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As many of you may know, earlier this month Access Insurance Company was ordered into receivership. This has affected a large number of policyholders and I have already seen a few questions regarding it on reddit, so I want to share what I found trying to answer those questions so everyone can use it.

  • Insurance Journal article regarding liquidation

  • Liquidator's website

  • All Access Insurance Company policies with terminate effective April 12, 2018. Policyholders will need to obtain substitute coverage before then.

  • Claims will be handled by the insurance guarantee association of the state in which the policy was issued (liquidator's website has links to each). It will take some time for the claims to be transferred.

  • If a policyholder has paid for insurance coverage with Access beyond April 12, they need to apply with the liquidator or their respective guarantee association in order to receive a refund.

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2 months ago
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In the past 5 days, we have warned 4 different posters about the solicitation rule. That's 4 too many.

Here is the rule, in case you're on mobile and can't see it easily:

There is absolutely no solicitation. Doing so will result in an immediate ban. This includes requesting a poster to contact you privately.

If you think that it does not apply to you, please think again. There are no exceptions in that rule, and our all-volunteer mod team is not going to spend time vetting posters to make exceptions. The purpose of this sub is to provide a sort of "safe space" for people to ask questions. It is not here for anyone to build their book of business.

"But I don't sell anything!" you say. In that case, it should be even easier for you to follow the rule. Your heart might be in the right place, but that place does not create an exception to:

There is absolutely no solicitation. Doing so will result in an immediate ban. This includes requesting a poster to contact you privately.

See how it hasn't changed?

We don't like banning people, but the onus is on you to follow the rule.

Thanks for reading, and thank you to everyone that continues to volunteer their time and energy to help.


Alright, so let’s start from the beginning. Please also note, I’m a woman-child and don’t have a lot of experience with insurance related things, as my parents have helped me in the past.

So in January I moved from New York to California to be with my boyfriend. My boyfriend had been going to therapy, paying out of pocket at a sliding scale rate. Sat in on a session with therapist, liked him, and expressed that I was interested in sessions with him as well.

Via text he told me he accepted my insurance (which was the only way I could afford therapy). My insurance is a nationwide policy, my dad specifically gave me this policy because I move around all the time. I sent him a photo of front and back of card, and he confirmed that we’re all set. Told me copay was $50.

So we’ve been doing many sessions, all is well, until one day before our session began he expressed “So I’m not quite sure if my biller will be accepting your insurance anymore, let me get back to you on this.” Etc. Sessions done, I leave. Three minutes into driving home he texts me and says insurance is a no-go, asked me if my parents can help me with $500 backpay. I immediately Venmo’d him half of it.

Gave it some thought for a few days and called my insurance company. Lady was baffled, said no claims from his end were even present on my account, no approved claims, no denied claims, etc, said that if he accepts my policy it’s nationwide and will definitely go through.

Tell my therapist this, and he says he’ll check with his biller again. Five days later texts me and says still no because I’m out of state. STILL no letter, no proof in my account that there was anything ever filed.

Also turns out that for therapy sessions, my policy’s copay is only $10 and he’s been charging me $50.

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but nothing is adding up here. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!


I moved to a new state. I called up a doctor's office--which I'd never been to before--and made an appointment for a physical. They said the doctor would want me to come in first for lab work so we could then talk through my results at my physical. They then billed me for "Lipid panel," "General health panel," and "Routine venipuncture." All of these are labeled as "Diagnostic X-ray and Lab" on the EOB. Isn't this preventive care that should be 100% covered?

I've been disputing it for months. The doctor's office says some insurance plans don't cover all parts of lab work. The insurance company says they can't do anything because of the way it was billed. Before I waste more time on the phone trying to sort this out, is there any way this could possibly be correct? The doctor had never seen me before and he hadn't even reviewed my new patient paperwork at the time the lab work was done. How could this possibly be diagnostic?

I've never been charged for this type of lab work before, and in the past, I've even received much more detailed results than I received from this visit. However, since my prior labs, I: moved to a new state, switched to my spouse's employer's insurance plan, switched to a new insurance company, and switched to a high deductible health plan. Given all those changes, maybe there's some catch I'm not aware of?


