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They do it so you are more focused on who to pick instead of looking at wards

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But then why let us make any changes before we lock in? Me setting up my runes takes a lot more time than choosing the new ward skin I got from loot. IIRC the box doesn't even cover champ select so you can still see picks being made, whereas the page for rune changes covers almost the whole screen

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My junglers can’t even remember to pick smite. We don’t need more things to distract them.

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My laners can't remember to leash I agree with him they don't need more distractions

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Because they care that you are ready for the game, not about cosmetic changes to the game. This is why you cannot pick your ward skin/champion skin before locking in.

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Most of the time when you are making your runes you have a certain champion/champion type in mind.

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Well duh, i want to match my ward skin with my champ skin.

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I guess to let you have more time to set your runes. I never lock in before setting my runes.

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Good thing i never look at wards

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Runes directly affect gameplay. Ward skins do not. They don't want players to be distracted by cosmetics before thinking about the actual game. Same reason why you can't choose a skin for your hovered champion.

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How much fucking hand holding do they think people need? Holy shit im surpised they dont buy their player base all ventilators in case we are to inept to breathe on our own.

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I mean, on one hand I agree with you. On the other hand I don't really want to lose a game because my JG couldn't decide which ward skin he wanted so he forgot smite and then refused to leave for a remake.

I mean have you fucking PLAYED LEAGUE? They NEED hand held.

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Maybe we should just use the final solution on these players. shrugs

(I really don't know if this is just to dark or not.)

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I laughed

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How much fucking hand holding do they think people need

Are we playing solo queue in the same universe

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I mean have you ever been in Solo Q?

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Then why distract people with so many annoyances? The worst thing is that you have to click start game two times even if you don't want to invite people. That you can play the same two roles for a whole year and still have to pick them every time.

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The technology just isn't there

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Strange not to see the "small indie company" meme

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or.. you know ... make it be able to be changed before you even queue up like you do for your emotes? ...

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Agreed, and a tab in collection for ward skins wouldn't be bad. Only way we can see our ward skins is when got match.

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Exactly! I never even know my runes until I lock my champ anyway so I could be using that time doing something, not just waiting for picks.

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The technology isn't there yet.

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Or not being able to open your friend list at all.

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Yeah it's a small thing but, when you so many wards and so little time, it's disheartening when you fail to pick the one you wanted. When you have a small champion pool you already know who you are playing and what one of three rune pages you are using almost instantly, the next thing is what champion skin and ward skin to pick. It's best when they match.

I want them to be able to pick ward skin before then because I am just sitting there waiting anyways. If they don't I wish they'd change how to select a ward skin so it isn't a tiny box that is hard to find a specific ward skin.

It's way easier to tell when you do training mode and have a lot of ward skins.

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it sucks that you are forced to do things after you lock in. This only makes people forget to change skins etc. Kinda like Faker did

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Literally Unplayable

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why is this on the frontpage..i mean wtf is that first world problem

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You used to be able to pick your ward skin anytime but couldn't pick your champion skin until the last 30 seconds. Then they changed it so that you could pick your champion skin after you lock in but also couldn't pick your ward skin until after you lock in.

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Its an indie company

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It's really not a big deal.

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Because they think you are stupid and need to guide your focus like a kid.

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why is it necessary to do while picking/banning?

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Actually they stated that changing Bugs while also able to pick or ban champions simultaneously would cause bugs. Whether you believe their story or not is up to you. Plus people not picking because they are to busy changing wards causing the lobby to close.

EDIT: Talking about changing cosmetics.

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Sad to say I won't be playing League until this issue is addressed; ashamed to ever have been a part of this trash game. Literally unplayable. /s

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right I never actually know if I want to dodge or not until I see those 20 ward skins I have where I always only take one of those because the other 19 look like shit

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This post seems unnecessary.

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It's almost like how this post is completely unnecessary as how wards look don't effect anything and if you cared enough you could wait until you've properly picked and set up your runes and summoner spells. But nope.

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Not Being able to change your ward skin until you lock in seems unnecessary