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Simple Questions - ASK AND ANSWER HERE!- January 03

This thread is for simple style questions that don't warrant their own thread (although we strongly suggest checking the sidebar and the wiki before posting!). Fit checks and "How'd I do" questions are a great use of this thread (although they can also go in the daily Outfit Feedback & Fit Check thread). Other example questions:

  • Could someone take the chest measurement for a small J.Crew oxford?

  • Is there a place with full measurements for Naked & Famous jeans?

  • What slim-fitting green cords do you recommend?

  • Where do I find a military surplus peacoat online?

  • If you're asking for suggestions for a specific kind of clothing/accessory, state what your budget is.

Important: Downvotes are strongly discouraged in this thread. Sorting by new is strongly encouraged.

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Can someone help me order these 7 stores in terms of quality and price (2 different orderings not a combined value ordering). My best guess it this:

  • Target - $

  • Old Navy - $

  • Gap - $$

  • Uniqlo - $

  • Banana Republic - $$$

  • Club Monaco - $$$$

  • J. Crew - $$$


J. Crew=Club Monaco>Banana Republic>Gap=Uniqlo>Target=Old Navy

At least that's about my experience

I'd say thats pretty accurate...except I'd just straight up put Old Navy at the very bottom instead of making it equal to target...and IDK if I'd put J. Crew much higher up than banana, but maybe its a little better.

Gap might as well be $ given the way they run sales. and J crew and BR might as well be $$. and then CM at $$$.

quality i'd go CM, JCrew, BR, Uniqlo/Gap, Target, Old Navy

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does r/malefashionadvice have a weekly buy/sell thread like r/goodyearwelt sort of like this ? I didn't see one and am thinking would this be something people would want to implement, admin maybe?

totally one of the cool kids now i promiseModerator of r/malefashionadvice, speaking officially6 points·4 months ago

We implemented one before December but we took it down to make room for some announcement threads, since we can only sticky one at a time. We'll probably start it up again and let the automod post it since clearly none of us remember to.

LOL, cool, can i start one up for Jan for now or can you?

totally one of the cool kids now i promise5 points·4 months ago

We'll throw it up on Monday. Harass me if it isn't up by 12 pm est.

LOL now i have to set a reminder to do that :P

I'm in love with a jacket like this:

Unfortunately I am not a millionaire so I can't afford it. What would that kind of jacket be and where can I find a similar, cheaper one?

Flair Unavailable3 points·4 months ago

Patagonia has a line of "sherpa fleece" that is the same texture. Not identical to that hoodie, but nice pieces.

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How do you dress a peacoat down? Can I just wear a t shirt under it, or is a collared shirt required?

2 points·4 months ago

Crew-neck sweater or sweatshirt is a simple way to do it.

GQ Contributor1 point·4 months ago

Probably depends, pea coat's pretty winter-y so a tee would look off, but it can look OK in certain streetwear fits.

Where do you live? I can't imagine weather where I'd wear a peacoat over something that's not a heavier layer (sweater/sweatshirt/etc)

Currently Dallas. I was considering a peacoat for the winter, but I dont know if it gets cold enough here to justify one. I also wouldn't want it to be regulated to "formal only".

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Is there a cheap easy way to shave my back?

I'm big and inflexible, so I can't just use a razor, feel weird asking friends or family to help out , and the last place I went to charged 75 bucks.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

totally one of the cool kids now i promise5 points·4 months ago

I have absolutely no idea, maybe attach a razor to a stick and use a mirror.

Right!? That was the best I could come up with too, so I came here.

Look up the "Bakblade" on amazon. It looks pretty popular, but I've never used it personally.

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the hero we deserve3 points·4 months ago

Get a body groomer. Most of them come with an extendable handle so you can reach round and do your back.

I mean, I would laugh if a friend asked me, but I'd help a brotha out. Just ask. Offer them a drink afterwards

I'm lucky to have some good buddies that would probably do, but that might be because I'm good enough not to ask.

