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Official Discussion: I, Tonya [SPOILERS]


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Tonya Harding is one of the most skilled female skaters in the United States but is often kept down by her low class and overbearing mother. As she rises to the national stage her relationship with her abusive husband and "the incident" with Nancy Kerrigan will change her from scrappy underdog to the most hated woman in the country.

Director: Craig Gillespie

Writers: screenplay by Captain America


  • Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding

  • Mckenna Grace as young Tonya Harding

  • Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly

  • Allison Janney as LaVona Fay Golden

  • Julianne Nicholson as Diane Rawlinson

  • Caitlin Carver as Nancy Kerrigan

  • Bojana Novakovic as Dody Teachman

  • Paul Walter Hauser as Shawn Eckhardt

  • Bobby Cannavale as Hard Copy producer

  • Dan Triandiflou as Bob Rawlinson

Rotten Tomatoes: 90%

Metacritic: 76/100

After Credits Scene? No

96% Upvoted
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I'm surprised this movie was so highly touted. Margot didn't really feel like the right age to play Tonya, although I thought her performance was good.

To compare it to another movie in the same genre... If Bernie was an A, I'd give I, Tonya a B-.

Allison Janney gave a very strong performance, well deserved Oscar there.

Allison Janney deserves that award. Last year's films were filled with tough ass mothers. And Shawn is full on delusional. I had no idea about the story, and Shawn to me at first felt like a comic relief. I even thought it was exaggerated a bit until the credits.

I was a bit underwhelmed at how the assault was handled though. I didn't like the music used. I know it's about Tonya, not Nancy, but that scene just didn't do it for me.

I don't know. I didn't like the structure of the documntery like film, the narration. I didn't like the changing aspect ratio. I thought some of the acotrs were miscast. The whole film was a lot on the nose. The story, acting and especially the soundtrack. The soundtrack was on Suicide Squad levels, my god. Before I saw it I heard about the bad CGI and that other than that the film was great. I honestly coulden;t care less about some of the worse CGI. I do think it felt green screenish but that's not what the film was about. The rest of the film though felt very underwhelming.

22 points · 3 months ago

This was one of the better films I've seen in a while. I'm no professional critic, just a moron from the midwest in his 30s that likes movies --- this film covered a lot. NPD, abuse, codependency, drive, ambition, love, hate, violence, --- this was a Scorcese film minus Scorcese.

Unreliable narrator on top of another unreliable narrator, so on and so forth. Casting was flawless --- these people were born to play these roles.

I rented this on one of those Redbox machines, blindly, -- I remember vaguely the incident when I was a child (maybe 4 or 5 years old?), seeing the film for rent it peaked my interest and I had a blast.

Solid 8.5/10 for me, would recommend for anyone, it's just a great movie.

Important note for anyone that hasn't seen the film yet and might watch it on my or whoever's recommendation. This film deals with a parent that has NPD (or something?), might trigger some bad memories for quite a few of you. I notice a lot of people on reddit have had to deal with parents/people that have NPD or are emotionally abusive and this could trigger bad memories.

Also, physical abuse. A lot. Nothing like torture or fucking serial killer shit, just a lot of hitting and punching, kicking, etc. Just wanted to warn you all out there that are sensitive to those things.

It's a fun movie -- it's really serious but a comedy at the same time (like Wolf of Wall Street, for example, but still, I wanted to send out those warnings for people that might want to steer clear of something that could set you off, set off some bad thoughts and all that.

Anyway, I know I'm late as fuck to review this but I totally recommend it -- watch it with a loved one/friend, have a few drinks smoke a bowl and enjoy!

I just watched it last and though I was older then you when it happened (10), I don’t know if I was old enough to follow the story to form opinions about it. I think that I’ve always thought that Tonya orchestrated the entire thing, but this movie shows that wasn’t true.

However, I can’t parse out the differences between what I knew, what everyone else has known since then, and what new ideas this movie is presenting everyone with today.

9 points · 2 months ago

The skating world & media was always dragging Tonya way before the incident. She was trashed for her looks, her costumes, her background/working class background, being a redneck from Oregon, her muscles, even the size of her thighs. She was the sore thumb in land of pretty perfect tiny girls. She was convicted way before it happened. She was way more talented than most of them put together but she never had a chance with the media really. If she was in the picture now, its possible she would be the 'star'.

7 points · 3 months ago

Just saw this movie with my wife. As much as we wanted to love it, we found ourselves having a tough time getting into it. The pacing felt off. Stylistically, the blend of comedy and drama felt like an homage to Scorcese but failed to deliver. I quite enjoyed the performances from the 3 principal actors but Robbie came off as too old. Normally that wouldn't bother me but for some reason it took me out of the film.

The thing the frustrated me most was the matter-of-fact, "this is the truth" storytelling. It was like watching "Fargo", except "I, Tonya" trying to 'actually' be a true story despite being just as zany. I was too young to know about the whole media circus and facts surrounding "the incident", so I was keen to know what happened. The whole movie was portrayed in a way where Tonya and Jeff would each say "it went like this", and then proceed to tell the story through Tonya's lens. Was this really the extent of the spousal abuse (repeatedly breaking the 4th wall lessened it's importance and/or obfuscated truth)? Jumping from the olympics to the courtroom and glossing over all her charges? What? The whole film seems to be deliberately structured to garner sympathy (and guilt) from the audience for Harding under the guise of objective storytelling.

