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Posted byArmy Veteran1 month ago
Stickied postModerator of r/Militaryfaq

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I know I talk to a recruiter to schedule an ASVAB test, but is that something you should do months before taking it, or when you want to take it very soon? Basically, I'm not sure when to contact a recruiter to schedule an ASVAB.


My recruiter is currently building my OCS packet, and I'm pretty much done, did ASVAB, just need to put in my letters of recommendations. However, my recruiter is pushing a mid-July board interview date. Problem is I need to lose 20 lb to be in reg, and I'm pushing my PT score from the 180 I am now to 250. Easily do-able in 3 months time. Any way I can push my MEPS date and APFT date to August, or even September?

EDIT* I don't know what I was stressing about. Called my recruiter, 30 second conversation, literally he just said he's obviously not going to send me to MEPS if I can't make height and weight, and just asked I keep checking in with him till I'm ready. Time to graft hard for the next few months.


Would it be a bad idea to just focus on scoring well on the AFQT side of things?


I'm posting here because my odd work hours will make it difficult to get with a recruiter, so I thought I should see whether or not I'd even have a shot first.

So I enlisted in the army back in late 2011, early 2012 in an attempt to get my shit together. I went through MEPS and was put on a delayed entry program to get the college credits I needed to enlist with a GED. I met a girl shortly before my classes were due to start and backed out of the whole thing. Went to the recruiter's office, told them I wasn't feeling it, listened to some shit talking, signed some papers, and that was the end of it.

Fast forward to now. I'm 26. I've pretty much gotten my shit together, but I'm stagnant, have no way to pay for any kind of schooling, and am kind of stuck where I'm at. I'm thinking of serving a term in the army for the training and education benefits, but don't know if I'd even be eligible.

Some basic info:


Age: 26

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 155

No health issues. Taking one medication for depression.

No felonies but several misdemeanors, mostly alcohol related including 2 DUIs(most recently 2014). No drug charges. I'm completely out of the court system. No probation, fines all paid, etc. My driver's license is still revoked though.

GED with no college.

ASVAB scores were always pretty good. Got a 76 in high school and an 81 when I took it in 2011.

So, with all of the above considered, do I have a shot?


Hey everyone, im almost 17 and I planning on enlisting into the Marine Corps. have a peanut and tree nut allergy. Never had anaphalaxys but just until today I realised something like this can DQ me from enlisting. Finding this out is really devastating to me because this could ruin my dreams. What are my options? Is there any way to get a waiver?


Hi everybody,

I’ve recently graduated college with a four year degree and am looking into getting commissioned as an officer in one of the four branches of the United States military. I’m currently reaching out to recruiters to get the process underway and see what my options are.

Unfortunately, I have mild asthma, and I have a couple questions that I would really appreciate help with before I go in and talk to any recruiters.

Firstly, I think it’s important to say that I don’t have the typical asthma brought on by allergies or physical activity. I grew up playing sports my entire life and work out and run a minimum of six days a week. Physical activity itself is no problem whatsoever. The type of asthma I have can be considered “nocturnal asthma,” which means that it only flairs up once or twice a week while I sleep, mostly due to sinus drainage.

All it requires is for me to take one puff every few nights in the middle of the night and I am completely fine. This is without me being on any daily control medication. When I am on my once-daily inhaler, all I need to do is take a quick puff before bed time and I will be good to go through the night.

So my questions are as follows:

1) Does anyone know if this will still be an automatic disqualifier, even though it does not prevent me from excelling in physical activity?

2) If not, will they allow me to use my once daily inhaler (not rescue inhaler) as long as they are able to hang onto it to track my usage?

3) Does anyone know of someone who has ever gotten a waiver for asthma?

4) If you guys think it’s an automatic disqualifier, would I be better off risking it and not bringing it up to my recruiter at all? I’ve seen people say that it’s better to just keep your mouth shut and try to push through it, but I would like to hear some more opinions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know some of you are probably tired of hearing this question, but I genuinely think that my case is different than most, given that it in no way interferes with my ability to take part in physical activity. I assure you that I’m not bullshitting or trying to pull a fast one. If nocturnal asthma is an automatic disqualifier, I can accept that. I just don’t want to be written off because they think that I won’t be able to make it through the physical activity/drills.

EDIT: I should probably also mention that I’m about 6’1” 170 lbs with a lean, cut physique. I just thought I should state that so that people aren’t under the impression that I’m overweight or out of shape.

As I said earlier, I played sports year-round my entire life and currently work out and run almost daily. I can run 1.5 miles in just under 10 minutes, do about 50 good technique push ups in under 2 minutes, and max out the sit ups portion of the PFT without question, and I can definitely boost these numbers with more work. Will my physical shape be taken into account? If so, that would make me feel a lot better.


I went to the library and they had just gotten the Kaplan 2018-2019 ASVAB prep but I’m not sure how accurate it is or how useful it would be. Any other test peeps out there?


I've been looking into going to college for IT, and looking at where I could potentially get a job. Corporate life sounds nice enough, but I've heard that the military, or really any government IT position, pays a little more, along with the added benefits of being enlisted in the military. So how would I go about getting some information on how to enlist? Can I even specifically ask to be placed in an IT-like position, and not field combat? Or is it more of a "okay, you'd prefer this, we'll keep it in mind, but wherever you end up is where you end up"?


