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Official Discussion - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle [SPOILERS]


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When four teenagers in detention discover an old video game console with a game they've never heard of, they are immediately thrust into the game's jungle setting, into the bodies of their avatars. What they discover is that you don't just play Jumanji -Jumanji plays you. They'll have to go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, or they'll be stuck in the game forever.

Director: Jake Kasdan

Writers: screenplay by Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers, Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner

story by Chris Van Allsburg

based on the book "Jumanji" by Chris Van Allsburg


  • Alex Wolff as Spencer Gilpin

  • Dwayne Johnson as Dr. Smolder Bravestone/Spencer's avatar

  • Madison Iseman as Bethany Walker

  • Jack Black as Professor Sheldon Oberon/Bethany's avatar

  • Morgan Turner as MARTHA! Kaply

  • Karen Gillan as Ruby Roundhouse/MARTHA!'s avatar

  • Ser'Darius Blain as Anthony "Fridge" Johnson

  • Kevin Hart as Moose Finbar/Fridge's avatar

  • Mason Gussione as Alex Vreeke

  • Colin Hanks as Older Alex Vreeke

  • Nick Jonas as Seaplane McDonough/Alex Vreeke's avatar

  • Bobby Cannavale as John Van Pelt

  • Rhys Darby as Nigel

  • William Tokarsky as Trader

  • Marc Evan Jackson as Principal Bentley

  • Sean Buxton as Alex's Father / Jogger #1

  • Sylvia Jefferies as Alex's Mother / Jogger #2

  • Tim Matheson as Older Alex's Father

  • Virgina Newcomb as Older Alex's Mother

  • Maribeth Monroe as Teacher

  • Missi Pyle as Coach Webb

Rotten Tomatoes: 79%

Metacritic: 58/100

After Credits Scene? No

94% Upvoted
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5 points · 21 days ago

"- Martha!,..."

why did you say that name?!!!!

Predictable but fun movie. I like they they showed how Jumanji evolved in the beginning to make it relevant to a modern 'victim'.

Acting was great, and while they tried to make it more like a game I think they should have more game elements, stupid NPCs,the same NPCs being used for a scene, invisible walls, fog to hide nothing being there etc...

You do see some character development except for Kevin Hearts character, he has zero link with the person he is supposed to portray, he is the comedic relief and we see it, a lot, I still like his work but it didn't really make me believe he was the Jock. Also I wanted more Jack Black, he was pretty good.

I also noticed how 'clean' it was, I don't know why but I was expecting more toilet humor and dirty jokes but nope not here, which was actually rather refreshing.

The big bad, I had a problem with him, he was shallow and was just there to play the bad guy.

I also noticed how 'clean' it was, I don't know why but I was expecting more toilet humor and dirty jokes but nope not here, which was actually rather refreshing.

I finally got around to seeing it and this is really my only gripe

like it was fine, not bad at all for a kinda cash grabby remake

but with the premise there could have been some hilarious R-rated comedy. There's no way a modern day high school girl does not drop a single 'fuck' in any of these situations

i'm picturing like...seth and evan from superbad kinda conversations but in this movie and it is way, way funnier

I mean, there were dick jokes in there, they just weren't super in your face about it the whole movie

The story had some plot holes and was fairly predictable, but the movie's entertainment factor and charm make up for it. I don't have the resentment other people had about significantly changing the nature of Jumanji, but that's probably because I didn't have as much emotional attachment to the original movie as them.

I found it a fun watch. Kept me interested from start to finish and I did not fall asleep. For me, that's indication of a good movie.

The movie was predictable, safe fun, but nothing more. The characters are shallow, but serviceable with the characterization they had and how they evolved over the film. I did like how the adult actors (Kevin Hart aside) played against their usual type with the stand out being Jack Black. He looked like he had a lot of fun playing a vain, teenage girl. Dwayne Johnson ironically said he was insecure a kid despite his built so it looked liked he typed into his high school self. Karen Gillian I thought did a good job showcasing her insecurity through her body language... also dat midriff.

Exposition was on the nose at time, but then again the movie is tailored as a family film. The film had some amusing moments, but I didn't think any of it was super laugh out loud funny. I'm also guessing Karen Gillian did most of her own stunt because her marital arts moves wasn't didn't always look the best especially with the helicopter get up move she attempted.

