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Welcome to the latest Monday Megathread, where you the community get to ask your questions and share your knowledge.

This is an opportunity for the more experienced LoL players here to share some of your wisdom with those with less expertise. This thread will be a weekly safehaven for those "noobish" questions you may have been too scared to ask for fear of downvotes, but also can be a great place for in depth discussion if you so wish. So, don't hold back, get your game related questions ready and post away, and hopefully someone can answer them!

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I just had this game where the tristana just literally bought items then moved up until the nexus and wrnt afk. I won't judge the reason on why he's afk (probably high ping, browout or stuff) but I think Rito should do something about that since those kinds of things cost other people's promos (like me :'( ).


That's the feeling I have right now that I didn't have 2 seasons ago. Most of the time when I win a game, I just feel like I cheated in champ select to get better mates than enemy team, somehow. Past seasons, I really had the feeling that I carried the game (mostly when playing assassins) but now, even if I'm really fed (Akali main), if my mates are bad I can't do anything

EDIT: I agree that the level of skill required now is not the same than before and that you need to play better strategically (e.g playing smarter), however I still think that you really have less of an impact if fed. The amount of defensive options has increased, the global gold from turret aswell as the shutdown gold makes it that it is really easy for a team to comeback, hence the fact that it's way harder to carry than before


Hey again! Yesterday was Heimerdinger's time, but today it's about the runes that I want to talk. About the issues they have in the client, in their tooltips, and in their effects. This is both about bugs and about things that I think should be changed - for example, when I think a tooltip could be improved to list some other information.

What do I mean this time when I say bug? Well... Did you know that Chrysalis never gives any damage, only health? Jump to point 3.1 for a full description of that thing. I wanted to make a video of it, but the software I use to record videos while talking currently records the video at about... 0.2 FPS, which isn't exactly the best viewing quality.

Have a good read!

I) Client

1.1) The rune page settings are randomly resetting. This seems to happen about twice a patch. By rune page settings, I mean two things:
- Showing the details of the runes
- Showing all three runes of each line by default (which, if you haven’t tried, makes the setting of runes much easier)
The issue is that it’s a common thing to set up your runes in a hurry. In a ranked or draft, you should normally always have 25-30 seconds for that (60 for tournament drafts), but In blind pick, it’s only 10s, and in ARAM even less at times. So having to first waste two seconds to notice that you have to change what you thought you’d have to do in the first place and to change the mode back to what you want is not always something you can afford. And once again, the bugs can stack.

1.2) Sometimes, all of your pages will be hidden, except for the default ones. The game basically tells you that you haven't created a single rune page, and that happens both in champ select and in your profile. In order to make them appear again, you need to create another one. Not sure what happens if you’ve got the max amount of pages already. Example: When the bug triggers / And after creating a new page

1.3) Sometimes, in champion selection, the page opened in the editor will not be the page that you have currently selected. Example: Select a Sorcery page, open the editor, it'll instead display your Domination page.

1.4) In champion selection, changing the secondary tree into another tree (without filling it) then choosing not to save will still empty your secondary tree. Let’s say you had S>D. You changed D for R then pressed the cross and said no when it comes to saving the runes. Two seconds before the end of the champ select, you decide to change your keystone. But when you open the runes, it’ll show you S alongside an empty D tree. So you won’t be allowed to make your change and save it, because the secondary tree will be empty. You’ll load into the game with your pre-change runes.

1.5) When someone dodges while you're editing your runes in champ select, the client takes longer to recover from this than it takes for Balls to get out of diamond 2 in Korea.

1.6) Problem with choices in the secondary tree: the secondary tree selection is instinctive… except when you want to change a secondary tree that you’d set up in a previous champ select, if you only want to change one of the two runes. Let’s say you have P as your secondary tree, with Coup de Grâce and Triumph. You want to change Coup de Grâce into Legend: Tenacity. In order to do so, you have to click on both Legend: Tenacity and Triumph, in this order, otherwise you’ve got a 50% chance of losing Triumph and keeping Coup de Grâce instead of having the page you wanted. Because you won’t remember which of the two runes you set up the latter when it happened in a previous CS.

