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I’m Takashi Miike, filmmaker of AUDITION, 13 ASSASINS, ICHI THE KILLER, and my 100th film BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL. AMA!

Hi Reddit, I’m Takashi Miike, and I would like to chat about my 100th film - the new samurai action epic BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL (in theaters today) based on the manga series. We can also talk about any of the 99 films I made previously, or anything you’d like! AMA. I enjoyed doing this Reddit, thanks for all the questions!!


Edit: That is all the time we have, thank you for your questions! BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is in theaters now, get tickets here:

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152 points · 8 months ago

Hollywood loves to remake foreign films, with varying degrees of success, but if you could remake any Hollywood movie and give it your style, what would it be?

Original Poster292 points · 8 months ago

What was offered to me was a remake of Mad Max. That was before the most recent remake, by George Miller. When I watched the remake I felt like I could have done that remake too. But I guess if we are being exact, the most recent Mad Max film isn't exactly a "Hollywood" film...

46 points · 8 months ago


What's shocking? The fact he was offered it? I'm sure tons of people are offered films and don't choose them. or is it that he thinks he could do the same film?

16 points · 8 months ago

Yeah, the fact they offered it to a japanese director is cool

What the hell is wrong with you two?

What seems to be the problem officer

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A tangential thought, but I thought it was really cool that after decades of Hollywood remaking samurai films into Westerns many of them starring Clint Eastwood, a samurai remake of Clint Eastwood's final western Unforgiven, was made a few years ago.

I always thought this was something that flowed both ways. I mean, Yojimbo certainly feels like a Western.

Yeah you might want to realize that Fistful of Dollars was such a ripoff of Yojimbo that the Japanese owners won a case against it.

12 points · 8 months ago

While Fistful of Dollars is obviously a ripoff, it's worth a note that Yojimbo takes a lot of inspiration from Dashiell Hammett's Red Harvest. Of course, Red Harvest isn't a Western either - it's a mob crime book.

Comparing inspiration of a story for a movie vs straight stealing scenes from a movie for another movie is disengenious.

5 points · 8 months ago


I actually had that film in mind when the question came to me. I haven't gotten around to seeing it yet.

There's a Korean movie called The Good, The Bad, and The Weird

And it's mental in a really really good way but it's a very long way from being a remake of a remake of anything, never mind TGTBaTU.

Legit, thanks for linking this; I would have never known of it otherwise.

How the hell did I not know that this existed.... Thanks!

Brah Star Wars is basically the final cycle of this with samurai films being remade within a frame of reference of samurai films being remade.

Oooh. I like this question!

118 points · 8 months ago

What’s your relationship with Quentin Tarantino? I know he’s a big fan of yours.

Favourite Tarantino film?

Thank you for the Audition.

Original Poster256 points · 8 months ago

I find him to be a presence worthy of surprise and admiration. He has an incredible amount of talent and I personally think of him with much respect and also with a good amount of surprise. Specifically the way his debut as a filmmaker came about was remarkable. When he came out with Reservoir Dogs, I thought wow this indie director has come and surprised us all. And then he comes out with Pulp Fiction which won Palme d'Or. When I look at his scripts I think there is no way a person can have a life that is so full of this deep fictional deceit and complicated plot. I think he is a very admirable director.

81 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

How long does it take for one of your films to get made? 100 films in 26 years is insane!! Do you still enjoy your job as much as when you started?

Original Poster125 points · 8 months ago

I don't feel much differently than when I made the first movie. As for the time, for filmmaking it depends on each film. Some films can be filmed in one day and some take 100 days to film. Some take one day to edit and some of them take 3 months to edit. So out of the 100 films that I've made so far, it really depended on every film, every time. However, each film felt fresh to me and every time I had a new project it was my first time doing that kind of project. But for me, the past is in the past and when I get my next new project, I really see it as something new and fresh. And I still feel that way, the same as when I started.

you must be glad terrence malick isn’t editing your films

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What's your favorite horror manga?

Original Poster112 points · 8 months ago

There is a Japanese manga artist named Hino Hideshi and his mangas were very scary to me when I was a child. He is a very prolific manga artist.

Panorama of Hell is one of my favorite comics ever

Man, I can't find a copy of that anywhere oTL Someday,,

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Which American actors would you like to work with?

Original Poster310 points · 8 months ago

There is a veteran actor, who is very well respected that I've always wanted to work with. And that's Christopher Walken. And in talking to other filmmakers about this, they say well he might do it if you have a dance scene. So I've even gone so far as to think "well then I would like to make a movie that has a dance scene in it." He is a superb actor.

