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EUW: Betreuer
7 months ago

What did a player do that made you go "wow, what a cool guy"?

As opposed to constantly sharing the more negative experiences, I'd like to start a conversation about nice and wholesome experiences in league.

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272 points · 7 months ago

I remember a game where a guy hovered Yasuo and asked the firstpick to pick it for him, but instead of picking it he simply banned it instead with a ":)". He then hovered Ekko and our firstpick picked Ekko away from him to play him in the jungle (this was like 3 months ago). Instead of tilting now he picked Fizz and we easily won the game. I obviously honored the guy and added him after the game.

Go plants!
45 points · 7 months ago

I got tilted just by reading that. I would have flamed hard but that guy inspires me to not do that when that happen to me.

props to him for not trying to get him 'revenge' by trolling the game for the rest of you. seen that scenario mentioned way too many times...

Honestly if I get khazix banned by my own team intentionally I will lock in nunu with ghost cleanse and wait to see if someone dodges, if they dont I do it myself, yes it's an asshole move but saves the time of everyone involved.

17 points · 7 months ago

If they dont just play with ghos cleanse nunu and inevitably lose while trying your best.

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5 points · 7 months ago

tbh I'd have played graves and tax his lane 24/7

5 league accounts 8 reddit accounts permabanned
5 points · 7 months ago

i wouldve disco nunud that game

Did the Ekko end up inting?

He played okay, he got fbed at like minute 4 by Evelynn but it was this typical game where every lane won and it didn't really matter what each jungler did. Up to today i always thought he was smurfing but i just looked up the game again and apparently he wasn't. Idk why he did this that game.

Ppl don't need a reason to be cunts mate. That's why I hate people

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Gintama Lover btw
207 points · 7 months ago

Some Vi in one of my games had promised to gift me a TF skin if I carried the game ( I played TF that game), I ended up doing good and we won. At the post game lobby he said he couldn't gift it to me right now cause there wasn't a gift option? Anyways he adds me and said he would gift but he couldn't yet cause you have to wait 24 hours till you can gift someone you recently added, the next day I got blood moon TF.

I didn't really expect much or was really wanting a skin but he kept his word which was pretty cool.

C9 > TSM
66 points · 7 months ago

yeah you're welcome

i was offered the same deal with fizz jungle. he ditched without even honoring(back in the old honor system)

I had the same thing happen to me (and I was playing TF too) except that he told me to remind him the following day that drunk him promised me a skin. When I logged in the next day, he had unfriended me lol

729 points · 7 months ago

The ppl unlocking skins for everyone in Aram

141 points · 7 months ago

I always honor them.

A fair trade to be sure

29 points · 7 months ago

but a welcome one?

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You're already dead
9 points · 7 months ago

How do you do that btw

If you have 95rp and you get into champ select the skin boost button will be above the splash art iirc

Never enough pockets for these spells
6 points · 7 months ago

The option for skin boost should be somewhere on your screen in champ select , I think above the splash?

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Plus the extra exp/currency!

11 points · 7 months ago

Bless them. I specifically remember saving up for a champ or two last season and had a run of people ARAM skin boosting in one night. Really had a good time. The added currency regardless of win or loss always makes for a nice gesture.

Message me next time you're close. I can't play often, but when I do I always skin boost

Hello new friend...

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156 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

Not joking

I had a troll in the matchaming in soloQ that had cleanse/smite as sums. Then I tought we should embrace this and all troll. I told it to my team and my teammates (so cool from them) all picked a random champ with cleanse/smite. we lost the ranked but it was the funniest game of my life, we all 5 bought 5 zzrot and the ennemy team started doing the same. most worth LP loss of my life.

(it was a low diam soloQ)

28 points · 7 months ago

EUW? We might have played that game together lol

Yes! Do you remember the champ you were playing?

The zzrot.