1.7) Similarly to 1.1 but less important, when a rune is reworked or added, it’ll have a glowing yellow dot next to it the first time you’ll see it, and so will your affected pages. That dot has a tendency to reset and to appear again sometimes even up to the patch after the change of that rune. Example

1.8) In champ select, opening the rune editor for a rune page that isn't complete will tell you that there is an error selecting this rune page. That makes you lose one to two seconds exactly when you have to add things in a rune page, aka when you can't necessarily afford to lose time.

1.9) You cannot accept trades while the rune editor is open in champ select.

1.10) You also cannot read the chat while the rune editor is open.

1.11) We need to be able to see the runes of other people on their profile again. And in the API...
It was also a great stalking tool to know someone's nationality

1.12) Runes are low quality in the loading screen compared to how they're drawn in the client.

1.13) Aery is the only rune dealing damage without specifying what type of damage it is. Spoiler: it’s adaptive. Now. But every single other rune specifies whether it deals adaptive, magic, or true damage – no rune deals pure physical damage.

II) Tooltips

2.1) We can see most of the runes that other people take, but not all of them, and that’s super inconsistent. For example, you can know about all the keystones, right. And then you can know whether your opponent took Manaflow Band, Nullifying Orb or Ultimate Hat, because the first two have a buff icon. You can see if they took Celerity or Absolute Focus by checking their stats, so you can also know for Transcendence (by elimination). But you can’t know for the bottom three. Other example, you can’t see which Legend rune they took. Or which rune between CdG/Last Stand/Cut Down.

2.2) Permanent runes don't give you any way to know how useful they've been. This is about all the runes such as Eyeball Collection, Legend: Tenacity, Gathering Storm, Ravenous Hunter... I know that this hasn't been put in the tooltip because as the stats are permanent, those are not runes you actually play around once you have the stats - it's not like Hexflash that makes you play completely differently, or Taste of Blood that will make you try particularly hard to hit a spell every now and then to make the best use out of it. But it would be great to be able to compare how useful they are compared to other runes. This has especially been requested a lot in the case of Ravenous Hunter. But it would be like this:

  • Eyeball Collection: Damage additionally dealt

  • Ingenious Hunter: Seconds of cooldown removed

  • Gathering Storm: Damage additionally dealt

  • Legend: Tenacity: Seconds of crowd control removed

  • Ravenous Hunter: Healing done

And so on.

2.3) Some runes still don't have any cooldown indicator despite being important. This refers to the following ones in particular:

a) Taste of Blood

b) Scorch

c) A bit less importantly, Cheap Shot (because you can relatively easily count it by yourself).

Runes are made to be played around. Optimizing the use you make of them shouldn't require you to have to count 20 seconds in your head. You're expected to fight against the opponents, not the game.

2.4) It'd be really great to show the secondary tree in spectate mode.

2.5) Show the number of Comets thrown with Arcane Comet. Some champions can proc that rune much more often than others - I'm specifically thinking about Cassiopeia and Rumble. Both of them have a DoT that can reduce its cooldown by 12x5%, and the former has a spammable single-target ability (reducing the cooldown by 20% with each cast against a champion), while the latter has one that he can use twice, all the while slowing the enemy to nearly guarantee a Comet hit.

It's nice to know how much damage you've dealt with these Comets, but judging how much more you can throw it on some champions compared to some others would be a great tool too.

2.6) Coup de Grâce and Conqueror have misleading damage tooltips. They tell you how much damage they've given you, but ignore a main part of it - the fact that these runes give you additional AD (or AP in CdG's case on AP champions). So the damage that they give you is actually far higher than what it shows, especially for Conqueror.

2.7) Last Stand should show how much %damage it currently gives as the primary tooltip number, or at least somewhere in the tooltip. The damage it's given you is a nice thing to know, but how much damage you currently get isn't stated anywhere, and it's a number that only depends on you - unlike its counterparts in the same branch, with Coup de Grâce being based on the opponent's current health and Cut Down relying on both your max health and that of your opponent.

2.8) Specify that selling the Biscuits also gives the +40 maximum mana. I have numerous times eaten those biscuits at base while not needing them simply because I couldn't keep them yet wanted that 40 maximum mana more than the gold it'd give me for being sold. And I've seen streamers do the same mistake as me. Simply because when "using an item gives you 40 mana", it's not really expectable that selling it would also give you that mana.

