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Bought a used Jimmy Eat World CD for $3, then discovered it was signed by the band. by neptune-pizza in mildlyinteresting

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Video of the transaction when it was sold to the used CD place. https://youtu.be/abtB1JGmmC4

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Salt and pepper up close by XiphiasZ in mildlyinteresting

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Warning: Don't click the link I'm replying to! This is a known spam bot. More info about him here.

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Salt and pepper up close by XiphiasZ in mildlyinteresting

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Same boot. Three years and 6,000+ hrs of work difference by bobnoga in mildlyinteresting

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Funny you say that. Im an amputee and when I'm working I have my workboot on my meat foot and my regular sneaker on my prosthetic

Same boot. Three years and 6,000+ hrs of work difference by bobnoga in mildlyinteresting

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You're a skilled shoe shiner, but 6,000 hours to restore a boot seems excessive.

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Im dressed like my box of Kleenex by azaleahey in mildlyinteresting

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It's not advisable; even plants can feel disappointment.

I ordered a $5 cardboard box and got an iPhone X by dotpan in mildlyinteresting

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Story: Dbrand was having a "Boxing Day Sale" where they were literally selling cardboard boxses. I've always kind of been a fan of the "shits and giggles" sales like this (see: Cards Against Humanity) and sometimes they include cheeky things for those willing to take the risk.

I decided to opt for the "Collectors Edition" box (neat design would be cool to use in projects or storage) for $10. I then almost instantly forgot about the purchase assuming nothing from it. Earlier today FedEx knocked on the door and had me sign for a package. Hadn't the slightest clue what it was. I opened it and saw the "I had $5 now I have this box" and chuckled remembering the stupid shit "past me" buys. The box felt heavy so I was stoked, maybe I got some skins, a mug, who knows. I open it and pull out an Iphone X 64GB (skinned with a dbrand skin) and Accessories. I proceeded to say "What the fuck" about 80 times.

tl;dr: Stupid impulsive buy 'past me' just got me an iPhone X for $10

EDIT: Since so many people think I'm shilling for them (if only I could land a gig like that) or some other shit, here's proof of me with the iPhone (taken on my superior Google Pixel 2 XL) with my stupid ass wanna-be Macklemore haircut, my unkempt (thanks /u/jerkITwithRIGHTYnewb) beard, and my 3D printer making Catan tiles in the back: https://i.imgur.com/zjrKVjF.jpg

PS: To those the internet has lied to and hurt, I'm sorry you were wronged, this is a safe place.

I ordered a $5 cardboard box and got an iPhone X by dotpan in mildlyinteresting

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I was a solider up in Alaska protecting a nuclear weapons disposal site. We had an intruder! I followed his footprints and it led me to the aforementioned box!? That's when Snake popped out, ALERT! I call for backup. He shot my several times with a high power riffle then escaped through an air vent. I tossed a pineapple it but he crawled too fast. When my boss came by in his Hind-D he raked me over the coals for that one.

I ordered a $5 cardboard box and got an iPhone X by dotpan in mildlyinteresting

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Well, consider yourself the first iPhone buyer to get a good deal.

I have only four fingers on my left hand, and have and index finger instead of my thumb by evan4765 in mildlyinteresting

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This is one of my favorite things from studying neuro! There are clusters of neurons in your spine (ganglia) which contain circuits called "central pattern generators" (CPGs). These take a simple signal and translate it into a series of more complex signals.

So when you're walking on autopilot, your brain is sending a single "walk" signal. The CPG in the base of your spine receives that signal and generates the "left leg, right leg" loop. If the brain starts sending stronger "walk" signals, the ganglion switches your stride to a jogging pattern, and then a running pattern.

So when you're deliberately paying attention to where you're placing each foot, it's actually a different behavior than walking!

These patterns can get very complex and involve the whole body too. They did an experiment involving a goose with electrodes in its spine. When they turned the "walk" signal up past "run" strength, the goose started trying to fly!

The Confederation Bridge in Canada cuts ice like french fries. by billerz15 in mildlyinteresting

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As someone who is an islander, who has worked on the maintenance crew on the confederation bridge, my father has worked there since it opened in 1997, and I grew up with the bridge in my front yard, and I’ve never seen the ice break so... perfectly? It’s usually just a bunch of broken up ice.. neato!

How about this one. Did you know there’s a tunnel inside the bridge, where all the electrical lies, and you can literally walk from one end to the other inside. Lighting is a bunch of old incandescent streetlights mounted in the wall. The piers are hollow and dark. Where you cross them is a few 2x4s and handrail. Creepy and don’t look down. Also at the east approach there is a playground resembling the old ferry boats, and a bunch of square cement blocks, numbered. I believe each block was made with each pier for core samples without leaving the shore, although they do go out on the boat (named Pier 45, a repurposed fishing vessel with a diving apparatus on the back) and go take core samples regularly.

Each pier also used to have heavy steel shields around the base for ice breaking in the winter, a few years back these were cut off by a team of divers and dropped to the bottom of the Northumberland Strait as it would have cost way too much to remove.

The bridge driving surface isn’t regular ashphalt. It has a rubber mixed in with it to improve traction, and was paved by a private company from Quebec.

The Confederation Bridge is the longest bridge over ice covered water.

The Confederation Bridge is privately owned, and is monitored 24/7 by cameras, and only one short piece isn’t covered by camera. (Will not say where).