Nope, it was.. 2 years ago? I cant remember :(

34 points · 7 months ago

if you have 5 zzrots it’s pretty a 10v5 🤔 🤔 🤔

Teemo Mid
12 points · 7 months ago

Heck, you can have 10 zzrots if you take the item active cdr + red sightstone(don't think red sightstone is nessecary but it adds to it.)

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When we both have 1 hp and the support blocks the cait ult, a real hero

kat+akali 2trick
50 points · 7 months ago

The best thing ever is when we both have the same idea and both flash at the same time, resulting in my ADC getting killed anyways.

EUW: Betreuer
Original Poster25 points · 7 months ago

The spirit of a true support.

Played a game of Urf a couple of days ago where I was Gnar I killed our Mf 2 times by hoping on her at just the right time to make Caitlyn ults hit her :p

Mf was the real hero took it all in good spirits.


Always get a kick out of teammates juking eachother out - on purpose or not - with Cait ults, even if I'm the one who ends up dying. I have yet to pull off the Zhonya+Cait Ult as a prank with friends, but it's a dream.

Splyce Best in EU
406 points · 7 months ago

I miss a skill shot. My team didn't tell me to "kill myself" What A nice team.

We reverted Rengar and Leblanc, Evelynn is next riot!
85 points · 7 months ago

You missed a skill shot??????!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can't miss a skillshot if you don't level up any of your abilities

just play Garen.

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Muh Shadows
4 points · 7 months ago

Did you honor them?

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April Fools Day 2018
259 points · 7 months ago

When I play mid and the jungler offers blue. Gotten so used to playing without that it makes me happy.

half the time when i get offered blue nowadays i dont even take it unless im like, anivia, or super low on mana

Is faith back?
35 points · 7 months ago

I won't take it unless I'm ahead. I suck at mid even though my favorite champions only play there :(

play them top

U git foiv stucks, i go supor daris
58 points · 7 months ago

pls no more ranged champs at top

what he said

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11 points · 7 months ago

I’m so used to lost chapter don’t need blue on the champs I play

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In Korea if you don't give your Zed mid blue he will afk the game

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29 points · 7 months ago

Even better when you're crushing your lane opponent by 1-2 kills by the second buff spawn, and your jungler starts spam pinging it before it even spawns. Such a great feeling of trust.

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Plot twist: They play Ivern

22 points · 7 months ago

I come of a time where midlaners would afk when they didnt get 2nd blue and now i can spam ping it 20s before spawn and when its there and they still dont come. Crazy times now i tell ya

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I get angry when I leave my blue buff up for mid and they just don't take it or won't come when I'm leashing and spam pinging it.

Well as a mid laner, I hate when my jungler spams me to come get blue when I have ten minions hitting my turret or I have a chance to kill the laner. If a mid doesn't come just take it tbh.

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As a jungler there's decent justification for taking it nowadays. Mid laners have better mana sustain than ever (lost chapter) and blue no longer gives increased AP.

April Fools Day 2018
7 points · 7 months ago

I can agree with that. But it's like getting an buying a 20 nugger box and getting 21. A nice little extra.

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You're already dead
3 points · 7 months ago

I usually play champs which build Morello as first item along with manaflow band,new runes are so good!

2 points · 7 months ago

I would give it to my mid more if it didn't mean giving up the exp and gold from it so I always take the second one. By the third, I usually decide to give it to mid unless they don't want it or aren't near.

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163 points · 7 months ago

ADC warding

Ill add to this,adc buying a pink ward and actually using it. Bonus points for placing it in a good spot that we are contesting.

If I buy a pink ward I'm placing it somewhere it won't instantly die. I don't have the inventory for wards.

