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Teemo mains know all about this trick. Fun fact, you can do the same with his shrooms but they don't bounce at the destination they stack instead. I'm not a Teemo main, just had an emo Teemo period for a week or two.

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Okay buddy, sure, "not a teemo main".

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"not a riven mid laner"

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I wonder if Riven mid still works

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Kinda.. depends on who you're against.

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Name checks out

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Why is useful for them to stack? I thought the mushroom dmg doesn't actually stack when you trigger more than 1 mushroom. It just resets the dot timer.

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I dont think he means stacking is good

He's just specifying that it happens

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i know shrooms not stacking is good for balance but playing lane bully techies would be so fun.

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I play league to escape the true beast and it follows me here too

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Shrooms stacking is just bad for your damage. It's already balanced. If it had bounced when placing it over the wall it would've been stronger

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Level 1 ult?

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might link this to every toplaner who said he cant ward the river cuz hes getting ganked

but usually its good enough to put a ward when you walk to your lane from the blastcone

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This ward is the safest option as they can't jump over the thick wall to get you when you ward and it prevents you from leaving lane when you are under turret or getting pushed in.

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when you are under turret there is usually no reason to put a ward there anyway ?

like the the opponents jungler will likely come from the tribush anyway if the intend to diverdive

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There are cases where they set up ganks after they push you in, the laner and jungler will wait in the river bush to try and kill you when the wave resets back to the middle. And also this is not a ward that you always have to use, all I'm saying is that it is an option to ward like this and that you should use it when you can, no one is forced to use this ward, people can still just ward over river wall.

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not saying it is bad at all it sure is helpful if you feel uneasy and want to go safe at the very early on the laning no doubt about that

i just think some wards just give more informations of your actuall opponents doing

like for example a Ward in your Jungle will tell you what the opponent Jungler is actually doing if it sees him wether he does scuttle counter jungle or try to Dive

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Gotta learn them all. Each has its place and time

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I mean, if you are under tower and you have trincket is not like you have many places to use it on anyways

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That's pretty much an area where your opponent is if he pushed you in

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Right, but you don't know if the jungler is also there. You can save your cc if you have any and you see the jungler waiting in the bush to dive you or land a skillshot.

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A jungler will dive from the tribush next to your lane not from the riverbush

What im saying is the ward can give you information if the opponent jungle is there but not what he's going to do as he's leaving your vision down the river where he has like 3 options from there based on situation

Like doing scuttle crab, diving you or just straight up going to midlane if you on the other hand have a ward on your jungle entrance when pushed in you will clearly see based on his pathing

Going up Is diving down is deepwarding or counter Jungling moving down the river is midlane or going into his camp

The ward OP shows is pretty good for lane resets so you an check jungles waiting down there

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when you are under turret there is usually no reason to put a ward there anyway ?

You have a reason. Most top laners have hard cc anyway and the junglers can burst you down quite easily if you push a little and you don't have the chance to ward all the time because of the pressure, so ward when you can because you don't know later what will happen.

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Lane ganks from bushes by topside wall. You enter from river when the wave is fully shoved up then when it bounces you go for the kill if the laner steps up to get CS.

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Rek'Sai can tunnel through the thick wall and Kayn can walk through it but yea most junglers can't gank you through that. Another reason why blue side top lane is a lot safer than red side.

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But it's not the safest option since you actually have to leave turret range. It is usually safer to go through tri brush and ward from explosive plant.

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If you use this ward trick you still need to leave turret range. It is usually safer to walk to the explosive plant and ward over the wall.

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OP's ward trick is better in every situation if you're in lane

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don't u wanna safe blastcone for ur jungler

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u dont use the blast cone you can just straightup ward the bush for more vision from there if you are just returning to lane it ideal to place it from there

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oh i see, read it wrong

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That blastcone can be used by either jungler, it provides an extra escape route in an invade, so in theory clearing it is a tossup

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tyvm, I've always warded from blue blastcone but I'll use this now

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Did anyone else come into this expecting to see a video of someone simply buying a ward followed by a thumbs up and applause...?

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I've learned that from SirhcEz, he mentioned it in one of his videos

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Yea i've seen him do it a lot of times

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Junglers HATE him!

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Isn't this also possible on the mirrored side in botlane?

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There is one, I don't know where, I know that sneaky knows the spot and often uses it in bot.

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I know the spot buck a ward on the rock that’s splitting the waterfall whilst standing in a roughly 25degree angle to it next to the wall

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Yes,left side of the small rock in waterfall

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Yes. Search on YouTube.. there are some videos explaining this ward tricks..

Also you can ward the Bush that is near the blastcone around blueside's blue Buff from mid tower, tribush from dragon and baron pit..

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you mean the little crack on red side botlane

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Yes but it seems bugged the same way; the ward doesn't give full vision towards the dragon direction. It's like it's trapped behind a tiny bit of wall or something.

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Please do not attempt this ward before placing it a couple hundred times in practice mode. It's extremely unreliable and buggy until you understand the underlying mechanism of how camera angles influence warding.

