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Ahoy! Vandebron geeft een avontuurlijke, duurzame ontdekkingsreis naar Chili 🇨🇱 weg! Hierbij stapt de winnaar (+1) aan boord bij de Sailors for Sustainability. De Sailors ⛵ zeilen de hele wereld over op zoek naar duurzame oplossingen voor klimaatverandering. Met wie wil jij dit avontuur beleven?


MMW: Facebook will roll out an ala carte version of "classic" Facebook

I don't work for them so I cannot be held accountable for this post. I am under no NDA's. I do not know of any employees that work for them.

Facebook is purposely becoming unhinged with oversaturation of sharing of friends posts and content and less 3rd party content. They are doing this to drive away bots, which is good. Once they reach a point where the legit users are about to be fed-up, they will roll out the option to have previous versions of Facebook available that users can change to fit the generation of FB that they knew well and loved.

It's basically the "New Coke" strategy except this caused the election of the 45* president.


MMW: Instagram will go through a relatively major redesign & will look quite different by the end of the year

Even though it was designed to be simple, many of the UI elements feel incredibly dated compared to other popular apps on both mobile platforms. A material design inspired approach is more likely, I doubt they’ll add any colours onto their palette anytime soon though.


MMW: The upcoming Google Pixel phone (Pixel 3) will have a feature similar to Apple's 3D Touch & they'll use the word "immersive'' to describe it

Just a gut feeling but at the same time a carefully oriented thought process lead to this conclusion. I'm about 90% sure of this happening. It makes a lot of sense. Plus Apple & Google have been stealing each other's tricks for years now & this has only accelerated in the past couple years. As it'll make the two platforms come closer together, I'm sure Apple wouldn't mind since that makes it easy for locked down long-term Android users to switch to iOS.


MMW: In the next Deadpool movie, Dopinder(his trusty cab driver) will become the antagonist

He gets his first taste of blood and will not be able to stop. this is evident in Cable’s reaction and also in the spirit of the ridiculous nature of the series. will explain more in depth when this comes true .


MMW: Before the Mueller investigation brings charges against Trump, a Russian cyberattack will cripple US infrastructure and Trump will give himself emergency powers.

We know (if we've been paying attention) that the US is extremely vulnerable to Russian cyberattacks, and that the Republicans in the federal government are too busy fighting against any investigation into Russian actions to even think about preparing for or fighting against future attacks.

We also know (if we've been paying attention) that Putin and his government are backing Trump, and have interests in keeping him in power, and keeping the US justice system far away from their hackers, intelligence services, and clandestine support for Trump.

The most recent indictments to come from Mueller's office have people claiming that he's zeroing in on Trump and that the walls are closing in on the whole Trump-Russia cabal. I don't think Putin is going to let that happen.

I think before any indictment of Trump or effort to charge him criminally or remove him from office takes place, a cyberattack from Russia will cripple the United States: power grids, internet access, emergency services, water and other utilities - all of these would be vulnerable. Any or all of them could fall victim to online attacks, which would justify (some would say necessitate) the instituting of emergency presidential powers. We know from history that an inevitable result of attacks like this is a spike in support for the sitting President. The Mueller probe would be swept away, along with constitutional rights of protest, free speech, assembly. Environmental protections, immigrant rights, gone. Military spending bills would pass as quickly as they could be written. Being under attack, being at war, would justify anything.

From there, Trump could easily do anything and everything he and Putin has been hankering for: pull out of NATO, obliterate existing international trade and diplomatic relations, start lobbing nukes, anything that would weaken the international systems and relationships that strengthen the West and keep Russia in check.

They might be waiting until they have their new Supreme Court stooge installed and ready to toss out any attempts to hold the President legally accountable for anything, or they might be planning to meddle with the upcoming mid-term elections in order to make sure no possible anti-Trump movement gains traction in Congress. But if those things fail or aren't sufficient, they'll just flip the switch on the whole damn country.


MMW:In 2026, an edgy young filmmaker pitches a remake of Zero Dark Thirty.....

but the premise is that UBL was right and the films ends with him triumphantly taking control of the world


MMW: If there is a Castlevania character in Smash, it will not be Simon Belmont, but Richter Belmont or Alucard.

Consider Cloud's inclusion in Smash. People assumed if there was a Final Fantasy character it would either be one related to a Nintendo platform or one that represents the series as a whole, but instead we got Cloud. While I think Simon would be a great character, I think SotN is more iconic, its characters have more interesting movesets and I personally think their gothic designs would just work better with the smash cast unlike Simon's often barbarian style designs. Plus the SotN boys can use whips and all the special weapons just like Simon, and do a whole lot more.

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