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A gas station chain in Texas displays their wages, hours, and vacation time in the store.

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as a Texan, I can usually measure my trips by the Bucee's stops...only 2 more Bucee's to go

1.3k points · 11 days ago

And you bet your ass we stop at every one of them.

New meal in, old meal out.

Nicest, cleanest shitters in the US!

As a Canadian that lived in Texas for a couple years, Bucees is something special, I don't really give a shit about anything they have to sell other than gas, but holy shit their washrooms are a spectacle.

When you've been on I35 for a few hours and you need to do something unholy to a toilet Bucees is a good choice.

When you’ve been on I35 for a few hours

Like, say, driving through downtown Austin…

Or literally anytime of day trying to take I35W through Fort Worth.

You should try it in Minneapolis right now... I-35W is closed because they're building a new flyover lane to connect to westbound I-94 and portions are going to be closed for 3 years...

years 😐

Man, it's been under perpetual construction since I've lived here for the past 25+ years lol.

The ancient texts tell of a day when it is complete and traffic flows free.

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52 points · 10 days ago

Ugh. I hate how true this is. Take your upvote.

SA is muuuch better on the traffic aspect. If only Austin had proper loops like SA and HTX.

29 points · 10 days ago

Austin needs to learn the definition of "loop". Loop 1 is more like a bent line.

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I-130 was supposed to alleviate some of the SA<>Dallas traffic but all that happens is it gets backed up as well. Doing 5 mph in an 85 is sad.

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I wonder how much the poor soul got paid to clean up after your unholy mess! Hopefully "$19 and up"!

That’s definitely a “$15.00 - 17.00” job.

Still a far more suitable wage for such a thing than the poor souls at McDonald’s.

The end results show that wage disparity.

28 points · 11 days ago

Work at McDonald's. Can confirm. We don't even clean the bathroom. We hire out to a janitor service.

That explains why it’s fucking disgusting every time I go in there. You need people checking on the bathrooms and cleaning them once every hour or two.

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8 points · 11 days ago

It's an inside job.

45 points · 11 days ago

When I was a general manager for a convenience store chain I would always clean the bathroom if it got wrecked. I told my employees, "y'all don't get paid enough to deal with this. I do.". I didn't have the ability to give them raises but I always tried to make their life easier and helped get them promoted. When the company took away my ability to do that was when I quit.

The best boss / manager I ever had was at a coffee shop I worked at in Toronto when I was 19. She was there, working right along with us...taking out the trash, pouring coffee while dealing with everyone. Just amazing woman.

In fact I went to my first Toronto Pride b/c of her. I had just moved to TO from small-town Canada. She asked me "are you going to the pride celebrations on Saturday?" I told her that I had to work that day. She asked "really?". Ran back to the office to "check the schedule" and came back to say that I had it off and hopes that I go and have a great time.

Turns out she worked a double shift that day without telling me so that I would go.

That was 1996. We're still friends on FB.

Managers who work WITH their employees get the most respect.

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The shit goes in the toilet. I can see you're confused.

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more toilets than gas pumps!

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I often dont even need anything, I just stop because I like Bucees. Ill figure out what I want after I get there

This statement is so Texan.

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I do the exact same thing

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I make special trips to bucee’s and will go out of my way to stop there. Cheapest ice around.

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50 points · 11 days ago

Same. Going to Austin from San Antonio? "Just passed Bucees. Be there in 35 minutes."

It's great. I live right by the one in New Braunfels and now I can use their signs to know how far from home I am.

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74 points · 11 days ago

And there are 4,275 billboards to remind you.

Only 53 miles until the next Buc-Ees billboard!

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61 points · 11 days ago

Well shit now I feel bad, as a Texan I've never been to Bucee's

If you don't live in Central/East Texas, you may never get to one. HOWEVER, you should plan a trip out that way just to visit one. I've driven in every Western state (everything West of Texas, plus all of Texas), and NOTHING compares to Bucees. So many gas pumps, I don't think they're ever full up. Bathrooms so clean you can eat in them. Plus all their snacks, etc. Definitely an experience worth the trip.

If you ever need 17 tons of bagged ice they got you covered there too.

10 points · 11 days ago

hell, you can buy a smoker/grill combo there

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6 points · 10 days ago

1 ton of ice: $99

*Please don't eat in the Bucees bathrooms.

