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Fruit Punch Flavored Pickles

Every day we stray further from God's light

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There's no way this is good but I'm willing to try aomething new at least once.

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That was my thought

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All I need is a Windows 95 machine and Solitaire.

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It’s just kool-aid pickles, they are tangy! Here’s a link to a tasting and how-to video from Emmymadeinjapan!

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In the Mississippi Delta area of the United States they're called koolickles and don't knock on before you try them they're actually pretty great

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I thought you meant bloody like you were british

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Same! I was like ummm it is a jar of pickles??

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Bloody hell, I did the same. I didn’t realise what was going on until I saw your post.

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I have a feeling that would taste kinda nasty…

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Seems like it would taste melon-like.

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Once I got 'pickles' out of my head and started thinking 'cucumber'... these could taste good. Wonder if they are actually pickled.

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Interesting fact Planet Money did a podcast on theses and how Walmart is creating new food to hook you into shopping with them. A white watermelon was another one.

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Looks like a jar of used tampons

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Imagine the horror of opening a jar and accidentally biting into a pickle.

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"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should"- Ian Malcolm

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Just koolickles

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But why?!

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This can’t fucking be!

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It’s like the name was so good, they just had to make them.

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These are a Walmart creation. Planet Money actually has a podcast episode about this things.

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I was a little scared to open this post, honestly. Looks like a jar of dicks from afar

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someone said bloody tampons as well... i guess im glad i only saw bloody pickles XD

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Yeah.. Probably not my best moment

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I thought they were hotdogs at first

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So far, every good review I've read goes into the flavor notes and smells of the product in detail. Every bad review comments on the 'why the fuck does this exist?" without giving me any information on the product itself.

So, based on reviews, I can only say they must be pretty good...since I tend to believe people who have used the product and describe it to me rather than those who look at it once and only comment on its uselessness.