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Let us continue our funding efforts for our future health. Our regular donations will help to speed up Scientific Research to prevent and reverse age-related diseases. You can donate to following research groups or any other research group working on longevity.

SENS Donation Page

Various Campaigns at: such as Become a Lifespan Hero and MouseAge Project

Crowdfunding project for the translation of the book Ending Aging (by Aubrey de Grey) into Portuguese. See Donation link and Article

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As someone who aspires to go in the field, I realize my interests to join the field as of now may not resonate with the general public. "Come up with novel treatments and new insights for Cancer, MS, Parkinson's Alzheimer's" is generally the way to get grant money. Talk about curing said diseases to get science enthusiasts and the victims of the diseases in.

For your average person who does care about these diseases but not enough to obsess with like they do with beauty care products, Viagra, hair transplants ect, a different pitch should be given.

We should be promising, a restoration of lost youth such as growing back your hair and ungreying it. A proven anti-wrinkle treatment that will return your skin to it's 20s. 100% natural implants that looks, feels and is the real thing. A trick to undo menopause without returning fertility. Restoration of muscles and height.. The ability to think as if you are a student again. The ability to change sexual stamina. The ability to build visible abs easier. Or selling the idea to an older couple that they can go at each other like they were in their 20s but even more intense than back then. Perfect skin that didn't require makeup? The ideas are there.

A rejuvenation therapy that allows indefinite biological life by definition would allow this as well. Of course we wouldn't go all out or people think we are dreaming utopians, but targeted advertising and out reach would improve the current pace. The cosmetic industry is estimated to have a market cap of $422B by 2022. Not only will we tap into that market we would have the additional benefit of being in direct competition of cosmetic giants which would further accelerate progress.



Just an uncollected thought, so excuse it's disjointedness.

I feel the vast pools of wealth in professional sports could be persuaded to invest in certain aspects of longevity research where they share similar goals, for example the metachondrial energy affects of NMN in mice could have applications down the line for extending player's professional lifespan.

Apologies if this is unoriginal, or unwelcome content.

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I see a lot of people on here opposed to the concept of mind uploading because, in their view, it interrupts one’s continuity of consciousness. As a result, what’s actually uploaded is a mere copy of that person, while the original consciousness has ceased to exist. This is similar issue to the teleportation dilemma. My question is: if this is why you oppose mind uploading, how do you differentiate this break in consciousness between the other ‘supposed’ breaks of consciousness in our daily lives. For example, when you fall asleep, many argue that sleep is a break in your consciousness and is equivalent with dying. I’m not sure if I agree with that or not, but I wonder how others here feel about this. If your consciousness is truly detached from day to day, then why are you opposed to mind uploading? In this scenario, how would mind uploading be any different than going to sleep and waking up the next day? Or do you believe that our continuity of consciousness is maintained throughout sleep? I’m interested to hear how people reconcile the two.

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Reasons to hope to see the age of 100 and beyond: Biomedical rejuvenation through damage repair, manipulation of metabolism, beyond the mere results of exercise, caloric restriction, and fasting. Stem cell therapies, anti-cancer viruses, gene therapy, and whatever is coming next... /r/longevity is the place to find all information about new longevity and rejuvenation research related news.

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There is nothing in market as of right now (2018) that you can purchase or sign up for and get some of the benefits that are the aim of this subreddit (addressing multi-factors of age related damage and disease). The goals that are part of this subreddit's theme are being worked on in the form of very early research, and the expected time frame of such advances hitting the market are years away, but we are here to follow the progress.

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