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Hey Reddit,

My idea so far is to set up a webcam in the booth attached to a computer, and then run HDMI cords from the computer to monitors in the booth and dressing rooms. Is this idea sound? Would a good webcam like this one be able to focus onto a stage about 50ft away from the booth?


I play a lot of video games, watch anime etc so I'd be good at online friends.

I just don't know how.

Like I heard discord is the number 1 place, but most of the gaming and anime discords have like thousands and thousands of members lol. How do I find obscure smaller discords? And how to make online friends in general?


I have a wordpress website, how can i make it to whenever someone likes on a photo, it goes directly for my instagram?


I have a very funny text convo on Playstation network chat (basically like facebook chat). I want to make an image that can be seen on reddit. I've seen people post pics that are very tall, bu I don't know how I could do it. It will be multiple screen shots stitched together, and I'm not even sure how to do that.


They are set in and I've only tried leaving baby powder on it for a while and washing it.

It didn't work.


How can I kick people of the the WiFi from my computer or phone?


If you are disinfecting a wound or area with either Alcohol or Peroxide it takes longer than you would think for the process to complete. Treating for a lesser time does not kill any of the bacteria.

In the Lab reagent alcohol can kill many bacteria within a few seconds (about ten) but when you are disinfecting a wound there are many other factors including the cleanliness of the area to being with.

With lower concentrations found in over the counter solutions (90%-50% or even less) and the human factor it can take up to 5 minutes to kill bacteria.

This is not the same as disinfecting your hands but the same consideration should be taken.

If you are disinfecting your hands you should first wash your hands with soap and water and then disinfect. You should also do this when treating a wound.

Remember that if you don't treat the area long enough then bacteria will survive and you have basically just wasted your time and effort. You will not have killed off a percentage of the bacteria from treating for a shorter time... you will not have killed any... think of it like holding your breath.. you can hold your breath a long time but you're not going to die unless you don't breath for a period of time where you would have asphyxiated.


I’m currently attempting to build a curved manual treadmill similar to the woodway or the speedfit speedboard lite. I’m thinking of doing it similar to this but I’m not really sure where to start. I’m not sure how to use bearings to make it work out of water. Also I’m not really sure if it would work without a treadmill belt and if it wouldn’t how I’d go about attaching the treadmill belt. I’d really like this to work fluidly like the speedboard.


I have a YouTube Channel that I’ve been growing for awhile and I’m wanting to organize it with an Instagram and a Facebook page all connected by one gmail email that I’ve created for all three. Is there anyway I can change the aol address that is connected with that YouTube channel to the gmail email? Thanks.


Hi everyone, as the title says itself, I need to make a credit card completely useless without physically destroying it. This one includes a chip and pay by contact.

Any idea?


Hey guys so Ive decided to sell some things on Etsy but before I make my account, I wanted to know how to calculate, precisely, the shipping cost so I don’t over or under charge buyers. I know weight and size of the box, including the object in the box play a role. Is there anywhere I can go to find out how much I am supposed to charge for shipping? I found a calculator online but it wanted me to put in where I’d be shipping my package to and I obviously don’t know where I’ll be shipping it because I don’t know who will be buying my items. Any help? Sorry if it’s a bit jumbled.

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