I will say the movie looks nice in Dolby Vision on Ultra HD Blu-Ray. However, I don't think I love the movie enough to be keeping this. The RT rating of 6.1/10 is pretty similar to the score I would give it.

4 points · 2 months ago

write a script, get an IP, make the movie is exactly what this turned into(I know this isn't true), it had zero relation to the original heck they could have even taken tron and said oh same plotline, sucked into a virtual world where you can die but can also get out it was extremely bland in relation to the actual IP.

Get an IP then write the script around that next time please don't just add in elements to make it have the IP. Just glad I didn't see this in the theaters.

If they used a new IP I wouldn't have been mad but this was an extremely bad way to ruin an IP for no reason at all.

Can you say IP just one more time please?

What's an IP?

I’ll do you one better, why’s an IP?

Its Intellectual Property.

internet protocol

I was actually surprised how good this movie is.

If you like the original Jumanji plot and videogames you simply cannot to wrong with this movie.

Watched it this afternoon. The main cast of kids/teens are incredibly annoying but once they get in the game, the real main actors did a tremendous job. My problem isn't really with the acting but how stereotypical the teen characters are and just how frickin whiny the main protagonist and his love interest are. I don't root for nerds that suck. "Omg gym class is like so irrelevant to school" says the girl nerd who insults the gym teacher in her rant as well. "Wow that was so awesome" says the whiny nerd. Then the main nerd gets caught writing papers for the super entitled jock and gets caught because he's basically copying all of his old papers. So he's a dumb nerd. Interesting. Everything that happens outside of the game is just so cookie-cutter and offensively stupid. I get they have to set up a transformation but it's not subtle at all. I gave it a 6 because the game actor's did a good job with the characters they were written but all of the characters are written horribly.

They actually did a pretty good job imo. My brother is their age and that is exactly how annoying he is. He has even talked about gym in almost the exact same way verbatim, except instead of saying Princeton it's ucla

Just watched it tonight, had a lot of fun.

My only critique is that I feel they missed a really great opportunity with the boomerang:

Any gamer knows that a boomerang can usually be used to retrieve items that are out of reach. This would have been a great joke for gamers during the rhino scene instead of what happened.

It would have been hilarious if they had realized you can grab things with the boomerang AFTER throwing Kevin Hart out of the helicopter

I wish they cast a teenage Fridge who has Kevin Hart's demeanor and personality. They seemed like two different people, compared to the other teens and avatars.

LOL at all of this edgy "Better than TLJ" nonsense. How are they even comparable?

How entertained they were. That's the point, they're both intended to entertain after all, that's the whole point. One was clearly better than the other in that regard.

Not really...considering TLJ was still the biggest earner of the year.

Earned a lot=/=enjoyable

I saw it twice (once with friends the other time with family) and Jumanji once.

Still had more fun with Jumanji despite spending less on it.

Well technically everything is comparable. You can compare an orange to a car. Wouldn't make much sense but you could still do it. I'm not saying TLJ and Jumanji are alike, just pointing out the comparison thing.

Ignoring the anti Kevin hart jerk that reddit has this shit was amazing. I'm sad I skipped it in theaters because I was laughing the entire time and had a lot of fun.

Yeah dude, I just sat down and watched this and I was so surprised I found myself laughing as much as I did. The story was well done and every actor killed their parts.

every actor killed their parts

I'm was not sold on Kevin hart, he was funny and all however resembled nothing like the kid version. They would have been better off dropping the whole 'Jock' plot-line if favor of a comic relief type character that would fit Kevin's personality

None of them resembles their avatars though... ?

Resemble in the form of personality they sure did. "Look" wise, of course not.

Ohhh, I get you. Yeah totally. The kid had zero personality while Hart was overly colourful. They should have had the kid flip out in the principal's office or something to show he had it in him.

That.... is actually a good idea. How do we get you in the writing room?

Kevin Hart's loud black man act got annoying at times

Yeah, that was the one fault I had with the movie. Fridge had potential, but they kind of just made him into a stereotypical sidekick with sort of unfortunate racial connotations (not being good at school/all that smart, not getting character development, etc).

