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Two years ago, we set up a Facebook Page that automatically posts images and links to the respective reddit threads once they show up on /r/JapanPics. With over 50,000 subscribers on /r/JapanPics and nearly 500 on our Facebook Page, we are happy to see our community is flourishing.

We were originally inspired by /r/FutureBeats' use of the same concept, whose page has over 2000 followers. I personally love their use of it, since it allows me to spot interesting posts I may have missed when I was browsing reddit. This was our motivation with the Page too, alongside giving the images posted a wider reception among non-redditors.

Check it out right here, and feel free to Like it!

A bit of an FAQ on it:

Why Like the page?

Every time a new hot post comes up on /r/JapanPics, the image will be automatically shared on Facebook too. This means that every so often, you may see a cool new image show up on your Facebook Feed. It is limited to taking posts from the top 10 hottest on the subreddit, so that it does not spam lower-karma posts. The Page is also moderated, so if a post appears that is unsuitable, we will clean it out rapidly.

Will this compromise my personal information?

No. Liking the page does not indicate who you are on reddit, so you'll just be one name among all the others.

Does it rehost images or breach copyright?

No. It just shares a link to the original image, with a comment to state the author and link the reddit thread for discussion. As such, none of the images are hosted by Facebook, so their grubby hands don't touch your rights to your photographs.

How does it work?

Using this recipe I set up at IFTTT. It will spot that /r/JapanPics has a new hot post, and share it to the Facebook page within the next half hour or so.

Anyway, enjoy! 良い一日を!

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A subreddit for photos of beautiful Japan! Member of the /r/NationalPhotoSubs network.

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