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Doctor Strange car throw

Hey, just wondering what power let's Doctor Strange telekinetically throw objects like cars, I just accidentally found out I could do it in Hell's Kitchen South.

I'm quite a new player and one thing I noticed is the game doesn't do the best job at telling you clearly what powers and abilities the heroes have.

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I remember if your strength is above 4 then you can throw cars and other heavy object.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

So I wonder if there is another stat that let's you throw with telekinesis if it's high enough.

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Originally it was only any hero with Str4 that could physically pick up and throw cars, later Gaz added the ability to various heroes that could throw cars through their powers like Jean through telekinesis or Magneto through his ability to manipulate metal. I guess Dr Strange can move cars in a similar way through his magical ability. AFAIK, any hero that can throw a car with their superhero abilities can do it from level1 without any stat restriction.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

That's sounds like this is the case, thanks for the insight! :)

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I don't think he starts with it. You can always tell by prestiging him and see if he can do it at lvl 1.

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Ah yeah that's probably it.

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Psylocke can toss cars via telekinesis. Sometimes I toss one into a mob for giggles. It doesn't really fit her rotation though :)

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And Storm--she makes a little updraft to toss cars

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Some heroes - like Hulk, Ghost Rider, or Jean Grey - can naturally lift up heavy objects due to who they are as a hero.

Other heroes will not be able to do so by default but it seems raising their Strength stat up to maybe 10 or higher gives you the ability. Do note that not all heroes will get bonus damage from having Strength (they each have two primary stats), but if you're leveling or just messing around you could boost it to throw cars.

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