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iPod touch 5th gen, iOS 9.3.5
7 hours ago

Hello r/jailbreak! None of you know me, but I'm Jordan Bancino. I've been keeping up with this sub for a while now, but never really gotten involved much. I'm not wishing to get involved now for popularity, fame, or money. I don't want to create drama (which I know this community is oh-so good at 😂), so I'm not going to say much.

I just want to add to the community by providing my knowledge and resources, if you guys are open to it. I'm not a tweak developer (Don't have a Mac, or any knowledge in Objective C), but I was just messing around, and I have some questions regarding creating a Cydia repo. I've really enjoyed jailbreaking, and everything that everyone has done for each other over the years, and I think I'd like to join the community and create a public Cydia repository for everyone to use.

Side note: If I'm gonna become a developer here, I don't need to have a cool username like Saurik, MidnightChips, CoolStar, or anything like that, right? (How do you people come up with such creative names? Or did you just get extremely lucky with the Reddit username generator?) /s

Ok, I'll get straight to the point.

I've been using APT with Linux for years, and I know relatively well how APT repositories work. I've just recently decided to create my own Cydia APT repository following the instructions here. It's pretty straight forward, and I'd like to build on it a little bit.

I was thinking that I could create a public repository, and just let other people upload their tweaks to it. I have plenty of knowledge in the programming languages required to do this, so I thought I could probably write a nice web front (and back) end that would allow people to easily upload, remove, and update packages on the repo. It would be very simple. Just sign up, and upload .debs through the interface, and the back end will automatically update all the package information and stuff.

The normal flow would look something like this:

  1. Create an account

  2. Upload packages under your username.

  3. The package becomes available to download through the repo

  4. Packages can easily be updated with new .debs

  5. Packages can be removed easily as well.

Then, people would just add the central repository to Cydia, and be able to download the tweaks of many different developers. This is probably very similar to Packix and BigBoss in this sense.

I'm not sure yet how to implement the ability to add screenshots and other information to the Cydia interface from my repo, so if anyone has knowledge in this area, please share. I know how Debian Packages for Cydia are structured though, so I know you can just add a link to screenshots and whatnot to the control file, if absolutely necessary. I still have to mess around with this though. As for descriptions and stuff, that's all in the package's control file, so I don't need to store that separately.

I was also thinking about adding the option to monitor source code trees that are version controlled by git, and having my server automatically build and deploy packages when there are new commits or tags (or maybe only build certain branches), but this might be a little complicated to implement right away. If there's enough interest in this, I'll focus on it though.

Any package that is uploaded would be offered for free (I like free stuff, and offering paid tweaks is not my deal), and use of my server would also be free. I might restrict my repository to only open-source tweaks while I'm at it, but I'm not sure yet. I would also open source the entire project, because I want to be as transparent as possible. This would mainly be a learning project, but if you guys are interested, I'd love to develop this, offer it as a genuine service, and continue to support it, as long as I'm able. With school coming up here soon, it might be difficult, but I'll do my best.

So I guess my questions are these:

  1. Would anyone even be interested in a service like the one I've proposed? Or is it easier to just set up and use GitHub pages for a personal repository? My goal is to make it as easy as possible to get tweaks released to the public, so it would be super simple to upload and update your tweaks on my repository.

  2. How would this compare (and contrast) to other existing repos like Packix and BigBoss? I'm not entirely sure how they operate, but I'm very interested. I haven't done much research on them yet, but if you know of any resources where I can learn, please let me know.

  3. How safe would it be to do something this (allowing people to upload packages at will, with no initial approval process)? I probably won't be doing much as far as curating packages, but obviously I don't want to allow pirated tweaks and stuff, so I'm going to have to create a system for reporting and dealing with that. Being the admin, I can always suspend and remove accounts, but only if absolutely necessary. I'll have a very strict policy against piracy, and uploading tweaks by different authors.

  4. Generally, do you think my system would be mainly abused, instead of used how I intend? I know there will always be some abuse, but as long as it's controllable, I can deal with it. I'm just wondering if you think it would simply be too crazy to handle, with the type of service I'm offering.

  5. Knowing that everything on my end (web interface, back-end scripts and stuff) will be open sourced, would you trust me with storing and securing your credentials and packages? After all, I am just a person, not a company, and the repository and everything would be running off of a server in my basement. However, despite this fact, I've done my best to secure it. It's an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server with Apache2, PHP 7.2, and SQLite3. SSH login by password is disabled. There are no misc. open ports on the server, other than the web ports (80, 443, HTTPS is enforced). Backups are taken daily, in the event that something may happen. Security and transparency are my primary goals, so I'd also like to allow sign-ins via OAuth from large services like Google, Github, and possibly some others like Discord and stuff, just to make things even more secure. If I don't have to store any credentials at all, then that's the road I'll take. But, if I do have to store credentials, I'll make sure it's done correctly and securely, with hashing and encryption and whatnot.

  6. Should I be concerned about server bandwidth and up time? So far, I've never had any issues with up time, and, as of right now, I'm at nearly 100% up time for the few months I've been running it. I have enterprise-grade internet, so the bandwidth that I have access to should be substantial for a decent user base. Of course, I know I won't be able to maintain 100% up time, as things are bound to happen, such as power failure, and my internet service provider failing, but these issues are usually quickly fixed. If anything ever happens to my server, such as outages, I'll make sure to post about it here, if I'm running a repository that people actually use.