"I would... Gladly... Accept this... Offer of Collaboration."

Walken would be great as a mob boss in a Miike film.

What's your favorite American horror film?

Original Poster201 points · 8 months ago

That would be the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Whoa.Takashi Miike just answered my question.

How’d it feel?

I don't know, I'm still contemplating

Whoa.zootskippedagroove6 just answered my question.

How'd it feel?

I don't know, I'm still contemplating

Whoa. TheSecretPlot just answered my question.

10 points · 8 months ago

How'd it feel?

I can't wait to watch blade of the immortal. What films should i watch that inspired this project?

Original Poster103 points · 8 months ago

If you haven't seen it yet, I would suggest watching 13 Assassins. It has some of the same mortal battle scenes however the purpose of those battles is completely different. In fact you could say the purpose for the battles in 13 Assassins is actually the flip side of the purpose in Blade of the Immortal. Almost the opposite view.

Personally, how do you think your films reflect Japanese culture and what are the take aways that you want your viewers to get out of your films?

Original Poster85 points · 8 months ago

I am not specifically conscious of this but since I was born and raised in Japan I think that it is a natural part of my films. However, it has never been my intention to use films as a way to spread Japanese culture. And as for the takeaways, I like to leave that up to the audience. I give them the film and they decide what they're going to take away from it. It's not really a give and take relationship. However whatever it is that they feel when they watch my films is what I want them to take away. I don't think they need to dig into it any deeper than that, but whatever feelings they have, I hope feeling those feelings in their heart is the main takeaway.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to violence?

Original Poster134 points · 8 months ago

I don't really try to place limits or restrictions on what I think should be a set criteria. I think it really depends on the moment and the character, the action, the victim. All of these things are factors in determining if the way violence is expressed is appropriate or not. I don't see there being a set criteria for when it's too much or not. Depends on the circumstances. And I personally don't think the expression of violence in film should specifically be limited in black and white terms.

10 points · 8 months ago

This is a great answer. Too often in these sensitive times I read reviews or blogs where people say this or that should literally never be used in a film (especially when it comes to sexual violence). Such a limiting attitude and I love how when going to a Takashi Miike film you never know what to expect or how far he might go. Imprint ans Visitor Q really disturbed me in the best possible way.

I know this is an old reply, just wanted to say, I agree wholeheartedly with what you said, and you said it well.

Thank you for the answer!

20 points · 8 months ago

When you were directing Box for Three... Extremes were there any unique challenges you faced when creating a segment for an anthology film? For example, did you feel like you needed to change your story to better compliment Park Chan Wook's segment?

Original Poster32 points · 8 months ago

What I can say is the main difference was the amount of time allowed for the film. We had three segments each of 20 minutes leading to an overall length of one hour. That was something fresh and novel for me. In the case of a feature film you have set expectations of at least being an hour and a half. Making 20 minute segments was very novel. If we had made 2 minute segments it would have been even more different. I think the length had a big impact. However, I also have to look at the content of the film. We look at the three countries that are the topics of this work, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan and there was one common theme in all 3: fear. However, whether this was about violence related fear or mental fear, we didn't define that. There weren't any rules about what was going to be considered horror or not. And we didn't worry much about striking a balance there. So in that sense, it wasn't much different from my other films.

Oh man, the Three Extremes was fantastic. More people need to see it.

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What film of yours do you want to be best remembered for?

Original Poster147 points · 8 months ago

I think Visitor Q.

This is awesome to hear. A couple friends of mine didn't get this film and thought I was nuts for enjoying it. I feel so vindicated! :) It was the first Miike film I ever saw - stumbled upon it by accident at a film festival in Montreal years ago, had no idea what I was in for, and loved it.

I did not expect this answer. Great movie, and love the ending. I doubt the majority of general public out there would agree with me.

Yes! When I talk about your work, Visitor Q is the piece I tell people to make sure they check out.

Visitor Q is one of favourite films ever, the ending is so surprisingly moving and uplifting given what preceded it.

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What is the most important classic Japanese film for a Western audience to see & why?

Doumou arigatou gozaimasu Miike-san! Lovely to see you here in an AMA.