Get a body groomer that extends--I think the one I have at home is called it for less than $30 about two years ago, and it's held up well. It obviously doesn't clean shave (you'd probably need someone to do that), but it does help.

Have you considered using a hair remover cream? Might be easier to apply, and I think they're supposed to last longer.

I bought these ( boots from Clarks on an overseas trip 2 years back for doing some hiking and haven't really used them since but took a look at them today and thought "those are some nice boots!". I was wondering if someone could give me advice on what sort of clothes I could wear these with/what they would look good with. I enjoy dressing smart casual (chinos and dress shirt tucked in with sleeves rolled up type thing).

I think these are pretty casual and I definitely wouldn't pair them with a dress shirt. I'd probably stick with jeans for these.

dark wash jeans and tshirt maybe?

Sure, that's fine.

3 points·4 months ago

I wouldn't wear those outside of an actual "outdoors-ey" outfit.

I actually think this is part of the reason I haven't worn them much.

what do you guys think of these coats? Looking for something that I can dress down with like a sweater in kind of like a fredrik risvik aesthetic but I'm concerned about the fit and the formality. Are the sleeves a smidge too long, and is the coat too formal? Not sure what about it but it gives an air of formality to it, and i'm not sure if that works with the vibe im trying to go for. Thoughts?

I love a camel topcoat. Here is a small inspo album I found, here is just longcoats in general, and google images is always good for a few nice pics.

IDK if i love the hidden buttons, but thats personal preferences. If you like it/don't care then go for it.

As far as fit goes, both of those look good for an OTR fit to me.

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Can anyone please help me ID this coat ?

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what's your take on wearing a pea coat over a hoodie?

GQ Contributor8 points·4 months ago

eh... not the best.

4 points·4 months ago

Yeah, if I'm just running up to the block to buy some beer or something, I might wear that, but it's not a look I'd intentionally go for.

I do think pea coats can look pretty good over the right crew-neck sweatshirt, though.

If it's windy outside and you can't find your toque, sure.

SQ soldier2 points·4 months ago

On top of not a very good look, it is generally uncomfortable because the hood and the collar bunch up a lot. All in all - not ideal.

totally one of the cool kids now i promise1 point·4 months ago

Generally not very good.

Can you mix different types of leathers? The other day I wore a tan suede jacket with my brown wolverine 1000 mile boots and was unsure about the two being together (i.e. pairing a light brown suede jacket with darker brown horsehide leather).

Lol ya of course, leather jacket + leather boots is a pretty classic combo and getting them to match exactly would be a huge, unnecessary hassle.

Anyone know where to get a similar sweater? This is from ASOS and it’s sold out.

gap has some

another style

2 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

What stores could I shop online at that don't have wildly inconsistent or weird sizing (being on the tighter/slim fit side or looser sizing), and are affordable? I can't really go out to stores ATM so figured I'd shop online. I've looked into Uniqlo for a few things, as well as Express, ASOS, American Eagle, Club Monaco, but not really sure how their sizing is in general.

  • Budget = $530 USD - Looking to start with buying some basics for now(jeans, t-shirts, OCBDs, chinos, polos, a jacket, etc)

  • I haven't ever really put too much effort into how I dress, and mostly shopped at Gap/BR and also their factory stores. I've noticed their sizes are super inconsistent now, whereas usually an L from there say in a sweater would fit, now an XL is too short. I started sizing up as clothing would shrink no matter how well I took care of it, I tried buying a few pieces in XXL and XL to see size differences and it is wildly inconsistent depending on the style, so I returned them. At the moment I can't go to a physical store as I am currently living alone for college and I rely on public transport, I had an injury and I can get around but not with a lot of shopping bags, so I'm sticking to online shopping for now.

Edit: I am 6 ft tall, 200-210 lbs (not in a fit way lol, I'm don't look too overweight or anything, just look like I have a few extra lbs haha)

LL Bean has been pretty consistent sizing for me. As long as you stick with a 'fit' family, it should be consistent.