They're supposedly coming out with a sequel, so if they get the same cast again, I'd like to see them work on Fridge's character more.

14 points · 2 months ago

Really expected this to be really dry. Great family movie. CGI is ridiculous, almost completely indistinguishable.

I loved the kissing scene, lol.

Really enjoyed this! One thing that went over my head though, the villain was Van Pelt, and the hunter from the original Jumanji was Van Pelt, but he was old? Is it just that the game reset itself?

Van Pelt was my big issue at first, but then I started thinking about him as a commentary on how things are accidentally overdone when reimagined. It's like the game took its original idea, "A Hunter from the Darkest Wild makes you feel just like a child" and then glitched/ freaked out trying to figure out how to incorporate what information it gathered about video games. So whenever Van Pelt showed up I couldn't help but chuckle because he's the Jumanji equivalent of that girl who gets turned into a robot in Superman 3 (I can't believe I made this reference...)

Considering Van Pelt in the original was played by the same actor as Alan Parish's father and was an embodiment of the characters daddy issues, and that the game turned itself into a game console so it would be played, I think that is likely yes.

What was with the see an elephant then climb thing? Did that just have pretty much zero connection to anything else at all?

They saw an elephant statue, so the Rock thought he had to climb a tree to avoid following the torch-lit path that was obviously a trap. However, this failed when he fell and got eaten by a jaguar.

However, later, when Kevin Hart shows up on the back of an elephant, the Rock begins climbing the rock to put the green rock inside the rock. So yeah, it was connected.

But he was gonna climb it anyway? What else was he gonna do

6 points · 2 months ago

The game wanted them to go down the torch path, which was a red herring.

The elephant was basically his cue

Pretty fun movie, Jack Black was amazing, it was good to see The Rock playing something different in the start of the movie and Karen Gillan belly was pretty good too.

Didn't think they needed 3 actors to play Alex, I'm pretty sure Nick Jonas with a long hair could have passed as a teenager easily, I think Fridge should have had a redemption because I felt like he was a douchebag the whole movie.

Karen Gillan belly was pretty good too.


The kid at the beginning was Alex in the real world, Nick Jonas was a pilot avatar (like how Bethany became Jack Black). Then at the end was real-world Alex grown up.

Ooh, I totally forgot about that. Though that Nick Jonas was Alex after he aged inside the game.

Jack Black deserved an Oscar for his performance

Just watched it, what a fun and nice movie, probably the best video game non-video game movie. =)

This movie was about 80 times better than it had any business being. Jack Black is a treasure.

I don't understand why people like this movie so much. It was very predictable and not really funny at all.

9 points · 1 month ago

That's why I liked it - sometimes it's nice to watch something trashy and funny. It's like comfort food or a cosy blanket - it just feels good. Also: I just love The Rock.

21 points · 2 months ago

He's not just having an honest opinion though, he's criticizing people for liking something he doesn't. I laughed all the way through this, and it was generally just a blast. Most people agree, which means you two are just wrong. Sorry!

You are responding to me.

I'm not criticising. I am legitimately curious as to what was funny. Or has people's sense of humour changed to be easier to get a laugh?

The plot was poorly written as well. In case you don't realise, this is all in my opinion which should go without saying.

Because it was much better than anyone was expecting. It was predictable but it was fun and charming. Funny is subjective.

-3 points · 2 months ago

Yes, so is 'being better' and 'charming'. Not sure why /u/leafs17 is being downvoted for having an honest opinion. This movie was horseshit

The writers didn't seem to think much of their audience, intelligence or memory wise. It seemed like a movie for children who don't know how video games work. Too dumb and heavy handed for adults, but too "telephone with the big buttons for the elderly" for younger kids.

Most of the dialog was insultingly stupid and stilted, but the main characters were still the best part of the movie. I'm glad I waited to rent it on Google Play though.

It's not a movie for gamers, dumbass. It's a family movie

Fucking relax Wannabe Ebert

14 points · 2 months ago

It's a fucking discussion thread you retard

15 points · 3 months ago

Thoroughly enjoyed. It deserved to clip The Last Jedi's wings...