2.9) Coup de Grâce should display a buff about that AD/AP it gives you after scoring a kill. Currently, there is no way to check whether you have it, nor is there a way to know when it'll end (the old Presence of Mind also had that second issue).

2.10) Chrysalis' tooltip is wrong. It'll tell you that you gain +15 adaptive stats after getting your four takedowns, even when you have higher AD and even when it actually gives you the +9. And no, this doesn't contradict what I said before - go to 3.1 for that.

2.11) Predator boots only show you the 1-18 damage increase as well as the raw scalings. They don't show you what the rune currently does. Screenshot

III) Effects

3.1) Chrysalis. This is completely stupid. It’s a super cool rune… except that it doesn’t work. Here’s what happens with it. At the beginning of the game, it gives you 60 HP. All good. But then, when you get 4 takedowns, it’ll give you AD/AP instead of that HP. Still all fine, right? Nope! Because as soon as you get in combat with an enemy champion, you instantly lose the AD/AP and gain the HP again. Proof. The change will be reverted ~3 seconds after you leave the fight, but even your first attack will be counted with the lowered AD/AP. So you’ll never benefit from those stats against enemies. The only use they have will be against minions/monsters, and shields, heals and other supportive scalings, as long as you’re not fighting.

However, this comes alongside a second bug. The switch from AD/AP to HP increases both your current and your max health by 60. When you switch back to AD/AP (after exiting the fight), only your max HP is decreased. So for example, if you’re Gangplank, it means that you’ll heal for 60 HP with every Q – once you’ve reached your four takedowns, so this often won’t be abusable in lane.

3.2) Presence of Mind doesn’t refund the cooldown of your ultimate while you’re dead. This is probably because unlike Triumph, it was coded so that the mana and the CDR would go together, and since you can’t/don’t gain mana back when you’re dead, you don’t receive the CDR either. On the other hand, this doesn’t prevent that rune from working on manaless champions.

Either way, point being that this defeats a good part of the purpose of the rune. There’s many a champion who would use their ultimate in a skirmish, die early in the same fight, end up with 4 assists, but with 0% of their ultimate reduced, instead of 40%. Karthus, for example. He’s very frequently going to ult while he’s on the verge of dying (say, 4s before his death), and will as such not get any refund out of the kills taken by his team thanks to his ult but right after his death. Losing access to that CDR is huge.

3.3) Revitalize isn’t working as it should. Either that, or the tooltip is really badly written. “Gain 5% HSP, and gain an additional 10% while you’re below 40% health” isn’t the same as “Gain 5% or 10% based on your health”. Revitalize should give you 15% or 15.5% HSP when you’re below 40% health.

3.4) Guardian keeps working while you’re dead. Most other runes don’t. For example, you can’t keep using Aery after your death. But if an ally walks on your corpse while you have Guardian, and gets damaged at that moment, you’ll shield them.

3.5) Champions who have a two-parts ultimate aren’t able to use Presence of Mind between the first and second cast. Some examples:

  • Rakan won’t get any CDR for the kills/assists he gains while his ultimate is on.

  • Riven won’t get any CDR for the kills/assists she gains during the 15s of her ultimate.

  • Champions with summoning ultimates (Mordekaiser/Annie/Ivern) won’t get any CDR as long as the pet is alive.

And so on. This is because the ultimate you have after the first cast is a different ultimate (in Rakan’s case, for example, it becomes “Cancel the ultimate”), and that other ultimate has no cooldown. So you’re refunding 10% of the cooldown of the ultimate that you currently have, aka nothing.

3.6) There is something wrong with the runes when they can add 29 new bugs to Mordekaiser. Of course, there is also something wrong with Morde, but that’s not really new.

3.7) Revitalize should work on health regen as it used to. Funnily, Runic Armor used to be really good on Mundo. Revitalize, on the other hand, was a strictly negative rune for him: it increased all of his health costs by 5%/10% without doing anything but increasing the Q’s heal – which is lower than the health cost. Now, that health cost increase was removed because I highlighted [this], so this rune went from being negative to being useless.