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College kid looking for a camel wool coat for NYC winters. I’m around 5’10” and 157lbs if that helps. I’m somewhere between a 36-38S. Budget is under $150. Thanks in advance!

Camels do not actually hold liquid water in their humps. The humps contain fatty tissue reserves, which can be converted to water or energy when required. They can survive up to six months without food or water by using up these fatty stores.

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Check out Banana Republic, might have something still left. But tbh it's a bit late in the season/cycle to be shopping for coats, most companies won't be restocking their F/W.

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Hi, what size fits me better for this cardigan? I kinda like the look of both of them, one being slightly chunkier and comfortable and the other being more slim, but I have to choose between the two! Here's the album (which size is which is written in the imgur description):

Thanks in advance!

SQ soldier3 points·4 months ago

I personally prefer the XS, it fits better towards the bottom and the shoulders and overall fit look better. However I can totally see the appeal of more comfortable, relaxed fit and it looks very decent as well so if you prefer that - go for that.

TLDR: XS fits better, but S will be more comfortable and still looks okay

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I just got a pair of Greats Royale and I really want to make sure these stay super nice. On top of already buying a cleaner and a repellant, should I buy shoe trees for them or is that mostly a dress shoe thing?

SQ soldier3 points·4 months ago

Jason Markk shoe shampoo + a soft brush + Magic Eraser will do you well. Use soft cloth.

has excellent opinions on everything5 points·4 months ago

Make sure to only use the magic eraser on the sole, not the upper!

SQ soldier2 points·4 months ago

Yes, very important note!

You can definitely use shoe trees for leather sneakers, but these are white and they will get dirty no matter what you do.

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2 points·4 months ago

Ok so I got an oversized "any way out of this nightmare" graphic tee shirt from raf simons latest collection. How can I pull off the oversized tee look and still look nice?

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Timberlands or Bean boots? I live in the northeast and my wardrobe is more casual than preppy.

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Any id or close by for this black jacket?

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I got a giftcard for christmas, and i can't find anything to buy with it. Except, of course, this slightly ridiculous jacket. Thoughts?

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Comment deleted4 months ago


I am currently looking for a navy/dark indigo cotton sweater and a lambswool sweater in a light beige, both in a crew neck. I've found some medium-tall sweaters at a few places online but the selection is awfully limited. Where do you tall skinny guys get your sweaters? I'm a college student so the more modest the price the better.

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Deciding between these 2 jacket, both are pretty cool and unique, but second jacket is 2/3 price of the first one. Some thoughts? My wardrobe have become more streetwear with mix of high fashion. Wears a lot of trouser and jeans at time with tee or sweater and sometimes shirts.

Both seem good imo.

The Craig Green one is sick. If you can pull it off, get that one.

Craig Green is great if you have the wardrobe for it.

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What kind of shoes are these? Thanks!

A Derby. Searching for Oxfords might lend similar results certain places, though they should technically have a closed lace.

Thanks. Now this might seem like a really dumb q, but where can i learn what kinda outfits go w shoes like this. I'm revamping my wardrobe and wanna go for a certain 'look' if you know what i mean. Thanks!

The sidebar is a great place to start.

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This is more of a brand/label question than anything else, but here goes: I recently turned 30 and got married, and want to upgrade my pants and shoes. I have plenty of jeans, but would like to get some casual non-jeans pants I could wear day-to-day, but not as formal as the suit pants I wear to work. Ditto shoes -- I have two pairs of oxfords (one black, one brown) that I wear to work, and some boots I wear for social occasions etc, but I'm looking for something a little bit nicer. Think, I guess, fashionable dad if that makes sense lol. Any ideas? I am willing to spend up to $200 for a pair of pants, and maybe 300 or 400 for a good pair of shoes. Preferably less of course, but that's the max. I live in the US if that makes any difference for place to shop recommendations, and I am totally willing to look/buy online. Thank you!