The movie was better than a "21 years late" sequel to jumanji should have been.

Was it great? No. Was it bad? No. I was pleasantly surprised.

3 points · 3 months ago


Nothing good or really bad about the film. Just sorta there. I didn't laugh once the entire film. The acting was good (except for Kevin Hart who was bearable for once). Falt wierdly offensive at times unnecessarily.

Very predictable and the few things I git wrong would if made a much smarter movie I felt.

How did you only laugh once

9 points · 2 months ago(3 children)
-7 points · 2 months ago(0 children)

Found his alternate account

Lol dude, relax. It's a funny movie and my comment was just cheeky. We're in a Jumanji thread and you're throwing the word cunt around to someone you don't know.

Have a nice day!

5 points · 3 months ago

Because it's wasn't funny.

12 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

Another one of those movies with a predictable boy-kisses-girl scene shoehorned in the last 2 minutes of the movie. Why am I not surprised.

For the most part, it was fun to watch but I wish they had developed the villain a bit more. It felt like he had less than 10 minutes of screen time.

Well the villain is supposed to be a generic 90s video game villain. He wasn't the center of the movie and was just an obstacle for them to get out of the game

Great movie. I liked how the story was stupid, yet the writers made sure to make sure there were no plot holes and explanations for everything. Also they used tropes to make the movie better, not just for tropes sake.

Would recommend to anyone. had a relatable message about video game confidence vs IRL confidence as well which was nice

Fun movie. Villain was dissapointing but everything else was good.

I thought at first the Villain would have been Alex turned bad from being in there for so long

I did too because we saw a lot of what would be npc stuff, so I was confused since the characters didn't see those happen.

The would of been a really cool spin on it. Thats happens alot with people who play a game longer than newbies

It was actually really good, i dont know what i was expecting but i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Everybody killed it.

25 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

If he went back to his childhood timeline in 1996 and lived his life, doesnt that mean the other teens would have never played the game? I was a bit confused by that. Are we supposed to believe that he came back to his timeline but never did his best to stop other kids from playing the game?

Or in other words, his return to 1996 should have erased the other timeline and the other kids shouldnt have remembered him OR if the kids were in the game, what happened to the kids that lived at the same time as the first kid growing up from 1996 onwards in the new timeline. Did they get erased after their return? Cruel lol

Sorry my english is getting bad when i am thinking too much lol

Alex donated the game consol to the school on purpose so he would get a chance to meet his rescuers, and the movie was ultimately about the teenagers growing and changing.

9 points · 2 months ago

This is also an issue with the og jumanji, if i remember it right..

I dont mind it tho, time travel is weird

The first film made more sense out of it. Alan and Sarah beat the game and appear in their own timeline as kids again, and grow up together. Years later, they meet the kids from the altered timeline, but the kids have no idea who they are.

The whole thing is a paradox in this film and makes no sense.

I was thinking about this, and maybe it's to do with the magic of the game. Because it's powerful enough transform into a video game and basically change the timeline, so maybe it's powerful enough to stop any interactions between Alex and the kids?

He also probably would have grown out of using the dumb 1996 slang, and likely wouldn't still be wearing a Metallica T-Shirt, but hey...

Comment deleted3 months ago(1 child)

The game is out of this Universe element. It chooses the players, not the other way around. You can throw it away, destroy it, it will find you.

are...are you the cinema sins guy?


Look up "everything wrong with" on YouTube. That's the cinema sins guy.

10 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

C'mon, would you prefer a sad ending just to keep the logic? :(
Besides, you are trying to apply logic to time travel.

2 points · 2 months ago

Are you saying there’s no logic involving time travel...?

damn, I haven't thought about that lol. Yeah, that's true. We'd have no idea if the kids would have found the console in school too. Good point lol

Jack Black is the best thing in this movie, right before Karen Gillan's stomach.

I actually believe Kevin Hart's role was funnier than Jack Black's. I love them both, but Black's character got annoying.

I liked the subtle acting from Jack Black. He nailed it perfectly. Im a huge Kevin Hart fan but most of his scenes looked edited in. A lot of them are off screen to avoid awkward transitioning. I was impressed by his citing the Black Mamba facts though. That must of took dozens of takes to nail

Jack Black made me laugh a lot during the movie, but at times i felt like he was acting more like a flamboyant gay man than a bratty teen girl. "Yes queen!"