3.8) In the last patch, something was changed with what can proc Electrocute and Phase Rush. But… it wasn’t changed the same way for both these runes! For example, Abyssal Mask’s aura now adds one Electrocute stack. But it doesn’t work towards Phase Rush. Aren’t those runes supposed to be coded the same way when it comes to their conditions?

3.9)Closing the Unsealed Spellbook tab will prevent you from re-opening it until you move. Which you can’t do while you’re dead, in which case it forces you to only change your summoners after your respawn.

3.10)I think it’d be a good QoL change if Kleptomancy would stop giving you control/blue wards while your inventory is full. Even though Kleptomancy is about having some randomness in what you gain, runes are normally not supposed to be detrimental to you. They may be in very niche cases(Conqueror with Death’s Dance or with Mordekaiser’s passive, among other few things), but the fact that a rune can randomly be useful for your opponent isn’t well done. It basically just gives them some free gold or exp simply because you got the wrong item, at the wrong time – should your inventory not have been full, you wouldn’t have had this issue. But that rune can actually kill you in some very specific circumstances. You’re fighting an enemy who’s 10 exp away from levelling up to 6. You proc Kleptomancy on them, drop a blue ward on their feet, poof, they just put one basic attack on that blue ward and get access to their ultimate. Thanks to your keystone.

There you go! Feels weird to make a buglist about a topic people might care about. It means that I can't just write random things because nobody will read them...


Literally every single game I play where someone get's auto filled: "Wtf, these aren't the positions I queued for. Will someone please swap, I don't know what happened?" YES YOU DO. We all know how auto fill works. Stop. You make yourself look like an idiot and it certainly isn't making me want to swap with you.

If you are auto filled, just type something simple like "bot preferred" or "jungle pref." I don't need a life story about you being auto filled. And if people don't swap with you, nut up and play the role. WE ALL HAVE TO AT SOME POINT.


i've seen many posts saying that league feels bad because it doesnt reward individual skill but rather make your wins/loses be decided by your team, arguing that the individual player has little to no influence in its games and that they feel they are trapped in a coin toss

well, this is wrong

to me, is another excuse for playing bad that has somehow turned into an acceptable excuse by the community, but back then when people complained they were just said to git gud, what changed?

the game has changed of course, but one thing remains the same if you are good enough, you should be able to win, people get used to think that this was achieved with gold(and levels) and it might used to be like this to an extent, but then the game has changed, it has evolved and now carrying is more difficult because you cant achieve it with raw gold anymore, you have to achieve it with good macro play and decision making, carrying now means you have to lead your team something that remains hidden in front of everyone, because they prefer to win lane and try to keep beating a dead horse instead of trying to win the game

macro play and decision making and all of the mechanics that come within are not mechanics you can visibly see as a number or a stat, in comparison to KDA or cs which its eyecandy and gives you the feel that you already won the game or are close to winning, its the same as why people dont like going support besides being the most relevant role right now, even if they win, they feel like they did nothing, like they hug their teammates because they cant carry and worthless, obviously this is wrong, but is the average mentality i have seen

dont get fooled, people that complain here are the kind of people that take all the kills and cs on the map and then complain about their teammates being useless


people complain because they win lane but still lose because they throw trying to go rampage and cant work as a team and people want the easy solo carry that gets 2 kills and solo carries with the minimal effort


u/JeanKB has made a great comment about the game

What Riot has been doing is trying to make the game less snowbally, and that is a good thing. Right now the game is less of a player snowball's causing an avalanche that nobody on the enemy team can stop, and more of a player snowball having the possibility of increasing in size with the help of his team and winning the game.

The game's outcome shouldn't be decided by a single mistake by a single person in the early game, but by a sequence of successful teamfights, good thinking and macroplay, which involves all ten players. This is far more engaging and fun for everyone than just watching someone slaughter the whole enemy team or being slaughtered without being able to do nothing.