Don't tell me how to live my life

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Plus they have stickers of their awesome logo you can put on your laptop and water bottle and toolbox.

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dude, Bucee’s is the BEST. The bathrooms are private, fully enclosed, clean stalls with dedicated air vents and a/c. There is always someone in there cleaning.

Do your biz, get a giant soda and something from the fresh food area to go and a bag of bucee nuts for later.

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As a Louisianian, I measure my trips into Texas with these. I stop and get gas halfway at the Buccees. It's perfect

I absolutely love that there are billboards in Louisiana recording the distance to the closest Buc-ee’s... which is in the next state over.

Let's me know how much longer I have until smooth roads

16 points · 11 days ago

You must not be passing through Beaumont.

Hey its only been 10 years, that fucking bridge should be done in the next 10!

I wish I was joking... I hate that fucking bridge.

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31 points · 11 days ago

I personally like the Florida billboard advertising the ridiculous distance to the next one in Texas.

I always laugh at it when making the 18 hour Miami to Houston drive from hell. But hey from the middle of the Florida pan handle it’s only a thousand miles until the next bucees

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18 points · 11 days ago

I cannot wait for the Boerne Bucee’s to come. It’s lonely on I10W.

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Oh man the I-10 route never ends, but yeah those are welcome sights.

There was a new one being built in 2012, so of course there were billboards advertising for the new location...but the only thing on the billboard was “2012” in huge text and that smiling gopher face. I was in high school back then and did not think the whole Aztec calendar apocalypse hype was real, but for some reason when I saw that billboard I got scared.

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As someone from NJ I can measure by the number of Wawa's.

127 points · 11 days ago

In Texas, we actually measure the distance between Buc-ees like this:

“It’s only 4 more New Jerseys to the next Buc-ees!”

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"Bucky's" ?

"Byoo-cees" ?

"Buss-ees" ?

Texas' own shibboleth?


Either you’re gently mocking out-of-staters (a fine Texan pastime) or, son, you ain’t from around here.

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I think it’s the law that you have to stop at Buc-ee’s if you see one.

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Buc-ee’s is the best. Cleanest restrooms, best-priced fuel, good food, clothes, gifts.

If you ever go, try the beaver nuggets.

357 points · 11 days ago

I've only ever been to one Buc-ee's. It was on our way to Galveston from San Antonio but this one was HUGE. Anyway, someone had samples of the beaver nuggets. One bite convinced me to buy a big bag of them and eat them all on the rest of the trip. I ruined my appetite for dinner but it was worth it IMO.

New Braunfels or Luling?

Has to be Luling; New Braunfels is the wrong way. The one in New Braunfels is the largest gas station in the world, just an fyi.

Not anymore. Buc-ees in Katy is. I live less than a mile from the NB one. But going to Galveston from SA, either Luling or Katy is my bet.

There is also one in Texas City

My bet is this one. It’s right off 45 on the way to Galveston.

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NB is still the largest (more gas pumps, icee machines and sq ft.) Katy’s only claim to fame is, it has the longest car wash in the world.

Ok when we say the biggest some people don’t understand. As a transplant to Austin these places have 100+ fuel pumps.

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Has to be the one in Texas City I45 outside Galveston

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Try beaver nuggets in a bowl of milk - like cereal!

What exactly is a beaver nugget?

Corn syrup cooked into a crunchy ball of goodness with maple flavor added because it wasn’t sweet enough already.

5 points · 10 days ago

Essentially Corn Pops with more sugar

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I actually sent a package of Beaver Nuggets in my Reddit Secret Santa gift to someone in Cali.

What exactly are beaver nuggets?

Hmm, think like a combination of Corn Pops cereal and Crunch 'n Munch.

Im honestly not sure if that sounds wonderful or horrifying :)

They're normally rather addicting to people who have never tried them.

The local equivalent for me have the absolute best name. We call them "Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs".

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Imagine if pirate’s booty (the snack type) was lightly caramel coated instead of cheese dust.

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How is Buc-ee's pronounced?



No problem! If you’ve never visited one, you should sometime :)

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14 points · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

I have the privilege of living in a Bucees town and I will go there lunch, dinner, midnight snack or whatever. Its a true blessing


Check your privilege.

