes watering... if my mouth feels pain... that's no good for me. ifind it unpleasant and it distracts me from the actual flavors in the food i'm trying to eat.

my question is, what I am curious about is; what attracts you guys to pain level capsicum type burn? can you explain to me what it is you get out of eating something so hot you have to pour milk all over your face and run around in circles yelling "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!" for hours afterwards? I mean no disrespect, I joined this sub to possibly glean some insight, maybe you can enlighten me. please dont just tell me it's YOLO bragh, or endorphin rushes. I do like spicy food and i do realize i have a slightly higher tolerance than those who shun spicy, but honestly... when i eat something with too much "fire" it just ruins my meal.

what's the deal guys?

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