Probably a dumb question and one that I likely already know the answer but will ask nonetheless. Had a flood last month, mitigation crew came out, dried it all up, and worked with HOI, etc. One month later I get my electric bill which is through the roof due to the drying equipment running non-stop for almost a week. Any chance my ins. provides some relief here?


I recently had to cancel a flight that I had booked because not one, but both of my parents ended up in the hospital at the same time.

I currently have a world mastercard credit card through barclay's bank which offers free trip protection for flights cancelled due to illness for both travelers and their direct family members, and I decided to try and take advantage of this perk. Unfortunately this has lead to nothing but headaches.

First when I called Barclay's, they told me that in order to file a claim I had to contact the insurance company they work with, Broadspire. I called the number that they gave me, but was promptly told by the broadspire rep that they no longer are the ones who offer travel protection for my card and I instead have to contact a second company which they gave me a new number for.

When I called this second company they had absolutely no idea what I was talking about, and informed me that I would need a plan number from Barclay's if what I said was true.

I called Barclay's back and the rep didn't know anything about the company switch and only went off of what was laid out in their card benefits document (i.e. to call broadspire again). When I told them that wasn't working, they went to talk with a supervisor who said that indeed they are in the process of switching companies, and that in the meantime we should contact mastercard directly to file our claims.

Great, so now I call mastercard, get all the way to the claims dept. and have someone take my claim. They tell me I should hear back within 48 hours with a claim number and a portal where I can upload the necessary documents to support my claim. I wait a week, and nothing....

When I call mastercard back the new claim rep says that the last guy must have made a mistake because there is nothing filed under my name. He is super helpful and takes my claim by hand and says he will personally walk it over to where it should go next. I hangup happy thinking that I have finally taken care of this matter, only to get called back later in the afternoon by the same rep who says that he was told they are no longer the people who process travel claims for my card and to call barclays back.

I call barclay's once more. They are even more confused this time, and the rep just tells me if nothing else works, why don't I submit my claim on the mastercard website and let it get routed to whomever is supposed to handle it. I go ahead and do that, and finally gain access to a document upload portal. I upload all documents that were requested and wait hoping that this is finally resolved. However this morning I get an email saying that my claim is rejected because they are not the administrator of these benefits, and in order to file a claim I should call ANOTHER new number!

I call this latest new number, and I get put in touch with an operator named Greg who tells me that I should contact broadspire through the first number I had in order to file a claim.

And so I am stuck in an endless loop where not only can I not get reimbursed for a cancelled flight through my travel insurance for a legitimate reason, I can't even find someone to process my claim to get reimbursed for my cancelled flight.

Do I have any options left to use as leverage? Are there any companies I can call to file a complaint about this abhorrent service? If nothing else works at this point, I plan to call the bank and give them an ultimatum where they either directly find someone who can process my claim, reimburse me for my loss, or I'll pay off my balance, use my remaining miles, and find a new credit card with a different provider.

Thanks in advance for your advice, I am at my wits end with these representatives.


I’m 25 yrs old and moved recently to Georgia from Puerto Rico since I graduated and got a job here in GA. I was looking for cars to buy and ended up changing the cars because they were too expensive to insure from $250-$600 month. Is there any way I can talk to an agent and try to reduce the cost or should I just embrace the fact that I’m gonna pay a lot for a new car and just should end up buying a beat up to save money?


Pretty much exactly what it says in the title. Bought a policy a few days ago-- reviewing my policy documents I noticed I had the accident-free discount, which was confusing since I had a not-at-fault accident 3 years ago. Looked at my application, and I saw that I checked "no" when it asked if i'd had a violation, accident or other loss in the last 5 years. Do I need to tell them? There was a police report, so it most definitely would have come up in the MVR. I didn't sustain any damage in the accident, so I didn't file a claim. I don't want to get cancelled or for them to think I'm a crook-- I actually work for another insurance company. This is my first auto policy. What should I do here?


I am looking for medical insurance providers that will give me a quote online. I am 23. My new job has a plan, but doesn't seem too great. I will be making around 70k a year. Does anyone know of any websites and the average for medical and dental here in NYC?


