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And with that... a era has ended...

Thank you guys for taking this journey with me through the last 3-4 years...

PC is down.

PS4 is down.

Xbox is down.

Main website is down.

PC forums are up! down.

Console forums are up! down.

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I will bathe this subreddit in your blood.
7 months ago
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Future of this Subreddit and Discord Server

Hello Marvel Heroes Fans,

Pretty sad news that the game is officially gone and the time to close shop has come. Here are a few things we would like to discuss:


We mods were thinking about making the subreddit private in 2-3 week's time. An alternative to this would be to make the subreddit submission restricted and this way you would still be able to browse all previous submissions. Either way, this should give everyone here ample time to discuss refunds, find a new game to move to, and mourn.

Discord Server

Our DISCORD SERVER will be staying open; however, we will be changing the name and vanity URL to something else (new name is pending). This is probably the best place to join up if you are interested in still hanging out with the community. We have a lot more planned with this server now that we are no longer constrained to a single game, so definitely join!


Thank you for being such an awesome community! We wish you the best of luck with your future gaming endeavors!


The /r/marvelheroes mod team


1 Life, No Medkits, Contagious tier 88 Danger Room. This game DID have difficult content. Man, I miss it.


Great News for MHO players

My friend has been digging deep into MHO files and now has a working playable single player version of MHO, He is now just working on a few characters that he did not have at the time of re-writing the data. He said he is trying to get the last four characters working and then release the crack to the public.

This can only work for single player, He is also working with a group of players to create an update for Omega updates for each playable (All) PC characters... Stay tuned!


I just got an email from Trion Worlds about my Gazillion account.

I got super excited just now when I saw this email in hopes it would say something about Marvel Heroes, but unfortunately it didn't.

I'm sure many of you got this same email, but I figured I'd post it in case someone was at work and couldn't check their personal email atm.

This is what the email said.

There was also this link.


Played Marvel Heroes? Trion Worlds got a gift for you!

[EDIT] If you're not eligible but should be, try sending a support ticket and provide as much info/proof as possible. People are reporting CS manually set them eligible.

Trion Worlds recently aquired Gazillion assets and is now offering generous gifts to ex Gazillion players. You can choose from Trion Worlds various MMO games, such as RIFT, ArcheAge, Trove, Defiance and Atlas Reactor. I personally prefer RIFT and the two packs you'll get if you choose it have a 70$ value on steam and will give you a nice headstart into the game! Check if you got mail from Trion or check this official news article for more info:

Have fun guys and (maybe) see you in Telara! <3


Trion Worlds acquires Gazillion's assets

Hello all, first post here. I was very fond of Marvel Heroes with Colossus as my main. I was very sad to see it go but read some interesting news today. Trion Worlds, the publishers of Rift and Archeage, has acquired all of Gazillion's assets and licenses. There are several articles referring to it and I believe the CEO mentioned Marvel Heroes in one. Here is a link to one of the articles. I am sure that over the next few months we will hear more, hopefully something to do with Marvel Heroes but as of right now it looks like they are mainly looking at the technology rather than properties... Time will tell.

This article has their CEOmention Marvel Heroes specifically.

As for Marvel Heroes, Hartsman said, “As this deal just concluded, there’s still more investigation that needs to occur. What we do know is that the company’s live servers were gone prior to our discussions with them. We believe that the license agreement behind that game expired prior to our involvement as well. We’re open to having conversations with any former partners of theirs to discuss ways to bring great games to life. At this time, we are focused on using the acquired technology to enhance our ability to support our current and future development partners.”


MH Cyclops Gameplay - Gave me XML nostalgia playing MH cyc...also, punchclops :D


MH Signature Powers - Post Omega, I loved what they did with Spider-Man's Sig


Danger Room per AgentVapor

I attempted to put the whole thing in the post, but reddit still isn't up to date like the modern forums yet.

Imgur link


Marvel Heroes replacement?

Anyone interested in 8bit style games might find this to be something to satisfy your Marvel Heroes itch:

Wizard of Legend.

I have it on Steam, it's part of the summer sale.

Honestly such a fun little game. It's a dungeon crawler, with so many different spells, abilities, relics, and so on.

There's also a local co-op which that community states is incredibly fun. I can vouch for that as well.

Edit: I shouldn't have said "Replacement" in the title. I see a lot of good points of how other games would be better classified as a alternative, and I can agree to that.

I just found this game during the steam summer sale and as I was playing (someone had suggested it to someone else, and others agreed and urged that person to get it while it was on sale), I had a feeling that I once would get while playing Marvel Heroes.

To be honest, nothing will ever replace Marvel Heroes for me. The concept of playing and building your favourite heroes, dominating the map with awesome abilities, and customizing them with skins and everything else.... Nothing can replace that.

I wanted to mention this game to my community because like you, I miss MH so much and this is the first time I felt a similar feeling.

TL;DR: I take back the word "Replacement" (my bad). I agree with everyone else, it's not a replacement, and there are better alternatives. Wizard of Legend is the first game to give me a similar feeling to MH.


Thought about how I miss the game and decided to redesign my Steam profile


Marvel Heroes Omega Ultimate Powers (Most)


Danger Room (archival material)

I know there wasn't a lot of time to collect any thing before the connection was taken, but I did keep the Danger Room dev post & I'll upload it (.pdf most likely). Adding that additional hub was actually a really good idea for several ways they could have made even more expanding...


Castle Doom Terminal Run - Got so sad when they removed the teleport glitch where you could skip half the map


[fluff] steam summer sale is active and Marvel UA 1 & 2 available for $24 bundle

Debating spending the $24 still. First two youtube reviews I saw from The Know and Total Biscuit totally trashed the game at full price release. Nothing in the steam community pages except the guides to unlock or mod the games.

How do you guys like the keyboard controls? That is how I played Marvel Heroes.

Or I should pick up Borderlands 2 for $5, and save my limited Steam dollars for another day...


Character similar to Silver Surfer in another ARPG?

I was a Silver Surfer main back when this game was alive, and I loved the movement based playstyle of dashing through everything to deal damage.

Does anyone know of a character/build in any other ARPG (Diablo, Grim Dawn, PoE, etc) that is somewhat similar?


When i came home to my parents after one year in University and started my old PC, this game began to update. For a second i thouhgt that it is back...


Daily Bugle Terminal Run - The last MCU/Marvel Movie Tie-in event? Felt like a one-shot


Member running for weeks trying to get this guy to spawn to pick the costumes you wanted?


Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2

Man, I forgot how much I sat in front my TV to play these games and it really just brought up how much MH expanded on the roster and made moves amazing like Ms. Marvels and Storms. Just miss the game, if you haven’t UA 1&2 are 15 for the bundle.


How hard would it be to just rerelease this as single player game?

It just seems like such a shame to waste the dozens of playable characters because the online version wasn't popular enough. I don't think it would cost them that much to make it offline only (with local coop), they would just need to rebalance the online aspects. Honestly, I think an offline version would be funner if only because I could actually unlock everything reasonably. I think its easily worth $20, and could be sold for $30 if they put extra effort in, maybe give a discount to people that previously spent money on the online version of it.

Am I being naive?


Juggernaut Gameplay - I could never choose a favourite costume


Spider-Man PS4 E3 2018

Who else thought of MH tutorial when watching the RAFT breakout scene? :(


MUA - best sale yet?

$10 each or $15 for both. Finally cheap enough for me to get.

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