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Official Discussion - Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi [SPOILERS]

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Having taken her first steps into the Jedi world, Rey joins Luke Skywalker on an adventure with Leia, Finn and Poe that unlocks mysteries of the Force and secrets of the past.

Director: Rian Johnson

Writers: screenplay by Rian Johnson

based on characters created by George Lucas


  • Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

  • Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa

  • Daisy Ridley as Rey

  • John Boyega as Finn

  • Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron

  • Adam Driver as Kylo Ren

  • Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke / every Porg

  • Lupita Nyong'o as Maz Kanata

  • Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux

  • Anthony Daniels as C-3PO

  • Jimmy Vee as R2-D2

  • Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma

  • Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico

  • Laura Dern as Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

  • Benicio del Toro as DJ

  • Peter Mayhew and Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca

  • Mike Quinn as Nien Nunb

  • Timothy D. Rose as Admiral Ackbar

  • Billie Lourd as Lieutenant Connix

  • Simon Pegg as Unkar Plutt

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Slowen Lo

  • Veronica Ngo as Paige Tico

  • Justin Theroux as "Kington" Master Codebreaker

  • Prince William as Stormtrooper

  • Prince Harry as Stormtrooper

  • Tom Hardy as Stormtrooper

  • Gareth Edwards as Resistance Fighter

  • Frank Oz as Yoda

Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

Metacritic: 86/100

After Credits Scene? No

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3.9k points · 6 months ago

Its not ice, its salt. Glad that guy cleared things up.

1.8k points · 6 months ago

Totally not the Battle of Hoth. See? There's red.

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yea definitely thought that dude's foot was bleeding the fuck out. im glad his first instinct was to taste that shit

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5.2k points · 6 months ago

Luke: If you strike me down, I will (presumably) be seeing you as a force ghost

<Kylo Strikes him down>

Luke: Haha! I wasn't here all along! "See you around kid" (in person)!

<Luke dies anyways>

900 points · 6 months ago

nice way to troll Kylo... haha you didnt kill me... and now I just die so you will never kill me haha... then I come back as a ghost and haunt you haha

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He died from tainted titty milk.

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"I heard Kylo Ren is so ripped he has an 8 pack" - Matt The Radar Technician.

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That light speed jump scene. Just wow. I don't care that it might not have made a lot of sense, but literally 10/10 scene all around for me.

If you've seen Looper, I think you can look at that scene as the only moment Rian really got to inject some of his flavor into the movie.

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2.1k points · 6 months ago

How did finn drag that girl across the salt flats in like 2 mins when they were "flying" in those machines for a good 5mins. How did he not get shot? I just don't understand

lame direction

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2.1k points · 6 months ago

Admiral Ackbar deserved better.

I like how they had to reassure us that, yes, he's dead, the one we all loved.. gone.. without any pageantry whatsoever. It's fuckin' Ackbar man! Give him some space A-K's and let him go out guns ablazin!

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Okay, but honestly, what even IS the First Order?

Do they have any plans to rule? Any sort of political system or ways of governing? How did The First Order rise to power so quickly? It's been 30 years (give or take) since The Empire fell? How did The First Order take over everything?

When the Empire fell, did the 'rebels' not establish some sort of republic? How did it fall apart so quickly?

2.2k points · 6 months ago

The thing I'm wondering, since the very beginning of the movie is... why is it the resistance that is now all but destroyed? When we last left this story in TFA the resistance had just blown the first order to hell. If anything, its the first order who should be in disarray. Also, at the end of the TFA, the resistance still had a large base and a large army... and suddenly all of that is gone, the resistance now has 3 ships left, and the first order is more powerful than ever, with absolutely no explanation of how everything got flipped around like that.

It's almost like the First Order and Rebellion are just in a small tribal feud and most of the galaxy couldn't care less.

1.0k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Seriously, they never convey why the rest of the Galaxy should even care about who wins this war.

Yeah and they pretty much straight up say that nobody cares when multiple people receive their distress signal but nobody answers

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1.7k points · 6 months ago

Something just came to mind. Chewie was a fucking Uber the whole movie.