BEEP BOOP I'm a bot. PM me to contact my author.

Good bot

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20 points · 11 days ago

No where in the world has better beef jerky. Change my mind.

I won’t even try to change your mind, friend. I love me some Buc-ee’s beef jerky.

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9 points · 11 days ago

Or if in the morning the brisket and egg tacos !

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17 points · 11 days ago

They have some great salsa too. Their 5 amigos is fire (literally). Love the place

I’ll have to try that! Have you ever tried their BBQ sandwiches? Or their fudge? I could go on, really.

Yesss the pulled pork sandwich is the bestt

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Buccees is like the Disney world of gas stations. They originated in my home town and are going up everywhere now. At certain buccees, you can order food from the computer at the gas pump to be made while you're pumping gas! And I'll hold my pee in for hours just to get to a buccees restroom

What's up Lake Jackson!

Thats right! LJ in the house!

14 points · 10 days ago

Well this was unexpected. Hey y'all.

Fun fact, the owner of buccee's didnt want the lift station across the street from his house to look ugly. So he tried to donate $500k to the city so they could spruce it up with landscaping. But it wasn't a city project it was private installed by DOW chemical.

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Ron Paul Land FTW!

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That Way? No, This Way. Then Any Way? No, that's Wrong Way.

Giving directions is like a Laurel and Hardy skit come to life. Enormous live oaks all over town, though.

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YO! Gotta love Brazoria County!

11 points · 10 days ago

Hello fellow Lake Jacksonites 👋🏼

11 points · 10 days ago

There’s dozens of us on reddit! DOZENS!

Original Poster4 points · 10 days ago

And one in Angleton.

What's up fellow Angletonian?

Original Poster5 points · 10 days ago

Hey, there’s two of us.

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YO! Gotta love Brazoria County!

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Best gas station in Texas!

Best gas station anywhere.

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the interstate signs are the best... "The Top Two Reasons to Stop at Buc-ee’s: #1 and #2"

the stall is bigger than some office cubes.

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We need more of this. I’d work my ass off for this kind of company.

233 points · 11 days ago

Although the compensation is great, it is very difficult to get the hours necessary for any kind of full time employment. It's a fantastic second job prospect though

Do you have first hand knowledge of this? I just ask because the sign itself says otherwise. Kinda shitty if they don't really offer 40 hour weeks despite it being listed.

194 points · 11 days ago

I worked there for two years and always had 40 hours and often some overtime. Was not in a management position.

They are extreeeeemely strict though. You get one, 5 minute break per shift which is always at least 8 hours.

If you are (and I mean this 100% literally) a single minute late, you will get written up and if it happens three times you’re a goner. They do not care why you are late. Traffic, flat tire, dog died. You can have proof and they will still write you up. They don’t believe life happens.

For me, it worked. I was able to abide by the rules and make some decent money for the type of work it was but a lot of people wash out.

Edited to add: I worked overnight as well. I got paid two more dollars an hour and didn’t have to deal with dumbasses. But the country music on repeat, my God...

Damn, only one 5 min break for 8 hours worked? Isn’t that against the labor laws of Texas? I worked at HEB through college and for an 8 hour shift they were legally allowed to give you two fifteen minute breaks while clocked in and then a 30 minute lunch you had to clock out for. Seems like every job has its downsides, mostly it’s the ones that sound too good to be true.

EDIT: Just looked it up and breaks/ lunches are not required. It’s up to the employer to decide.

Lol labor laws in Texas.

I worked 12s in EMS and got 0 breaks.

Did you know that you would get 0 breaks or did you find out the hard way?

I knew. It honestly kinda comes with the territory, often labor laws have exemptions for emergency services anyway. Like firefighters don't get overtime until 48 hours because they ussually work 24 hour shifts.

But yeah Texas has like 0 labor laws. It's pretty much just the federal laws.

Firstly, thank you for the work that you do. Secondly, holy crap at the no breaks thing and what I've learned about labor laws in my state.

I love Texas, but boy howdy some of our laws are dumb. Did you know "homosexual conduct" is still a law that's on the books? It's been unconstitutional for more than a decade, but that doesn't stop us from having it on the books still.

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Which is insane if you think about it - how are you supposed to stay hydrated if you are working on your feet all day and only get one five minute break? It hot in Texas for most of the year and breaks are very necessary.