Original Poster76 points · 8 months ago

Well, my general answer is Akira Kurosawa because it's entertaining. He's a master and a legend and he's influenced so many filmmakers in different parts of the world. However, on a personal level, I would recommend Kenji Misumi as a director of big screen films in Japan. But I don't know if he is very widely known.

Kenji Misumi

The Zatoichi and Lone Wolf and Cub films have a solid cult audience in the US.

I am familiar with the Zatoichi films (and the reimagining of the blind swordsman with Rutger Hauer in the USA in 1989 called Blind Fury). They are wonderful entertainment.

But I am delighted with your reply. Thank you Miike-san!

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r/Movies Veteran
15 points · 8 months ago

Of all your films, which was the most difficult to shoot?

Original Poster39 points · 8 months ago

Honestly, I didn't feel that about any of my films. That doesn't mean any of them were particularly easy to film...

What is your favorite scene in Blade of the Immortal??

Original Poster68 points · 8 months ago

That would be the opening scene from where the movie starts until the main title appears. Personally I like that scene that goes from black and white and becomes color.

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12 points · 8 months ago

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Blade of the Immortal...

What's your next Manga project? Is there something weird or ridiculous you'd love to bring to the screen that might even be too much for you?

Evil Studio Shill
26 points · 8 months ago

What is a film that has influenced your work that we might not have guessed?

Original Poster76 points · 8 months ago

As entertainment, or films you'd watch for fun, I really enjoyed films by Steven Spielberg when I was a child. His films could touch viewers of many ages all over the world. I have realized that there are excellent filmmakers doing something completely different than what I'm doing. And I respect those people. For example, my film Ichi the Killer was influenced a lot by Spielberg's work. When talking about being influenced for me, being influenced by someone else teaches me a valuable lesson. Which is even if you try to copy what someone else has done, you can't achieve it. You can do your own thing very well but some of my influencers have taught me the lesson that even if I try to imitate what they're doing, I can't quite get there. So you may not be able to copy what someone else does, you may not be able to do what they do, but here is something that you can do very well.

[...] Ichi the Killer was influenced a lot by Spielberg's work.

I’ll take “things you don’t hear every day” for $400, Alex.

Yeah that line struck me as odd haha. I wish I could ask a follow-up: HOW was Spielberg's work an influence on Ichi the Killer?

I think it all comes back to jizzing in a potted plant

Oh! Didn’t ET do that also?

No, thinking of something else. Never mind.

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Hello Miike! Huge fan of your films! Especially 13 Assassins, Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai , Audition, and Ichi The Killer! One of my personal favorite movies you did was the Ace Attorney adaptation of the video game, I found it a lot of fun and really enjoyed how you captured the game in the film, what was behind your decision to pick that project? Were you a big fan of the series? How was it adapting a video game into a film? Thank you so much for all the films and I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve in the future including Blade Of The Immortal!

If you had to describe Blade of the Immortal in 3 words, what would it be?

Original Poster38 points · 8 months ago

The three words that I would say describe Blade of The Immortal: tenderness, light and dark (as one concept), and gory.

That sounds exciting! I enjoy the exploration of the concept and theme of duality (light and dark.) Can't wait to check out Blade of the Immortal.

Takashi come back , I didn't know you were AMA!

Imagine how I feel

I didn't even realize the movie came out... Goddamnit, there goes my chance to catch it in theatres...

2 points · 7 months ago


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How do you feel about cinema dying out and being replaced instant streaming mini series? Will film as an art persevere?

Original Poster63 points · 8 months ago

Whether feature films will survive or not is something the viewers will decide. If audiences want them to survive, for example. But what I will say is that feature films have a special nostalgia to them. They're linked to a specific moment in time and a specific memory. For example I saw this movie in that movie theater with my girlfriend or this group of friends, right? It's a medium that's available to be enjoyed for a limited time in a limited place and that creates memories which translates to happiness for the audience, even though the limited nature of it might be inconvenient. So I'm not going to insist that feature films absolutely should survive but I feel like if they don't, it will be too bad and that we will be at a loss.

That's great, thank you so much for your response! You keep making films, I'll keep watching them.

Do you ever think you'll take a break from making movies?

Original Poster46 points · 8 months ago

Well, even if I don't decide to take a break, eventually the time will come when I'm not receiving any work as a director. So until that time, I have no plans to take a break. are a bad ass supreme talent!..bless you my man.

Thanks for doing this I'm a huge fan of your films! My question would be: Who do you think are the most influential directors working today and why?