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | | New to LoL


Rainbow7 (LLN) KaBuM! e-Sports(CBLOL)
Gambit Esports (LCL) SuperMassive (TCL)
Kaos Latin Gamers (CLS) Dire Wolves (OPL)
Ascension (GPL) Pentagram (LJL)


Lolesports article

  • The point of this draw is to randomly determine groups for the Round 1 of the MSI Play-In stage.
  • Play-In Round 1: Representatives of each wildcard ("play-in") region will be randomly seeded into two groups of four.
    • These are CBLOL, LLN, GPL, CLS, LJL, TCL, LCL, OPL
    • Those groups will each play a Bo1 double round robin, and the first team from each group will move on.
  • Play-In Round 2: Those winners will face either the VCS or LMS representatives in a Bo5.
    • The winners of each Round 2 match will move onto the MSI group stage.
  • Group Stage/Playoffs: The representatives from the 4 remaining "major" regions (LCK, LPL, EU LCS, NA LCS) will join the 2 teams from the Play-In.
    • These six teams will play a double round robin Bo1 Group Stage
    • Top 4 teams will play in Knockout Stage. 1st seed can choose opponent from the rest of the remaining teams for their Semi-Final.
    • The remaining two teams will play in the other Semi-Final
    • The winners of both Semi-Final matchups will face off in the final. No 3rd place match.


Pool 1

Team Region / League
KaBuM! e-Sports BR - CBLOL
Gambit Esports CIS - LCL
SuperMassive TR - TCL
Rainbow7 LAN - LLN

Pool 2

Team Region / League
Pentagram JPN - LJL
Ascension Gaming SEA - GPL
Kaos Latin Gamers LAS - CLS
Dire Wolves OCE - OPL

Draw Format

  • Teams from the eight wildcard ("play-in") regions were judged by Riot based on "past regional performance", and were placed in two pools.
  • The group draw will proceed as follows:
    • Draw from pool 1 -> Group A
    • Draw from pool 1 -> Group A
    • Draw from pool 1 -> Group B
    • Draw from pool 1 -> Group B
    • Draw from pool 2 -> Group A
    • Draw from pool 2 -> Group A
    • Draw from pool 2 -> Group B
    • Draw from pool 2 -> Group B


Group A

Strawpoll: Which teams will qualify from Group A?

Team Top Jungle Mid ADC Support Coach
RB7 Jirall Oddie sEiya Zeicro/Manu Genthix Yeti
GMB PvPStejos Diamondprox Kira Lodik Edward ATRemains
KLG Nate Tierwulf Plugo Fix Slow Pierre
ASC Rockky Intreso G4 Lloyd Rich Cabbage

Group B

Strawpoll: Which team will qualify from Group B?

Team Top Jungle Mid ADC Support Coach
KBM Zantins Ranger dyNyquedo Titan Riyev Nuddle
SUP fabFabulous Stomaged GBM Zeitnot Snowflower Irean
DW Chippys Shernfire Triple k1ng Cupcake Sharp
PGM Paz Once Ramune YutoriMoyasi Gaeng 34

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.


I was playing on Bronze mmr and found a guy who was really cocky, wouldn't shut up the whole game, he was clearly a smurf in Bronze, however he had negative winrate. I've talked to him ingame and he admitted that he loses games on purpose so he can stay in Bronze. He kept being very toxic, always laughing and taunting when he killed me. He bragged about being able to lose games on purpose and not get banned because of his KDA, despite admitting it on the chat many times. He even did it in the post-game match screen.
Why don't people like him get banned? It is very unfair for the other players, and if I send these screenshots (I censored them here) to Riot support, they'll tell me to use the ingame report tool, which does NOTHING.
EDIT: Only on Reddit you see people bashing someone for smurfing but ignoring the person who literally loses on purpose (and literally the purpose of this post). I think it's the redditor's passive ability to always be against everyone who posts here. (which is why many good posts get instantly downvoted and why a major part of the LoL community is just bad) EDIT2: I guess he was temporarily banned or something


Making an appreciation thread for AP Rakan mid. I tilted from Plat 1 all the way to Plat 4 0 lp and lost all hope for Diamond since then. But then a glimmer of hope shined through. I looked upon reddit and saw AP Rakan being played and thought to myself "Wow... now that's something I want to play first time in ranked." I am now back to Plat 3 100lp and have since regained hope of achieving Diamond for the very first time in 4 seasons.

Thank you AP Mid Rakan.

