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Any suggestions for some good pc 1v1 games? (Not hearthstone)

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Hearthstone seems as skill oriented as uno

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That's harsh. Uno has much more skill to it than Hearthstone.

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Hearthstone can be tricky sometimes. Knowing to feel for certain cards, counting and figuring probability of their hand and such. I mean I guess you could do the same in Uno but there's skill involved.

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Some good 1v1 could be Smash or Brawl on the GameCube or Wii

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  1. Starcraft Brood War
  2. Quake 3
  3. Fuck, 1v1 games died in the early 2000's didn't they...

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Fighting games! Tekken 7 and Injustice 2!

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Lol, Injustice just play Aqua man and win every thing.

Idk if he has the same pole move in Injustice 2 though.

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Aqua man was very strong in the first for sure. I was a joker main though. Still managed to beat my buddy on aqua man most of the time. He was a green lantern main though, aqua was just his secondary.

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Yeah dude, i played Aquaman and stomped all the time, all i did was that Ground pole move and then the water shield. If i got bored i just spammed Green landern or Raven secondary

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Attention to those who care about this idea of "carrying"

Play well as a team and you win. It's that simple.

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This. So much this. I play top almost exclusively. I usually hold my own, get some kills, maybe a tp gank. If I have no kills, and die once, no biggie. But if I die again, it's lockdown mode. I farm, I poke, but I won't engage my lane opponent unless I have a jungler to ensure my opponent won't just get another free kill. So often players forget that gold does actually affect the outcome of a fight, and if they're an item ahead, you're probably gonna have a rough time in a 1v1.

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Problem is that your team is almost always garbage. So you either get ahead by playing good and have a slight chance of winning, or you have a bad game and instantly loose cause there is noone to carry you

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I almost did throw the game for my team by getting the shit stomped out of me by Darth Vader Kassadin, until I realized that everyone else on my team was ahead. I then told my self I would not die anymore and let my team carry me. I really didn't die anymore and they really did carry me. Best decision a piece of shit like me made in like forever.

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you no understand how it like in bronze ok?

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I can't tell what your message is. You have somehow found the fine line between being sarcastic and mentally handicapped in one sentence.