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What was the disappointing figure that you bought and why?

What figure where you counting down the days till it arrived at your door only to be disappointed? Was it a sudden realisation or something you felt later?

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Thor from the first movie. There was a nasty line across his blonde hair that was removable for the helmet. It stuck out so bad I couldn’t pose him without the helmet. I couldn’t pose him a-lot in fear of damaging the fragile costume

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3 points · 1 month ago

Im a bit disappointed by the fragility of the homecoming suit spiderman. But still an awesome looking figure

I waaay overspent on one of the old sideshow clone troopers, and i knew that their quality was lower than hot toys but, my god, that thing is shit.

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Which one?

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Just one of the Utapau 212 troopers

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Warmachine MKII (normal grey one) early diecast hot toys figure. Little to no accessory for its price. And the machine gun over the shoulder is not that well attached.

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2 points · 22 days ago

Iron Man Mark III from Civil War. The Don Cheadle head is too small so he looks out of scale with other figures. The gunmetal grey is too dark and looks black. May seem like small complaints but I paid a buttload for him late last year to complete a set of Civil War Avengers. Really wish a third party sculptor would make an unmasked Rhodes head that I could use.

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Original Poster1 point · 22 days ago

Was actually considering getting that one, thanks for the heads up

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Yeah. First I got the Die Cast Mark 1. But the joints were too loose for a figure that heavy. So I traded him for the Mark 3. The non die-cast Mark 1 is still good but especially for the price

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Sideshow r2d2. Weighs about a paper clip. I really like my figures to have some heft to it.

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Yeah. Every compartment was loose on mine also

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