Years back a woman from New Brunswick jumped from the bridge, attempting to commit suicide.(First time ever) It was a foggy night, and I believe around 2am when a patroller came across her car sitting in the one blind spot of the bridge with the 4ways on, nobody in sight. He could hear her screaming but couldn’t see anything in the fog and dark. He called the fire department (members were also on the maintenance crew for the bridge, and fishermen) two or three of them hopped on one of their fathers fishing boats, and went out to find her in the fog and rain, not to mention lighting on the fishing boat wasn’t meant for search and rescue. They actually found the girl and rescued her. Brought her back to the wharf where the paramedics took her to the hospital. She had a broken nose and two black eyes, I believe besides bruising and some mental issues she was mostly okay.

It is illegal to stop on the Confederation Bridge. It is also illegal to pull over, pass another vehicle, drive over 80km/h (or posted speed limit in that area as they are variable based on weather or construction etc.), walking, bicycling, etc is also illegal on the bridge.

The bridge operates a shuttle service year round. They have a custom made trailer to haul up to I believe 15 bikes, and have a 15 passenger van, although if there are only 3/4 passengers, the driver, who is also a patroller, will usually just take you across in the patrol truck (F-150 decked out with lights toolboxes logos etc)

To cross the bridge in a car, pickup, or other two axle vehicle it’s around $45 one way, a motorcycle is something like $17, ambulances and rcmp have a transponder that charges their services to cross as well. If you have a trailer on you car or truck, you pay like $7/8 per axle also. I know transports and tour buses pay a lot but some have transponders and I’m not sure of cost. Shuttle users I believe are $4. All tolls are paid leaving Prince Edward Island, but is free to cross from New Brunswick.

The main office for the Confederation Bridge is in Borden Carleton, PEI. This consists of the computers and IT equipment that controls all signage on the bridge, toll booths, buildings, cameras, you name it. Pay offices, and management offices are also here. There is a diesel generator room that can produce enough power to run the whole town of Borden Carleton, pop. Approx 1000 people. Any employees I know are unsure as to whether this generator is connected to the town grid or not, as the town already has a massive generator of its own. This office also has safe room, where the money is sent out to the toll booths and back via underground tubes and capsules. No money is carried by hand to or from the toll booths. The PEI office also used to house the control room, where the Controller on duty would monitor all the cameras on the bridge, east and west approach, toll booths and offices in PEI and NB. This is now done in New Brunswick, just off the bridge at the Cape Jourimain Nature Center, also where shuttle users wait to cross as well.

The Controller watches all cameras, authorizes wide load crossings, dangerous goods crossings, phone calls, incident reports, things like that. They also monitor where the Patroller on duty is and the Shuttle driver (usually patroller unless it’s busy).

Patroller crosses the bridge periodically, to check for road debris, they assist broken down vehicles, call tow trucks, advise the controller to call in the snow plow, sand or salt truck, speed sign changes, sometimes drive the shuttle, and also some patrollers are also trained to drive the plow as well.

Toll booth workers are on 12 hour shifts, have a tv in the toll booth, are usually bilingual (English French) and are usually bored. Lol

Maintenance crew workers also drive the snow plow, clear around buildings, cut grass, drive the sweeper truck, boom truck, perform all work on the bridge. If a diver team comes in the maintenance crew takes them out on their boat, if a paving crew comes in, maintenance still oversees it. They have their own shop, and any needed equipment is available. They have their own boom truck, sweeper truck, plow, massive loader, small tractor, 12/13 f150s stocked with tools and with roof lights, a f450 with a custom dump box, forklift, you name it they have it and if not they can get it. The crew consists of welders, carpenters, mechanics, etc. Very skilled.

Any questions feel free to pm me, sorry I got carried away. This is my lifeblood lol

EDIT: if I think of more, I’ll add to this under this comment! Didn’t realize there would be such interest!

The bridge laws are enforced by RCMP. Patrollers are trained in Law and Security (police course) but do not carry guns or handcuffs. RCMP are nearby, and cross regularly.

The tunnel/pathway inside the bridge, if I remember correctly, carries one of 3(?) main power cables to Prince Edward Island.

Sorry guys, I don’t think robbing the vault is a viable option... I honestly don’t think there’s much kept in there.. just enough to keep the change for toll booths.. I believe they use a bank like most businesses lol

As there have been a lot of people asking why the steel ice shields were removed, I really hate to give a crappy answer but I honestly don’t remember the actual reason for it besides corrosion and looking like crap. I think they were in the way of other work that needed to be done as well. I’m sorry it’s been years since they were removed..

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This store has a special cart for those who don't want to be approached by an employee by feladirr in mildlyinteresting

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Your username implies you're better at finding them then you let on.

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I found a Stargate in my hotel. by manlybeer in mildlyinteresting

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Pretty sure it’s to visit some Egyptian dude.

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I found a Stargate in my hotel. by manlybeer in mildlyinteresting

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Thank you Daniel Jackson, but what does it do?

This hotel phone that gives you an option for bedtime stories. by ryusomad in mildlyinteresting

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Very kind of you! No worries, you’ve got me fired up enough now to try it.

the leak in my mother I laws roof collected between the paint and the wall by 90percentimperfect in mildlyinteresting

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Is this a new Daft Punk song I haven't heard yet?

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