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I mean, if you play snowballing brawlers (#relevantflair), I can understand that.

Some of us actually like the aspect of lasthitting and wave-manipulation and laning.

Some of us actually liked playing crit-adcs. Those have just been removed from the game for now.

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Who told you that lasthitting and wave manipulation and laning are things of the past? You dont need games with 30 minutes waveclear in order to see strategy. If anything the strategy in these games is rigid and linear

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Some of us actually like the aspect of lasthitting and wave-manipulation and laning.

This still exists when you play a bruiser botlane.

Some of us actually liked playing crit-adcs. Those have just been removed from the game for now.

You can still play them, they just are not as strong as they once were. Do you know how many times my favorite champions/type of champions have went off-meta mid or toplane and I've had to just deal with it?

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You can play crit-adc's. You can also play ranged-minions for the first 30 minutes.

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Oh no, you ruled the game for 7.5 GD seasons. This game desperately needed these changes and those of us not AFK farmers or supports have had to adjust 40 times a season. Welcome to the rest of the game.

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Supports. So pampered. Everyone wants to be them.

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For real tho as a support main i have loved the direction it has went these past years.

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      Please review our rules before commenting or posting again. Further offenses will lead to a ban.

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      Okay, so he got warned too then yeah? Because you mark this comment but he called me a fucking idiot.

      I blocked them anyway, but you can't say anything on this sub without being personally attacked. I don't understand why I get warned for defending myself. That's not consistent whatsoever.

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      I can't comment on the punishment status of other users. Next time, just report their comment and move on.

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      I did. There's constant personal attacks on here. Being asked to just simply ignore it while there's an overarching problem of people on here being unable to discuss without attacking one another, it seems unfair. I react harshly, I admit, but I react. And it happens daily.

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      Please report any comments you see that break the rules. We can't see every comment that's posted, but we do see every report.

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      Okay, that's fair. And I know I basically flagged myself in this situation. I'll just refrain from replying and report from now on so this doesn't happen again.

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      Not really, those have now just been made picks that require a comp built around it with its own win conditions rather than being the required pick for every composition in the history of time.

      The some of you that liked playing crit ADCs have had 8 years, yes 8, where you are basically mandatory for every team and every member of the team must play around you because you are both the most powerful and most fragile. The game was just like you can play your own game for 15 minutes but onwards from there it's all about the ADC. Every single game.

      Might have been like what...4-5 months TOTAL within those 8 years where crit adc were not meta and even then it was rageblade carries for a good portion that were still the be all end all of the game by virtue of outputting insane damage and the risk factor being again, removed by supports and tanks.

      Bruisers/Juggs/Assassins have been out of the meta for so long, and by out I mean never ever picked competetively and always a suboptimal pick in solo queue as well that I honestly feel like no ADC player has realistic room to complain, because they have never had to deal with their champions being suboptimal picks.