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Should I or Shouldn't I Buy? - January 02

Get feedback on items you are considering buying, whether to pull the trigger or save your money, drop a paycheck(or several) on a leather jacket or pay your rent.

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Should i buy this Bleu de paname jacket (moleskin and wool blend lining). Or wait for this version (same but 100% wool) to turn up somewhere for sale in my size?

I really like both, but I'm looking for a few second opinions.

level 2

The second one looks a lot nicer in my opinion.

level 2

I like the navy a lot more.

level 2
7 points · 7 months ago

I'm in love with that second one Holy shit

level 3

There are a few on sale on ebay for 100pounds in large. In the uk. Maybe they ship outside. (I need xl). If it was my size i would instacop. They run small so would work if ur medium. A steal imo.

level 4
2 points · 7 months ago

Oh god that's the sound of my wallet emptying

level 2

What are you using it for? I definitely prefer navy in general, but I like my shit simple and versatile, especially my outerwear, and even the blue one here doesn't look that versatile, so if you're just going for an extra thing to play with, the olive might be fun.

level 3

I don't know honestly. An extra winter jacket that looks a bit more interesting i guess? I have several olive and blue already(don't like black). Thing is the blue one might be too short for me, but i do like the white linibg more. I'll wait and see. Thanks

level 2
2 points · 7 months ago

Second one has a softer aesthetic with the more rounded pockets and shearling— Will make it easier to wear with other clothes.

I think BDP also makes that jacket in a dark red and it looks 🔥🔥

level 2

I like the first one a lot more.

level 1

This coat caught my eye for 40% off, but I don't know about the quality, and I'm not sure if I'd have the wardrobe to wear it with. Probably not gonna buy, but still interested. Also comes in blue

Fit pic

level 2

Its a nice coat but it can be hard to pull of. Ive seen one that looks like it but its more of a camel/cream collor, maybe go with that one if you have the option?

level 1

Pretty sure I'm buying an Undercover ethnic rider. Been eying this jacket for so long...

level 2
5 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

Pretty cool looking. I toyed with the idea of something different before I bought my jacket. Ended up going pretty standard biker with some muted buttons and zippers. Mine should be here this week :)

Edit: it's Here!!! Tracking number suggested Friday whoop whoop :) unfortunately it's waaay too cold so I'll still be wearing my parka for the foreseeable

level 1

These New Balance MiUSA 998s from Marshall's for $50

Not sure how I feel about the colorway

level 2

I really like it, great colors

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2 points · 7 months ago

These Frye Weston Chukkas in Whiskey for $140?

Looking to replace a similar shoe by Florsheim that are falling apart.

level 2

I doubt the quality of the leather and stitching on those, Id put that $140 toward a nicer boot.

level 2

For that price, I would go with one of the welted ones. Fry makes so e really nice shoes but some are hit or miss.

level 3

Those are GYW.

level 4

Couldn't find anywhere that says it on the ad. Should be good. If you like them then go for it.

level 1

I’m really wanting to buy these size 28 pants, but my waist is a 31. They’re exactly the style and color I want, but they aren’t sold anywhere anymore. Should I buy them and see if a tailor can let them out (my true waist is about a 29 and these are high waisted), or should I just wait and find a different pair? Feel free to link alternatives, preferably under $200.

level 2
10 points · 7 months ago

No way they are gonna fit you. Keep on searching.

level 2

Have you checked Zara? Tbh, they kind of look like a lot of the women's pants on the Uniqlo website. Might want to search around a bit more.

level 3

I went through Zara and didn’t notice anything, but I haven’t been shopping women’s. I’ll check it out! Thanks!

level 4

Yeah, try Uniqlo too :) happy shopping

level 2

I'm a 29 and I bought some 28's because I liked the pants. Don't even think about it.

level 1

Have been looking at the NikeLab Essentials women's parka. The men's version doesn't seem to have the strap, which I think is a nice add on.

Anyone have any experience with it?

level 2

Its cool, but that price tag...

level 3

I wouldn't be paying retail. There's a few on third party sites

level 4

Oh, cool! I really like how it looks in that case.

level 2

Try ebay, sometimes nikelab pops up there.

level 1

i went to look at filson jackets but decided the price was too steep.. only to impulse buy one of these. i have a week to change my mind but the lining and finish got me pretty good. easily the most i've ever spent on an article of clothing and now i'm seriously torn..

level 2

Can you afford the purchase? Do you really like it? Will you regularly wear it? Is this something that you will like in a year? Personally I think it's an awesome jacket but you have to decide for yourself if it's worth what you paid. Even with a high price, if you're going to love it for the next decade, it's probably worth it.

level 2

How much was it?

level 3

they list for $400. considering i just found this, i think i've answered my question. at least i know how it looks/fits (and why i usually avoid impulse buys..)

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Should I get this Taylor Stitch jacket or this Barbour jacket (sold on eBay, but claims new with tags)?

level 2

I prefer the taylor stitch. Not a fan of those huge buttons on the barbour.