Its ok to lose a control ward if it gives you a vision advantage even for a minute though. Its obviously better if it lasts but placing one to win a skirmish or clear dragon pit to bait the enemy in blind is perfectly fine too. Your support wont always be there to place the short-lived ones for you. Obviously with an adc inventory space is valuable and their gold is best spent on dps items but vision is actually crucial to do more dps

Yeah, when contesting close objectives, having vision denial for just half a minute can make more of a difference than having one sit somewhere for 20 minutes sometimes

Placing wards that don't instantly die is fine. But if you place it somewhere it won't die, it's usually a pretty shit spot. You want your enemies to see your pink at times. If they don't see it at all, it doesn't spot them either, and it's basically just wasted gold.

Not entirely true tho, pinking your own blue or red as an adc could well not see anyone for 20 mins (or may die quickly, elo dependent). A safe pinkward on a rarely used path by the enemy allows you to roam knowing you aren't in vision.

I used to have "wards of exceptional longevity" by putting a pink ward in tri-brush. It really depends on how the other team plays.

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I do this all the time and nobody ever notices.

I await the day

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just kidding, not actually his smurf
9 points · 7 months ago

They are usually support mains who play ADC occasionally

3 points · 7 months ago

or when the adc lets you get the last hit on wards :')

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173 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

After a successful gank, the jungler helps push the lane without taking minion gold.

This happens fairly often in my elo but I'd rather have the jungler take the cs so we can push in faster.

2 points · 7 months ago

yea ,i sometimes ping my jungler on the wave and ,he or she gladly helps me push it :) .

3 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

It heavily depends on the situation whether or not your jungler should help push.

Are you a champion with waveclear against an opponent with no TP? Your jungler shouldn't help push.

Are you low on HP and don't know where the enemy jungler is? Your jungler should (probably) help push. If you have easy access to an escape should the enemy jungler arrive, yours probably shouldn't help push.

Are your creeps building up and don't think you can get them to push in quick enough before your opponent TPs back to lane? Your jungler should help push.

Note: this is mainly from my perspective as a top lane main in low diamond, but I assume it's similar for mid/bot

Note #2: This guide is based on the assumption you either killed your opponent or are 100% sure they just backed

~Mid/Support Kog~
6 points · 7 months ago

If I get ganked and no kill happens I'm chill with 1-2 minions being taxed.
Get ganked and jungle takes the kill? Rad help me shove but mind avoiding the last hit?
Get ganked and I get the kill? Tax me like you're British.

Support Main
56 points · 7 months ago

It depends. Sometimes when the lane gets the kill, the jungler might take some tax. When the jungler gets the kill, he/she should give minion farm. At least that is how I think when I play.

While this isn't necessarily bad thinking, it's still wrong. If your laner gets a kill, they're ahead and have control of the lane. If I then take a whole minion wave (6 creeps), they're now only ~ half a kill up over their opponent. If I help my laner push a slowpushing wave in, maybe it denies the enemy 2 waves worth of gold too... that's equal to a kill: now my laner is up ~2 kills worth of gold.

I can return to their lane for free turret/dives, or completely ignore them and focus on other lanes. Let your laners get ahead and stay ahead. Your job as a jungle is to facilitate the success of your lanes. As a jungle main, I get so tilted when my Shaco ganks for me in top lane (secondary role), takes the kill, then smites my cannon minion... just don't...

Consider that its not like enemy laner gets any farm when he is dead

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C9 > TSM
13 points · 7 months ago

That might be true, but you as the jungler get nothing directly from it. And in soloqueue people are mostl likely apes, so dont rely on them to carry you.

I always do it as above, take 2-3 minions, when my laner got the kill or none if i got it

But I'm an ape so it's fine to give the gold to others

You get xp which is nice

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Aslong as gold isnt wasted and the wave is pushed without wasting time, its w.e.

2 points · 7 months ago

Your job as a jungle is to facilitate the success of your lanes

Unless you play Shyvana, then your job is to be level 18 by 25 minutes and 1v9

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If it is a snowbally champion I typically wont take CS from them if they get the kills unless we really need to shove quickly.

If it is a matchup that usually goes even unless one person gets ahead it's typically the same rule for me.

