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I would throw that across the room as I hate the light from clocks. But that's me. Angry and light sensitive.

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SAME And also the lights from fire alarms RIGHT ON TOP of the bed. Like seriously, I just want to sleep. =_=

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I put black electrical tape over my TV logo and a few other lights to have a pitch black room. There's also a vent above my door that bleeds light at night so I put a small black cloth inside to block the light :) plus blackout curtains. I hate light when I try to sleep.

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blue light wakes you up and should never be on in a sleeping area. I always unplug hotel clocks - I am never certain that the alarm won't go off at 4am.

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Now that everyone has a phone, they’re becoming unnecessary.

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I'd unplug it, need pitch black room to sleep

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That thing better have a damned dimmer switch on all three faces or it’s getting unplugged. Ugh.

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So does it crumple equally when all three roomates punch it at the same time?

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So I’m an idiot that didn’t look at it close enough. My husband just told me that if you push the snooze button three times the clock faces turn off. You can hit the snooze in the night to check the time, push it three more times to turn them off and then the faces all light back up when the alarm goes off.