Chinos fit the bill nicely for what you are looking for, in terms of pants. Unis and Epaulets are good options and within your price range too. Incotex on sale would also be a good option.

Black derbies might be a good option for you, and at your price range you have great many options. Doc Martens, Want Les Essentiels, Trickers are all great options.

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If you live in or near NYC, you want sample sales. And the Meermin store is going to open soon.

Otherwise: pants are this thread:

Shoes are either Meermin or Allen Edmonds. Can you clarify -- your "oxfords" right now are balmorals? Are they plain/cap toe? Or wingtips? Loafers are trendy now but casual. Double monks are stylish but still not super businessy. Wingtips are acceptable for most scenarios, including business. Wholecuts are sexy and formal but not really versatile.

Ooooor you could go with velvet Dress Slippers from a company like Del Toro, I've been feeling those lately, but they're not really business-friendly -- they're better for black tie or casual or business casual, but eh in between.

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I know nothing about suits and need to purchase one for an interview. Curious if any of these are a good deal? I believe I would fit in the slim category, most likely.

Otherwise, anyone have any recommendations for good quality budget suit brands?


Flair Unavailable3 points·4 months ago

Well you'll be hard pressed to do better than $80 for a suit. That being said they aren't the best. Perfect for your interview. If you get the job start investing in some better pieces.

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2 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Hey guys, I tried on this jacket in a medium: today at Bloomingdale's and fell in love with how it fit as well as the corduroy collar. I really loved how it looked, but I can't justify the $370 price tag & was wondering if anyone had alternatives for a slim fitting light-wash denim jacket that they like. I'm fine paying $200 & under, just $370 is a lot for me. Thanks!!

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Guys, I have a problem that I haven’t been able to solve for the past four years.

I’m a teacher at a school, I also run the after school program and play sports with the kids during recess, (basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer)

Is there a durable shoe, that looks good for the casual work environment, that can double as a great “active shoe”? I’ve never come across a shoe that can pull this off, I know it sounds like a dumb question, but I don’t want to feel stuck by having to wear either a total sporty looking shoe, or ruining one of my nice pairs of shoes.

Also looking for pants that can handle the same.

Pants are easy: Lululemon ABC Slims. They look just like chinos but are made from a similar material as the rest of their active wear.

As for shoes, could you not get away with a classic white sneaker or something? You can dress them up (somewhat) and obviously they would be perfectly fine for any extra curricular activities.

GQ Contributor3 points·4 months ago

What sort of shoes do you wear in the classroom?

Right now I’m wearing some ECCO leather shoes.

GQ Contributor1 point·4 months ago

So are you required to wear leather shoes (ie not sneakers)?

Not at all, I suppose I could wear sneakers, normally the wear pretty quickly though in my experience, maybe I just need a higher quality one.

GQ Contributor2 points·4 months ago

How long is "pretty quickly" because if you wear the same shoe every day I wouldn't expect them to last much longer than a year.

Is there a reason why you couldn't just change into a spare set of athletic shoes for recess/after school?

I could, but I’d rather find some multi purpose shoes/pants and not have to worry about that

Just bring a change of shoes. Almost anything you buy will be a bad hybrid solution that either is ugly as a dress shoe or not that good as an athletic shoe.

Example of ugly hybrid shoes:

For pants maybe Prana Brions in charcoal or brown?

Hi gents, I have a light grey sharkskin (pretty much the same color as this) suit and I've always wanted to wear my vintage burgundy shoes/belt with it, but now I'm lost on what color direction to go in for a shirt and tie. Has anyone got any suggestions?

GQ Contributor5 points·4 months ago

Probably can't go wrong with a white shirt and navy tie

You'll want a dark tie to contrast with the light suit. White/light blue shirt, navy or burgundy tie.

Comment deleted4 months ago

I have one of their wallets and it’s really good! Pricey, but worth it

Going on a business trip, with a plane flight involved. What is the best way to transport my suit, without paying extra costs?