The game is just easier when your lanes are ahead.

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Jungling fundamentals: Don't consciously tax. It's all about the laner and setting up the laner for success, along with you being able to repeat gank for added benefit/tower taking. Rather have the laner be able to 1v1 and snowball a lane with as much gold/xp as possible so I can focus somewhere else on that map than handicap him in any way. At least that's the way I teach it.

I think if the jungler gives the kill over to you, you should let him have some of the minions.

If I got the kill, I don't take cs, if my laner got the kill though, DOLLA DOLLA BILLS YALL

2 points · 7 months ago

You're welcome.

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Grouping up at fountain and everyone flashing

Friend and I were playing an ARAM. They flashed in fountain on accident, the 3 randoms immediately flashed too. We all wasted flash in solidarity.

That's more common in aram than people think, it's hilarious!

Random player in normals flames my Teemo top lane, afterwards I was kind of talking back and getting pissed. He challenges me to a 1v1 saying he will gift me 10$ RP for best 2 of 3. I kick his ass, and he actually gives me the RP after waiting the two day friend gift limit thing.

In 2015, after SKT knocked out the Bangkok Titans, Marin pulled the BKT members with them to the front so they could also bow out and get cheers from the audience as they lost every game and didn't get that chance. Was cool to me seeing how Marin was the leader of SKT at the time.

One time after LB had been reworked I was playing her into Ori and getting my ass handed to me, I was playing really bad. My jungle came to my lane helped me kill her and told me to relax and calm down that I’d beat her and I played the rest of the game pretty well.

92 points · 7 months ago

my jungler tells me to stop inting then taxes my lane

32 points · 7 months ago

Then asks if you want blue buff, and smites it away from you

"Ty for leash"

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101 points · 7 months ago

I was playing last night with my friends. at 8 minutes into the game our mid laner goes “this dude is DUMPING on me in farm”

enemy zed had 85 cs at 8 minutes. and 2 kills.

20 minutes in the dude had 12 kills and 225 cs.

he then tells us he’s smurfing, his main is a challenger account. and then started helping us out, giving us tips and tricks. it ended up being a super fun game ( we got stomped ) but he was just so good and not mean about it that we couldn’t be upset at all.

I don't even understand how you can find that much farm at 20 minutes.

85 cs at 8 minutes is a LOT more impressive than 225 cs at 20 minutes.

Not to me. Getting 85 cs at 8 is just a matter of last hitting well. What I find I struggle with is finding farm after the game has broken away from laning. Sure, you have to last hit pretty dang well to get that much cs at eight, but being over the ten cs per minute mark at 20 minutes into the game is just mind boggling. Somehow the pros always manage to find farm during the game while not being out of position.

13 points · 7 months ago

yeah, expecially when your whole team goes mid and starts taking 1 wave of farm between us 3 (top mid and adc)

i hate this. like dafuq u doing just go take bot/top farm u will get a lot more gold lmao

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3 points · 7 months ago

Wave clear fast and take raptors while the enemy is last hitting your wave. If you see the enemy jungler or are confident you can 1v2 or get away with it in general you can take their raptors. There are like 6 total in each camp iirc, really helps with your cs score, not always worth doing though, particularly when your jg falls behind.

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he forgot we are all challenger's here

3 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

You think 225 is impressive? (im just joking, it totally is)

Here are the highlights from Froggen getting 300 cs at 20 minutes.

You can also find the full video somewhere, it's pretty entertaining.

EUW: Betreuer
Original Poster30 points · 7 months ago

Being humble in victory is even harder than being humble in defeat. Sounds like a good guy.

Idk I think it’s easier to be humble in victory bc it’s like idc I don’t need to say anything and I’m the dopest freshest dude. But when I lose it takes everything in me to not wanna kill everyone’s face u know???

