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Pretty cool.

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The bottle is tipping its hat to your quality mildly interesting OC. As am I.

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This is very interesting not mildly interesting

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Your water is so fancy, it has a bottle cap top hat.

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This is too interesting. reported

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Thats cool af homie, i wish it was like 54 feet tall and just chillin, ice cold, the way it was meant to be.

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kind of looks like you popped the cap off, like people do with champagne bottles and it was frozen in time

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a time lapse of this happening would be awesome

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Can someone explain the physics of how this happens? Eli5

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Unlike most liquids, water expands when frozen. Sometimes the glass or can will shatter, but sometimes the ice expands through the cap instead.

See http://www.iapws.org/faq1/freeze.html

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I'm guessing it's the same as needle ice

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This is incredibly cool

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At least the bottle didn't explode..

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It’s erect;)

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Sick, what kind of slowmo camera do you have?

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I used portrait mode on my iPhone

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So thats just bubbly seltzer water? Never had one

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It's a brand of pretty good-tasting bubbly water.

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It's kind of like drinking soda ... without all the grimy. You should try some!