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"Bitch, please!"

Best thing is the male lion just stood aside like "meh, I'll let the wife handle those apes."

All that working out and you still can't beat a lion in a tug of war. Hope it was worth it buddy

The enormous friction at the angle lets the lion easily hold a stalemate.

That’s because the tiger is at an angle. If he was straight across would be a different story. Sorry but I’m not impressed by a cheating tiger.

where’s the original video? anyone have the full video?

The number of nitpicking neckbeards in here is rediculous.

Is it a perfectly fair game? No.

Is some friction involved that gives the lion an advantage? Yes.

Is it still a demonstration of the lion's imense strength? Absolutely.

What zoo is this at? What city and state ? I browsed the comments and could not see anything. Thanks

What a beast.

Hey let the kids have a try

This is a great way to show just how fucked you would be if you met one of these in person. I mean we are used to dogs who are a little smaller but you can totally fight one of those. People don’t have enough respect for animal predators these days. At least in Europe.

the angle at which the cord is positioned makes it near impossible to ever "win" this match, as you need a lot more force to move it in your direction that to simply hold on to it, but its entertaining nonetheless.

Does that fence not have a third wall? It looks like the lion can just walk around and start a'maulin'.

Any last sliver of thought on thinking id survive a hungry lion attack has been completely eradicated

Titled fixed finally.

2 points · 1 month ago

That's bray Wyatt and prince puma 👀👀👀 R/squaredcircle

Would've been better if in the middle there was a moat filled with alligators.


And that's just a female lion...

Dude that’s Ricochet in the back

The lion is on all fours and using its teeth to tug whereas the guys are standing on two legs, the rope isn't going anywhere, its just physics... well that, plus its a fucking lion, you seen muscles on those things?

Wtf, isn't that Ricochet?


Is that Ricochet?

Are you not entertained?

Are they really that strong?

That lion is smart, the sharp corner makes huge friction so she looks strong af

Where did all these fat lesbians come from?

Says the giraffe.

not sure why but im pretty impressed

-1 points · 1 month ago

With that mechanical advantage, my poodle could hold off more people. Kinda misleading to kids who think the animal is actually that strong.

Lion doesn't even seem to be struggling at all.

Wow lions are stronger than I thought.

I think the tiger was hacking

That Lion was planted, no way in hell it was gonna get moved.

Stronger than three marshmallows.

Now time for her reward..... LIFT UP THAT GATE!!!!!

WTF? Ricochet?

Can’t believe nobody saw Ricochet

Would be more fair if the tug is not going around the corner.

Lol obese/fat chick loving not having to do any physical labor


That lion is bored as fuck and wants to go outside and eat them.

2 points · 1 month ago


I'm imagining all the skin that would come off my hands from that rope

Why do you do that?

I think what's really interesting as fuck is finding Fabian Aichner, Killian Dain, and the motherfuckin' king himself, Ricochet at the end. Apparently A-Train is there too. Also, I feel like the angle that the lion is at is making the rope harder to pull. Cool stuff, though.

Guy at the end is fine

You’re the coolest

What power from the lioness

Lion be like "Lol these stupid fucking apes"

would be hilarious if the lion let go.

Isn't the fact the lion is pulling the rope at an angle a big factor here, it's got more leverage plus the friction against the hole?

Did anyone notice Ricochet?

It’s unfair! To even the battlefield, the lioness should have to use her paws to hold the rope, too.

They should have put the fat guy as the anchor.

Love playing tug o war with my buddy's Pitbull, she's so sweet too

What's stupid about that angled rope is that it creates a lot of friction at the pole where its bent. So maybe they could've pulled the rope from the lion with a straight rope.

Who's a pussy now?

Sometimes I wonder how we manage to get on top of the food chain.

Wait is that Ricochet?

I'd love to do this with a variety of animals to see what I'm comparable in strength to. And then an ape or something just to feel the pure strength.

Is that ricochet?

I was thinking maybe one of them would have an another kind roar. The brown one... I should go...

Okay but how come humans are absolutely weakest mammals? Even compared with other animals we would not go far in nature without technology.

