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Outfit Feedback and Fit Check - December 26

Post a picture of what you're wearing to get suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism from the community. When posting, please:

  • Include what the attire is for (work, school, going out, etc.)

  • Include a front-on, full-body picture with your hands at your sides. Multiple pictures from different angles can be helpful, but aren't necessary. There's more info on taking good self-shots here.

Critiquing others is welcome and encouraged, but keep it constructive/factual. It takes balls to post pictures of yourself on the Internet, the least you can do is accord the same courtesy as you would to someone in real life.

Important: Downvotes are strongly discouraged in this thread. Sorting by new is strongly encouraged.

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bought zip cardigan and a Henley, what I feel to be good fit, looking for second opinion please!

level 1

How's the fit/should I buy these utilities pants ($20 approx)? I gained some weight and most of my pants don't fit right now.

Fit check 36x30 utility pant

level 2

to baggy IMO

level 3

Too baggy overall? How do you think they should fit?

level 1

Can I get a fit check (specifically length) on this OCBD please?

It's J.Crew slim fit small

level 2

looks good, make sure to iron it and maybe roll up the sleeves? Are you planning to tuck it in?

level 3

Not tucking in

level 1

How do these Chinos fit?

I am planning to pick up some more Gap Chinos while they are on sale. I have one pair shown here, 31x32 in the straight fit. I will likely wear them with a shirt tucked in for an office setting, not sure if I should step up to a 32x32.

level 2

Looks good,

level 2

Those fit perfect my friend..

level 1

Just a casual day about town

Trying to make a concentrated effort to dress better in the coming year, so any criticism about fit and color is greatly appreciated

level 2

I’d say change the jacket, and buy jeans a bit tighter(not too tight) so that ur legs look longer. Also u can try some brighter shirts.

level 2

I think black + grey + navy almost never looks good. Need to swap out either the jeans or the jacket. The jeans don't seem to have a great cut, either.

level 2

How does the bottom/flap of the jeans look? I am personally not a fan of boot cut but if you are going for a casual look, I'd say you're on spot

level 2

I like to throw more color into my outfits. Nothing loud, usually just muted earth colors. The black and gray is a no for me because it's a little bland, but whatever works for you man

level 3

I think from personal experience skin tone dictates a lot on what type of colours one can wear... I remember there was a neat website with a colour wheel and you could see which colours best match/contrast with eachother

level 4

Very true. From the picture it looks like we have about the same skin tone

level 5

Not op. Im of darker skin tone so luckily most colours are fair game

level 6

I know, I meant op. Should've clarified

level 4

Have you been able to find that site?

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