GQ Contributor3 points·4 months ago

Wear it on the flight.

I’d rather be relaxed on the flight and wear my pajamas, any other ideas?

GQ Contributor3 points·4 months ago

Get a proper garment bag, fly business class

I have a garment bag, but where am I supposed to store it without creasing/folding it?

GQ Contributor3 points·4 months ago

If you're flying first/business class they sometimes have a coat check

Otherwise just do your best.

Are these authentic Canada Goose jackets or no?

Definitely not.

Probably not.

Chinese site, so I'm going to go ahead and say no

Tote bag recommendations? I like black canvas with black leather straps, but I'm open to anything you might suggest!

Want Les Essentials makes a nice shopper bag.

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Do you know any brands which are military inspired and use actual military fabrics?

Any recommendations appreciated!

There are a lot of good Japanese brands for this, two that come to mind immediately are Real McCoy's and Buzz Rickson.

the hero we deserve3 points·4 months ago

Christopher Raeburn is an interesting one, he does 'Remade' stuff which started with military parachutes and has since done MIG fighter pilot suits, life rafts, camo covers.


GQ Contributor2 points·4 months ago

Contemporary military or historical (WW2-now)?

Anything you can think off, historical could be interesting aswell

GQ Contributor2 points·4 months ago

There's a lot of Japanese repro brands as the other guy mentioned, a number of vintage/repro sites (, Alpha Industries, and some brands like Arcteryx have been contracted by militaries to produce garments.

I will look into it, thanks! Afaik, Arcteryx LEAF is their military line

Greg Lauren.

Looks really good, thanks!

There are a lot of companies that use military designs and similar fabrics. Stan Ray, Alpha Industries, Rothco, Ralph Lauren Denim Supply, Parajumpers, Spiewak, American Apparel all make similar designs. Propper, Woolrich, New Balance, Patagonia, Arc Teryx and others all produce clothing for the military currently. Is there a certain piece of clothing you are looking for?

5 11.

Question for folks with small waists. I'm looking to pick up Uniqlo stretch selvedge jeans but they only have 28''+. My natural waist is 26'' and lower waist (where jeans actually sit) is 27.5'' so I can't wear these comfortably without a belt. Somebody mentioned here that even if you wear jeans for larger waist with a belt, proportions are off and it doesn't look good. Do you agree?

totally one of the cool kids now i promise1 point·4 months ago

The proportion are different, not necessarily bad. I know some people go oversized jeans on purpose for a specific look. If you're going for a more standard fit, though, belting a lot can look off. You miiiight be okay; I don't know the actual waist of Uniqlo, so it's worth trying.

1 point·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Best denim for people who don't like raw denim? Thanks. Also, dress pants recommendations !?

I have two budget requests < $100 and < $250

are his other threads in side-bar?

No, but I've proposed that they be added, and the mods are considering it as they redesign the sidebar. You can find them all by clicking on his username (u/coveo) and clicking "submitted."

3 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago


Just FYI to y’all since I was mentioned here the threads will start back up next week, decided to do a month holiday break (especially because there are only so many topics to go through for a weekly thread), I’m still around.

Makes enough sense.

looooove youuu.


GQ Contributor1 point·4 months ago

Budget for either?

< $250

GQ Contributor2 points·4 months ago

You have quite a few options then. My knowledge of denim around that price point is definitely focused around raws, so I can't help you there unfortunately.

What would be your pick for non-raw jeans at a lower price point? I honestly tried to like raw denim ... but it wasn't for me, maybe one day lol.

For what it's worth, lots of raw denim brands are available in one wash versions (or you can just wash them as soon as you get them). If you're not looking for stuff that's pre-distressed it can be good option. The big thing is that there's a much wider variety of fabrics in the raw denim world, if you're into that sort of thing. Not a lot of washed jeans are going to offer a 18 oz broken twill black weft or something like that.