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I asked my jungler to cover top while i backed and i came back to a nice freeze next to my tower, was totally expecting to come back to a pushed lane, what a nice guy

Jungler ganking my lane early. Sounds like normal but it almost never happens. Afk farm till 6 to then gank and die is the meta usually.

well shit i get underleveled bc im ganking too much

kat+akali 2trick
6 points · 7 months ago

Same and I usually suffer from it because my laners don't care to help get an easy first blood when the enemy jungler invades my blue or they have no idea how to play around an early ganker and instead push the lane from level 1.

When the losing team members writes GGWP to show good sportsmanship and not only the winning team.

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16 points · 7 months ago

When my jungler wards top for me :)

Hasn't happened to me yet, but one day...

The enemy looked at my and saw i've been hardstuck plat for 2 seasons, my team mate reminded me platinum is like the top 5-10% or w\e

25 points · 7 months ago

Plat 2 is best 3% actually

damn really, makes me feel a bit better lol. I peaked plat 1 and then hovered plat 2 for most of the season, i think i finished like plat 3 though and i'm fine with that; however i don't play near as much as i used to anymore and i do want to hit diamond 5 atleast once before i quit league forever.

Hey man if it helps I've been an avid player for 4 years and the highest elo I've been in is silver 2 and in currently in bronze 5 with 29lp but I still enjoy the game.

Holy fuck what? How?

I mean once you are silver II you know at least the basics. I can understand calling down to S5 or B1/2 but B5? What are you doing in the rift bruh. That’s painful to read.

Meant in humorous way, don’t intend on hurting your feelings.

I once played with a guy who claimed he played for 7 years. He never knew that if minions aren't at an enemy turret, the turret takes less damage.

This was a bronze game. Some people don't seem to care to improve.

I didn't know that and I'm gold 5 smh

2 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

Am pretty sure this wasnt always in the game actually, i think it was just implemented a couple of seasons ago? cus i remember back in the day (used to play alot of malph) it was much easier to kill a turret without minions then it is now, i used to just tell my team to follow me and we sneak thru the jungle and get into their base without any minions.

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I played in the League of Bronze series (An LCS type tournament that was for Bronze and Silver players) and I was drafted onto a team as their ADC.

My support was the sweetest person I could have ever imagined and she turned my outlook onto League upside down.

Laning with her was always a joy and she always brought smiles to everyone's faces when scrims would go sideways..

She'll always be that person that I'll always say "Wow, what a cool person to play with"

So, pretty much anybody that can brighten a mood, in and out of game gets that for me. Tired of all the toxic people, so yea.

11 points · 7 months ago

I was playing a game and our top went afk after getting killed once, the enemy fiora pushed constantly and got quite fed. I was really annoyed and just wanted the game to end ASAP but my support told me I should take the opportunity to practice lasthitting. That made my smile a bit and forget my tilt

Something like 4 years ago I played a ranked game and we got pretty stomped early game. Everyone started flaming, except our brand. He told us we could still win if we just kept cool, played smart and focused. He made some bomb ass plays and we started closing the gold-difference. Our morale went through the roof and eventually we made an extraordinary comeback and won. We started calling him dad and I cried after the game(happytears u kno). Sometimes I think about him and that game and it gets me through tough times. He/she's my idol.

Don't you find it ironic that the only guy not flaming is some fire dude

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20 points · 7 months ago

Ks as support and adc says "nj"

I'm going to support you so hard. :D

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I like when I'm killing a camp, and a laner wandering about helps out but doesn't take the kill. Just uses a spell or two to help get it down.

A person once defended me from team bullying, when I had a really bad day and they kept telling me to get cancer or anything.

Felt very good

I have a university related account name that someone recognised in an aram, had a fun chat with them about our university

toplane kingdom
8 points · 7 months ago

Thay sounds really cool. Once I had in my team 3-man premade. Their club was related to my university. Sadly, they were pretty toxic.

Anyone having a good time and actually enjoying the game. I dont really see many people enjoying themselves anymore. Good vibes.

