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Posted by
Liv Moore
25 days ago
Stickied post

Episode S04E13 Post Episode Discussion

"And He Shall Be a Good Man"

Original air date - 9/8c May 28th, 2018

Clive, Ravi, Peyton and Major work together to help Liv.

Written by Rob Thomas

Directed by Dan Etheridge

Main Cast

Rose McIver as Liv Moore, Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babineaux, Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, Robert Buckley as Major Lillywhite, David Anders as Blaine DeBeers.

Posted by
Hot Sauce
24 days ago
Stickied postModerator of r/iZombie

[SPOILER WARNING!] This thread contains MAJOR spoilers for iZombie Seasons 1-4; if you are not caught up exit the thread!

Post your opinions on iZombie's third season in this thread as well as any predictions or speculation you may have in regards to final season, Season 5!

Season 5 finale season will be 13 episodes as well.


I know he was divisive but I think people warmed up to him a bit by the end of the season. I was thinking that we never did get a good conclusion to the zombie religion movement but there have to be more believers out there and we never did see Enzo die, him being a true believer in the cause and all, perhaps he takes over the movement? I also think it would be interesting for a character who started as somewhat of comic relief to turn around be a big bad. I remember Liv and Ravi making fun of him early on and by the end he showed he wasn't anyone to be trifled with. (Remember those brass knucks, Liv?)

*Disclaimer: I admit to being biased, the actor is a personal friend of mine and I enjoyed seeing my pal on one of my favorite shows every week. That aside, I did kind of enjoy the character.


Who do you guys support more in season 4 if you really had to choose? I gotta say I don't support everything major does but liv is getting on my nerve. She's so self righteous and I don't agree with smuggling humans in to make them zombies.

One episode where major discovers she's renegade and he made that speech about how she stepped up because she's full of it..i Super supported that.

Just in season 4 liv is annoying the hell out of me.


Which any of them will be an interesting interaction with Liv or anyone?

It does not includes serial killers who possess magic.


Remember when Robby had finally perfected the cure for the zombie virus? well for some reason, he tried to make more himself, which wasn't easy because he needed hard-to-get resources like plutonium.

What he should of done though the second he finalized the cure, was he should have immediately given it to the government and tell them all about zombies. the government would be able to make as many as the want and even perfect it as well.

IZombie could of had a happy ending with all those like Olivia Moore being humans again, and the zombie virus would be long forgotten.

Yes I know how Blaine stole the cures, however Robby should have turned them in before they got the chance to be stolen.


wow thankyou for the criticism. I just want to correct and clarify a few comments.

First of all this is my first post on reddit so im really exited to see so many people read this and had something to say. In saying that I kind of just rushed throouh. I didnt go through any edit or spell check ir anything and i know i should have, sorry about that. especially how i miss spelled filmore graves. i cannot believe i was so blind to see the that has "fillmore graves", thats awesome and i feel so stupid.

also, i am well aware that they are the cause of the many zombies in seattle, however, that was before season 4. as i said liv was the hero for the first three seasons, and without her the apocalypse would have already happened. season 4 however they were the good guys, but i know that doesnt make the 'good guys'. remember avengers age of ultron? iron man caused the whole thing!!! sure it may have been an accident but that doesnt change what he did, but fixed it, the same as filmoregraves tried minimizing the damage they caused. this can be debated very easily so let me move on to comments that i find ridiculous. before i doi want to say thankyou for the filmoregraves comment on how they caused the thing.

Ok first comment i want to discuss is the comment that said filmoregraves werent the ones that prevented the nuking, it was liv by her smuggling the generals daaugher. actually it was major, who was order to kidnap her! liv had nothing to do with it and even scolded major for what he did. im glad u mentioned the generals daughter though, because u provided me more backup on how filmore graves is season 4's hero.

another comment i want to fix is when it was said that brother blood was the actual villain. now i already covered this. though he isa result of blain, those he was able to influence were influenced because they were hungry. they were hungry because of the hundreds of smuggled people now zombies in seattle, which caused each person to get less rations. in other words if it werent for liv moore and mamma, he would have wouldnt of influence anyone, because noone would be craving brains and they would be able to act like regular people, and live in a city where humans and zombies coexisted. filmore graves may have been the ones that infected the zombies, and brother blood was the one that corrupted the minds of his followers, but liv, she is responsible for the deaths that took place in result.

this next comment is just from some hater. come on man your going tk rank on me for miss spelling guillotine! i doubt you had to look up how to spell that, and if not, most people would. how did that even affect this anyway. after this post im going to try harder and make this look more like an articld more than a seventh grade essay. i have learned a. valuable lesson. im not going to really edit this but i will for the future.

anyway everyone if you still say filmoregraves is not in any way a hero, im not going to argue for i see exactly what you mean. and yes, brother blood and blain were also terrible people. maybe this whole thing is just stupid, but you cannot in any way argue that liv moore's smuggling cause ration shortages, causing hunger, causing deaths.


