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I read somewhere, recently, maybe on reddit, that six toes is a dominant gene thing. So I agree that it is mildly interesting.

But must be annoying for footwear.

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Yeah, trouble choosing a size that's comfortable

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My father gave us all his wide-foot gene which is pretty inconvenient when all affordable women's shoes are made for narrow feet. Thanks dad. I've picked up some awesome wide-foot slippers at Walmart, though. Not exactly professional footwear, but boy are they comfy for around the house.

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I have similar slippers that are somewhat padded, wide, but they are really warm and comfy as well

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I try to get away with wearing flip-flops everywhere. I bought super expensive footless hosiery so I could do this on cold days, too. (Super expensive because they are indestructible.)

Edit: Wow, what a useless comment reply this is. Don't feel obliged to carry on this thread.

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I can't wear Converse because they don't fit my feet right and look awkward. I do it anyways because I don't care and they're comfortable.

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I have the same problem. Any suggestions for specific (affordable) shoes to try? I wear tennis shoes 90% of the time and usually just give in and buy men's shoes

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Female shoes, yes? I can't wear heels anymore mostly because of the narrow design thing I mentioned.

I found a style of shoe that sort of repeatedly gets released in different colours and materials, I've been collecting them so that I have matching shoes for special and casual occasions. It's got an 'almond' cut which allows the forward of the shoe to open up more easily to accommodate for foot widths. Buuuuuut, shipping might murder you and sometimes their sizing is mildly off which gives me über shits to exchange interstate.

https://www.radicalyes.com.au/search?type=product&q=serendipity Perhaps you could hunt for something similar locally.

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Keen shoes are pretty wide.

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Both my parents, both my grandmas, and several of my aunts/uncles have wide feet too. It made buying shoes as a kid take so long because no normal kid had feet that were as wide as mine, so employees had to dig around the back room to find something to fit me. As I grew up they got better, but there’s still always a slight issue where all my shoes either a little too tight or a little too long

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You look like a size 6

*was referring to his 6 toes

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6-7 (in UK)

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How is Norfolk nowadays?

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Why don't you get them removed?

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Is amputation of the outermost toes an option?

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It’s is! It is called polydactyly funny most people associate dominate gene with prevalent gene but it’s not true, because some like polydactyly is obviously noticeable (no offense to OP) could be the reason for not finding a mate to reproduce. That being said in humans most of the time the extra digit is removed at birth

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Today I re-Learned.

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Photograph: 7/10 Toes: 12/10

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How much with rice?

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sorry not exactly my fetish

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Just showed my 5 year old. He counted the toes and said “man, he’s lucky right?”

Child optimisism ftw

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Relatable to every person I meet when my friends keep mentioning I have them

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This is going to be one upped until someone posts 10 toes on each foot or something, like the day all the users with deformed hands came out to play. Which was neat.

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Do you have a link to the thread?

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I too wish to see this thread.

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!RemindMe 2 hours

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And then the guy with two penises

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Alright. I'll be the one to ask, I guess.

What does the last little piggy do?

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Easy... it goes to the market

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I was 40 years old before I realized that the piggy "going to market" wasn't shopping.

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63 years old. TIL poor little piggy.

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well off to the sewers of New New York with you.

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'Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.'

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^ There it is

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How do you wear Christmas socks?

Which toe do you say you have 2 of?

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Better than having six toes on each of your hands?

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A thinker.

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Yes, having toes on your hands would not work very well

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This little piggy is a stowaway.

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Swim champion?

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I wish

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    No, UK

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    What abouts if you don't mind me asking?

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    It has to be Wales, it just couldn't be anywhere else surely.

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    Isle of Wight...

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    Do you hang from branches or ceilings by any chance?

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    Tried that once, didn't go so well

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    Would you say you’re a stable person?

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    No, even standing normally, I have a terrible balance.

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    Are they functional? If no, that's probably why.

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    Not on their own

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    I'm sure you're used to it, but was there ever the option for you to have the extra toes surgically removed?

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    My family and friends kept encouraging me to have one but I wanted to keep it because I feel somewhat special even if no one sees it

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    Can you wiggle each one?

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    I had 6 toes on my right foot when I was born, but they got rid of the second to last one, instead of the last one for some reason.

    So i have a toe-sized gap between my smallest toe and the next one.

    It's weird.

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    I'm guessing you can't buy those individually toed socks?