Jack black and Kevin Hart both performed really well, but Jack Black, obviously very very adjusted/used to comical characters had a FIELD DAY given his character is supposed to be a stereotypical brat girl that literally doesn't exist in the real world, he could make his (female) character do literally anything lol. Kevin meanwhile a bit more limited as an ex-popular guy, and still managing to be hilarious

Great casting I believe. And a pretty unique way of transitioning it from the original board game.

And a pretty unique way of transitioning it from the original board game.

I thought the idea of making it a video game was good, but the actual transition itself was really dumb. It was literally "The board game decided to be a video game now don't ask questions"

Great movie. Things I loved:

-How hard they went with the Jack Black/Bethany romance angle. Creepy as hell but hilarious.

-The fact that "teenage" Fridge is a 30 year old man

-The gratuitous amount of footage focused exclusively on The Rock's lubed up guns

Invite some friends over, crack a couple beers and get ready for a silly movie.

I loved Jack Black! I'm wasn't planning to see this movie at all but I saw him first time on Kimmel and he was hilarious af. Lmao I'm on the younger side sorry

12 points · 3 months ago

Very happy this was actually good.

I was grinning ear to ear at the end. Loved every minute of it.

In a real world teeming with terrible remakes, sequels, prequels -- seemingly one shameless cash grab after another -- I was so relieved to travel to this world of Jumanji. Even if only for a couple hours. This movie not only speaks to the 2 generations that fell in love with the original, it embraces a 3rd. I know it's not a psyche-melting or life-changing film, but everything this Jumanji has - it has in spades.


This was wayy better than expected. i cried at the end, and I don't care.

Me too! And I'm not ashamed of it!

I didn't like it. :/ I was a huge fan of the original as a kid, and when I dreamed about another Jumanji movie it was NOT this. Hollywood couldn't of chosen some other project to reboot? Fuck.

Pretty good

Why did the younger people remember everything that happened?

In the first movie, when Robin Williams woke up back in time when he first played, he meets the kids after time passes and they don't remember anything.

I get it's a different movie, but it seemed more like a sequel, it should follow the rules of the original.

My only guess has to do with them being inside of the game instead of in the real world like at the end of the original. Or the possibility that Alex, not knowing of the events of the first movie (that the timeline resets at the first player) freaked out about creating a paradox and them never showing up to save him purposely donated the system to the school so they would play it in the future and still save him in game. So if he had destroyed it or something they would have never played it, but by donating it they still played the game in this alternate timeline.

Just finished watching. My theory: In the original, they dropped the game into the river, to try to avoid it being found again, and used their knowledge to alter future events. It kind of seems that Alex popped back into his own time, and just left the game to hang around, instead of attempting to destroy it?

Or there are alternate timelines.

This whole thing is just bothering me, this giant hole in an otherwise completely plausible movie.

I think this is the correct answer. The final scene specifically shows the kids destroying the game.

Technically, he went back to his childhood where those children didn't exist yet (because they haven't been born.) It's a different time line where those children never played the game.

Yeah but so did the first guy from this movie. He went back and lived his life but somehow the kids remembered everything.

In this new movie, we're looking at the kid's time line. We never saw the kids go back to their own time line in the first movie, we saw Alan go back to his own, and in his original time line, he never met the kids. So in the kid's time line, they recognize each other since both parties have already met. There's an alternate time line out there where the first guy returns home, probably breaks the game or something, and those kids never experienced the Jumanji video game. I don't know, this is why movies with time travel are tricky, they open up these time paradoxes and shit gets confusing, but at least we got an ending with the kid's timeline this time.

I don't think it's honestly that confirmed that the kids from the original didn't remember. The thing that surprised them, iirc, was how the ski trip was a bad thing.

How could they possibly remember? In that time line, they never moved into his old house, and never came across the board game. There's no possible way that they would have known that ever happened in another time line.

Magic? And anyway, we didn't see them return to their timeline post game like we did Alan - just like how this time we returned with the younger kids.