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3.3k points · 6 months ago

Was 100% expecting a Lando cameo at the Casino.

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1.3k points · 6 months ago

Imagine the ending of TFA with Luke throwing the lightsaber over his shoulder before cutting to credits.

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3.7k points · 6 months ago

Poe gets half the rebellion killed and commits a mutiny

Leia and Holdo: "Ha! That crazy kid, I like him!"

330 points · 6 months ago

Seems like way more than half the rebellion died, actually. Remember he got all of their bombers destroyed too.

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At the end, when we’re with Luke and you see the first sun, did anybody else see a speck on the sun and assume it’s something (a shuttle, a pterodactyl, anything!) coming for Luke???

I was so concentrated on the speck that I somehow fucken missed that there was two suns

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1.3k points · 6 months ago

Yes! There was a speck. Not sure what it was but there was a speck on the sun

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2.3k points · 6 months ago

Anyone else think Luke chucking his lightsaber behind him was pretty symbolic of what Rian did with everything J.J. set up?

Pretty much sums it up exactly.

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1.1k points · 6 months ago

another example of why if you are fat and in star wars you should NEVER STEP INTO THE COCKPIT OF AN X-WING

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Why didn’t the purple hair woman collide the ship earlier? That could’ve saved a lot of rebels.

why didn't they just get some random droid to do it?

heck, why aren't all battles fought with kamikaze hyperspace droids?

1.4k points · 6 months ago

To bad starships don’t have autopilot that can “keep going straight forward at current speed” ;)

360 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

I mean there's no way our levels of "brick on the accelerator" technology exist in the sci-fi universe...

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1.9k points · 6 months ago

Holdo looked like she got lost while on her way to the Hunger Games

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Kylo Ren is like space Magneto, characters keep saying they know there's good in him as he continues to murder people without hesitation lol

He totally hesitates to kill his mom like 20 minutes into the movie.

Even Hitler loved his mum.

562 points · 6 months ago

On an odd note Hitler actually had the Jewish doctor that treated his mom put into special SS protection after he annexed Austria, he referred to him as a "noble Jew". The doctor passed away about a month after Hitler did, he suffered from stomach cancer and passed away in the US.

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2.6k points · 6 months ago

If Admiral Ackbar had made the Hyperspace move rather than Holdo I would have cried my eyes out. Such a lost opportunity.

1.6k points · 6 months ago

Maybe to avoid "Allahu ackbar" memes?

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3.3k points · 6 months ago

Kylo steps out of the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist. "Oh, hey, Rey, how's it going. We've got to stop meeting like this."

"Funny how this only happens whenever your shirt is off..."

"Yeah, right?"

A buddy of mine saw Kylo Ren in the shower. And he said that Kylo Ren had an 8-pack. That Kylo Ren was shredded.

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I just realized, when Luke winked at C3PO, I have a feeling that's because C could tell he wasn't really there and Luke was sayin "shh I know you know, just don't say anything"

1.8k points · 6 months ago

Ahhh it seemed so weird at the time but yeah, a droid could probably tell

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3.1k points · 6 months ago

The rebellion is now essentially a band of 12 terrorists

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15.6k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

The hacker guy help Finn and Rose escape

“He is a good guy”

take Rose’s amulet

“He is a douche”

gives amulet back to rose

“I know that guy wasn’t all bad”

betrayed Finn and Rose

“He must have some kind of plan”

walker starts shooting at troopers to help Finn


reveal it was a BB-8


What a ride

"The random guy they find passed out in jail escapes by himself with the help of a droid he found, droid picks up Finn and Rose while Random Guy loots ship"
"He is a good guy"

Maybe not a GOOD guy, but a Han Solo type. Merc with a code, softer than he lets on, etc

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When Rey asked Luke what the force is and Luke kind of paused and sighed, I thought for sure he was going to explain midichlorians

7.3k points · 6 months agoGilded1

They're the power house of the force

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3.1k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

One of the small details I liked was when Rey was on the island underneath the Falcon and she smiles and reaches her hand out to feel the rain. Reminded me of how little time had passed since TFA. She’s still so new to all of this and that might have been the first time she ever saw or felt rain.