So in 4E12, Dobbs secretly records Major's opinions on Chase, and proceeds to give it to Chase himself. After that, Major runs away with Liv. Then in the finale, Major somehow knows that Fillmore Graves has a warrant out for his arrest and tells Jordan to get Fillmore Graves to look for him in the hotel. When was Major tipped off?

Also, I would have liked a scene where Chase confronted Major about the perceived betrayal. I didn't like how their relationship fell off at the end. It felt as though all that buildup didn't mean anything.


I just now finished the fourth season of IZombie. I absolutely love the series. In saying that though I do not love everyone's favorite zombie Olivia Moore.

You see for the first three seasons I did, and maybe if it werent for her, the zombie apocalypse would have already commenced. That all changed though when in the fourth season, she was the cause of almost all the chaos that occurred.

Many view her as the good guy, but only because the story is narrorated from her perspective! While of course it shows things she does not see. This is what you call omniscient. If IZombie was watched from a third person point of view, all you could do is gather all the facts, and once you do that, there is no other conclusion.

Look Liv Moore is not in any way a bad person, and the role she played in season four is he moral look, but only id you don't look at the big picture. As you know, she becomes the revemore of smuggling people into of seattle. She does this for people who are sick, and dying. These people know there is only one thing that could save them... go to seattle and get scratched.

At first look what she is doing is noble, and heroic, especially considering the consequence you know all to well. But wait. Why is bringing people into seattle a problem? Why is saving those people give someone like the previous revemore who was so sweet and kind, a one way trip to the most badass giotine ever made?

If you don't have a legitimate answer clearly you did not pay enough attention.You see outside of seattle people donate their brains for the zombies. These brains were than put in tubes as ratiions. why do you think at first this system actually worked? And why do you think later on rations started getting smaller? The rations were getting smaller because the zombie population kept rising. The more zombies you have to feed, the less each zombie gets. The whole reason Brother Love became so powerful was because his followers were hungry.

The thousands of humans and zombies that were killed, was all thanks to Liv, and the revemore before her. you might say something like "so what! were they supposed to just let those people die?!" Yes. one life is not worth two. with the people smuggled into seattle, they're numbers werent worth the rest of the over seven billion people that almost all became zombies or dead. And there also was simply more deaths caused by brain shortage caused by Liv than all of those saved by Liv.

Now lets talk about the real hero of the season, whom was made to look like the bad guy. He is... Philmore Graves. Before I continue let me answer all of your questions: "why did soldiers get more tubes?" Well they simply need to be in top shape at all times. If they get the same rations even if they would be bigger without the 'waisted' tubes, they still would not be enough and phiilmore graves would have weaker, less effective soldiers. With that brings less order, which is the most impotant thing in everything.

what makes him the hero? he is the reason seattle wasn't nuked. he proved humans and zombies could coexist, but thanks to Mamma abd Liv, that wasn't the case. That anvil gioteen was a great idea. it showed that zomies would be punished for things same as a human. alsohe had to of done stuff behind scenes that somehow prevented the nuking, a decision i myself would have made.

how could u complement him after he murdered that cadet, that only was trying to protect the girl he was shooting at? If he had ment any harm he would have head shotted her. the boy then shot him in the neck, obviously that was ment to be a head shot. its the boy's fault he got shot.

i could go on and on but imma wrap up. last thing i wanna say is im terrified how liv has so mang followers into season 5. and with Graves dead, chaos is certain. well more chaos that is. hagd

im looking forward to seeing comments


wow i used to like major. he wasn’t my favorite but he was definitely up there. until he joined fillmore graves and turned into one of my least favorite characters. i feel like the producers took away all of his good attributes and turned him into any other soldier at fillmore graves.


don’t get me wrong, i still love the show, but it’s gotten pretty boring compared to earlier season. seasons 1-3 were so interesting and i actually couldn’t stop watching. but season 4 became kinda sucky lol. with everyone in seattle knowing zombies exist and fillmore graves and seattle becoming a really bad city, it just got boring. the show is dragging on.


One of blaines minons made an appecance on the 22 episoside of tge 4 season of the flash and in izombie the team ponders if they’re were a tv show


So I'm lost and without going back to previous episodes how is major sick? I know it has a connection with what happened to the rats but I'm just lost. Help me out please?


wow i hate blaine’s dad so much lol. villians usually make shows and movies more interesting, or at least they’re supposed to, but blaine’s dad is just plain annoying lol.


bro ravi is literally the best character in the show. he’s funny, smart, a really good friend and he’s just a great guy. he definitely deserves better, he’s so underrated.

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