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when ur laners collapse on an invade

had a blitz recently who followed me into enemy jg for free kills, was surprising and very nice

One time I was jungling at the enemy bot lane (Lucian and Leona) invaded my red buff. I didn't die to them but got pushed out. In a couple minutes my bot lane got 2v2'd and my vayne started flaming me for not ganking. I was about to start defending myself when my support said "honestly we screwed ourselves when we didn't help in the jungle earlier". And that's also the story of how I met my duo que partner.

I played an arurf match last year against an all poke team and we were standing under our towers getting destroyed our Veigar said, “The new nexus siege looks great”

When people let me last hit to a ward when im playing support

EUW: Betreuer
Original Poster8 points · 7 months ago

Makes you feel appreciated, doesn't it :P ?

this is so sad can we hit lulu players
8 points · 7 months ago

I was trying out a new jungle route on Shaco (2 boxes at wolves + 2 at blue) and a Maokai asked me if i needed a leash. I told him "Well,i don't really need it but if you want you can could just E the bush or something".

He just went there and did the blue buff while i was doing wolves. He even baited the buff into my boxes to avoid taking health. When i was done with them,the blue buff had ~600 health and i just had to smite it.

That was pretty generous for someone that was against Jayce Top. Then i just armed a camping tent top,we killed Jayce over and over and i honored him at the end of the game. Probably the most generous act from a stranger i've witnessed in the whole season.

Very recently, in game where own team was being toxic/bad, enemy adc says in all-chat to our adc "It's really fun laning against you" or something to that effect. It was one of the most genuine and nice things I've seen someone say in this game.

Was playing Twitch in ARURF yesterday, and has a Zilean + Braum following me around, popping out whenever I unstealthed to protect me and let me pop off like crazy. Usually people in URF just go off and do their own fun thing but these two let me play one of the most fun games I've had.

Stoneweaving all day
6 points · 7 months ago

Normal game during this season, some random Diamond got matched against me and my friend, they got so strong they could kill our ADC in a single blow, so we just spent the rest of the game doing failstuff because it was fun. Of course we got utterly destroyed but the game dragged on because everyone was having fun

Back when post-match gifting was added, had a slightly terribly game on Caitlyn when playing with some friends. (~4 of us) After the match, the person not in our group gives me Headhunter Caitlyn.

Even though I never really knew the person or tried to befriend them at all, I still hold sentiment for that skin in particular. Caitlyn is and probably will always be one of, if not the highest mastery champ I play as well.

On a game a guy flashed an emote (when they were just released)

i said "dem moneys" and they told me if i wanted one, and added me, but emotes cna't be gifted, so he said he will give me the emote later, or a chest, or something

doubt it will happen, but the implied intention was nice

people who let the support proc his targon stack on cannon or even minions in general outside of laning phase

i feel so sad for the ones that go to a creep wave midlane trying to hit something but then everyone waveclears with abilities and you see them sitting there for a second or two contemplating a line but they get over it because that's the support life

28 points · 7 months ago

When someone is hard carrying the game and at the same time tilting the enemy team in all chat. Insult to injury.

Sooo. I make it my soul goal, to tilt enemy yasuos as tahm kench top

Am I a asshole if i ask him on his second death: what mastery where you again?

Sole* unless you mean that it is the goal you have etched into your very soul.

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10 points · 7 months ago

So an asshole ?

19 points · 7 months ago

An asshole to the enemy team. Remember, a tilted enemy rages, feeds and goes afk :)

I have no problem at all with talking shit to the enemy team. I grew up playing competitive sports and that adds so much to the game in terms of stakes and energy. Not only that, it can be a legit strategy; so many people just get upset so easily. I love when the enemy is responding to my all chat, and then when I start winning they slowly stop responding and I can tell they've moved on to flaming their teammates. Thanks for the freelo you spaz

2 points · 7 months ago

LOL precisely. First they fight with you in all chat, then they fight amongst themselves. These mind games win games by targeting the enemy's weak team cohesion, it's brilliant!