(edit: now Plat 2 :o ! something quickly done to inspire me to Diamond )


Let me preface this long post. Please let me know what your thoughts are, how have you experienced these changes, how do you feel about it. I am genuinely interested in hearing your feedback. :)


Over the past 4-5 seasons there has been a very slow creep of gold and item costs. This has led to numerous Riot posts on "should an ADC hit 9500 gold and be the most important player on the team" posts. There is a lot more to it than just that, and I feel like that is overlooked a lot. Obviously in the case of ADC it is "can it be fun to play for the first 20 minutes while being broken if fed (looks at kai'sa)" or "can it be entirely un-interactive and boring but be well rounded throughout the game (Caitlyn)." That said, usually this is where the conversation ends and people just whine about adc meta, or ardent meta, or assassin meta. My question is about the "communism meta."


In times of league old, we saw our favorite items like avirice blade, phily stone, and HoG being removed from the game because, "everyone buys a Gp5 so it isnt rewarding and just feels clunky." Then we saw the standard GpS change. Now players can get that sweet gold gain without having to buy the gold gain. After that, we saw the minion gold change. Then there was the "everything gives global gold" change. Then there was the "your mid laner is feeding but you outplayed the enemy and smashed him so everyone gets gold while you get a small bit more than a normal kill" change, and then somewhere in between there was the "support item" Gp5 change." Next we saw the "minions spawn earlier so you get more CS and gold" change. Finally (if I didn't miss any) we have the "cannon minions give a shit load of gold and losing an inhib makes your team get a gold lead" change. Wait...what was that last one? Yeah since every wave has a cannon minion in it now, you now get ~90-100 gold extra per wave.


So what do all of those changes mean exactly? It means that Everything you do well, is reduced in quality, and quantified across your team. This leads to some really weird situations in league games (which I have recently been realizing more and more).


First, mage supports? Champions like brand, xerath, lux, karma, ziggs, zilean, and zyra, who have all been designed and changed to be better mages, are insanely strong if you just buy a support item and don't take the CS. Well, this happens for a few reasons and is inclusive of the saying "we want support to not be the most boring useless ward bag role in the game." Support items have a massive assortment of stats like CDR and AP and "does damage" and "buffs adc." This is all fine and good except, if you buy the support item and immediately build full ap, you are more valuable than if you bought support items. Think about it, have you ever lost to a Zyra or Brand support with zekes, redemption, athene's(that's still an item?) and locket? This is because you do not need to spend gold on wards, in fact you can only use one pink, and you don;t even need that because you get a free mobile pink ward with (let's be honest) almost no cooldown. You have a gold gen item that gives you free wards too. Why buy items to then help your team defensively or help others do more damage, when you can build full ap with the same (within 10%) gold of anyone else on the team without killing minions?


Second, doing really well doesn't feel rewarding when you aren't ahead of everyone else. Obviously a fed assassin feels great, but when you think about it, if you solo mid tower with a 3 kill lead, and then solo bot tower after swapping, you aren't that far ahead of your team. "Well this is a team game" yeah yeah, and live is a team game, but look at north korea. It doesn't feel rewarding to do well and have to rely on your 2/6 team mate to pull their 10k gold when you earned 4k of that without them.


Thirdly, why does taking an inhib help the enemy team? Sure you should be able to push your inhib lead but my god are solo queue players stubborn and just want to me to "let them split the 3rd inhib down." That said, whenever you take an inhib, you give the enemy team ~200 extra gold per minute just off of the guaranteed siege minion each wave. This means that if your team has wave clear and baron is not active, you can safely and easily turtle while force feeding a massive amount of bonus gold to a carry.


Fourthly, the removal of interaction. Remember when you used to see people roaming from lanes to push towers because they wanted the team to get gold? No need for that nonsense, let your jungler gank for them and push the lane while you sit on the other side of the map and get a nice paycheck! Remember when warding meant SPENDING GOLD and keeping vision was more than "oh my trinket is up?"