  7. Will Sileo break anything when it is released? I've heard that it will still use APT, but I'm wondering if there's going to be any differences from Cydia that I should account for on the server side when it's released.

  8. Is it reasonable to only allow free and/or open source tweaks on the repo? I understand I might lose a lot of potential uploaders by limiting my repo to only FOSS, but I know there are people that offer FOSS tweaks, and I think that is a good group to target for this project.

On a less related note to the original post here:

  1. Does anyone know of modern CSS framework I could use for the frontend? I'd preferably like to follow the iOS 11+ style, but really, as long as it looks nice, I don't care. I saw this, which looks very promising, but I'm certainly open to other suggestions.

  2. Would anyone with experience in this kind of thing be willing to help me? Programming will most likely be done in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and, only if necessary, C (in the form of CGI executables, or just backend stuff). I'd like to use SQLite as the database, although I've never used it before, so I have to learn. Like I mentioned earlier, the whole project will be open source, and on GitHub (I'll also keep a mirror on my private git server). So, if anyone wants to help me out here, I can write up some contributing guidelines and stuff as well. Anything anyone can offer will be helpful. If you'd like to be on my team, the minimum requirement is really only that you have programming/development experience in any one (or many) of the areas I mentioned above, and a basic knowledge of git (branches, merging, committing, submodules etc). I'm sure I could probably pull this off without any help, as I already have experience in everything I just listed (Except SQLite, and most of JavaScript), but many hands make light work! Plus, I'd like to have more input on the project, other than my own, when it comes to the design and actual execution. Currently, I don't have a fully developed vision of what I want this to be.

  3. Would it be useful if I also offered my whole system as a downloadable thing, so everyone could easily create their own Apache/PHP/SQLite Cydia repository? Or should I primarily focus on just launching my own repository?

  4. What would you name the repository and related project? And is it okay if I use my existing domain, instead of purchasing a new one? I could probably set up a subdomain for whatever I decide to call the repo. Right now, I'm thinking of calling it "TweakLibrary", but that's kind of (actually super) boring, so I don't want it to be a permanent name.

  5. I'll also probably need logos and banners. I have no experience designing logos, so this would also be something I need help with. I might know someone that can do this for me though, but if anyone wants to chip in, I'll gladly take a look at anything you guys can come up with.

This post is really just to get people's opinions on my idea, and to let you know what resources I have to accomplish it. I've not actually done anything yet, because I want to make sure there's actually an interest in something like this before I put a bunch of my time and effort into it. If there just isn't a lot of feedback, I probably won't move on with this. But if there is good feedback, then I'll get started right away!

Just comment your answers, honest thoughts, and possible concerns, if any. I'll take the time to address all of them. By the way, if this isn't the right place to put something like this, the rules didn't really address this topic, so just kindly tell me where I should post this instead.

Edit: Fixed some formatting


The title says it all. Would be an awesome tweak!!


That's the one of the best tweaks ever released

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iPhone 6, iOS 11.3.1
1 hour ago

Hello Everyone!

In the release post of VolFlash, a lot of people requested more button gestures, so I have added the requested ones and some more in the tweak.

The new gestures are: Press Both Volume buttons Hold Power Button Double press power button Triple press power button Triple press home button

These are configurable in the settings of the tweak.

The update is available on my new repo:

I advise removing my old repo ( because there won't be any new updates there.

If you have any more gesture requests for VolFlash, or a tweak request in general, please comment under this post or send me PM.

For updates about VolFlash and other tweaks I made/am making, please follow me on twitter:

Posted by
iPhone 6s, iOS 10.3.1
4 hours ago

Is there a tweak like bubbles for iOS 10 (I know iOS 10 compatibility is in the works) and also a tweak that adds animation to scrolling through messages/settings. The animation that I'm looking for is the items slide in from the side as you scroll down. I saw it a while back and can't remember what it's called. Thanks.

Posted by
iPhone 7, iOS 10.2
9 hours ago

Basically what title says. A tweak that enables iOS 11 AirPods functionality for iOS 10.


As title says, my phone just randomly reboots overnight and will remove the jailbreak. I also have to go back into Impactor and install the Electra app over again and repeat this process. Is there a fix to this?

Posted by
3 hours ago

FastForwardTime (iOS 10 - 11.4beta3)

Read more about the tweak here (Screenshots are included in there):

Updates include adding prefs now having settings so you can enable and disable the tweak and choosing between 12hr and 24hr. It should also fix the random resprings that it introduced eariler & clock disappearing after version 1.0.3. A feature I might put in is double tapping the lock screen will appear and reappear the seconds.

It is open source if anyone wants to check it out!

Follow me on twitter for more updates!

Posted by
iPhone X, iOS 11.3.1
6 hours ago

Basically a tweak that instead of resizing apps that aren’t updated to fit the iPhone X screen it would take all apps and change them to the not updated look.

Posted by
iPhone 6, iOS 11.3.1
3 hours ago

I'm having an issue with my callers can barely hear me with my jailbroken phone and its fine when I'm unjailbroken. Anybody else having this issue and is there a fix? Thanks.

Posted by
iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 11.2.6
49 minutes ago

I’m grandfathered in to a plan, and we’ve already received messages from them threatening to cancel our service unless we pay for the hotspot services. I’ve been using a VPN since but I really hate having to use it. Just wondering if it was possible to use TetherMe without the VPN and with the death threats from AT&T.

Just FYI I’m not asking for VPN suggestions, I just want to know if this is possible via some setting changes

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