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670 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

I left the theater Saturday heartbroken after having been extremely excited beforehand to see this film. I get it that Rian Johnson was trying to take the franchise in a new direction, but for me who was more or less happy with the Star Wars universe pre-TLJ, this movie felt like a slap in the face. While I have many issues with the film, there are two I want to highlight.

First, the humor was excessive and over-the-top. It felt out of place and offputting and never allowed me to settle into the film. There were a multitiude of moments where I felt I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy or some other MCU movie. Like clockwork, I could expect a joke to come on screen every 2-3 minutes. I understand that Star Wars can be goofy at times and that the OT had its fair share of silly humor, but TLJ takes it to an extreme level. In this regard, the opening scene has me wondering why Hux is even a character. I think TFA had the perfect balance of comedy and wish this film had followed its lead.

Second, the direction that they take Luke in feels like a betrayal of his character. RoTJ ends with Luke saving his father after having always believed he could be redeemed. TLJ expects me to believe that Luke was willing to kill his own nephew (even if only for a second) after having only felt Kylo harbor dark side inclinations in his dreams. Seriously? Additionally, this happened when Kylo was still a kid under Luke's tutelage and before he had even done anything evil. It's completely out of place with everything we've come to know about who Luke Skywalker is.

There's more (the useless side-plot with Finn and Rose, the complete disregard for any of the questions and mysteries that TFA set up, the fact that in under a week Rey has somehow managed to become the most powerful Jedi in existence), but I'll leave it at that. It kills me that I no longer care about these characters or have a desire to know what happens next. For those who liked the film, I'm really, genuinely glad you did. I'm actually quite jealous.

EDIT: Grammar

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Was anybody else disappointed when Rose goes "I know what that is" and then it pans to a race track and it isn't podracers

1.6k points · 6 months ago

That said, if you translate that over to real-world sports - Nascar is racing for rednecks, while horse racing is for the wealthy bourgeois.

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7.3k points · 6 months ago

Poor Chewbacca! This film took place straight after TFA so the death of Han Solo is incredibly fresh and no one is hurting more than Chewie and he was pretty much alone the entre film getting judged by Porgs.

1.3k points · 6 months ago

At least he finally got that hug with Leia

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Also called Star Wars 8: Fuck Yo Theories

"This isn't going to go the way you think!"

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7.3k points · 6 months ago

and Star Wars 8: Kill off half the cast but the dead actress

I can't believe Hux is still alive. I was almost certain he'd be a goner.

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582 points · 6 months ago

Young Luke: "Aww, I'm never gonna get off this rock!"

Old Luke with milk dripping from his chin: "Ehhh, I'm never going to leave this rock!"

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Someone confirm it for me, the little kid at the end casually force grabbed the broom yes?

6.9k points · 6 months ago


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Comment deleted6 months ago(408 children)

He was credited as Sergeant Salt in the credits!

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I thought the dude walking at first was just bleeding profusely, then the guy just tastes it, like what? ohhhh the whole planet does this thing, I see now

990 points · 6 months ago

also to add when Luke walks on the salt, he doesn't leave footprints

224 points · 6 months ago

Other clues were that he had shorter and darker hair and he had the blue light saber.

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Which it wasn't because there wasn't even a battle.

Not to mention all the CRYSTAL CRITTERS

I thought Carrie Fisher was going to be the only silver fox in the movie. Boy was I wrong

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When Yoda showed up, wow. And then I half expected him to sing Seagulls Stop it Now.

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Darth Maul: "Hey, you guys, I'm not alone! See? It could happen to anyone!"

At least Maul lived. Bitch Snoke couldn't even handle getting cut in half. Some powerful Sith he was.

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The guy next to me just said "This motherfucker" when Yoda showed up.