Using this movie as a second example I can assume Peter and Judy returned to their lives the moment they would have started the game, memories intact, but living in the house of their parents with their parents still alive.

There's probably a time line where they returned back to Alan's house, before they actually found the game, but we never got to see that. As the viewers we have to assume they returned to their own alternate timeline, but in Alan's time line those children were never exposed to Jumanji.

It was entertaining and funny but it was too full of zero plot, horrible acting, plot holes and low substance characters

Just like... hmmm... Video Games :D

"hey can't you just drive us to the statue?"

Playing a board game, you can just move your pieces to the end too, but that's not how the game works.

Can somebody explain that why in this version Alex just poofed back to 96 like he wasn't gone for a day. And in the original Robin Williams aged 20 years and came back into his old house with time passing by?

Note; I wanted a happier ending for Bethany.

6 points · 2 months ago

this is the thing that has left me reeling about the movie. They movie spends significant energy setting bethany and alex up to be a couple and hits all the tradtional romantic beats, only for him to be old ass Colin Hanks. There are even shots of her talking to him at the end, and sort of flirting and it's weird, I can't be the only one who found it weird. They try to fix it by having him name his baby after her, but still it's weird right?

I know this is a month old, but why do you want a happier ending for Bethany? She asks her friend to go backpacking with her. Backpacking means no cellphone reception. She's given up her social media fake life for the real world. Look how much happier she is as she's always smiling now instead of being "too pretty to be nice".

So she doesn't get the guy, who cares. She's only 16 anyway, she has a full life of adventure ahead of her.

I don't think you're remembering it correctly. He wasn't in a video game using an 'avatar' type character. He was aging within Jumanji, and was then returned back to Earth. Once the game ended he eventually goes back to his own time line as a child

37 points · 4 months ago

In the end of the original, Robin Williams went back to his childhood after they finished the game.

True but in the original, he ages while in the game whereas he doesn't in the new film

Because it was an Avatar.

I was shocked at just how good this was. I had seen the trailers a while back and it seemed like it was just forcing the Rock and Kevin Hart back into a movie with each other. Given its recent praise, I was a little more optimistic. My expectations were met and exceeded. Even though the movie is credited with four screenwriters, they know how to make the story flow. Character development was limited but surprisingly effective. Dramatic moments really landed because of this. I think the Rock has made a seamless transition to the big screen. His characters' insecurity is never forced, it seems to come naturally. Kevin Hart is simply funny being Kevin Hart. Karen Gillan is funny and sexy in equal measure. But the performance of the movie is Jack Black. A chubby white dude inheriting the controller of a lame-brained girl was a great move and it paid off. His voice takes a little getting used to but you completely forget about it once he starts rolling.

It might be better than the original. Get a group together and have a blast.

Comment deleted4 months ago(1 child)

No I’m being serious. This movie completely surprised me.

they could have made a microtransaction joke to bully ea&co

As a fan of the original:

First of all, I did not like what they did with Van Pelt. They should have kept him as a British big-game hunter, not some creepy guy with animals crawling all over him.

More importantly though, I feel this movie is at a "lower level" than the original. It felt "dumbed down" and "pop-cultured", and it lacked the mysterious and serious dark nature of the original. This one was too tongue in cheek and parodic.

Also look at the people involved. Joe Johnston, the director of the original, was a friend of George Lucas, and the director of the amazing October Sky and Captain America movies. Jake Kasdan, on the other hand, is the director of... ahem... Bad Teacher and Sex Tape.

This applies to the cast too. Robin Williams>>>Dwayne Johnson. Robin was one of the greatest American actors ever. Dwayne is a glorified wrestler. But modern audiences apparently prefer "smoldering intensity" to actors playing exquisite roles.

That said, I liked the movie. It was really fun to watch. But the original and Zathura beat it every time.

I couldn't agree more. I love Jack Black, but I found this unwatchable. I don't understand how people can have any sympathy for such petulant, self-centered characters. The "comedy" was all uniformly lame too.

The characters of the original Jumanji had a sweetness and innocence to them. These characters were numbingly shallow, and the humor seemed like it was pitched at the lever of Big Bang Theory. Cheap, juvenile laughs.