What are your thoughts on the fantasy genre and would you ever consider directing a Berserk movie? I think your style would fit perfectly since Berserk is a dark fantasy world.

Have you ever thought of making a film from a Junji Ito manga? I know his mangas are very hard to adapt, but considering your work on Gozu, Ichi the Killer, and Visitor Q, I think you would be one of few directors to be able to pull it off.

Thank you for 13 assassins!

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I have to say that I really appreciate you doing this and I love your films!

8 points · 8 months ago

You've made movies based on video games and manga like Blade of the Immortal and JoJo's, are there any other series you would personally like to make a movie adaptation of if given the chance?

Maybe from a series that would be a passion project that might not otherwise be possible?

Berserk plz

Berserk is simply an impossible mission though and doesn't really cater for one movie. Even if the focus would be on one battle.


Big fan of your films, particularly your more Western inspired films such as Sukiyaki Western Django!

My question is, what was it like working with Quentin Tarantino for that film, and as a follow-up, do you have a favorite film of his?

Thank you!

It's an honor to have you here, sir! Thanks for stopping by! I just watched Blade of the Immortal, and had a blast, so thanks for that.

My question was about the stylistic choices displayed by members of Anotsu and his Itto-ryu in Blade of the Immortal. The clothing and hair styles seemed to represent a number of different eras and genres. I felt that Anotsu represented a sort of duality, in that he wanted to destroy the sword school system while simultaneously become a part of it. Was the clothing and hair styling choices of the Itto-ryu meant to reflect this, in that you wanted to pay homage to classic samurai tropes while breaking down the classic image associated with this era and genre?

Mr. Miike, I've been a huge fan for decades now. I was lucky enough to see both Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Blade of the Immortal this year at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal over the summer. Blade of the Immortal is such a fantastic piece of work, I'm still thinking about.

My question is in regards to your preparation. You make multiple movies a year, I've always been curious to know how far in advance you're thinking, and how you're able to schedule out time for the pre-production/production/post-production of the many movies per year you've been doing.

Thank you.

PS. I won a pub quiz the other night because I was the only person in the bar to know about your work, specifically Audition (my favourite of yours).

How did you broach the subject of using real semen for the title scene in Ichi the Killer with your crew?

I love how the last hour of 13 Assasins is basically just the final battle. Any interesting stories from filming it?

Ichi the Killer is my favorite movie of yours. Does pop culture or other films influence your work? If so, which ones?

Thanks for dead or alive (1996). My favourite movie.

did you read/finished the manga "Ichi the Killer"?

omg! the legend of Japanese movies is on Reddit too! I'm such a big fan of you. You makes many movies in a year. How can you keep your head fresh, clear from other project, before each production?

Did you have to reinforce that shopping bag in Ichi the Killer? That thing seemed to be able to hold anything and last forever. How many did you go through?

Hi, I'm a big fan of your work and very excited to see JoJo (and blade of the immortal) as soon as I can. Given that you have made many adaptations of long running manga - do you find it difficult to effectively portray enough of the plot in just one film? I say this because boti is a staggering 30 volumes!

What is the most horrifying movie to stick with you after the credits rolled?

What are your favorite pleasant or happy movies?

Hey huge fan, two questions, what advice would you give to an aspiring film maker? You've made an incredible number of films over your career, how do you manage to keep up your work ethic?

How much of a hand do you have in the special effects for your films? Do you have frequent collaborators who do your FX work?

Gore effects in particular seem to be a motif throughout your career--do you have particular films or FX creators that inspired you?

Really admire your work--excited to see your answers to all of these questions, and to see Blade of the Immortal!

Hello Mr. Miike! Big fan of your work but always wanted to know:

Outside of the "Masters of Horror" episode you did (which was great) you have never really done any work for a specific, American audience. Is there anything you would like to do outside of Japan (like superheroes, major American actors/budget)? Or just keep doing what you're doing for 100+ films and stay in Japan for the remainder of your career?

Movie Trivia Wiz
2 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago
  1. Are there any inspirations that you had when you made Visitor Q?

  2. What do you think of the American remake of Chakushin Ari?

Congratulations on your 100th film! I saw the movie in Japan months ago and I loved it. Thank you for doing this ama.

The question I have is: You have an astounding number of films you’ve directed (and different genres). What is your secret to keep making variety of films constantly throughout your career?

Also 13 assassins is one of my favorite movies. I make sure to watch it annually haha.13人の刺客の大ファンです!

