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A message to solo queue players

You do not always have to carry the game. Knowing how to get carried is just as important as knowing how to carry. Please do not ruin the game for everyone else because you didn't get to be the big shot hard carry. If you want to be the star of the show every game, play a 1v1 game, not League of Legends. If you're behind in your lane and the rest of the map is doing well, please god don't feed your ass off trying to outplay your lane opponent, just play safe, farm, and be carriable. Thank you.

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Any suggestions for some good pc 1v1 games? (Not hearthstone)

IGN: Emperor Azir
1 point · 6 months ago


Hearthstone seems as skill oriented as uno

Splyce Best in EU
7 points · 6 months ago

That's harsh. Uno has much more skill to it than Hearthstone.

Hearthstone can be tricky sometimes. Knowing to feel for certain cards, counting and figuring probability of their hand and such. I mean I guess you could do the same in Uno but there's skill involved.

Some good 1v1 could be Smash or Brawl on the GameCube or Wii

Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago
  1. Starcraft Brood War

  2. Quake 3

  3. Fuck, 1v1 games died in the early 2000's didn't they...

Fighting games! Tekken 7 and Injustice 2!

31k Level 7
0 points · 6 months ago

Lol, Injustice just play Aqua man and win every thing.

Idk if he has the same pole move in Injustice 2 though.

Aqua man was very strong in the first for sure. I was a joker main though. Still managed to beat my buddy on aqua man most of the time. He was a green lantern main though, aqua was just his secondary.

31k Level 7
1 point · 6 months ago

Yeah dude, i played Aquaman and stomped all the time, all i did was that Ground pole move and then the water shield. If i got bored i just spammed Green landern or Raven secondary

Attention to those who care about this idea of "carrying"

Play well as a team and you win. It's that simple.

This. So much this. I play top almost exclusively. I usually hold my own, get some kills, maybe a tp gank. If I have no kills, and die once, no biggie. But if I die again, it's lockdown mode. I farm, I poke, but I won't engage my lane opponent unless I have a jungler to ensure my opponent won't just get another free kill. So often players forget that gold does actually affect the outcome of a fight, and if they're an item ahead, you're probably gonna have a rough time in a 1v1.

Problem is that your team is almost always garbage. So you either get ahead by playing good and have a slight chance of winning, or you have a bad game and instantly loose cause there is noone to carry you

I almost did throw the game for my team by getting the shit stomped out of me by Darth Vader Kassadin, until I realized that everyone else on my team was ahead. I then told my self I would not die anymore and let my team carry me. I really didn't die anymore and they really did carry me. Best decision a piece of shit like me made in like forever.

you no understand how it like in bronze ok?

I can't tell what your message is. You have somehow found the fine line between being sarcastic and mentally handicapped in one sentence.

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