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What's better - The Chordvettes or The One-ders?

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His answer is clearly gonna be Cap’n Geech & the Shrimp Shack Shooters

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I like: The Churdle'nDiznuts better.

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Is the fact that people keep reviving and remaking these movies but each time in a more putrid and rotten form that is only a grotesque mockery of the original meant to be some kind of subtle commentary on zombies in popular culture or am I giving those responsible far too much credit?

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Romero's zombie movies dealt with the people that were living being the problem and these trolls prove he was right. There's a great article on the film in FORBES by David ALM

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Exactly. Zombies would never think of endlessly remaking Romero movies when the originals were already perfect. Only humans could be so evil.

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Somehow I doubt that Romero would have viewed the people against this remake as being a "problem" and "trolls".

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This could be the most unsuccessful aMa ever. A McDonald's employee would get 10x the questions....

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Will you have fries with that

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Given the lack of promotion in general for AMAs of late, I would say low turn out was to be expected. Thanks for answering those of us who did turn up!

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Only if you promise to not season them with your zombie skin flakes.

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In what ways did you differentiate your film from Romero's?

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Romero's zombie films all dealt with underlying social issues and this does that ... I think our main focus is the relationship between a zombie and a female scientist. He hasn't fully turned into a full Rotter. Because inside he holds the cure and the protagonist knows this.

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I'll field this question; one is a classic and the other is an insult to a classic.

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(#spoiler) It's a classic but we're not insulting it. We're keeping the spirit alive.

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You guys should've remade Romero's bad movies, like Land of the Dead.

Day of the Dead is not something you can top. I'm sorry, but there's just no way you will ever beat the likes of Captain Rhodes.

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Why does the spirit need to be "kept alive" by remaking a classic? Does the spirit of other horror classics such as The Exorcist and Alien need to be kept alive by remaking those too? The best way to keep the spirit of Romero's work alive, would be to make an entirely original zombie film, that stands on it's own two (shambling and decaying) feet but then, certain people wouldn't be able to cash in on a well-regarded title, of course.

I have no ill-feelings towards your good self, as you're a working actor (and going by reviews of Day of the Dead: Bloodline; easily the best part of the film) and I understand that it's your job to promote a film you star in but come on, let's not kid ourselves here, Sir.

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Where’s the proof it’s really him?

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He probably should have said that in the post...but oh well.

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i thought I did...Im told where to go and it takes a beat, but Im here

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It's no problem, I'll watch the movie cause I'm a big fan of zombie stuff. Where was it streaming?

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my first dog was a scottish terrior

I was born in 69

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Hope you don’t have the first one as a security question!

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I totally sit corrected.

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Any interest in returning to legends of tomorrow? You were one of my favorite guess stars and play Hex really well.

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I'd love to be on the wave rider.

Jonah Hex probably will need to take off the confederate uniform. And just be HEX. but REGARDLESS i'D LOVE TO play HEX again.

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January 5th is my birthday. Why are you making (have made) a tired unoriginal zombie movie?

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so you'd have a shitty birthday i guess...nothing unoriginal about my zombie nor your birthday. cheer up and happy birthday

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so you'd have a shitty birthday i guess...nothing unoriginal about my zombie nor your birthday. cheer up and happy birthday

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added: I absolutely LOVE That Thing You Do ... one of my favorite movie soundtracks (and a darn good movie to boot)

Prior to making DotD, did you watch the original to gain any insight? Also, what are your favorite horror films?

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I wrote for the masters of horror series on showtime and NBC fear itlsef...im a huge King fan, love him...i got to work with Romero on A KING SCRIPT, I have watched all his films

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Thanks for answering. I had pleasure of meeting you after a Baltimore Orioles game. You were very friendly and I wish you nothing but success. I'll be buying the movie tomorrow :)

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I loved Masters of Horror! Which episode(s) did you write for?

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I would argue that the original Day represents Tom Savini at his peak. The practical effects are just insane in that movie. Have you tried to pay homage to that at all in the remake? How much did you rely on CGI?

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There's very little CGI, practical effects mostly, it was a grueling filming process, I love the make up in the movie. Yana S was brilliant in the make up dept. Just loved the artistry and care she put into the movie.

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There's very little CGI, practical effects mostly, it was a grueling filming process, I love the make up in the movie. Yana S was brilliant in the make up dept. Just loved the artistry and care she put into the movie.

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yana stoyanova

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Hey Johnathon, thanks for coming to do this!

My question was about the process of getting a film produced. I'm a filmmaker who's looking to get a short film produced, one with a bigger budget than I can put up -- I could do a lot with $5,000, but $10,000 to $20,000 would be ideal. Everything I've made so far has been done on a minimal budget -- i.e. I pay for maybe pizza and beer for my cast and crew and that's about it -- and now I'm looking to get producers or production companies interested in taking on the project.

Romero did something similar with Night of the Living Dead, where it was made with a minimal, minimal budget and went on to be a huge hit.

I guess my question to you is how I would go about doing something like that? I know you're primarily an actor, but I was wondering if you could speak on what you've seen from a production standpoint, if anything at all. I have a reel, I have some 10 short films (half of which I'm really proud of), I have a handful of strong scripts, and I don't really know what to do with all of that now.

Again, thanks a bunch!

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follow me on twitter -- Ill check out you films, never quit

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Thanks man! That really means a lot! I followed you earlier today when I saw the AMA, but my username is @thewisefoolhhh! I'll be sure to tweet at you too!

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set GOAL list the OBSTACLES take action

You do this until you get what you want -- Set the goal HIGHER.

