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Outfit Feedback and Fit Check - January 02

Post a picture of what you're wearing to get suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism from the community. When posting, please:

  • Include what the attire is for (work, school, going out, etc.)

  • Include a front-on, full-body picture with your hands at your sides. Multiple pictures from different angles can be helpful, but aren't necessary. There's more info on taking good self-shots here.

Critiquing others is welcome and encouraged, but keep it constructive/factual. It takes balls to post pictures of yourself on the Internet, the least you can do is accord the same courtesy as you would to someone in real life.

Important: Downvotes are strongly discouraged in this thread. Sorting by new is strongly encouraged.

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I recently got this jacket: LL Bean Flying Tiger, and I’ve been kind of struggling to make a bunch of outfits with it. I dig the jacket, but I for some reason feel that I have to wear it with what I have in the picture.

Not sure if it’s an issue, but if I don’t tuck in my undershirt, then it hangs out under the jacket and ruffles weirdly—I guess because the jacket really hugs me where it has the stretchy fabric.

Any feedback is much appreciated, as well as possible outfit ideas for the jacket?

It looks dated but not in a bad way? Like a classic look - because of that I think your right it only really works with outfits like the one you're wearing, but it does look great.

I'd definitely tuck the tee when wearing it (but that kinda comes along with the style anyway). Keep rocking it man!

I will! Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

If you’re looking for inspiration check out some of the outfit inspo over at r/theveneration, they have the style you’re liking for

I’ll definitely check it out, thanks!

totally one of the cool kids now i promise5 points·4 months ago

I like the tuck quite a bit actually, specifically when you leave the jacket open, but I'd look into getting higher rise jeans. It'll lean into more of the old old school vintage vibes.

Right on. Higher rise jeans are a good suggestion—it’s what I kind of going for with the outfit I’m wearing, but the jeans aren’t quite made for it.

Right on. Higher rise jeans are a good suggestion—it’s what I kind of going for with the outfit I’m wearing, but the jeans aren’t quite made for it.

Looks great. I'd add a leather belt. Very 1950s greaser, though the glasses are different, a refreshing contrast

Appreciate it!

Should the belt match the color of my jacket any boots? Or does color not matter so much?

The belt should virtually always match the color of your shoes.

-6 points·4 months ago(1 child)

I knowww. But it looks goofy untucked because the jacket squeezes the shirt and makes whatever hangs underneath ruffle oddly.

2 points·4 months ago

Love you too.

Fits great!

2 points·4 months ago


Where'd you get the jacket?

1 point·4 months ago

It's the navy blue cotton parka from h&m.

Looks great man! You could even pull off a brighter color jacket!

Overall looks good. Though I would go less skinny with the jeans.

And is that a t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt under the jacket? Depending on temperature perhaps a sweater could be better than the jacket... feels like you're missing the middle layer now

1 point·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Giving the SLP/Rockstar aesthetic a try. What do you think?

I just picked up this J Crew Ludlow blazer. I'm usually a 43R, but they only had 42R and 44R. I ended up with the 42R, but is it too small in the shoulders? It's a little snug in the upper arms, but not tight. Should I size up or find a 43R elsewhere?

Not bad, but it could use more colour. Looks bland. Maybe add a chain or a necklace. Perhaps another layer.

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