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So what you're saying us that it's a normal minimum wage job that pays 3$ more?

Not bad! Thanks for the info!

That’s $6-7/hr more than minimum wage in Texas ($7.25)

Good living wages in many of the small towns that have a Buc-ees.

I am going to be honest here, I had no idea what the Texas minimum wage was. I thought for sure it had to be higher than that, lol. Even Florida is 8.25$!

Found the one thing that isn’t bigger in Texas!

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115 points · 11 days ago

I live in the Houston area and had a friend work there for a short period. The 40+ hour weeks are only available for management level employees though. Cashier/server/attendant hours are capped for a pretty lengthy preliminary period

20 points · 11 days ago

Yeah most places lure you in with the 40hrs thing

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Well it doesn’t specify HOW available they are.

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I work here and I get 40+ (temple location)

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That pay and time off benefit is top notch for any gas station in the US, let alone TX. Cashing out and rolling PTO is usually not practiced in a lot of primarily blue collar industries. Definitely worth a look if you're in need of a job.

100 points · 11 days ago

Also keep in mind usually these things are put up in towns with like 1000 people. That kind of money in that area is HUGE!

It's very interesting to see this. Almost makes you wonder how they stay in business

45 points · 11 days ago · edited 10 days ago

They tend to pick small towns between huge cities. For example the one in New Braunfels is on your way into San Antonio from Austin. I believe there are two between Dallas and Austin. Great stops where you would otherwise have a shady gas station with no bathroom.

I'll have to check one of these out. Heading to Texas next month

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12 points · 10 days ago

They also picked there because there was no decent gas station for the people going to Schlitterbahn that wasn't meh. Also, there aren't alot of fast-ish food places in New Braunfels iirc.

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It's a really interesting business model. I've thought about it a lot and I'm not sure I still understand it well.

They don't allow semi-trucks, they guarantee the cleanest possible bathrooms, they offer great food options, they offer high margin purchases to travelers. It's a super easy and enjoyable experience to stop at. They've basically flipped the normal "truck stop" model (blue ocean strategy). They've made themselves a destination rather than a need/convenience. They're also 100% privately owned by super hands-on, dedicated managers/owners that have resisted the temptation to franchise or expand to quickly which would put them under pressure to cut costs. It's fucking brilliant.

They also sue the shit out of basically any other gas station that has an animal mascot within 5 states of where they operate. Pretty assholish but I guess they think protecting the brand is worth it.

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They stay in business because of quality. From coffee, to foods, to toilets. Every time i pass a buccees in the middle of nowhere, its packed. It is because they are awesome... toilets you might not get herpes from but ALSO clean? Coffee that isnt burnt for 12 hours? Uhm... fuck yeah. (My bar is really low though from lots of travel)

They're always in small towns, but they're always in between major cities on main highways. And everybody knows that Buc-ee's restrooms are the best, so everyone stops there.

5 points · 11 days ago

They're a rest stop / destination place, typically off a major highway. I pass the one in Madisonville (halfway between Dallas and Houston). It's perpetually PACKED with people. It's gigantic, so you don't notice, and because it's rural, I'm assuming the land was inexpensive to purchase / maintain.

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Some say if you park at one end of the pumps you can't see the last.

The Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels has 120 pumps, and the one in Katy has a looooooong car wash.

It’s the longest car wash in the world!

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The one in New Braunfels is the largest gas station in the world.

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holy shit I had to google street view that place, its enormous! The biggest gas station ive seen in Ontario, Canada is the new Costco one they just opened, only theres 18 pumps and the lineup on the weekend takes 20+ minutes lol

58 points · 11 days ago

Not to belittle your new Costco but that seems like a normal QT has station in Texas.

I have heard a rumor that many things are larger in Texas than they are in other parts of the world. I have also heard a rumor that in the central parts of Texas, after the sun has set, the visible stars are luminous and of above average size.

(clap clap clap clap)

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Yeah, that looks like a totally normal gas station to me. Most stations are smaller but one that size certainly isn't unusual. Maybe everything really is bigger in Texas.

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I've never checked the numbers, but I tried counting them once. I could have sworn it was 128.

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"A gas station chain in Texas"

shows Buc-ee's sign

Texans everywhere rage at the lack of respect shown to Buc-ee's

They are great stops while traveling. I’m fond of the Dr Pepper Icees!!