I think the last item on my list, although slightly unrelated but still relevant due to global gold helping top lane so much, tanks, base damage, gold efficiency, true damage, and "let's make every role interactive all game long." I know this may be against the public opinion on ADCs, but your squishiest champion (yes shields are stupid) needs to buy damage items with no defensive stats to hit like a truck. That doesn't sound like an issue especially considering how little last hitting means in terms of global gold these days. (no more "let vayne farm up and we can win"). On the contrary, with all this global gold, tanks can buy items at the same time everyone else does, even though they have less kills and assists. Other than the founding principles of communism, nothing sound bad about that right? Let me ask you something, what happened to sunfire cape? You don't need it now because your base damage is so high that you can easily clear waves without the sunfire damage. You can also, for some weird reason, buy an item that gives you a ton of AD and HP and either a massive AoE cleave, or a MASSIVE SHIELD (and the same AD as a 3k gold adc item). This change to make everything feel "good" all game long, means that a tank with massive CC can stay on "power curve" with an ADC while simultaneously dealing insane single target damage. Last thing on tanks, why does your smite give you 250 true damage on your burst while you have 260 ad 3300 hp 180 armor and 110 mr?


The point of this long post is that Riot has made numerous changes to the game to promote a communistic environment creates a massive amount of homogenization in the game while removing meaningful interaction. This is why Janna is such a problem and has been getting worse as time goes on, she promotes a nice "stay back and pop the tower every few waves" play style that benefits your entire team. Micro should be as important as Macro. I say this as someone who has played from diamond down to silver. If you are 0/4 and down 60 cs, you should at no point in that game, feel meaningful. Just because your bot lane stomped down 2 towers and then went and took top, doe snot mean that you, the 0/4 down 60cs mid should have the same items as your opponent. This is why people have the ADC problem in the first place, especially with Janna. Your ADC sucks, but got global tower gold, was losing in CS, but never died because Janna, and is now more fed, gold wise, than you are. Look at competitive, LCS pro play, you don;t see the 5 man roam for a tower to get team gold, because the jungle adc and support can give you free gold from across the map. We legit changed dragon because "just giving global gold didn't feel special" but, everything you do gives global gold now?


In short, the game removes a lot of meaningful interaction and reduces the need to be efficient at what you are doing, and allows you to be rewarded heavily for something you had no part in.


After countless hours of some hardwork which required closing the client on separate occasions. Not once , not twice but atleast 15 times. We did it! -100lp. It doesnt get any lower than this. I mean It doesnt get any better than this :D


I think this may be abit of a controversial topic. Personally, I think one should take the blame for their own screw-ups, and not put the screw-up on your teams' shoulders. By you making a simple mistake, you highly increase your teams risk of losing.

Take responsibility for your mistakes and leave the game so the team can remake the game.

Posted by[SotLTravis] (NA)21 hours ago

Happened just now on Doublelift's stream and I thought it was interesting enough to turn into this self post and see if I ended up with karma by sharing it here:


Title. Just saw the bug in a ranked, and now trying it I get a 100% reproduction rate in practice tool.

I think this should raise a serious discussion about Rito's development process, either QA or bug fixing or whatever. I understand this is a low priority bug since it doesn't affect gameplay but jesus christ, it's such a glaringly obvious issue and it's been a LONG (in terms of the game) time since 2017-08-23.

Please educate me if I'm missing something but this seems to me there is a problem if it takes 8 months to fix such a simple issue.

Posted byHyrum Graff (NA)10 hours ago

At first, I make a mistake and walk in front of my casters. Then, I realize my mistake and start clicking to walk back to my tower.

At first, Raka agrees with me that back towards the tower is the place to be. Then, she decides that I actually wanted to walk back in front of my minion wave.

At first, you might think creep block is the problem here. Then, you'd realize that the actual problem is how pathfinding responds when you get creep blocked.


A long time ago people were complaining about how Ryze's book did not fit in lore wise. That was around the time of his first visual update, but it turns out Riot was playing a long con.

After so many reworks, Ryze himself has trouble keeping up with what his abilities do. In order to promote competitive integrity, Ryze makes sure to reference his patch notes. I imagine he does this in a way of going "oh, time for a Q, let me see if this is supposed to proc true damage." Ryze is an incredibly powerful bald man


i can't play eve for my life but this upcoming skin is so pretty i couldn't resist doodling her c:

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