Hey guys, I plan on enlisting next year but I want to lose some weight and get in really good shape during that time, do you have any advice on how to do that? Thanks in advance.


Hello all,

I am a 24yo male with no prior military experience and I will soon be finishing Paramedic school. I have 2 years experience working inner city 911 EMS as an AEMT. I have a bachelor's degree in a health- science related field and am looking to my next step career-wise. I understand PA school is possible through the military but am a little confused as to how it works. Do you get into a PA school and then join the reserve while you go to school? I attempted to research PA information for the airforce but was only able to find nursing, dental, and medical school information; nothing about PA.

So what I am asking, is what are the most realistic options and possible career paths? I am getting older already and don't want to be 30 and realize I missed my chance. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.


Hi all-

I’ve been doing some research and am kind of confused. I have seen a couple different answers. I was on 20mg of Paxil for anxiety/depression for only two months before being taken off by my doctor. After looking around I am getting mixed answers of people saying that as long as you’re off for three months before you enlist you’re fine, others saying you have to be off for at least a year.

Was just wondering if this will negatively impact my chances. Thanks!


I'm a 20 year old male, living in California, who wants to seek a career in the military. I'll go ahead and admit I am unable to enlist in the military due to a medical diagnosis (Atypical Autism) however, it hasn't interfered in my life for many reasons. I can handle noise, commandments, and problems just like a normal person. There's nothing totally different, and have been taking regular classes in college, and do just about average for a guy like myself.

However, ever since I have been rejected, I just couldn't resist, joining has been my main goal ever since I was 10, and just needed to find every loophole I can to enlist. I ended up discovering a medical wavier, a very interesting and highly important key for me to achieve a spot in boot camp. I am curious to hear if anybody knows how to obtain a medical wavier, and how long they normally take to be granted. Along with the confirmation that it could be the key to enlist.


Aaron M.


Prior service AD Army currently in the process of trying to go into the Air guard and already working with a recruiter but having second thoughts now because the AF isn't a guarantee for prior service members from other branches ,so I'm thinking about going back into the Army instead. My question is can I work simultaneously with both recruiters from both branches to see which one ends up working out?


So I’ve been studying to take the ASTB and I am heavily interested in aviation. I just got off the phone with my Air Force recruiter as well and she told me that I’m going to take the AFOQT around October. I also have a letter of recommendation from an O-5 Air Force retired pilot. I’ve been trying to get as much gouge on both lifestyles as possible, but the Internet is sometimes not the most reliable thing. I just wanted to know what the lifestyle is like in both branches, and yes I realize one I’d be on a carrier for every 5 out of 8 deployments in the Navy. I’m looking for real answers not pick who your favorite flight team is or anything like that. I also would like to add I will probably be also starting a family in the next 3-5 years, so if anyone has personal experience with that, it’d be great. I will be graduating in December and want the best life for both my family and I. I understand deployments and my gf grew up an Air Force brat so she also does. Any help would be greatly appreciated and input to family life would be wonderful. Thank you to all who served and are serving, hopefully one day soon I can join the ranks.


I know that having a bachelor's degree will help me earn promotions in general, but I wasn't sure if it was a 'you have a bachelor's so you're going to be e4' dealeo like it is prior to enlisting.


I went to MEPS for my physical and didn't realize I was swearing in and signing contracts that day. Not only did my 4 year contract get changed to 6 years (which i'm okay with) but I didn't realize there was no sign on bonus. Is it normal not to get a bonus with this type of MOS?


Hey guys so this is gonna be my first reddit post. At the moment i am a junior in high school, i wanted to enlist in early enlistment in the marine corps in the next coming months. I’ve had ADHD ever since 1st grade and i have been taking vyvvanse ever since 1st grade. This is the last month that i am going to be taking it, i won’t be taking any medication during my senior year. I told my recruiter this and he wants me to lie at meps and not say anything about ADHD and my medication. If i get caught i’m screwed. If I wait a year to enlist after I stop taking my medication how hard will it be to get the waiver for it? what are my chances? I’ve always wanted to be a marine and now i’m getting really terrified that i might not actually become one. Can anyone enlighten me on the process of getting a medical waiver and what i have to do to get accepted? What are the chances of getting caught if i lie?


How do I maximize my chance of going into combat in the Army when enlisting, besides choosing infantry. Are there specific units I can join that have better chances or is it a luck of the draw thing?


So I'm done with my life everything sucks and only time I remember being happy was in the cadet corps when I was a kid and having hopes of joining the military, only thing that held me back was my mom saying she'd disown me if I did but yea life never got better, so I have a huge question, anyone got any tips on how to get physically fit for the military? I'm average built and down to do anything to not be dead weight, if anyone could suggest a workout routine of appreciate that also


I was prescribed Adderall from age 19-23, (Used it to get through school even though I didn't technically *need* it). I never take it anymore and my doctor said he'll write me up a note if necessary. I've read a lot about the military disqualifying people for having Adderall prescribed on their medical records. I'm 24 now and only been off adderall for about a year, have yet to talk to a recruiter so I'm just looking for some general information before making the move.

Will the military still accept me despite being prescribed Adderall in the past? If so, how long would I have to be off it for? Will a doctors note be enough for me to be approved for a waiver?

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