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She's handing out the same flyer that she is on

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This is called the Droste effect for any one who's curious.

now to get

l o s t i n t h e d r o s t e .

Wait a day. Lostinthedroste will get a re-post.

Thanks for this.

So... is it meant to do anything?

It's also a perfect teaching aid for the recursion paradigm in computer science.


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Into the wonka factory

Why do I always get here too late? Dang it

If it makes you feel better, it's not the right word to make a pun out of. Recursion was the whole dream within a dream thing, inception referred to planting the idea in the subconscious

I wonder if I subconsciously read your post while making mine.

Recursion? Don't you mean infinite regression?

Yeah I know, it's just an internet thing now

For real this dude stole my comment





It's flyers all the way down.

Until you get to the bottom.

Ah yes, down under they call them brochures

And under tose you get to the leaflets.

Then, you get the pamphlets...

She's handing out the handouts

Your flyer is open

OP you know what you have to do: find her and take a picture of her handing you that flyer

Which flyer? They're not the same.

Or take pictures of Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling wearing shirts showing each other wearing shirts with pictures of her handing them the flyer. Or something.

But how?

Comment deleted5 months ago

Actually I wasn't until someone in the comments mentioned that you can just take the original photo with normal paper and photoshop it on top of the paper several times...

Never! #mindblown

Note taken!

You pretend to hand them out, snap, print it and do the same all over again. Easy.

OP delivers OP delivers OP delivers OP delivers OP delivers OP delivers OP delivers

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Found this years hottest cosplay theme at Comic-Con.

it would be crazy if the same woman was the one handling the flyers in person

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Dormamu, I have come to bargain

It will never stop going

Not imagine having her hand you this flyer.

There is a gap between two of her teeth that I cannot unsee now.


Mind 🍖

That’s some matrix shit right there mate!

Whoa. Meta.

So Meta!


But how did they take this picture.........???

This kinda shit always fucked with me so hard as a kid, because it doesn’t end. Like there is always another smaller one, forever.

And she delivered it

They took this picture at least three times

Have you ever heard of lisp?

Haha. First chuckle from /all tonight.

A portal to another dimension

Sweet Recursion!


Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This portmanteau was created from the phrase 'Sweet Recursion!'. To learn more about me, check out this FAQ.

Nope, definitely not that.

Here sir, would you like some RECURSION?


My simulacrum is even getting a flyer.

Yo Dawg...

My man!

Self promotion at its best! Flo should be worried.

The image of the inner flyer has the flyer image cut off so that there isn't an infinite tunnel image

I have an aids pamphlet that is the same. I kept it around just for that.

Why did they cut her out of the shot? Now we can’t see inception.

She's handing out the same flyer that she's handing out the same flyer that she's handing out the same flyer that she's........

It goes on forever

If you look at the full size image you can see in the reflection of her eye that she is delivering it to herself


1 point · 5 months ago

is that a midget?

Actually, she's not. Whilst the flyers are similar and have the same model, the content of the flyers are actually different. These are not "the same flyers". Bad OP!

Wonder why you getting downvoted, you are right

Reddit hivemind mate. See downvote, carry on downvote. Hurr Durr, etc

How is that even possible besides Photoshop?

It's Photoshop.

They obviously had her do a shoot to print the flyer she is holding, and another one for the flyer that she is holding in the flyer she is holding.

You actually need to do this about four times before the original blank paper disappears from the final image.

Or you can just photoshop the outer-layer image onto the flyer, and then again onto the flyer in that flyer, and so on until you can't see it anymore. You could even do that by only taking one photo of her holding a blank sheet of paper.

No they printed flyers of herself to hold for the final flyer.

They would still need to get her into the exact same position as she was for the first flyer. So unless they made a Wax statue to hold the flyer, this is just simply photoshop.

Wrong again fucko, she's a highly trained professional made to stand in one position for extended periods of time. Do you think they just hire random people off the streets for this stuff?

a time warp!

Let's do the time warp again!

Probably that effect they used in Superman II for General Zod when he and his lieutenants were first imprisoned.

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Plot Twist: Her name is 'NALC Health Benefit Plan' and she's running for Congress.

She delivers First Class Benefits to the public one flyer at a time.

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