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5 points · 7 months ago

There is literally 0 reason to keep all chat on if you get tilted easily

I mean, there is literally 0 reason to keep all-chat on if you actually want to win. Its not like the enemy is going to help you, so why communicate with them?

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13 points · 7 months ago

Having a bad game and someone from the enemy team sticking up for you in the post game lobby. (y)

When there are multiple dick heads in champion select and it's one of those games you know you lost before it starts. Then that one fucking hero comes out of the shadows to dodge the game and save the rest of us.

6 points · 7 months ago

Last year i changed my name to a song name: The saw is the law by whitechapel and every now and then people recognize the song and we end up talking about music for the rest of the game. Always really cool when that happens

EUW: Betreuer
Original Poster3 points · 7 months ago

I actually can share a similar story. Back when my name was still "Romelu" on league people would always start conversation with me about football/soccer, as the names stems from the famous Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku. That happend quite often, especially during the European Championship last year.

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Played a game where WW invaded and died to enemy top lamer, he apologized to our top laner for feeding the enemy a kill instead of raging that our top didn’t follow or ping. Super nice guy.

6 points · 7 months ago

when someone obviously DCs and the opposing laner doesnt kill him

I had an argument with my friends over this one. All of them said they'd kill an afk 100% of the time. The reason being "they'd do it to me if i was afk"...

I could never think like that. It's such a horrible way to get killed and is just really frustrating. In normals, I'd never do it, but for ranked it's a little different.

If i see someone afk I usually just repeatedly auto cancel on them or spam emotes until they come back xD

I was having a really bad riven game, (riven vs. Renekton) like 0/6 and 7 mins bad. Their jungle was camping me and my jungle said he wasnt coming anywhere near top. Bot was flaming me the whole game, so i muted them and tried my best to farm under tower. But by about 15mins the flaming must have been bad. Cause my mid kassadin went off on them, i have never seen 3 people get roasted so hard in my life (He made the support quit). We lost and I messaged him after the game, to thank him for standing up for me. We still play together to this day

When your jungler moves out of range so you can get all the first blood tower gold

This is the best thing as ADC, that +550 is a massive early spike.

I'd say almost every time my ADC doesn't mentaly collapse under pressure. When the lane is hard, when you got countered, even when you make a mistake, having a positive ADC is really refreshing, and sadly it doesn't happen often.

Maybe support do the same, but since I'm never not the support of my team and I'm pretty quiet, I can't really judge.

When you go for a crucial play during an intense game and fail and your teammates don’t spam ping question you and/or say stuff in chat.

When my support buys a sightstone and actually uses it

Said he made $10k from boosting an account to challenger. /s

Silver skills, Platinum Elo
10 points · 7 months ago

Someone who said "let's play it out" when things go sour. Dunno, it made my day for some reason...

a few months ago we had a Yasuo in our mid lane. He proceeds to spend the first 10 or so minutes feeding, and by the 15 minute mark he had 2 or 3 kills and over 10 deaths. Luckily our bot lane had a winning lane and top was going even, so we held out for a while, even though the enemy was slowly collapsing on our base. We were all rather fed up with Yasuo, and he AFK farms the lanes. By 25 minutes, near the end of our inhibitors falling, Yasuo had been very quietly finishing up his full build (he had racked up something like 250-300 cs, more than anyone else), and proceeded to carry us to victory. I honestly have no idea how he pulled it off but that feat made me look at league differently. I now focus more on the objective based gameplay rather than the shiny k/d/a score, thanks to that Yasuo

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I played with some guy who mained Sion and he just kept talking in chat. Really positive and really funny. He kept charging the enemy, over and over.
We where winning that game, until I fucked up a few times and we eventually lost it. But it was a fun game.