487 points · 6 months ago

When the resistance ship warped through snokes and the movie went quite for 10 seconds in my viewing some guy yelled ESKEDDITT

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Anyone have BB8's kill count in this movie?

6.0k points · 6 months agoGilded1

A bunch of stormtroopers and Finn's credibility

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Luke Skywalker said Laser Sword, Lucas must be pleased.

1.8k points · 6 months ago

Well he was "downplaying"/being sarcastic about his role as a Jedi.

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Those fuckers killed Admiral Ackbar

Offscreen. With no dialogue.

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2.0k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Finn and Poe after the movie ends

Finn: "Hey, so, how did you guys get away from the First Order? I thought we had a whole plan about getting a codebreaker and disabling their tracking so we could jump to lightspeed."

Poe: "Oh, Admiral Holdo put as all on cloaked transport ships, it was fine."

Finn: "...Then why didn't we do that in the first place?"

Poe: "Sorry?"

Finn: "I mean, why didn't we just take the apparently cloaked transport shuttles down to Crait and not worry about breaking their tracking so we could jump to lightspeed? Why did Rose and I have to go all the way to the casino planet? Couldn't that have all been avoided if we acted on the transport shuttle thing straight away?"

Poe: "I don't know, Holdo never told us the plan. In fact, I ended up staging a mutiny because of the lack of clarity on our course of action."

Finn: "Oh. Should you be in trouble for that?"

Poe: "Eh, I learned a valuable lesson I think, it's fine."

Poe: "Oh, Admiral Holdo put as all on cloaked transport ships, it was fine.

Finn: "...Then why didn't we do that in the first place?"

"If you need to see the sun to believe in it, you'll never make it through the night, or some shit. I don't know."

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Luke drinking green milk from alien tits is the key to all of this.

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4.2k points · 6 months ago

Can't believe Kylo sliced Jar Jar in half

How rude.

343 points · 6 months ago


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8.4k points · 6 months ago

Hux: I'm going to kill this traitorous bastard pulls back coat

Kylo wakes up

Hux: Okay maybe not hides blaster

4.8k points · 6 months ago

lol. Though I didn't read 'fuck this traitor' so much as 'this is my opportunity'

1.2k points · 6 months ago

That's definitely what it was, they had power struggles when serving as peers under Snoke. Also Hux is a bit of slimy, smarmy bellend anyway.

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Hux is a total Starscream and I love him!

1.0k points · 6 months ago

You’ve failed me for the last time...again!

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r/Movies Veteran
7.3k points · 6 months ago

never thought i'd see a pair of titties in a Star Wars film but here we are

3.7k points · 6 months ago

Not just a pair, but TWO pairs. That thing had 4 titties.

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The shot of the ship warping, blowing them all up in the process, was beautiful

2.2k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Makes you wonder why nobody has thought of hyper drive missiles in universe.

EDIT: I get it guys. Everyone thinks it's expensive.

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7.0k points · 6 months ago

Let's all take a moment to think about the dude whose only line in the movie was "mmm it's salt".

And standing next to him was Gareth Edwards, the director of Rogue One!

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I thought that would lead to some kind of solution to thwart the advancing army. Nope, just a fun fact that had no impact on anything.

Unless it was shown that Luke didn't make marks in the salt and I'm an idiot and it foreshadowed for the smart people out there

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So my big question now is...does the Rebellion consist of the Falcon and the 10-12 people on it? Because that is what I took away from the ending...

I also have mixed feelings on Luke’s fate...

4.1k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

you forgot that one street sweeper kid...he's the key to all this

581 points · 6 months ago

Cause he's a sweepier character than we've ever had before.

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Yoda with the pikachu down B lighting strike

1.1k points · 6 months ago

In the last scene you see that the books are in the Millenium Falcon so it didn't really matter if the tree was burned down.

386 points · 6 months ago

I’m assuming yoda knew too. Which is why he zapped the tree to prevent luke from going in and potentially discovering the books were gone.

