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Sarah and the Sundays - Moving On [Indie Rock] by WestNileStyle in listentothis

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Yo I'm the lead singer, thanks for posting this! Anybody who enjoyed the video or song might be interested in our other stuff, and we are always working on new music so keep an eye out for that. Many thanks!

Kumar - Keralanka [Hip-hop] (2018) by [deleted] in listentothis

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Fucking sick guys, awesome lyrics and great producing

Kumar - Keralanka [Hip-hop] (2018) by [deleted] in listentothis

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I love it!

Their parents are probably so disappointed tho.

Stan Rogers - Barrett's Privateers [Canadian Folk] (1989) by [deleted] in listentothis

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Thanks (I was in Highland Heights... bass). We had a great time playing there back in the day. I still play the Deck from time to time even though I'm old now.

Funny Stan Rogers story from the Highland Heights days. We were playing at the Olde Dublin Pub in Charlottetown one night and we did Barrett's. A woman came up to us on break and said, "That was the fastest version of Barrett's Privateers I've ever heard". Norma said, "To be honest, we are just sick of playing it so we play it fast to get it over with". The woman laughed and walked away. One of the waitresses who overheard the conversation asked us if we knew who the woman was. We didn't . Turned out it was Ariel Rogers... Stan Rogers' widow.

We started telling that story on stage at later shows over the years. We were playing Hamilton, Ontario one night and Norma told that story. Then she said, "In fairness, we didn't know who the woman was... we just thought she was some drunk at a bar". The from the back of the room we hear "I wasn't that drunk!".... it was Stan's wife Ariel again. Lol.

We had a good laugh about it with her on break and I'm pretty sure she pulled some strings to get us in to the Stan Rogers Folk Festival that summer. Really nice lady. Here's another shanty that we covered that Stan did. Cheers


Cookin Soul - Hello Girl [hip hop/electronic] 2018 by MIERDAPORQUE in listentothis

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Look up an artist named Nujabes. He was a guy named Jun Seba and he was the producer for the soundtrack of a classic anime known as Samurai Champloo. His work with anime combined with his influence on hip hop music created a genre what is known as lofi. Lofi songs are typically a more mellow hip hop style instrumental. Jun was killed in a car accident and became known as the godfather of lofi music, because of Jun's work with anime soundtracks you see anime scenes paired with lofi songs as an homage to Jun.

[Discussion] When will the popularity limit be removed? by JawnsDoesReddit in listentothis

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You only think something is wrong because your experience on reddit is that of a content grazer. r/listentothis has never been and hopefully never will be a community geared towards that type of user experience

The only thing wrong with the subreddit is that people like yourself wander in and have the gall to ask why it doesn't cater to their needs