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5 points · 7 months ago

That Barbour looks great. I'm personally more partial to it. However assuming you're interested in the waxy aspect if the jacket it might be smarter to get the item that you know hasn't hung in a storage locker for years.

level 2
2 points · 7 months ago

Taylor Stitch; something similar offered by Barbour would be the Bedale or Ashby.

level 2

The Taylor Stitch. Prefer the smaller buttons and the pockets look better.

level 2

I have that Taylor Stitch jacket in another colorway if you have any questions.

level 3

How's the fit? I'm an XS for Uniqlo's jackets, as a reference.

level 4

I wear a large and it fits snug, but I can still wear a hoodie/sweater underneath. Wear a L in Uniqlo flannel's btw.

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Comment deleted7 months ago
level 2

I mean, cheaper nylon bombers exist. It doesn't look like my cup of tee, but if you like it, go nuts.

level 2

I like it. The removable hood is a nice touch for $60. Looks like the quality would be there too

level 1

Thoughts on slimmer fit dress pants with pleats? I see pleats are trying to make a come back but I’ve gone all in on flat front. Haven’t decided if I like pleats or not and have never worn any pants with pleats before...

level 2

The thing with making pleats work now is that they shouldn't be treated only as a functional feature (makes pants fit better on small waist M A S S I V E thighs). You need to make it a design choice. For example, they look great in carrot cut trousers because they outline the unique shape of the pants. It shows an interesting contrast between the big thigh room and very strong taper to a slim hem.

level 2

The point of pleats are to allow wider thigh room with a slimmer waist. The reason they are becoming more popular is because wider legged trousers are becomming more popular.

level 2

If you wanna try pleats, i feel like Topshop or Zara would have some affordable options. It's definitely gotta be the right fit for you and your body but pleats are making a come back...I work at Bonobos and we talked about getting pleated pants this year and we're considered pretty conservative for clothing soooo they'll be around

level 1

I’m going to my first dance soon, it’s a winter formal. Its not too formal, but it’s a nice dress shirt kinda formal. My dad says I should buy dress shoes but my mom says I should buy black vans. I agree with my mom because I wear vans all the time, but id only use the dress shoes once. I’m 14. I’m wearing a sweater tie and grey pants. Should I buy Black Old Skool Vans or a (cheap) pair of dress shoes? Thanks in advance

level 2

I wouldn't waste money on a pair of dress shoes since your feet are probably growing. Vans and a dress shirt will look kinda strange but honestly, I doubt anyone would care at your age. I'd get the Vans since they'll be a lot more useful to you and I'm sure tons of other people are going to be wearing super casual shoes to the dance anyway.

level 2

I’m 16 and I recently had to buy some shoes for winter formal. The overwhelming majority of the guys there were wearing dress shoes, but of course there were one or two with vans. What I did was go to an outlet store (I went to Nordstrom Rack) and check to see if they have any cheaper dress shoes that might suit your needs. If you don’t find any, I would then buy the vans as I doubt many of your peers would care about a teenager’s choice of footwear and at my dance, it was rather dark and shoes were the last thing on people’s minds. I hope this helped :)

level 2

Agreed with the other poster that we need more info, but I definitely wouldn't wear a dress shirt with Vans. Check the sidebar for more info on the different kinds of "dress shoes" and their varying degrees of formality.

level 2

Impossible to know what would be best unless you know how formal it is. Try to ask some friends or someone in charge of organizing it.

level 2

It's hard to say for certain whether they'll be necessary, since we don't know details about the event, but dress shoes always look nicer at fancy events. Vans + a dress shirt will probably look weird no matter what.

But, yeah, you're 14, your feet might still be growing, don't invest in an expensive pair of dress shoes.

level 1

I'm in need of a new Coat, something a little smarter than my old quilted jacket that I'm replacing. Ive found these two on Banana Republic, and feel the shorter coat would be a bit easier to wear everyday... any advice / opinions on which to go for / better alternatives?


level 2
2 points · 7 months ago

I love my BR stuff but for jackets and coats, Jcrew has them beat.

level 2

The second one looks great imo

level 1

Looking to buy a parka for winters in NYC. Was deciding between a few options, but came across a great deal for a Vince Camuto. Not a lot of reviews or comments about it online, so it's a bit hard to gauge if it will be warm enough. This would normally discourage me, but $200 looks like a steal (50% off). Any thoughts?

FWIW, the alternative I was looking at is LL Bean's Maine Mountain Parka

level 2

Do you fit s or xs better? They’re not the same size. The undercover fits like xs according to the seller and also in my experience.

level 1

nwt new balance m1300cre for $80 obo?

I don't own any sneakers but like the look of these and think they'll work pretty well with my wardrobe.

level 1

These Nikes Boots

These probably aren’t made for everyday casual ad much as id like but I really like the look (still haven’t seen them in person yet). And just don’t think they will suit my primarily casual shorts wardrobe.

level 1

Hey guys, I tried on this jacket: today at Bloomingdale's and fell in love with how it fit as well as the corduroy collar. I really loved how it looked, but I can't justify the $370 price tag & was wondering if anyone had alternatives for a slim fitting light-wash denim jacket that they like. I'm fine paying $200 & under, just $370 is a lot for me. Thanks!!

level 1

These Cole Haan boots?

It's either a pair of these or comparable meermins, however Lord and Taylor has a 20% off deal and honestly these tyler grands look better than most of the pairs I've seen on the Meermin site.

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