Is it realistic for teens of the age those actors were supposed to be to know who Cindy Crawford is in the year 2016?

i thought it was funny when there was a deafening silence when he said "fly like cindy crawford"

The parents taking their kids to the movie will know who she is. Given the other 1990s references and lingo, they seem the target audience for those lines, so they in turn can verify the accuracy to their kids. See also the movie posters in the movie It.

Im 22 and I don't know who that it (maybe its cause im British idk)

I am not much older than you, but American. I don't know the exact history of Cindy Crawford, but she was a supermodel and was a big deal in the 80s to mid 90s or maybe early 2000s.

Some might. Vaguely heard of her.

I think it would have been a real plot-twist if they found out there was a difficulty setting and they accidentally put it on Hard with no way to bring it down.

That should be in the sequel lol

18 points · 4 months ago

I was pleasantly surprised, but I think they missed two opportunities:

  1. Playing with the "extra life" concept, meaning that the bars represent how many lives you have in addition to the one you're currently playing with.

  2. Using Fridge's cake ability as a sort of last-ditch-kamikaze effort to save the rest of the group. This could have coupled nicely with the extra life idea: The group is captured and all hope is lost. Fridge remembers something, and he digs in his bag to pull out a piece of cake. After a moment of struggle, he eats it then runs into the group of baddies, sacrificing his real life to save his friends. The group is saved, and everyone mourns, but wait! He comes back with 0 lives remaining :)

Other than that, it was some unexpected dumb fun with a few really great laughs.

I think your second idea would not work due to current world events, well maybe not current but recent.

What you describe is basically a suicide bombing seeing as Fridge explodes when he eats cake, not really suitable for a fun movie.

Karen Gillan is really cute in the film! Super entertain by the movie. And I was impress how they implemented the video mechanics to the movie. I kinda cringe on the second dance fighting the first one is fine but the second is a no for me.

Really liked this film. Growing up, I’ve watched Jumanji a dozen times on VHS, and I can appreciate how it was evolved into the “gaming platform” of that era. All the characters were great and had a solid share of screen time. The usage of video game tropes in particular (NPCs having limited dialogue, respawning, the cutscene, character strengths and weaknesses) were cleverly done and not as “r/fellowkids” as I thought it would be.

I initially thought this movie would be utter shite, but it was word of mouth that got me to see it, and deservingly so. Good action comedy, 7/10.

So the next generation of Jumanji is just Sword Art Online?

Did the film have a radically different plot when first announced? I ask because at my local cinema in Qatar there's a large window poster advertising a very different looking plot. Some of the cast are in it, but Dwayne Johnson looks completely different (with a beard), it's not called 'welcome to the jungle' and it seems like it was going to be an 80s themed movie (tagine: 'it's back but this time it's straight to vhs', and furry dice in the picture). I've had a look around but not found anything about this; anyone got any ideas what's going on? Poster here:

That's an obvious fake and a pretty poorly done photoshop job, definitely not an official poster. The photo of Kevin Hart is from one of his stand up routines, Jack Black's is pulled from one of his earlier movies, and the Rock's appears to be from one of his WWE poses.

That sounds about right. Quite why a cinema would fake a window display is beyond me though.

Just goes to show the marketing team's expectations with the tagline 'straight to VHS'

It was pretty entertaining besides weak dialogue basically throughout and poor villain development. Jack Black is wonderful.

I don't think the villain was meant to be well developed

Well then they really succeeded

I just kind of got the impression he wasn't supposed to be some character we should feel sympathy for or even care for, but instead just a cliche bad guy you kill and forget about like in a lot of older games, and even some games today

Yeah the BBEG was pretty boring. Only showing up in person during the final confrontation and not even doing that much was pretty lame.

I fully cracked up when Kevin Hart explodes after eating the pound cake. Hilarious.

better when he respawns and falls into a bunch of stuff

Welcome to the jungle. We got fun and games.


what are you

It's pretty much the breakfast club meets an indiana jones comedy movie.

