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This is just a house keeping post so that people can understand what exactly is supposed to be posted here. These rules are going to be updated into the side bar so people are clear on them.

  1. Make sure the content of your post is actually interesting. The title is important, but if the post is just a picture of a person and the title is saying that they're famous for doing something interesting as fuck is going to be removed. The content needs to be the interesting part.

  2. Titles. If you post something that is interesting as fuck, and your title is "This is super cool" is going to get removed. Describe the content of the post/why it's interesting/it can be a bit humorous too.

  3. Reposts. Reposts are allowed. If you know it's a repost, just don't click the link. HOWEVER, if something has been posted a bunch of times then it's going to get removed. This is going to be a judgement call, and odds are if we're on the fence about it, we're going to lean on it staying up if the post is doing well/people are enjoying content.

  4. Last, but not least: post actual things that are actually interesting as fuck. If you're not sure about what content is liked here just look at the top posts of all time. This isn't the place for fails, trashy stuff, funny stuff, content from mildlyinteresting, etc.

If you have questions feel free to ask.

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