Impressive strength from the lioness. Wonder how strong was that grip?

Because we’re the smartest

Suuuper dope. For the car and human.

The Lion is pretty smart to stand off to the side. Makes it easier to keep that rope in place.

-2 points · 1 month ago

New ways to abuse animals, who the fuck thought of this?

A lot of animals like to play around tugging on things from people or other animals, so i don’t see how this is abuse. It’s not like they could force the lion to hold onto that rope, it was doing that on its own

Lion stands in an angle, so due to friction, its much easier for him to hold the rope. Similar to how ships are secured with ropes to the dock.

Hey r/squaredcircle isn’t that Bray Wyatt and Ricochet?

2 points · 1 month ago

Pretty sure it's Fabian Aichner, Hanson from War Machine/War Raiders, and Ricochet.

That makes more sense. I’m not too familiar yet with War Raiders (not as good of a name as War Machine) but watching again I realized it definitely wasn’t Bray. Thanks!

I knew lions were strong, but damn. Those were some big ass dudes pulling that rope.

And the lion does it so effortlessly.

Lions in the wild live for around 12 years.

Just come my side of the mesh. I'll drag all 3 of you up my favourite tree... Then eat you.. :)

Pro wrestler Ricochet as the anchor!!!

2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Wow, that's amazing. I know lions--and indeed most 4-legged mammals--are stronger than us pound-for-pound, but I wouldn't have expected by THAT much.

The angle of that rope on the sharpish edge gives a big advantage to the lioness.

Too late but title probably should read...

Tug of roaress.

The angle and the fact that the lion is standing on earth with claws in the ground while the men are with shitty shoes on asphalt don't help too...

Is it only me rhat tink that tiger i looking fack or dead

Lions are strong, imagine getting attacked by one...

Kind of late adding this but I thought it was related: the Phoenix Zoo thought about adding one of these to the recently redesigned Tiger exhibit for Jay (their Male Sumatran Tiger), but as others had mentioned on this thread, the tigers aren't that interested in it. After doing a lot of research, they decided that it was ultimately a bad idea and scrapped it because they wouldn't be able to get him to pull the rope without soaking it in blood. And if they did that, he would end up ingesting the rope altogether (obviously bad for his digestive tract).

2 points · 1 month ago

This is funny, cool, and terrifying all in the same instance.

They should've taken the help of Larry Bird there

2 points · 1 month ago

He's actually (was) a wrestler too.

Oh... He sure does look like a wrestler. Nice

The other lion watching be like. You lose, you dinner

Not sure if anyone has pointed this out, but these guys are professional wrestlers.

Damn, that lion isn't breaking a sweat

FYI: The 3 guys are professional wrestlers Killian Dain, Fabian Aichner and Ricochet. All under a WWE Contract and in the NXT Developmental Brand.

Joe Rogan on his next podcast where wild animals come up: Like I’ve always said, wild cats are just furcoats, uh what did I say. Rather ferocious. If it hit you with it’s paw, game over man.

-2 points · 1 month ago

This is coolest thing I ever saw on Reddit and I was once subscribed to r/watchpeopledie

Never mind I re subscribed

Where was this?

It's incredible! As in I don't believe it.

Cause the guys with big biceps got big leg muscles. Feeeeerrrr fuckin sure

That’s what happens when you have 4 legs on the ground instead of two, more powerful legs at that

My cat does this with his cat nip roll.

Holy fuck.. the guy in the back is a fucking wet dream 😍

-3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

What a bunch of soy boys. I could do this easy. I've had 2 protein shakes today. What did that lion have? NOT 2 SHAKES

Getting downvoted for a clearly goofy comment. Nice

The lion has belt friction on its side because of the turn. It's similar to how you can dock a boat by wrapping it around a pole a few times. Because of belt friction you don't need to match the force that the boat exerts on the rope. A single turn wrapped around a pole can result in anything from 2x to 100x of a ratio between forces depending on the rope and the surface it is wrapped against. The wraparound for the lion's rope is less than a 90 degree turn so this ratio is less, but that's still a big range. Conclusion: needs more info.