They seem to be extremely new, but are underwritten by more established companies. Their rates have me intrigued to say the lease. A good 30% less than other places I have looked.


I bought a low mileage used car about a year ago and it still had some of the original factory warranty on it. I declined the extended warranty at the dealership, same as I always have in the past. Now that a year has gone by and the factory warranty is almost up, I’ve been having some issues with the car. I’ve had a few things replaced under warranty, but from reading forums online, other owners have had continuing issues with this make and model and I have reason to believe that’s going to happen to me too. My question is how do I go about purchasing an extended warranty for my car? Are there any reputable companies for this? Is it possible to call the dealership back (that seems awkward as it was a used car in the first place). Will the cost of the extended warranty be higher since I’ve already had warranty issues?

Edit: just realized this isn’t exactly insurance related. Anywhere better I could post this?


I take my Property and Casualty Insurance License exam tomorrow and I'm super nervous. I don't know where to aim more of my study focus on (like on basic terminology or regulations). Does anybody have any tips?


When Irma came it took a few shingles from my roof. I made a claim with my insurance and they sent an independent contractor to assess the claim. He said the roof needed a full replacement (roof is 11 years old). I got a check for $5K. I have yet to get roofer estimates just because i know i don't want to spend a ton of money on a new roof that isn't needed.

  • If I don't replace the roof and just patch it and say another hurricane takes out my roof. will insurance give me another check for the roof even though i never replaced it or will they not give me another check and say the money that i didn't use should have gone to it last year and since I didn't replace it im on the hook for a new roof?
  • I was told I can use the check however I want without reporting anything to insurance. is this right?

Just got off the phone with Progressive, whom I use everything for.

Bought a second home I'm renting to my parents in November. It was vacant until this May when they moved in. Insurance was extremely difficult to get back then and now Progressive says because it's been more than 30 days since purchase date they won't give me insurance. She also said most big companies do this.

I ran the gamut in Nov trying to get insurance and every company told me they don't do second home insurances. Can anyone tell me a company I can get insurance with for a second home that I do not live in that I bought in Nov 17'?


Recently my cousin got in a car accident and followed all the steps she was supposed to take like called the police they filed a report and she called her insurance. Now the insurance is taking too long to reply and they are asking her for the police report and when she showed them the copy of the one the officer on the scene gave her they said that’s not it to get the official one and when she went to the station to ask for a copy the police said they don’t do reports on accidents that don’t have an injury ... at this point it’s been about a month since the accident and she hasn’t gotten anywhere with her insurance .

The accident wasn’t her fault it was the other car who ran a red light and hit her at an intersection .

My question is what can she do to be done with this and fix her car which was badly damaged?

Thanks in advance! sorry for the grammar and running sentences.


This past weekend on our way home from a movie we were rear ended while waiting at a light. Damage is nothing crazy rear bumper is gone and a decent size scratch on quarter panel. My wife is pregnant so I took her to the hospital to make sure her and baby were ok. Other drivers insurance is Progressive they reached out on Monday and determined it was there drivers fault Tuesday morning i asked to be paid out for the accident instead of getting it repaired immediately. That afternoon they sent me a link to upload pictures and a video of the damages for an estimate on repairs. I thought they were crazy so i went to a collision repair shop after i uploaded what they asked for. Today i received an email with there preliminary estimate of 906$ with a message that reads check has been written out and on the way. My problem is i knew there was no way they can fully determine the damages from a few pictures and a video. The shop i took my vehicle to estimated 2400+ and a minimum of 4 days to complete all the work. I called up the claims adjuster and asked about the drastic difference and that i needed to be paid out more. Her response was thats all they can pay me and when i do decide to fix my car they will talk to whatever place i use and pay them. My question is why offer me an option to pay out when technically im not getting paid what I need to be paid for damages on my vehicle plus the cost of rentals and lost wages. What can I do in this case to be paid out what I was quoted if at all possible? I chose to be paid out instead of fixing the damage because i thought it would be quicker to resolve it that way and also because we are taking a family trip soon and I didnt want to be held up with out a car. Sorry for the long post. Hopefully yall can shine some light on this for me. TIA.


