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Do not repost posts that are in the top 30 on this subreddit. Doing so will result in you getting temporarily banned for a week, and the second time you do it, you will be permanently banned.

This rule is being implemented to reduce the amount of reposts on this subreddit. Every day, a popular repost is upvoted to the front page of this subreddit. This needs to stop. We need creativity and originality on this subreddit. Please follow this simple rule, as I would not like to ban anyone.

Edit: This rule now also applies to reposting content that was posted within the last three days. If you wish to repost content, at least wait 3 days before doing so. This is to prevent the subreddit from being filled with the same content. Failing to comply with this rule will result in a ban after two strikes.

Here is an explanation of the strikes:

Strike one: The removal of your post.

Strike two: You will be temporarily banned.

After your two given strikes you will be permanently banned.

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This is a place for any and all thumbnails that may trick you into thinking the photo is of something else. It doesn't have to be sexual, as long as its misleading. Please don't tag your posts NSFW, as that gets rid of the thumbnail.

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