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11.6k points · 6 months ago

I really dont understand why Admiral Holdo didnt tell Poe she had a plan. If she did tell him, he wouldnt have let Finn and Rose go, which ultimately led to most of the transports being blown up when the code breaker sold them out.

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8.3k points · 6 months ago

I can't be the only person amused that after thousands of hours of speculation about just who Snoke was, he just got cut in half like he was a piece of cheese.

Me, last year, watching a 40 minute youtube video on Snoke theories: "Hmmm, interesting stuff here. This guy may be onto something."

Me, today: "Every single word you just said, is wrong."

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5.4k points · 6 months ago

“You want to know who he is? We’ll TELL you who he is!

......he’s dead. That’s who the fuck he is.”

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851 points · 6 months ago

I really like how Rian Johnson was basically low key suggesting new Pokemon throughout the whole movie.

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7.6k points · 6 months ago

My theater lost it when that big bad space ship coming in for the landing turned out to just be a clothes iron.

1.6k points · 6 months ago

Hah, I actually though, wtf, that looks just like an iron!

I had the exact same thought process. "Well that looks like an iron, they aren't even trying anymore. Oh, that is an iron, carry on then."

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Felt like a Spaceballs joke.

Or a Kasdan joke. It’s basically the Star Wars version of the coat hanger scene from Raiders.

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Did anyone else notice that Rey had the Jedi texts in the Falcon at the end? Yoda saying “There is nothing in that tree that she does not already posses” is a super cheeky.

Yoda's laugh after he strikes the tree down was perfect. I wish we would've gotten that Yoda in the prequels.

284 points · 6 months ago

That goofy ass laugh made me so happy, Yoda was back.

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2.8k points · 6 months ago

".. worth it to destroy the city? takes off harness from space horse Now it was worth it" yeah but fuck those childslaves amirite guys?

All I could think during that wild escape sequence is that those kids were going to get the shit whipped out of them.

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7.6k points · 6 months ago

That Leia "death scene" was the strangest way to fake out a fan base. Her death there actually made sense and I somewhat expected it. Instead, everyone is left sitting there going "WTF?!?!" as she just floats back to the ship.

She was hiding under a space dumpster the whole time.

501 points · 6 months ago

Now if she was in a refrigerator it would have been much easier to explain how she survived, those things can take a nuclear blast and you can just shake it off.

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I was like of course she has to die, she died in real life, this is her exit. But nobody was expecting he to float back into the ship. Definitely didn’t think she’d make it to the end of the movie. Very bittersweet that she died in real life and survives in the movie but Luke Skywalker dies in the movie and is still alive.

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2.3k points · 6 months ago

"Rest in peace my Queen." - muttered under the breath of the guy sitting next to me every time Leia was shown onscreen... like 20x.

689 points · 6 months ago

tips space fedora

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I really enjoyed Luke gazing at the two suns right before he died

Paraphrasing “You’re still staring at the horizon young Skywalker” - Yoda

Was there something out of focus in that scene? I thought in the middle of one of the suns there was a dark speck... like a ship in the distance? Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought I saw something like that. Anyone else?

I saw that too! I thought it was a ship. I was like “SHIT THEY’VE FOUND HIM!”

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Definitely looked like a ship

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Comment deleted6 months ago(374 children)
6.0k points · 6 months ago

I thought that was one of the most amazing scenes of the film, especially when R2 played the hologram for him.

"come on. That's a cheap move"

Luke had some simple but great lines in this movie: "See you around, kid."

1.7k points · 6 months ago

Well I think he was kinda quoting Han, or attempting to personify Han, to piss off cry-baby Kylo some more.

That makes it even better

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I fucking loved that. And the wink he gives to 3-P0.

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There were moments in this where he looked, sounded, and acted just like OT Luke. It was kind of uncanny how well he got back into the role.

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Who else thought Luke had reached Goku level there for a moment.

"You want me to take my laser sword and go fight the whole first order?"

Yes Luke Skywalker that is exactly what I want. I would watch that for five hours straight.