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    I can but they feel stretchy after some time and end up having small holes

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    That's socks in general.

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    ... and they would only have spots for 5 toes ...

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    You must be stable as fuuuuuck

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    Stable as a PS4.

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    What does your X-Men uniform look like?

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    You live near Chernobyl?

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    Your extra toes look like afterthoughts

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    Do you happen to come from Norfolk in UK? This is very common there...

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    No, I was born in the Czech Republic

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    Hurts just looking at two extra nighttime furniture detectors.

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    Do normal shoes fit you? Or do you like have a "shoe guy" you go to?

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    Normal shoes don't fit me on a first try, so I end up returning a lot of them and no I don't have a "shoe guy", just have to pray that it will fit me.

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    I bet you can swim like the wind blows.

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    So I only have 5 toes a foot, but my feet are odd. My little toes are similar to your extra ones and never touch the ground so they are almost entirely useless. All they're good for is getting stubbed and broken now and then.

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    I had a friend in High School that was born with 6 toes but his parents had them cut off when he was a baby. He just had nubs instead of where the 6th toes would have been. It would have honestly looked more normal to leave them.

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    I wonder if you’d get charged extra for a pedicure.

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    It means you can count to twenty-two.

    Big deal! I can count to twenty too.

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    First, that looks like the worst toe configuration ever, you probably kick a lot of things with that extra toe and as we all know stubbing the pinky is the worst. Also, what do you call the 6th toe? Do you have two pinky toes? or a pinky and a sub pinky?

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    My English teacher Mrs Miles had the same thing. Wonderful teacher.

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    Honestly doesn't look as strange as I would have thought never seeing it before. Pretty normal, but a pain for shoes I'm sure.

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    How has no one asked you how often you bang your sixth toes yet? They look like they'd catch on furniture so much

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    Never happened to me I think

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    Wow. Maybe the key to not stubbing your pinky toes is have extras. Thanks for answering, hope I'm not being insensitive

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    Does this scare away Poontang?

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    I thought I had trouble finding shoes.

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    Can't you get rid of one? Is there a decent operation for it?

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    Out of curiosity, can you move the extra one?

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    Tried but I end up moving all of them

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    that's pretty normal.

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    If you were 21 Savage you would have to say “and I sold dope on my 12 toes“ Which wouldn’t rhyme as well as saying 10 toes

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    You and Marilyn Monroe .. I thought, but snopes knows better.


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    Looks like the second from the end on the small side is the imposter.

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    Are you better at casting foot magic?

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    Are your extra toes ever useful?

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    you don't use them for like climbing and stuff?

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    Not really

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    stop doing that

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    Just out of curiosity.....when and where was your mom living when you were conceived and while in utero?

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    My mom is Vietnamese but she moved to the Czech Republic

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    I have raptor toes

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    I remember hearing somewhere that Oprah has 6 toes too.

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    You need to go to nail shop and get a pedicure.... I'm curious if they'll charge you extra.

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    So what superpowers do you gain from the sixth toe?

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    Circus freak!

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    This is getting out of hand!

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    Feets? As in, you have another set somewhere as well?

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    which one is your pinky toe?

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    Which one is the extra toe?

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    This is the counter to all the posts on notinteresting that say this except with five toes

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    Hey, which one do you refer to as your pinky toe?

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    Reminds me of that guy from school house rock. Twelve toes.

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    Feets, lol

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    I upvoted because ‘feets’

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    WHat does the 6th little piggy do?

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    How many fingers do you have

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    It's hard to notice it at first

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    There was a post earlier on this sub about a guy with no toes. Maybe you and he could cut a deal.

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    Serious question, do you have better than avg balance?

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    That makes twelve toes in total! :-)

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    Your feet also have an extra S.

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    Admit that the "foot/feet" thing is bullshit. English plurals are so messed up: ball/balls; sheep/sheep; tooth/teeth.

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    I accept foots and feet, but not feets

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    What about feetsies?

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    Nothing that a small surgery can't fix

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    Ha, you got the fat and the normal pinky toe styles.

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    It's not bad. It's just that usually people have one or the other!

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    Do you work in a circus?

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    What’s the morphology of the bones? Do you have any X-rays?

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    "Feet", not "feets".

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    Mutant and proud.

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    How come you just posted this now?

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    Who do you look more like, your mom or your uncle?

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    My mom probably

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    I've got like six or nine toes on my right foot.

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      The Chrysalids