How dare you call them a gas station chain. Buc-ee's is so much more than that.

Indeed, my family and I worship there every Sunday. At first they thought we were crazy for praying to the Jerky God, but who is crazy now, mom?!?

Is it a sit down place? Or is the shop just really good?

You can't sit down there (no seats or tables), but they have BBQ and all that good stuff you need for the car ride to the next buccees.

Stopped at one for the first time earlier this year while traveling from out of state. Very cool concept but it sort of blew our minds that there wasn’t anywhere to sit down and eat.

I suppose on one hand, if they had a dining area then they’d have to make those places even more gargantuan and hire more people to keep the area clean (costly business decisions). Plus I can see where that would cause a congestion problem.

On the other hand, a place for us to eat our bbq sandwiches and kettle chips (both of which were pretty damn good) would’ve kept us in there longer looking at all the stuff. That extra 20 minutes probably would’ve resulted in us walking out the door with 2 more packs of beef sticks, a bag of beaver nuggets, a jar or two of salsa, and probably a freaking bird feeder.

Not really sit down but different counters with several types of foods offered.

9 points · 11 days ago

it's like a mini HEB to go but with a dedicated jerky bar and candy and road snacks, not veggies.

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65 points · 11 days ago

This is no ordinary gas station. This is a Buc-ee’s.


Nice. I'm a keyholder at a locally owned gas station and run the whole operation by myself while I'm there. (6 days a week) I handle all deliveries, orders, any and all stocking, pricing, write the checks, etc. and work 44-50 hours a week and I make $8.00 an hour, no overtime pay and if they do it's paid in cash under the books. The cash register is a dinosaur and only has enough memory for beer & tobacco so I have to remember the price of EVERYTHING else in the store and ring it all up manually every time. No benefits, nothing. My manager doesn't even know how to use a printer.. You guys got it lucky lmao.

Do you work in the US? If so then you have laws protecting you. Go here to read about how to file a complaint. You can even do this anonymously. I know it's tough and you fear for your job. While they may fire you (they legally can't fire you for this, but they may find some "other" reason) you will still be getting all that back pay at once, and that may be substantial if this has been going on for a while.

Many people were tortured, maimed, killed, and worse while fighting for the labor laws we now enjoy (meager though they may seem now in comparison to the rest of the developed world). Please don't let their sacrifice be for nothing.

You can even do this anonymously.

He's the only employee.

33 points · 11 days ago

Yeah see this is what people forget about with the whole 'Anonymous' reporting to agencies... when there are one to three employees, its very easy to tell who did it.

Working for small businesses is very exploitative here for that.

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My one word of advice is to relocate. Find a large cheap city with low unemployment ( like some in Texas) find someone on Craigslist looking for a roommate and move.

Trying to move when you live paycheck to paycheck is a bitch man.

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Dude, go to buc-ees!

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This is awesome. I used to be able to cash my unused holiday time but the company changed it a few years ago and now it’s use it or lose it. That check at the end of the year was always awesome.

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20lb bag of ice .99$

1 more reply

$14 to be a cashier? Three week PTO?? 401 𝔎?!?!


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Texan here. I've consistently heard that Bucee's is a pretty great place to work at as well if you're a young person/college individual. Similar to our H-E-B grocery stores, they try to accommodate student schedules and encourage schooling.

Bucee's has a pretty great reputation down here. As does HEB. It's almost as if treating your employees well will in turn have them treat customers well, and do their jobs well...

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The person who wrote the title is not A Texan.. Buc-ee's is an experience, not a gas station chain..

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Bucees has surpassed gas station

3 more replies

Buc-ee's is very loved in Texas and I can understand why.

Being pregnant and passing through a Buckee’s is AWESOME. You don’t know if you’re in the mood for fudge or jerky? Do you want white chocolate or dark? Turkey jerky or spicy? They will happily let you sample everything (real happy, not forced!) until you decide you just need both.

Use it, cash it, roll it, fix it, Trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it, Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it, Snap it, work it, quick, erase it

Bop it, twist it, pull it

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13 points · 11 days ago

I live 3 minutes from the Buc-ees in fort worth. It's one of the places we take out of town visitors. Get their picture taken with the Buc-ee statue.