Hey - I'm a huge fan of your work but I was especially impressed this year with your directing on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure adaptation. You took source material that is notoriously difficult to adapt and you made it seem fresh and new again.

My question is that are there plans for any sequel to the film?

Man I don't really have a question but wanted to say 13 Assassins is my favorite modern Samurai film. I was just glued to the screen the first time I watched it. Fantastic job.

One of my favorite directors is Shohei Imamura. He is not as well known here in the US. Does he stand out for you? What do you think about his films?

Imamura is excellent.

I loved Blues Harp and it has always filtered the way I think about Okinawa. Do you have any interest in telling any Ryukyu, or even Ainu, stories?

A lot of my best personal relationships are tied to your wonderful films. Thank you for that!

What scares you? Both in movies and in real life

I just want to say i am a big fan and your movies got me into my search for great foreign films. I will do my best to support you. This is the first time that i hear of this new movie so i am glad you used this channel to reach out to your audience. Thank you!

2 points · 8 months ago

How do you make so many movies, including multiple movies per year? It seems like that would be almost impossible. How much time do you spend in pre-production or post-production?

Do you have any advice for aspiring filmmakers?

What is your suggestion to communicate with actors?

Which director influenced you the most?

Sir, you are a fucking genius. Thanks for so many great movies and I'll obviously catch Blade of the Immortal at the theater.

Your films translate emotion to the audience so well. Joy, sadness, revulsion, disgust, fear, all of it. Gozu is one I recommend to everyone who wants to ride the Miike-coaster.

Do you have an apprentice? Do you work with any schools or help educate or mentor fledgling directors?

So I am going to Japan mid April as part of a cruise. What is an absolute must in Tokyo. We are there 1 1/2 days. Bonus question what’s your favorite manga?

Do you really like amphetamines or do you really love amphetamines?

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Do you feel the burning cows scene in 13 Assassins came out satisfying?

Personally I felt it stood out a bit in a film that (seemingly) was otherwise all very much done in camera.

Still a great film though!

What films would you say have most affected you and our work?

What movie has grossed you out the most?

If you had to remake a Western movie with a Japanese spin, what would be at the top of your list?

What was your process for adapting the short story Audition into a film? Where did you feel at liberty to take creative license with the content? I'm a huge fan of your films and I freaking LOVE Audition and Ichi the Killer, going to check out Blade of the Immortal soon!

First, thanks for doing this AMA.

Second, how can I best get a bit part in one of your movies?

Third, what do you believe is the biggest 'hurdle' you encountered on your way to becoming big or respected in Hollywood?

I am a huge fan of your work, but of all your films I find that I constantly return to and re-watch Izo. I find each viewing reveals something new behind all its symbolism, and I really enjoyed your use of Kazuki Tomokawa within the films narrative.

Would you be interested in working with Tomokawa again?

Would you like to incorporate any other musicians into your movies in the future? If so, which musician would you love to work with?

What is your favorite film or films of all time?

Hello Takashi! I absolutely love your work, favorites being Sukiyaki Western Django and Ichi The Killer. I look forward to Blade of the Immortal! My question is, is there a genre you would be interested in trying? Or perhaps doing a remake of a popular film?

If you could remake any one of your movies, which would you remake?

I saw Audition and 13 Assassins without knowing you did both of them, and loved them. I wish we had more modern samurai movies, and am curious what ones you would suggest?

Will you ever do a gangster movie?

Are we ever getting Lesson of the Evil 2?

How did you get involved with making Blade of the Immortal? Did you have any knowledge of the property before hand, or did someone on the production go, "Takashi Miike would be a great fit for this?"

Thanks for all your great work!

I watched 13 Assassins recently for the first time. No questions, just wanted to say thank you for making such an awesome movie.

Hello Mr. Miike! I love your work, I just have one question for you:

How could someone come up with Visitor Q?

Hey there! As an aspiring film-maker, I draw a lot of inspiration from your work. My question is this: What or who inspires your work? :D

1 point · 8 months ago

Do you plan to have your films added to the Criterion Collection? Also, what do you think about Takeshi Kitano?

2 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

Arrow Video released the Black Society Trilogy, Dead or Alive Trilogy and Happiness of the Katakuris in the US. The quality of Arrow's releases are on par with Criterion. It would be great if we got more of his films on bluray and streaming in the US. His films are definitely under-seen here.

Beat Takeshi is awesome. He does great stuff in English from time to time on NHK World (you can stream that online).