I just like a good fit and something comfortable preferably lightweight. Raw denim (to me) is so uncomfortable and the dye gets on everything lol

I also usually have to size up and have tailored down when I buy a pair of raws.

GQ Contributor1 point·4 months ago

I personally think that Levis is a great choice if you can try on in person.

I use to wear levis all the time. would you recommend a a store(s)? I ask because I know quality varies among different retailers when it comes to levis...

GQ Contributor2 points·4 months ago

Just stick to levis stores or major department stores and not, like, Kohls.

Acne, Kapital, and Saint Laurent are all great options at that price point.

has excellent opinions on everything2 points·4 months ago

OrSlow, Levi's Vintage Clothing, Kapital, Acne. You can get secondhand OrSlow and LVC for a lot cheaper, too.

People here like Levi's, Uniqlo, and Gap for denim.

See this thread for more info:

Can anyone identify this jacket I saw in Palo Alto this morning? It was a burgundy ‘beach jacket’ style jacket - It had a hood with tan drawstrings, two stomach pockets with large plastic buttons (burgundy color too), and a waist drawstring visible from the side. The body was relatively short. Thanks!

GQ Contributor3 points·4 months ago

Maybe an anorak like a Penfield or LL Bean? Hard to say without pics

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Waistcoats and jeans for a bigger guy? Yay or nay?

GQ Contributor6 points·4 months ago


Nay, nay, nay, naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Nay on waistcoats

Only with a fedora and neckbeard.

No really though, waistcoats work as part of a suit or tux. That's it. And even there they ain't great.

🐴 2 points·4 months ago


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I got this sweater/hoodie thing as a Christmas gift and I like it but it’s quite unlike anything else I’d usually wear. Suggestions on how to wear or style it to its full potential?

I mean? It's a pretty generic hoodie. Black jeans and sneakers will always work. Maybe throw a denim jacket overtop

I feel like the blue jeans would fit much better.

Is it possible to get a long sleeve t-shirt taken in at the torso? It fits well everywhere except the stomach area, which is wider than I'd like


Thanks, I didn't know if the new stitching would be obvious or not

It's not impossible, but it might be more expensive than it's worth.

I mean it's a higher end t shirt so I'm completely ok with 10-20 dollars

Kay. Hopefully you can find a good tailor who will do it for that price.

That’s a completely reasonable price for taking a shirt in. What kind of tailors are you going to lol

Oh, no, it is, but I've never had a tailor take a tee shirt in. The more important thing is to get a decent tailor -- a bad tailor can screw anything up.

I think I've found THE one based on my last alteration, but I guess I'll find out for sure this time around lol

The one? And at reasonable prices?

Mazal tov. Where's the reception?

Anyone have an ID on this first sweater?Sweater from Instagram

the hero we deserve3 points·4 months ago

Probably Tommy Hilfiger.

Trying to decide on a darker sneaker. What do you guys think between the Puma Super Liga OG Retro or the Adidas Samba?

what's your price range? I feel like there are much better sneakers out there. These are classics, yes, but nothing too exciting

I'm definitely open to saving up. Do you have any recommendations?

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I literally only wear Nike, Under Armour, and Lulu shirts (all plain mono-color)... I don't know any other brands of shirts that are less "athletic-y". Can someone give me a few brands that I can buy from to get some basic shirts from? Maybe a few with graphic designs and some that are just basic? I really don't know haha. Thanks :)

What's your budget? Uniqlo, jcrew and everlane all offer solid basics.

Hey, thanks -- I'll check them out! I don't really feel like spending more than $120 on a shirt.

For t shirts?

yeah, sorry. T shirts and long sleeve shirts.

Yeah you won't have any problems staying within that limit.

Honestly with t shirts you can go anywhere imo. I've bought a lot of plain or basic patterned t shirts at Old Navy and H&M. If you're more concerned with quality, then Uniqlo and J-Crew are good choices as well, but I wouldn't worry about that for t shirts. I remember buying a few long sleeve tshirts from Van Heusen that were pretty good as well.