A slow death will be their reward
3 points · 7 months ago

The rare occasion I see another person cool enough to rock the 2014 Copenhagen Wolves icon.

Garchomp main
3 points · 7 months ago

People on my team respecting the kindred stacks and not taking them. Alternatively, people who push their lane and then go stack hunting with me to catch the enemy jungler. Usually accompanied by thumbs up spamming

Was playing nami in aram and without me askung they left all the health packs so I would have mana to heal them.

The jungler doesn't tax when he takes the kill

Mithy in the first LCS match that I've ever seen. He was playing Thresh and I think Xpeke was mid and it was Fizz/Vladimir I think. At level 6, they began to fight and I was like "wow Vladimir is so dead" and then saw a lantern arrive and save him. I then realized how bad I was at the game and began to expand rapidly. I realized that supports are not meant to follow ADCs 24/7, they are not meant to sit botlane and they are allowed to roam. And they are allowed to help laners. That's when I realized this is a team game.

Sadly, I can not remember what game it was and that makes me so sad. I tried searching with no results.

Boring Grill
3 points · 7 months ago

I was playing jungle Rengar for the first time. In enemy team there was Zoe, also playing her for the fist time. We were giving each other tips, talking etc. She was really nice, we were laughing when we failed (and we failed a lot).

Betsy 1v9
3 points · 7 months ago

They weren't a complete dickhead.

Ive had my flair text be: omae wa mou shinderu.(because im a horroble person who like horrible memes) Sometimes when i guy adds me i just get someone saying; NANI. Like those people

Offer to help me with a new Champ. I always help people out when they play zed (old main) or nasus (current main)

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A guy who was keeping us in the game even though we were having bad games and never flamed, only encouragement.

Muh Shadows
10 points · 7 months ago

Most Nami players are pretty cool people, they help and don't flame

Opposite the Thresh mains are toxic as hell

i hookin u up
22 points · 7 months ago

Not all Thresh mains...

Muh Shadows
6 points · 7 months ago

most of them, like most CertainlyT champions, he has a high amount of toxic mains

bush strats op
3 points · 7 months ago


Muh Shadows
6 points · 7 months ago

WW is the only shit he has done right, even then he was heavily restricted to make WW the way he wanted to

True. Thresh mains can miss all of their hooks in bronzelo and die constantly in laning phase, but spam level 6 mastery, "ggez" when their fed mid carries.

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I can remember when my support was afk (i was adc) and the enemy blitz support went toplane to balance out the lanes and was just generally a cool guy in /all chat. Legit made my day.

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Went 27/3/? As Udyr and after the game, this guy gifted me spirit guard Udyr.

getting a gank from the jungler, where he doesnt kill himself

Played a Fiora into Pantheon matchup.

He agreed to just play farm simulator with me until the 20 minute mark. We never hit each other intentionally up until that point, and completely ignored our junglers ganking.

[Janna Kendrick] (NA)
28 points · 7 months ago

So he threw away his entire pick

Idk about that one

That's what had me confused about it. However, it was in Gold elo; people have a tendency to do things that don't make sense.

Of course, I didn't bother to point that out to him.

Gold elo is IMO the best elo to be in by far, atleast on EUW. People are usually pretty relaxed and there are very few "im done, ff15" games.

I just got to plat for the first time last week and since hitting plat 1/2 people give up so easily, gold was so much more pleasant to play in.

10 points · 7 months ago

intentionally assisting enemy team

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2 points · 7 months ago

Everything Maxlore does

So the other day I was playing Ranked and that nice girl, said that she would marry me. And I was so fucking happy, and even tho it was just kidding I felt nice because I was carrying a girl.

--> After the game I talked to her for a while (about league and how I got Plat and she was Silver, and couldn't climb ( Ranked Flex btw) ) later on she told me. " I'm 16, and I'm a boy". I was so fucking sad. Still he would marry me. KappaPride

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