12 points · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

Bucees is coming to an area 5 miles from me at an I95 junction here in FL. I live in a somewhat upscale area, and the residents are losing their shit over it. From what you all have said, though, Bucees sounds pretty awesome.

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24 points · 11 days ago

GAS STATION CHAIN? Get out, yankee!

That's some good pay, especially for Texas.

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19 points · 11 days ago

I knew as a manger I didn't have the best hourly wage, but seeing this just made me far more depressed about my job.

time to change ships

17 points · 11 days ago

I love that place. Went to TX to attend the Killer Instinct World Cup. Drove from NC (28hrs). Saw signs for this place but they gave me the wrong impression. "Ever had beaver? " . I was thinking "welp, never going there. Who eats beaver? Texas is weird, man"

On the way back I needed some coffee and gas. Saw it was just a gas station. Went inside and it was a heavenly buffet of coffee and breakfast food. Made the trip back in one session. I cant wait to go back for that place. And Whataburger. My god both those places are amazing.

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Cleanest public restrooms you could EVER find....and stalls for days.

18 points · 11 days ago

I’ve been doing IT work for 6+ years and there are car washers in Texas making more than me, fucking a...

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Bucc-ee’s is a destination. Love it!

Buccees is a way of life

They just won a trademark battle against an alligator.

Animal with hat = YOU STOLE OUR SHIT

4 more replies

Wow! Just looked them up on Wikipedia because I recognized the name and couldn’t figure out how. They just announced they are building a store at I-95 and LPGA Blvd. in Daytona Beach Florida where I live. WooHoo!

You better be careful who you call a gas station...Buccee’s is a treasure, a TREASURE!!

Ever since I regretfully moved out of Texas, I've missed my local bucee's... Best gas station on the planet.

Moved last year. I miss that and HEB. I don't miss the heat or 35 traffic.

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Honestly it's the chicken express and whataburger that I'd miss more.

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Buccees is the best shit ever

39 points · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

That Texas economy showing the rest of ‘Murica how to get woke

EDIT: Don’t trash on Texas, y’all. We don’t look kindly on it.

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Calling a Buccees just "a gas station" is a mortal sin

damn I work in a corporate office job and only get two weeks vacation

So what you are sayin is i could work at a gas station and make more money than I do now at a job I have been for a few years

As someone who’s making $4 less working as a care giver (daycare) this makes me feel like shit. I’ve worked at gas stations and it’s not the greatest, but I’m doing at least 2x the work and interacting with gross bodily functions daily, and man, child caregivers are paid shit wages.

I’m mostly using this as a way to get my aggressions out because a gas station is hiring at, again, $4 more than I’m making. But the kids I help are (probably) worth it. I just wish I felt more appreciated.

But dang, that’s $4 more an hour.

Anyways child caregivers and caregivers in general are underpaid and overworked. That’s not a place I’d like to send my kids.

(If you’re able to watch your children on camera at their daycare, please do. Make sure your child is getting the care you’d want them to get. Many daycares cut corners, please be wary.)

Most childcare givers work their asses off trying to give the best they can, but daycares (from experience, not current situation) cut corners and try to make families pay more while they give the children less care.

Anyways, it’d be great if signs like this were posted regularly. Good on this gas station for doing that.

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a. All submissions must be original and non-animated photographs.

b. All submissions must be original content. If you didn't take the picture, don't post it.

c. Software glitches/errors, overlaid text, arrows, scribbles, and other substantive edits are not allowed, although you may censor personal information per Reddit-wide rules.

d. Side by side images are okay if they adhere to the rest of the rules.

No screenshots

No screenshots. We define a screenshot as a screen grab. This means no images of screens, pictures of screens taken with a different device, images that have been partially or fully generated by a computer, or pictures of printed out screenshots. Try /r/screenshots!.

Titles Must Be Exact But Concise Description

a. Titles must not contain jokes, backstory, or other fluff. That information belongs in a follow-up comment.

b. Titles must exactly describe the content. It should act as a "spoiler" for the image. If your title leaves people surprised at the content within, it breaks the rule!

c. Titles must not contain emoticons, emojis, or special characters unless they are absolutely necessary in describing the image.

/r/MildlyInteresting Wiki

(packed with tons of juicy mildly interesting information)

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