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Quote: "A Dish spokesman said there are still licensed Blockbuster stores outside of the United States, in countries like Australia, Brazil and Norway."

While it is true that there remains a small handful Blockbuster video stores in Australia, less then ten, there is not a single store in Norway. But we are talking about the licensing of the brand name here. There is a Blockbuster online streaming service available in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, but no brick and mortar stores.

In Brazil there is a chain called Lojas Americanas that in 2007 acquired the exclusive rights to the Blockbuster brand for 20 years, but one can only guess how many Blockbuster video stores that remains in Brazil. Maybe zero, or ten, or even hundred. A search on Google doesn't give any results.


I cannot believe they are countering with kids with handguns while trying to avoid treason - colluding with a foreign government towards the overthrow of the U.S. (even though we-the-people are kindof at blame for hiring an orange shitbird con man - taking him at his 'word' just to find all his words mean nothing).

Putin is laughing his red ass so hard he hasn't had a dry eye since '16. He probably started a ministry of "ass polishing &" - based on trump's efforts - "& tear wiping" ....(not with same towel, woman).

And yet our loving public servants.......... CONGRESS ......... is still on the fence "well, do we go along with the wanna be dictator and putin shadow and completely mutiny and commit treason, "


"Do we want to put an end to the corporate fascism and try and put things back together like they fit... and sprinkle on some reversals and a bunch of progress."


So here we are on the brink of turning America into a third world nation complete with dictator, ruling junta, thugs, and some sort of hyena 'royalty'... and the people into peons and peasants.

Enjoy the serf.


I was watching all the news on the Thai boys incident and a short program about it and I realised the news created a story board of sorts for what happened that probably differed to what actually happened and how people actually felt just to make it more tense and make money off us. Just annoys me and I wanna see how everyone else feels.

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