If you subject registers with an audience it will come to you

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Thanks! That's what I'm doing, but I was wondering about the technicalities of it more, like who I should contact to get things produced. But that's still good advice!

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why would they remake this movie into something that looks like an action flick ? the first one was good due to the slow pace and the idea there was no hope leaving the base or even having a chance.

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They've made about three since, all more action then this one. It's a franchise that people like to go back too. It's a money maker. It's fun, it isn't the presidency.

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I just loved the slow pace of the first made me think oh boy better lock up the house tight

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hey how was it

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how do you feel about An American Werewolf in London? I think it and The Fly are the most tragic horror films ever, I wonder if a director could match the emotional intensity of the transformation scene in American Werewolf

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horror films are ways to tell the tragedies of old

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horror films are ways to tell the tragedies of old

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What about the original story spoke to you and what about the script of this re-imagining spoke to you personally to want to get involved? What themes really stood out most to you about this story and setting? What is your favorite zombie movie ever?

(Random tangent: You were awesome in Doom Generation! How did you get involved in that production and have any memorable stories?)

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i read the script. Got so excited to play a CREATURE. lIKE frANKENSTEIN, LIKE OLDMAN'S DRACULA. That made me say HELL YEAH!

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i read the script. Got so excited to play a CREATURE. lIKE frANKENSTEIN, LIKE OLDMAN'S DRACULA. That made me say HELL YEAH!

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Did you draw any inspiration from Howard Sherman's 'Bub' from the original Day of the Dead, or was your character so radically different that it wasn't possible?

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I DID, I always tell the directors to give me two takes, I'd give takes with the same innocence . It's in the film BUT it's not the direction it went. Loved BUB

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You've been in a lot of, shall we say, unusual films throughout your career. Which role (or filming experience apart from the role itself) challenged you the most?

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I think that you have your CAPS LOCK on by mistake.

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Thanks! I'd imagine it would take a fair bit of training to handle even brief snippets of some of his escapes when they involve things like hanging upside down underwater!

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If you could get the rights to anything for your next project - what would it be?

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Thanks for doing this. What movies influence DotDB other than the original Romero classic.

Also how similar is this to the original Day of the Dead, any big changes to plot elements?

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completely different story.

I pulled from Karloff's Frankenstein, Oldman's Dracula and Dash Mihok's i AM legend ZOMBIES, i TRIED to be my own special effect

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Schaech ain't so

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Loved you on Doug Loves Movies. Did you enjoy it/would you do it again?

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thanks -- Im still working on my stage fright...I did love being there, but I feel dumb still ... THEYRE all so smart and quick

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Arsenal was excellent. How did you like filming in Biloxi?

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Loved BILOXI -- They thought I was Mark Consuelos at the waffle house

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Re-watching Ray Donovan- loved your performance-very nuanced-how did you prepare for the role?

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Are you going to sing That Thing You Do in Spanish or not?

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i did Check out my instagram @johnschaech

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Oh shit. He answered me!

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Is this version set in the Snyder Dawn of the Dead remake world? Or are the zombies different than what was portrayed in the Dawn remake?

edit: Another question. What's the level of shaky cam in this? Was it shot/edited so you can tell what's going on or are we looking a "Liam Neeson climbing over a fence" level of shaky?

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Johnathan, Congratulations on your upcoming film!!! Slightly off-topic (it is Ask Me Anything, after all!) I'm a mod over at /r/Elvis and the host of a movie review series on YouTube called Blue Suede Reviews where I cover movies starring and related to Elvis Presley. I wanted to take the opportunity to ask you if your experience working on 1998's Finding Graceland was meaningful and enjoyable and if you have any favorite memories of that film or if it made an impact on how you felt about Elvis as an icon or musician. As an unusually young Presley fan, I have always enjoyed your emotional performance in that film. Thanks!

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Hard to tell from the trailer, are these the Snyders' Dawn remake fast running zombies, or Romeros' shambling zombies? Seems like a mix.

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Thanks for responding to my earlier question about your take on Bub, Johnathon. I've been a huge fan of Romero's original zombie trilogy and also a fan of your work. I'll definitely check out the movie with an open mind. Good luck in the future!

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this isn't a question but i'm actually looking forward to Schaech's new DAY OF THE DEAD film tomorrow! it looks like a fun flick!

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why arn't u hanging from a rope yet?

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You'd think after the amount of good competent zombie films/that have been released some would have the formula down. Oh how wrong I was. Here we have terrible acting, cliche characters with cliche lines, and "smart" zombies. My favorite line: "The vaccine could've saved frank".... Um considering frank was not infected but instead torn to shreds I highly doubt that. Just a terrible thought out moment of cliche writing to drive the film forward. And main character is if course a pretty young female doctor...need I say more? I gave up 45 mins in. Terrible film. And you should be banned from filmmaking because you obviously don't have the creativity for it...

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Literally worst than a cheap skinamax film... wtf in the literal fuck? how could you make a movie this terrible.

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Greetings! Is Romero involved in any way?

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Do you mean was he involved before he passed away?

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Well it is a zombie movie...

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I believe that George A Romero is listed in the film's credits, under 'Spinning in His Grave'.

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or cashing a check

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Ah, the John Carpenter approach.

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he was. He passed away last year

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What was your peronal favorite film to work on and why is it That Thing You Do?

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Because there comes a time in one's life that the dream they dream becomes THAT THING YOU DO

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When is "Poker Club 2" coming out?

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uNFORTUNATELY Ed Gorman passed away...he wrote the original book. I don't see a sequel coming around...and sony bought the rights