7.1k points · 6 months agoGilded1

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Takes His Laser Sword And Fights The Whole First Order

Box Office: 17 Billion

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4.7k points · 6 months ago

Best scene aesthetically by far, was that hyperjump crash. Holy shit, that sound. That silence. The visuals. Really great scene.

My theater had a sign out front that said something to the effect of: "At 1 hr, 46 min into the movie, there is an extended silence. This is a part of the movie and not a technical glitch. Please do NOT report to management."

Did people really not get that it was intentional?

461 points · 6 months ago

People thought that silence was a technical glitch? I thought it added to the scene, giving an sense of awe just to have pure silence and only the visuals carry the weight of that scene. My jaw was on the floor during that. It never crossed my mind that it could be a "technical glitch."

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Leia flying was the strangest thing I think I've seen in Star Wars. She was like a Mary Poppins type Witch gliding through outer space.

That was so weird. The CGI looked cheap even though the production values were obviously out of this world.

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12.8k points · 6 months ago

I really don't know how to fully judge this on just one viewing. All I'll say is that Yoda may have provided the most beautiful piece of dialogue in the saga:

"We are what they grow beyond. That is the true burden of all masters."

And 'failure is the most courageous teacher'... that scene was very powerful

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14.8k points · 6 months ago

Ben totally planed to be shirtless that one time.

"Oh Rey, you caught me at a bad time. I was just working out."

"100, 101, 102... Gotta work my guns. Oh, it's a deep burn! Burns so deep!"

I loved how when she asked him to put on a shirt he didn't even say anything, just pretended like he didn't hear it, what a total bro.

“Which way is the SPACE weight room?” Kylo Ren

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A buddy of mine saw Kylo Ren take his shirt off in the shower, and he said that Kylo Ren had an eight pack.

That he was shredded.

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"I was just doing force-ups. I did over a thousand. It's really embarrassing that you had to walk in on me sculpting my guns."

1 more reply

I heard Kylo Ren is totally shredded and has an 8 pack.

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14.6k points · 6 months agoGilded2

I’m glad I got to see Luke Skywalker drink titty milk.

Now that's a sentence I thought I'd never read in my life.

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So did they just say fuck the knights of ren?

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We were so fucking close to a new “NOW THIS IS POD RACING” meme at that donkey racetrack.

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My thoughts going into this movie: Can’t wait to learn more about Snoke, where he came from, who he really is...

My thoughts leaving: Well fuck...

Im happy theyre not going the puppet master emperor route again, but God what an underutilization of a great performance by Serkis and an interesting character.

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Me during the film: is all fun and games till the knights of Ren come out, just you wait!

And wait I did.

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RIGHT?! Who was he? What is he? How did he come to be? Where was he during the prequels? WHAT'S WITH HIS FACE

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3.1k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

I feel like if Leia was the one to light-speed into Snoke's ship, that would be such a better role for her in the movie.

Regardless of who died for that cause, that scene was incredible.

Also, when the tree was on fire, it created the shape of the rebellion symbol. "We are the spark of the fire that will bring the first order down"

And I swear on my life, that orphan kid used the force to grab the broom. All of my friends say I'm high, but I saw it.

Edit: thanks for the support everyone 😂 . My friend just texted me an apology

544 points · 6 months ago

He definitely force grabbed it.

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when Finn and Phasma are fighting and he says "Bring it chrome dome" I just had to sit back and think how the fuck did that line go through multiple revisions and still make it into the movie.

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I thought the scene with Leia slowly freezing was a beautiful send-off for Carrie Fisher. Then her fingers twitched...

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9.5k points · 6 months agoGilded2

oh bai mark

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Adam Driver stole every scene he was in, he was incredible. Kylo Ren was my favourite character in this movie

He is the Anakin Skywalker that we all deserved

12 more replies

"Blow that piece of junk out of the sky!"

So much rage. Love it.

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"Luke Skywalker projecting a force ghost across the galaxy to fuck with Kylo Ren" is the level of asshole I truly aspire to be.

When Kylo first lightsabered him I thought he was gonna die Obi-Wan style, but the force projection thing absolutely blew me away.

