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Ovens should tell you when they last opened in case you forget to set a timer

Assuming you don't open the oven as your food is baking, the last time it opened will be when the food went in, letting you figure out how many minutes should be left on the timer.


There should be an option to automatically disable Data when WiFi isn't turned on.

It's happened too many times that I've used all my data browsing Instagram because I accidentally turned my WiFi off


What do you guys think is next in Social Media?

There was MySpace and then a giant Facebook arose. And then SnapChat popped up and now Instagram mostly rules the space.

You can fit Twitter in there too.

What are your opinions on what is next to come ?


A rental website for hype beast clothing.

Although the essence of hypebeast clothing is the honor of "owning it", some people just want to wear it for a party or end up only wearing it very few times in their life. Instead of buying a resell supreme box logo tee for hundreds of dollars, it could simply be rented for a fixed rate per day, returned, then cleaned and ready to rent again. Same can be applied for any hype beast article of clothing.

The problem I see though is the loss of money it would be if someone steals a shirt lets say, perhaps an insurance fee could be charged when the renter takes the shirt and then refunded when they return it. Not sure, just got the idea from renting a prom tux.


We should come up with a garbage picking day as a world holiday. Everyone gets a day off and everyone contributes.

Do you prefer to live in a dirty place or a clean? When you’re on a vacation which one do you like better? A dirty Hotel or a Clean? This idea is based on that thought. Imagine how much nicer everything would be.


A restaurant similar to "Medieval Times" we're instead of knights battling, it's Star Wars themed with Jedi and Sith fighting.

The people that bring you your food could be dressed like Boba Fett and shit, in the lobby before the show there could be photo ops with Stormtroopers and stuff.


Aim assist or auto aim for the mouse

I'm often annoyed at barely missing something and clicking on the wrong thing. In video games they have an aim assist function that snaps to an enemy. Imagine that with the edge of a window you want to enlarge or shrink, hit ctrl + click and it snaps to the corner/edge perfectly. or if there are just tiny icons you get close and hit ctrl + hover, plus if it snaps to the wrong one pressing ctrl again would choose the next option.


A Netflix "Skip Intro" button but instead it skips sex scenes

They add nothing to the story or the episode, so just skip them!


Advertising should be how we convey sensible, relevant information as well

There are always so many things happening around us that different subsets of people find relevant to their lives, and everyone feels so busy there isn't enough time to absorb everything. But advertising is everywhere, filling your head with a bunch of ultimately useless information that you never really wanted in the first place. If we used the same methods to keep our populaces informed with good, unbiased information.

Yes,I understand we run the risk of slippery slope into easy for a dictator to control, but we should be devoted to our democracies, doing things that benefit them and safeguarding them from the corrupt.


LIGOS detector bigger than the earth.

When Elon Musk puts up those internet satellites they should communicate amongst each other via light pulses and during the data correction phase of the retransmission data points can be collected like LIGO* with a sensor that meshes around the planet.

LIGO* sorry.



Night walkers have short torso's, have 4 limbs and walk like ants, they also communicate like ants with pheramones. they're only active in the night and need 2 or more of them together to be effective. they have a injector that immediently sends you into a coma nightmare, where you die, always related to nightwalkers. the 3rd time you get stung, your pulse stops when you "die" in the nightmare. this is just a little idea, to be honest i'd be willing to change it comepletely, what do you think?


Wernor Herzog, or another filmmaker, creates a documentary about Gun Culture in America. Showing extremes on both sides of the debate.

I’d love to see a well produced, thoughtful documentary about gun rights, violence, laws, and enthusiasts

i’m shocked that one hasn’t been made yet

sure there are documentaries about specific incidents of violence (bowling for columbine, etc), but none that also include gun laws and also having the director i terview and explore america’s fascination/obsession with guns


App for sharing protected Wifi access

So nearly everyone password protects their Wifi to keep others from using it. In dense urban areas you are in range of dozens of secured networks almost at all times.

The idea is to create an app that allows you to upload routers and access passwords that you know to the app. Other people never get to see your passwords or the network names that you share with the app.

Other users can ONLY use your shared routers if they also share routers. The more routers you "share"/upload to the app the faster access you get to other shared "secure" networks. One user may share 10 routers/passwords, then multiply that by 1,000's of users, and you create a large array, almost city-wide shared wifi.

One network can only be shared three times, so that for example 1 restaurant wifi isn't uploaded 1,000 times. "Sorry that network has already been shared." This creates a bunch of users looking to find multiple access points to share to increase their speed.

In places like SF, users would create citywide shared wifi array with just a few thousand users.

  1. If a password changes, everyone who shared it loses credit for the share. Their speed score on the app drops.

  2. The shared router must be accessed at least once a week by the app for you to get credit for it. ( ie Share router in rural Kansas, you want to use networks in NYC.)

  3. You may purchase higher speeds.

  4. Users log into app to use the shared wifi, so any misuse of wifi (bomb threats?) can be tracked the user who used the wifi.(don't have to really worry about illegal activity on the shared wifi)


A gas powered generator 3rd party Tesla accessory that can be stored in the trunk.

If I run out of juice I can still power my car with gas, can a gas vehicle be powered by batteries if it runs out of gas?

*Frunk, damn autocorrect.


Thinking of making an easy website for new movie releases and dates; what do you think?

But before even considering anything I'd like to ask whether you think if this is a good idea to start with.

It's an idea of a site which simply shows you the new movies series and anime, and a countdown timer to the release. A very rough sketch would be looking like this (the countdown timers are obviously incorrect).

When clicking on a movie it redirects you to a more reliable source where you can view its details and trailers (IMDB, for instance).

Anyway, I'm friendly asking whether you guys would use such a site. If yes, why? If no, why? I don't mind any critic; it's just an idea which may simplify our lifes.

Thanks a ton, have a great day.

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