I thought it was just an all around solid movie, with some extra stuff that I thought were cool concepts to explore in a movie. Like, every character gets three lives, that was cool and added something interesting to the movie. Some stuff early on doesn't make much sense, and Bethany's character is really, really unrealistic at first. She's basically like how your grandma might expect a 12 year old of today to be, obsessed with instagram, and completely self obsorbed, but gets better as they develop her. There's some character development with a couple of the characters, but Bethany's is very well done.

I don't like Jack Black and this movie wasn't an exception to that, but his lines were all written very well, and to be fair he had great timing, I just don't like his delivery.

32 points · 4 months ago

I know several girls exactly like that character.

Same here. My younger sister is acts exactly like her, it's hilarious watching the film and have Bethany whine about her phone and no one liking her selfie and coming home and hearing it from my sister

48 points · 5 months ago

I like every character and Bethany is the stand out. The preparing for seduction scene is the funniest scene i've watched in a long time and I didn't intend to laugh at a penis joke but Martha come look at my penis line got me.

I feel this film was a big fantasy for Jack Black and Dwayne Johnson.

They could really nerd and geek out playing characters they'd normally NEVER be cast as. You could tell they were really into the characters and it really helped drive the film.

Best/Most fun movies I've seen in my (somewhat) recent memory: 1. Arrival 2. Jumanji 3. Mother 4. Spider-Man

21 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

This movie filled the adventure genre very well, something that has been lacking in Hollywood recently (National Treasure 3 hype?)

Karen Gillan and Jack Black I felt, carried this movie and they captured their teenage selves.

Nice touch with the callback to the original Jumanji.

was pleasantly surprised by this one, was actually a pretty good modernization of the original while still being a funny movie on its own. Jack Black was born to play a vapid teenage girl

As a 90s kid who cherishes the original, is this worth seeing? Will it tarnish the nostalgia I hold for the original? Or will it be a decent popcorn flick that I can shutdown my mind for and enjoy a few laughs?

Not as good as the original, but still fun. It'll just make you want to watch the first one, but it won't ruin it.

24 points · 5 months ago

Yes, it respects the first Jumanji. It allows it to be a sequel, but a stand alone. It isn't required to see the first to understand the plot of the second. However,

22 points · 5 months ago

Saw it laat night. You will enjoy it. They paid proper respects to the original while doing it's own thing, really fun movie


20 points · 5 months ago

Really impressed by this movie, its fanfare is more than deserved. Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and The Rock did a fantastic job in their respective roles. Kevin Hart basically played himself but he was good too. Overall a very funny and solid movie that I would have no issues rewatching.

20 points · 5 months ago

I enjoyed it. Jack Black and Karen Gillan were the high points. Bobby Cannavale doesn't really get the chance to do anything which is disappointing since he's pretty amazing in everything i've seen him in recently. I liked the video game angle.

There was a couple of jokes/scenes that I thought could have been cut that just didn't really work that well (the "Jack Black learns to pee" scene felt like deleted scenes material).

That was such a highlight for me

29 points · 5 months ago

As a girl, I really appreciated this scene bwhahahahahh. Normally, it would be a dude in a girl's body and the jokes would be crazy. I am glad to see that situation reversed. Most RPGs you see so many guys playing female characters. It was refreshing to see that scene.

-7 points · 5 months ago(6 children)

did you watch the movie? jumanji is a cursed african game. it turned itself into a board game for a bit, now its a video game for a bit. before this gets archived wanted to make sure you knew you were a dumb ass

Well it's destroyed now so it doesn't matter.

Correction: the console was destroyed, but the cartridge was not. It's a magical, sapient...thing. It's a game that wants to be played, and is willing to change itself in order to attract new players. It's extremely meta.

But what about the original box? Alex left the game card his system, but it still mutated the system to get the eye of Jumanji to suck them in.

It's like losing the game pieces to the board game.

Hm...this is also true. Maybe the box could generate a new game inside of it? idk

Wait, I just realized something:

Finishing the game rescued Alex and sent him back to before he started playing.

There's a chance the kids simply broke the system without the gamecard in it and Alex still has it.

not since McGruber have i seen as lazily-written and insultingly stupid a script as this movie. just a complete dumpster-fire all the way through and by far the worst movie i've seen in years.

8 points · 3 months ago

McGruber is possibly the best film in the entire universe.

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