7.2k points · 6 months ago

They foreshadow the ghost thing by Luke not leaving footprints in the red sand while fighting. Subtle hint something was up.

5.4k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Also the fact that he somehow appeared on the planet with no transportation means and got into those caves with no entrance. And wasn't he using his old light-saber which was destroyed moments before?

Edit: okay enough people have reminded me about the sunken x wing they showed thanks

2.1k points · 6 months ago

Tbh I thought he was going to take his old x-wing there Empires style. I thought for a second that they were forshadowing that when Ray saw it in the water.

250 points · 6 months ago

Me too. I thought that as well when he came back to the cave, that "oh, so he did pull out the x-wing from the water! Nice!" Good way to throw us off. And the x-wing serves a purpose as well, as an answer to how he got to The Island (since we don't see any ships there).

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3.8k points · 6 months ago

Yep, and he has the old haircut from the last time Ben saw him. I feel like there is a ton more to unpack in this whole movie the second time around.

993 points · 6 months ago

I missed the no footprints but did catch the darker hair and beard.

And did everyone else catch the Jedi books in the compartment where Finn got the blanket for Rose right near the end?

Well, there's nothing in that tree that young Rey doesn't already posses.

Wise, you are. Catch Master Yoda's play on words I did not.

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258 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Am I the only who found weird the location of Phasma and the troopers after the interrupted execution? She's like across the hall from Finn and Rose when she was right by them before the ship gets cut. I also was disappointed by the fighting scene between Phasma and Finn.

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1.5k points · 6 months ago

Thank the gods the Separatists didn't have an army of BB units, they'd have conquered the entire galaxy with those OP droids within 24 hours.

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Luke told rey after the first lesson: " you went to the dark side, you didn't even hesitate", and luke walked away angry and afraid...

and they never brought it up again and continued with the lessons.

At least in Emprie yoda warned luke that if he went to save his friends, he might lose to vader, and by lose he meant join the dark side.

3.1k points · 6 months ago

Luke told rey after the first lesson: " you went to the dark side, you didn't even hesitate", and luke walked away angry and afraid...

Now that you mention it I totally forgot about that. It was something I found strange but it's never explored

Both Rey and Kylo saw something about each other that either would turn in the end. Not sure if that was Snoke manipulating or so ething real. We could yet see something develop

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2.6k points · 6 months ago

Why did they kill Ackbar off screen, introduce a new admiral, and then kill her too?

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1.4k points · 6 months ago

Fuck Adam Driver is a great actor though

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2.7k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Hm I always wanted to see Luke Skywalker run through a bunch of penguin seagulls to suck green milk out a gigantic alien cow tiddies

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I’m VERY interested to see how public reactions to this film progresses this weekend, in the coming months, and then further into the future. Given the large discrepancy between critics and audience that I’m expecting just from everyone’s reactions up through tonight, I think we can all agree this is certainly a divisive film, but will opinions start to shift as the immediate hype or disappointment tempers itself over time?

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5.2k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

In loving memory of our princess

Carrie Fisher

I've heard theaters cheer, laugh, clap, and gasp, but I've never heard one audibly "Awww" like that.

There was a moment where Luke said "no one is really gone" to Leia. I got goosebumps in that specific scene.

“I’m glad you could be here for the end” really got to me

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981 points · 6 months ago

When the heck are the bad guys gonna learn to land their attack forces closer to the base???

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8.7k points · 6 months ago

That scene where Holdo light speeds into Snoke's ship. Simply brilliant. The visuals of the scene, the audio going silent, and Hux's face when he realises whats about to happen, is all fantastic.

The silence was the best part, there was no sound that could have made it feel as great as the silence in the theatre

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1.1k points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Don't get me wrong, Rey and Kylo fucking up all those dudes (knights of Ren??) was dope. But I'm really hoping they're saving a truly epic lightsaber duel for Episode IX

Edit: Praetorian Guards

Edit2: Did I miss the shot from the trailer where Rey is running with her blue lightsaber when it's near dark out?

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