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Explore a open Kmart...much harder to find

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Those are known as mold spiders

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Thank you, I tried looking up info on what caused this spider to be like this but couldn't find much. I can't find much about mold spiders either, but found similar pictures. I'm guessing the mold formed on the spider and then the mold froze, creating this. Thanks for giving me a bit more information about this.

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Found this while googling mold spider and it is thoroughly terrifying. There are other links too which states that the fungus eats them up from the inside.

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Wow, that's pretty interesting, and disturbing. Poor spiderbro. Thanks for sharing.

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Read up on those spores that grow out of ants brains, pretty creepy too. Poor bastards.

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I honestly know nothing about it and thought they were spiders that lived in the mold, based on what I heard from an old roommate.

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When I worked for dish network I had to spend alot of time in basments. Saw a lot of those basterds...

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You should burn them as well; you can never be too cautious with spiders

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There are two spiders in the pic.

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There's actually three if you look close enough.

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Do you have more pictures of the abondoned K-Mart? Sounds interesting

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It wasn't all that interesting to be honest. It's completely empty, just tons of bird shit and a cat. The echo was pretty insane though. Most interesting thing there was that abandoned van out back. It's registration expired in 2013 so it's been there since at least then. Roof access would probably be kind of interesting, but the roof hatch was padlocked shut.

If you want to see more interesting abandoned places, check my submission history for some pictures.

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Poor spider. I feel sorry for spiders in general

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Such good creatures, but unfortunately they look disturbing (usually).

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A creature that looks mildly terrifying yet is one of the single most important predators in any ecosystem.

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How so? If there weren't spiders, wouldn't another predator evolve to catch all the extra bugs?

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I don't think that's how that works. With no spiders killing them, flies and other spider-prey would multiply and multiply and multiply

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Creepy , good basis for a movie plot.

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With ridiculous lines in the trailer such as,

He came for the Blue Light Special, but little did he know that all sales were final!

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Dude, I was eating.

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Then why in the world would you click on a post that clearly says 'Frozen Spider' in the title? :)

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It's a Frostbite Spider. Look for the claw, that'll open the door. You'll have to fight the big draugr to get some loot. Probably wouldn't be worth it if you didn't get a shout.

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He never did finish that web.

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Oh wow.

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This is a bit more than MILDLY interesting

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The second best kind of spider is a frozen spider.

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frozens not enough they need to burn that kmart down now. I get a chill looking at those things

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What is the best?

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Burned to the ground, along with everything, of course. Lol

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alive and well