I think your style would be perfect for a live action Fist of the North Star movie, would you ever consider it?

Love your work. Is there other Manga you’ve considered adapting in to movie? Maybe some Junji Ito?

What films influenced you the most?

Hi Miike! You are one of my top favorite directors and a huge inspiration as an aspiring filmmaker. Many of your films have different styles and genres. How did you learn to adapt when directing so many projects with a busy schedule?

Why did the Japanese movie industry pretty much die? Can it recover? I always thought Japanese movies could compete with Hollywood if they had the budget (Dragon Ball Z, Akira, Spirited Away, Pokemon, Godzilla, Gundam Wing, The Ring, etc. etc.).

His versatility is incredible. Big Bang Love Juvenile A/46-okunen no koi is worth watching. The best kind of film.

Seriously, how do you find the time to work on so many projects? Do you ever take breaks professionally, or are you always working on the next thing?

I love the 10 or do movies I have seen of yours, but you just have so many!

Hi! I'm a big fan of your movies and look forward to seeing Blade of the Immortal. A lot of your more infamous movies have memorable scenes that involve a lot of blood, gore, or bodily fluids. So I have to ask, have there been any scenes in any of your movies that you found too disturbing? Or that grossed you out?

I loved Sukiyaki Western Django!

Is there any particular manga/Western film you'd love to adapt/remake yourself?

Whats a film you wish more people would watch?

13 Assassins is one of my favorite movies.

What was the thought process behind having a tidal wave of blood pour over a roof after an explosion in an otherwise relatively bloodless movie?

What film(s) of yours would you recommend to somebody who has never seen any of your films

Do you watch anime?

What movies do you have a personal attachment to?

I've seen Audition of your films and I absolutely lobed it, what other films of yours would you recommend for me to watch?

Out of your 100 films, do you have one that you're most proud of?

What makes it special for you?

Thank you for your incredible work.

Hello Mr. Miike ! I hope this message finds you well, I have been a huge fan of yours for a while now. What motivates you to have such a strong work ethic and what can we expect in the future?

Have you seen Flying lotus's film Kuso ? If so what did you think ? He is a huge fan of yours and It would be amazing to see you two collaborate on a project. Congrats on the 100th film milestone !

Who is your favorite Japanese porn star?

Me and my wife are big fans of your work. Ichi the Killer was one of the first films that introduced me to Japanese cinema. I have two questions:

  • What manga or videogame would you really love to give a live-action treatment if given the chance?

  • With how busy you are, do you still have time to watch other films? Are there any current directors you particularly like?

Do you like Vagabond?

Do you have a favorite movie of your own? Or a favorite genre to direct?

Who are your influences? Whose work do you look at and think "More people should know about this person"?

Which film out of the 100 did you enjoy making the most?

A lot of people haven't seen the original 13 Assassins! Can you please comment letting people know that it's just as good as your fantastic remake? It deserves the recognition!

1 point · 8 months ago

If you weren't making movies, what would you like to be doing instead? (Or what's another passion of yours besides filmmaking?)

What would be your 'passion project'? Take an unlimited budget, cast who you want, make it 7 hours long if you need to - what would you do?

So since Audition was based off of a Ryu Murakami book, are there any of his other works you really enjoy? What about other authors?

Ryu Murakami has been one of my favorite authors ever since I read Almost Transparent Blue.

Are there other books you would love to turn into a film?

Will you incorporate an Asian protaganist actor the next time you release a film for Hollywood / western film?

How do you feel about the casting of Japanese characters, such as the major in Ghost in the Shell, as 'white' in Hollywood remakes?

Omg i love all of the movies you made and i have seen. My girlfriend however, thinks they're too dark. Which movies would you recommend us to watch to reconcile get with your work?

Hello Mr. Miike. Firstly, thank for you for making The Bird People in China. It is a terrific film. My question is: are there any contemporary Japanese directors you hold in particularly high regard, and are there any Japanese actors/actresses you would love to work with?

Mr. Miike, I am a huge fan of Zebra man, the Border Series, and the Dead or Alive Series. May I ask what film was the most enjoyable to work on and why?

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r/movies Rules
Violation of Reddit self-promotion rules
Ambiguous titles/Clickbait
Spam - Promotion of a website/link over and over
Flame war - Crosses the line of civility
Possible subreddit brigading
TV ad/TV spot masquerading as a "clip"/"trailer"
Extraneous Comic Book Movie submission
Avoid destructive behaviour
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