Wondering how other offices do it:

As a Commercial Lines Producer - How are you getting paid on NB vs Renewals. Salary or Straight commission?

As a Commercial Lines CSR - what is your agreement for pay? How are you getting paid for NB vs Renewals you completely manage? Or is it just salary?


Hi all,

Hope you’re all doing well today. To make it short and sweet, I purchased my home about 40 days ago, I’m a first time home owner and just recently my insurance decided to drop my coverage due to my home lacking structural and foundational integrity.

They found these findings after a horrible flood in the nearby area caused my water table to rise and literally water was spewing out the foundation rocks into my homes basement, damaging everything there... Unfortunately this type of damage is not covered by any insurance provider in the entire 🇺🇸.. not even flood insurance from federal government would insure this..

Now what can I do? A few people have consulted me and suggested I should have them(home insurance provider)record their findings and take it to a lawyer to pursue damages in the amount of the homes value against the inspection company that literally gave two thumbs up —“all is well, no work required, no damage found” on my entire pre-purchase home inspection. From the roof to the water line leading to and from the street.. I made sure to pay for the full inspection service including sewage & mold.

So far I’m in 20k loss due to the damages occurred in my home, I’m not insured for any of it and on top of that I received a quote of about 30k to fix just that entire one side of the house... it could happen to the other side whenever/if ever.


Bought home, had 7 billion gallons of rainfall in 5 hour period, water table rose, water spewed out like water fountains from rock foundation in my home, damaging everything in site, home insurance found my home too damaged, dropped me as a customer because of it, damages are currently 20k+ quotes of 30k-70k for the repairs to foundation, Pre-Purchase inspection has no mention of any damage to the home from the roof to the sewage line to and from the street. What can I do??


I just purchased a home in a “high fire area” and got an expensive policy with a major insurance company. At the last minute they forced me to get an endorsement with the “California Fair Plan”. The endorsement exempts the major carrier from fire damage and places the burden on the Fair Plan. I have a quote from a different agency that is less expensive but I’ve read about agencies filing bankruptcy and not honoring their policies. How can I determine the soundness of an insurance agency? Where can I obtain advice about homeowners insurance?


My family owns a plot of land in a mountain community. The land is adjacent to a community lodge that is the gathering area for the locals and the visitors to the area. A portion of the family plot is sometimes used as an overflow parking area when the lodge parking lot is full such as during a weekend event. We're OK with the use of the land but to protect the families property rights and to cover our liability we have a lease agreement with the lodge owners for a nominal amount ($1 an month). As part of the lease agreement we require that the lodge owners carry Combined Single Limit Bodily Injury and Property Damage insurance. The parking area is a simple dirt area across a paved road from the lodge. There are no buildings or improvements on the lot

The lodge recently sold and we are in the midst of signing a new lease agreement with the new owners. The current lease was prepared by a lawyer that we no longer have a relationship with. I am using the old lease as a template for a new lease agreement. The current lease agreement only requires $100k in coverage. My thinking that the coverage amount is too low and should be at least $500k to $1 mil. Am I wrong in asking for more coverage? My gut feeling is that the low coverage amount opens up the family to liability of something egregious happens that exceeds the current coverage amounts. Since we're signing a new lease this seems to be a good time to address the coverage gap.

Just as an FYI, Here is the verbiage from the lease for the insurance requirement:

Liability Insurance - Tenant. Tenant shall, at Tenant's expense, obtain and keep in force during the term of this Lease a policy of Combined Single Limit Bodily Injury and Property Damage insurance insuring Tenant and Landlord against any liability arising out of the use, occupancy or maintenance of the Premises and all other areas appurtenant thereto. Such insurance shall be in an amount not less than $100,000 per occurrence. The policy shall insure performance by Tenant of the indemnity provisions of this paragraph. The limits of said insurance shall not, however, limit the liability of Tenant hereunder.



tl;dr: bought a truck, got hit on the way home, insurance values it way lower than cost. What can I do?

I was involved in an accident a few weeks back that was not my fault. Thankfully everyone is “okay”.