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Does duck cloth ever stiffen back up after softening? Just got a pair of duck cloth/canvas chinos. I know they will soften up eventually, but I'm wondering if putting them in the dryer or something will make them rigid again.

GQ Contributor1 point·4 months ago

Usually a wash/dry will stiffen most clothes, but they break back in almost immediately.

Hey guys i recently purchased these two pairs of clubmaster sunglasses and i'm not sure which pair to keep. This blue mirrored pair or this regular pair. I feel i got better value price wise on the mirrored pair but i'm not entirely sure which pair looks better stylistically. I really like all the elements of both and if you're in the market for clubmasters, I would definitely recommend looking at them on amazon.

I actually asked for and received a "regular pair" (if you mean the tortoise shell Clubmasters). Personally, I prefer this style over the mirrored pair only because it is more neutral and goes with more outfits, where I see the blue mirrors as being more casual. That being said, the mirrored are not bad by any means and can still go with a ton of outfits

What can I match with Grey patterned dress pants like these? I've played around with outfits. I know light blue and white shirts are safe to go with it, but anything else? And what blazers or jackets would also go well with it?

SQ soldier3 points·4 months ago

Solid colour blazers or more classic coats would be best. This selection is pretty great and varied

Right now, I own a navy blue, 2 grey, a light blue and brown blazer. I'm gonna say the 2 greys shouldn't go with it, but what about the others?

SQ soldier3 points·4 months ago

I am strongly against brown blazers/suits, but that's just me. Navy is your surefire bet.

If I wear a 31 in acne's river jean, what should I get for unis gio chino? Also, should I get the unis gio or the gio skinny?

Is anyone aware if a pair of white high top converse were ever made where the normally red trim around the sole was black instead?

GQ Contributor2 points·4 months ago

I've seen them I believe, at least in lows.

Any idea where to purchase these in high top?

GQ Contributor2 points·4 months ago

I mean I guess wherever you buy chucks. They have a webshop.

Do you think this coat fits?

Hard to tell from the picture but looks a bit big in the shoulders

It's just slightly big, but one size down fit too snug around the arms.

SQ soldier2 points·4 months ago

From what I can tell - shoulders look too big and sleeves too long - they come to the very end of your arm when it's bent and lifted, so they must be quite long when low. If the smaller size is too snug, may be worth looking elsewhere for a coat.

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Comment deleted4 months ago
1 point·4 months ago

Opinion on JosABank scarves? Either merino or cashmere, they are running 70% off currently. I need a basic piece for winter.

No actual experience, but I think you'll prolly be fine. Hard to mess up a cashmere scarf.

I wouldn't pay more than, say, j crew on sale..

2 points·4 months ago

The biggest mess-up is to forget a more expensive one on the subway, I suppose...

1 point·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Should i buy this watch from Orient for around 190-200 euros from a Swedish website that offers free shipping? Taxes are included in the price.

Edit: Or does someone know a site that ships to sweden for the same pricer or cheaper?

You can get it here for half that price. I have bought 3 watches from there shipped to Sweden with no issues.

Thank you, im gonna check them out!

I'm looking for a warm, warm winter coat (pref w/ hood). Budget is $500 (could spend a little more if need be). Anyone know of a good, slightly cheaper Canada Goose alternative? Wouldn't mind if it looked a little better than CG.

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Got this jacket for christmas: Men's Rock & Republic Faux-Leather Jacket from kohls. I have very short arms, so any jacket in this style I would need to get tailored if I wanted to wear.

I got some other stuff from kohls that I'm returning. I'm considering returning the jacket and trying to buy something a bit nicer, since I will need to get it tailored either way.

Would it be worthwhile to buy something nicer from kohls? or is there not much improvement between what I got and something a bit more expensive.

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They won't have real leather jackets there. You are better off exchanging for some sweaters, shirts, pants etc.

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can anyone help me find Mac Demarco’s Jacket or something similar

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