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IsItBullshit: Jimmy Kimmel's Live: Can You Name a Country?

Recently stumbeled upon this video.

I am unfamiliar with American education system of geography, but I belive it is a mandatory subject, so I was very sceptical about it being real. But there is still some doubt.

So reddit - IS IT BULLSHIT?


IsItBullshit: Most of the people in laugh tracks are dead

People say that laugh tracks were recorded so long ago that most people who you hear in them are dead, but where they really recorded that long ago, and have they really not been re-recorded?


IsItBullshit: The Experian dark web triple scan.

As someone who knows a good bit about the internet and technology, this just sounds like a load of crap. The dark web is an enormous thing and most people don't even know how to access it, myself included. I find it very hard to believe that this is legitimate and I think it's more of a marketing scam to lure in the uneducated because of how it sounds.


IsItBullshit: liquid screen protector

My wife was conned into buying this phone screen protector liquid that you wipe on your phone. I highly doubt it could protect it much from a fall, plus it doesn't cure for 24 hours. Do you know any person who could stay away from their phone for a day? Stinks of BS to me

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IsItBullshit: There are pro-LGBT groups that are saying it's okay to be a pedophile.

My friend showed me a collage of a few different "flyers" from LGBT organizations including FckH8 and #heartprogress (I think). However, I googled them to try to find these images on their site and I couldn't, and no mention if it on the FckH8 wiki. Are these real positions held by these groups, or are these flyers made up by anti-left people to defame them?


IsItBullshit: Smoothies diminish and destroy fibre, and have increase risk of diabetes?

I just saw this post on a forum, and am not sure what to think of it? It sounds like an outrageous claim, but the way this user writes with good grammar, etc kinda hints he knows what he's talking about. But I'm not sure.

Post #5 here


IsItBullShit: dogs that tasted human blood are put down

Recently watched the movie Raw (which I really enjoyed). In the movie one of the characters mentioned that if a dog tastes human blood it must be put down because now it can develop a love for it. I didn't buy it when I watched the movie but it is a french movie so maybe it's a french thing. Anyone knows any thing about it? Thanks in advance for all the answers!


IsItbullshit: Costco gas gives you less mileage compared to other gas stations.

I read this once from a reddit comment but I never found any where else that mentioned it.


IsItBullshit: Silencers on guns aren’t a real thing, they’re just made up by movies & TV?

I can’t remember exactly where I read this, but it was something about how silencers don’t really exist - the OP did mention that there was something similar but it wasn’t the same. Anybody know?


IsItBullshit: Is it possible to give yourself cancer just from worrying about having it?

I once made a post proposing an idea that we all get checked for tumors every 15 years or so (instead of waiting for symptoms and it possibly being too late) and someone shot me down saying that if a mark shows up on the results that looks like a tumor but actually isn’t, making the patient stress themselves out over it and constantly thinking about it could actually give them the cancer they never would’ve had to begin with if they didn’t do the test.

I couldn’t believe it but had to check.


Bullshit: The glitch_in_the_matrix subreddit

Some of the posts in there can be genuine for example weird coincidences, meeting dopplegangers, or dreams, but it's mostly known for physics-breaking stories such as this -

If you posted these stories in nosleep you wouldn't be able to tell the difference and just looking at OP's profile you can tell they're into posting stuff such as this. The whole premise of that subreddit is that we live in a fictional sci-fi movie, and since new posts are made every couple of minutes I highly doubt the most fundamental laws of physics are flying out of the window hundreds of times per day (and considering 95% of people have a HD camera on them at all times, none of this has ever been recorded).

So I was bored one night, made a throwaway account, and did a little experiment just to be sure.

I posted a story on there about how a cartoon character suddenly appeared in real life and attacked me in the woods. I made sure it was as drawn out as possible and taking inspiration from Stranger Things by implying I went into some alternate post-WW3 dimension. No joke it ended up getting the most upvotes for a while and it was either second or third on the 'hot' section even though I made it as ridiculous and fake sounding as possible but practicing my writing skills at the same time. lol

I remember there was also a big thread made on that sub which said that any skeptics are ''agents of the Matrix'' and they legit believe they live inside of a movie so I am convinced they're trolling.


IsItBullshit: Chinese Foot Reflexology

It seems like bullshit that points on your foot have some link to various bodily systems, but acupuncture does this, and it’s covered by some insurance.


IsItBullshit: Your race affects your metabolism and how your body reacts to environments

I've heard that White people are prone to be more negatively affected by the sun than any other race because they evolution to not be in highly sunny areas, Native Americans are more likely to get diabetes because they never grew up with much sugar and Black people tend to run faster due to tribes in Africa constantly running to hunt. Is there is any truth to this?


IsItBullshit: Pressure applied to one's temples can kill

There was the general belief around my elementary school that an impact to, or strong pressure applied to one's temples can kill - something about cutting off blood flow or something.

Obviously ignoring the scenario in which there's so much pressure it cracks the skull, is there any truth at all to this?


IsItBullshit: Hot oil treatments

I've read very mixed reviews about hot oil treatments online. Many articles swear by them, and many say that they actually dry out your hair more.

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