Some background: I was in the looks for a particular truck for about a year, eventually found one, purchased it for X price, and got sideswiped literally 2 hours later when driving it home.

I’m having some back pains as it was a freeway accident and doing a 180 going 65 apparently is not the best for your back/neck.

All that said, they are valuing the truck way lower than what I paid for it. I have a bill of sale and understand that if I paid more for it than what’s it was actually worth is my fault. All that said, they are not taking into account the rarity of the model as well as the rarity of the paint scheme, which is why it took so long to find.

Hoping for some advice and happy to talk through this in more detail when I have a break from work.

Thanks in advance.


Got into a car accident because someone was being a bad driver, I definitely wasn't the one at fault. I called my insurance and made a claim, they said they were working on it and I provided pictures and told then what happened. I only have PIP insurance but this is my first time getting into a car crash and having to deal with insurance.

They had me send a picture of my car vin and that was a week ago, I haven't heard from then since, and the guy I'm speaking to won't pick up the phone. He's the one that's supposed to be dealing with my claim.

If I'm not at fault, and a guy of the same insurance wrecked my car, do I get money because my car is wrecked?

I know i have pip, but i thought I'll get covered for my car if I wasn't at fault, and If I crashed into someone then I won't get covered, or am I completely wrong.

Do I have the right to get money since my car is totaled because of another person? Or no because I have PIP only?



A friend was involved in an accident and I’m trying to help sort it out. She was babysitting a family’s children. The parents asked her to take the kids in the family car to the park and back. She did. On the way back, they were involved in an accident where she was at least 50% at fault.

I know that auto insurance will draw a line between using your car for work and using it for personal use, but where exactly would something like this fall?

This is in New Jersey, if it matters. Thank you for reading and thinking about this!


So to try to simplify:

You have house insurance and it has a three years no claim which is a 1/5th of the price of first years no claim. Perhaps in my stupidity I said I had three years no claim with the hopes of not claiming until after the three years. After three or more years have past I would have had three years no claim even though my *original* years weren't technically "covered" if I had in fact made a claim even though I was paying for insurance.

If I made a claim how far will they backtrack? If I get to three years with one company and then switch to another will they check if the original years of that company were "covered"?

Basically how illegal is what I'm doing, should I just fess up and start over if I want actual insurance?


I guess I need to add a few things. When I say I have no claims insurance I've never made an insurance claim ever. Not that I lied about not making a claim.

I'm in the UK, I picked a cheap insurance because of other benefits that came with the insurance, such as free movie tickets if you use a comparison site and free gym memberships.

What I mean is insurance will usually ask how many years you have had insurance for and if you've had it for 3+ years it's a little cheaper. That's what I did so it was cheaper. I had no intention of claiming during this time as I knew it wouldn't go through. However I've had this insurance for a few years now. If I do want to have *actual* insurance that I could use should I start a new claim with zero years of previous insurance or will my previous years be accepted?


Hello r/Insurance!

I am getting married soon and our venue requires us to get event insurance, which is a wise idea anyway. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to even start with getting this kind of coverage.

There are some different companies that offer this type of insurance for a fairly cheap price (~$150) but I’ve never heard of them (I.e. wedsafe). Are these reputable and reliable places to gain insurance through or should I look for a more well known company.

What questions should I ask about the coverages? Are there any things I should make sure are covered that I may not think of?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


I’m 16 and a new driver. My parents are divorced. Naturally, I’m on both my parents’ policies under their cars (two each). This is expensive and I think it’s a bit redundant, is it at all possible for me just to be on one policy and get full coverage for all cars. I’m not quite sure how it all works so I’d be very great full of you could point me in the right direction.

Also, do you have any tips for keeping cost down for new drivers?


Talk about confusing, there are day rates (OK that's simple enough), day rate plus commission split, per Diem and commission split and the list goes on...

After an exhaustive search it appears that for CAT claims the pay is on average $400/claim (that is the split rate if I am not mistaken)

I would love to hear from people in the know and if they don't mind sharing their pay rates for CAT adjusting as its all so confusing. I am making a major bet switching to this career and I need to make sure that I will be able to afford the truck and RV I am buying to do these claims. Life as an independent adjuster is not cheap...

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