...when being an engineer takes away the fun. This is what I think of instead of "WOAH A LION HOLDING UP THREE HUGE GUYS."

Those sure are some strong teeth.

That really demonstrates how fucking strong these are.

If it has you in it's jaws, unless you have the strength of > 3 strongmen available, you're staying there.

Isnt that ricochet?

That’s Ricochet! Future of professional wrestling right there.

I just have to say that their form on that rope isn’t great. I bet if they dropped in that lion wouldn’t stand a chance.

Wtf, is that Ricochet?!

You'd think Ricochet would've been an equal match, considering he's Prince Puma.

Did no one notice the other lion cheering for his team?

This is awesome!

Doesn't the friction at the fence give the lion an advantage

-2 points · 1 month ago

Can't this be potentially harmful to their teeth in some way?

Holy shit!!!!!

I’m genetically engineered to eat you.


Is that ricochet?

So is this what Ricochet is doing to prepare for Velveteen Dream, this Saturday at NXT:TakeOver Chicago! Live on the WWE Network!

Lion is literally just holding it lol

NXT Ricochet

Just like my cat when I try to pull a plastic bag out of it's mouth

I thought the rope was attached to that fat chick for a second. Lol.

puny humans

and at the end of the rope is prince puma!

The male lion is like "yeah, that's right. And that's just my girl so don't even think about fuckin with me"

In the wild, lions rest for around 20 hours a day.

r/unexpected material right there



3 man vs. 1 lion female

Lion is cheating pulling on a 45’ angle increases the force needed to move exponentially

Is that...Ricochet?

eyebrows intensafied

Not king of the wild for nothing

How did they get the lion interested in holding the rope?

But what if the rope was going straight through the hole, instead of at an angle on the lions side, lot of friction going on there

lion is cheating. He is not holding the rope straight

Reminds of a short-lived TV show Man Vs Beast where they had humans compete against animals in a series of physical events, including a tug-o-war between a champion sumo wrestler and an orangutan. Basically a minute and a half of this sumo wrestler screaming and struggling until the orangutan decided to actually pull and pulled him in with one quick jerk.

Is that bad for the animal’s teeth?

Poor beastcat :(

Eh, the guy at the back can be doing better.

Wrap the rope around your arm, above the elbow, and have both a bit of rope from the end as well as some from before it goes around your arm clenched in your hand. Use the other hand to pull just ahead of the first hand.

Someone call eddie hall and brian shaw to challenge this

Ricochet from WWE Is the one pulling in back! Ricochet is awesome, but he jobbed our to this Lion

Is that Ricochet?

Well i play tug o war with my dacshund every day, just as much work.

Lion is cheating using friction and angled leverage

I don’t care if the lion should have lost because of the angle or whatever, this is WAY more entertaining. LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS.

Reason why i don't hit the gym

Let those cats free

She's got 'em.

I bet if all of those kids tried at once they would best the lion

Physics isn’t my thing but doesn’t the angle the rope is at help the lion a lot?

Now get a tiger in there and you've got a real winner.

A tiger would pull the rope and the rest of them all right through that little ring like a meat grinder and then slurp them all up as they oozed through.

Lions and lionesses got nothin' on 500lbs of lean killing machine.

Not sure if this is true but i feel like this would hurt its jaw

How about straightening the rope and having a rematch, what a crock of shit.

Comment deleted1 month ago(1 child)

The lion's the one in captivity...

10 points · 1 month ago

Is that Ricochet?

I thought so as well

This is pretty cool.

I wonder what this does to the teeth of the lions involved.

Is this lion superman or something or just maybe the humans are weak?

Prince Puma?

Is that Ricochet?

Yup, and two other guys from nxt.

Is this the equivalent of men on the punching bags in bars?

This is fucking great. I’m so happy for the lions.

-5 points · 1 month ago(0 children)

How about calling Mariusz Pudsianowski? I mean, he once pulled a military cargo(?) airplane for a strongman event so... how difficult can pulling a lion be to him?

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