Stand on that exact spot and move your camera left, right, up and down. Watch how the cast range of your ward changes. No, it's not just a visual bug, it actually changes how the ward will be placed. Try placing it in different camera angles and you'll quickly notice it misbehaves.

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Well, with the set up that I mentioned, it should work pretty consistently. I said to lock the screen because that's how I tested it and when you do lock the screen, everything should line up nicely to where all the places I pointed to should result in the river ward. But you are correct in two aspects that you should practice this before trying in game, and that camera angle does change ward placement. This can be fixed by using a locked camera though.

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Well since you look from a different angle you can still try to click the same leaf but your curser is not in the same position looking directly from top.

It's not really a bug, just how the fake 3D effect works.

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The bug I was referring to is the ward range changing with camera angle, not the 3D landscape.

The actual range doesn't change, but you can click further (or closer).

But yeah, what you said is my point. The angle will just confuse people ergo why they should practice this.

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what the fuck I couldn't hit it then locked my camera like he said and it worked

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This reminds me of this.

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This trick was lost after the changes to the Summoners Rift map and I have yet to find any place where they talk about this.

LMFAO this trick was always here both before and after the map update. I like that you're sharing this so that new players will know, but it's not anything revolutionary.

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So a long time ago, back in season 3 or 4, I saw RF Legendary do a trick...

...This trick was lost after the changes to the Summoners Rift map and I have yet to find any place where they talk about this. I have found the new trick that is needed in order to-

Yeah, here we go again...

It's only been 4 months since the pro player Xpecial also showed these and other ward tricks. I'll link you to my comment from that thread, which links to a thread about -a month prior to the Xpecial one-, as well as a video -from 4 months prior to the thread,- where the trick was shared again.

It's helpful information and worth resharing/upvoting-for-visiblity, I agree, but please don't claim it as your own.

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I never seen these links that you are refering to, but thanks for sharing as they will be useful for everyone here and me. The first time I saw this trick was from RF Legendary, and I am just trying to share this trick with other players, I am not claiming I discovered that people can place a ward over this wall, it was known from even long before. I am just saying that the way to place it over the wall like how I showed it.

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I am not claiming I discovered that people can place a ward over this wall, it was known from even long before.

"I have found the new trick that is needed in order to place the ward over the wall correctly almost 100% of the time."

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I tried on the snow map and it didn't work for me. I didn't move out of place. Guess it is only on the green map.

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You can disable the Snow map I guess.

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Repeat step 1

Aim at the head of the north arrow shown in step 2

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As of the map upgrade the ward you mention of RF Legenedary is still possible and you can still ward it the same place as before. I know this cause I do it all the time but its also nice to see you can get it from another angel, and when the new map came season 4 start I asked RF on his stream to try the river bush ward from tower and he managed it (used to follow him untill he became jayce otp) and the places where you drop wards is really decently big so kinda if you are in a hurry you can't miss it so "bad"

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You can also do that on bot lane :)

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But I dont know how to do it on the snow map

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Repeat step 1

Aim at the head of the north arrow shown in step 2

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this kind of warding trick was highly upvoted 2-3 times on reddit like a year ago or a little more. it is strange that more high elo toplaners don't know it.

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Thanks for the tip, did not know about this, and been playing since season 2 on top

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This also works for bot lane on red side. I dont have an image or graphic for it but can make one if anyone cares for it

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Xpecial made a video of this and it got upvoted pretty high. He basically showed all the super tricky wards you can do. Including how to get wards behind bot tower on both sides without overextending too far and face checking.

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Junglers hate this guy!

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Almost 100% of the time just isn't worth it for me. If I need to ward the river bush I'll either go through the tribrush or just not risk it at all.

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When you're playing from blue side it's extremely useful to check for enemy jg without needing to go past halfway/enter river.

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Hey thanks :)

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No I'm going to continue walking up to the brush and dying so I can flame my jungler.

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Looks like I'm going to queue as Top.

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Shouldn't this work for red side botlane aswell?

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damn, did it on my first try, thanks

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Fun Fact! Shaco can use his blink through this same method to move from top bush DIRECTLY into top lane, or vice versa

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Good tip. Now, I can farm in lane and watch the enemy jungler sit in that bush for 2 minutes straight, instead of going around to ward.

I swear there is some jungler community out there with a bounty on my main account.

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Lol I posted this exact thing but it didn't get a lot of traffic. This also works for bot lane.

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrwuvVWZ-rQ

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Anyone know how to do this bot lane?

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Mirrored for Bottom lane for those AD/Support mains

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Yeah pretty useful. Can be done on bottom lane too.

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I thought everyone knew this

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Useful info, kind of like the one in bot lane from red side. Great to do if you can't check river. I'll remember this one.

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I knew how to ward thick wall bot side but not top! Thank you!

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Saving 4 later

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you guys need to try to understand how the game works at its core not just try to memorize tricks. you can easily repeat this ward and figure out other wards like this if you just understand how ward placing works on walls and how to determine what pushes it over/etc dont just memorize stupid shit like this LEARN the actual game

(btw putting effort into memorizing this shit actually actively makes you WORSE at the game)

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People really need to learn to ward deeper... Getting info on where the jungler is >>>>>>> TRYING to avoid one gank

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This should be fixed