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Yeah, you could probably unlock her i-phone.

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Is that what they’re calling it these days?

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I have a hard time keeping up with the younguns too. All these tweets and twits make it hard to tell sTacy i said hi. Ok google stop now. &skdojjjijjjjjjj

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You sure do!

Just don't be offended when Jane's appearance is described.

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Oh, I’ve read the book already, and I definitely know what you mean, haha. Poor Jane.

According to the back of the book, the painting on the cover is called “Only a Lock of Hair.”

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Yep - Great book. One that I read in high school that made me want to teach English.

But yeah, there's always a difference in book covers and actresses playing Jane and her written description.

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Charlotte Bronte based Jane on herself. Poor lady didn't think much of her own appearance.

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Cool flag shirt r/vexillology

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You look like the chicken girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXxp5Ip58hI

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Now I want to be friends with her.

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Make it happen, Reddit!

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I look like a French gentleman named Paul Valpinçon.

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Love that book. My copy is a bit ratty as my dog apparently also has a taste for literature (or he did when he was a puppy anyway).

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Fuck me. I’ve got that exact book right next to me on my desk

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You really gotta work on your pickup lines my dude

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At least he's direct.

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I see Isabelle Fuhrman

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You just need to get a dress (or whatever she's wearing) with a lace collar like that.

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time travel does exist

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TR-6? I prefer to think of her as... Elaine.

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Your hair is really pretty!

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Great book. Turn to 44

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Has anyone seen /u/nedaterranean and Jane Eyre in the same room?

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i don't think you wrote that :)

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I think someone should look into royalties and your dad better have explaining to do

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I'm reading Jane Eyre right now! A different copy though

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A Victorian Beauty .

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That's actually really cool. 😮

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Indeed you do. Like a mirror.

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This is really cool :)

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No you dont

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i disagree, u look much prettier!

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Except you are prettier :)

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Stop being creepy y’all

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Upvote not because girl