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But are they really gonna get released??? Hot toys love revealing and not releasing. 🙄

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Yeah like Yellow Jacket, Ancient One, and Crossbines..... Hopedully they'll release these!

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No kidding! Where is the Aliens Ripley and Power Loader?

EDIT: There was a John Wick sixth scale on display at the Sideshow Collectible booth on preview night that looked awesome!

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I will definitely be pre-ordering Shuri if she actually gets released. I might be interested in Bucky too since his look has changed so much since the last figure they released of him. War Machine is kinda tempting, but I have the Civil War version and I’m probably fine to just keep that one.

I’m still waiting for them to release Valkyrie from last year’s reveals...

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If you go on the Sideshow website, you can see more. I am really shocked that a new Hulkbuster is getting released. Interested to see if it is a true sixth scale or a power pose figure.

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Looks the same but with jackhammer arm.