It reminded me of that awful Amanda Knox 'documentary' on Netflix that only presented Knox's retelling of events. I had no idea what to believe.

you know what?

this movie felt like a pro-amatuer director doing his take on The Wolf of Wall Street with differing source material. Sub in Tonya for Belfort, and there you go.

And no, it isn't because the actress was in both films, that had nothing to do with it.

Stylistically, the blend of comedy and drama felt like an homage to Scorcese but failed to deliver.

I agree with the first part but not the second -- the director and whoever else was absolutely inspired by Scorcese's work but it absolutely delivered for me. I loved the film, thought it was hilarious and played on comedy well when it could have faltered and relied too much on serious drama -- it played itself well, is what I'm saying.

8.5/10 for me, would recommend for anyone that likes drama/comedy movies done in this fashion, Scorcese-style.

Love the efforts and attention to detail, and how close some scenes look to the real footage. Especially the last one, my lace broke scene. Her costumes seemed well planned too, they looked hand stitched and well, gaudy. Margot Robbie's expressions and acting, along with all other actors was super. I really appreciate the fact that she produced it too.

They left out the sex tape incident.

16 points · 3 months ago

Was really surprised by how much I liked this movie. Went in blind with very little knowledge about Tonya and thought it was great. The acting and music choice were absolutely top class. Couldn't recommend it enough and hope to see Margot Robbie in more big roles in the future.

the music was simply incredible.

I just rented this film on redbox. There are very little films that document NPD or FLEAS and this film does both so well. As a society, we find it so difficult to think of mothers as anything but self sacrificing nurturers so it can be difficult for people to watch someone like Tonya's mom be such an insufferable bitch. Even though we all know how it ends, it is so sad to see it all tragically unfold. She had such great potential. I just wonder how far she could have soared had she had a positive support system.

There are very little films that document NPD or FLEAS and this film does both so well.

Have no idea what "FLEAS" is, but NPD? Yes, like holy shit yes. One of the main strengths of the film.

Casting was superb in that regard, hell in any regard. I thought the film was great.

Fleas - When a non-personality-disordered individual (Non-PD) begins imitating or emulating some of the disordered behavior of a loved one or family member with a personality disorder this is sometimes referred to as "getting fleas".

I broke both my legs at Lloyd center ice rink where Tonya trained 😭 Ball joint in my right leg and femur in my left leg.

Thank god for titanium

I loved the movie, really one of the best this year. I experienced the media drama first hand, was 14 at the time, but my memories are playing tricks on me. I have no idea on which side I was.

2 points · 2 months ago

Same age as you and I loved Tonya at the time because she was very different than the typical skater. Till today she was the only reason why I have ever watched skating. I was more of a Tonya than a Nancy.

I’ve just started a film blog and I’ve finally got round to seeing 'I, Tonya' - here are my thoughts. As you’re the experts in film, I’d be grateful if you took 5 minutes to give it a read and let me know any feedback you may have! Link is below:

That movie was great! Fantastic directing and storytelling. The cast seems totally on point as well.

I didnt know anything about this story but its crazy what she managed to pull off even though she was stuck in abuse her whole life. I felt so sorry for her at the end when she got her sentence from the judge.

It was well written in that in covered the material really well. Not a lot of filler but you still covered most of the story and the characters.

Never realised Tonya Harding went through so much abuse. Both her mother and husband were extremely shitty human beings. Little wonder she ended up somewhat unhinged as a young adult.

Of all award movies, this one is the one that I enjoyed the most, which doesn't mean it's the best one.

Was a small kid when this all happened so I came out of the movie feeling very bad for Tonya. Told my family in the family app group, and immediately my dad goes full-on rage mode saying 'Tonya was the bitch and Kerrigan the victim', defending Kerrigan and brutally beating Tonya down with everything he had in him, 24 fucking years later. Just goes to show how incredibly persistent that media narrative was. And we're European, not even American, for Christ's sakes.

I was a teenager when the events went down, and I wasn’t hugely sympathetic to Harding, but even at the time I thought Kerrigan was a biiiiiiitch. (That “won silver but looks like she stepped in poop” was spot on)

Did anyone else spend half the film wondering if Mac from Always Sunny In Philadelphia was based on Tonya's "bodyguard" Shawn Eckhardt?

5 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

Holy shit I knew he looked familiar!

juggalos fo lyfe

I, Tonya is very fantastic. The structure of the movie is very refreshing, also, it probably has my favorite fourth wall breaking since Deadpool. A unique format with amazing performances across the board (notably Margot Robbie, and Allison Janney).

Oscars for supporting actress will probably go to Janney since her role is very flashy, but I am still rooting for Laurie Metcalf from Lady Bird because the character is much more complex and grounded. It will be the battle of the moms for sure.

I loved the movie but I wouldn’t say the format was fresh or unique. It was very Scorsese.

Comment deleted4 months ago(1 child)

It was pretty much a lock for Janney at the Oscars because she had won everything else. The acting category was no surprise because Old man, Rockwell, McDormand and Janney basically has swept every big televised acting awards (Golden Globes, BAFTA, SAG)

31 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

I know this story well because I watched it all unfold in real time. Still this movie held lots of surprises for me and had me googling it's accuracy - of which it seems to mostly hit the mark. Tonya comes off as a highly sympathetic character along with (surprisingly) her former husband - Jeff Gillooly. Meanwhile her mother is probably the worst movie mother since Mommie Dearest. She is skillfully and hatefully portrayed by the "Mom" actress. Even if only half of what happened here to Tonya was true you can't help but feel sympathy for someone who manged (if briefly) to break out of the cycle of poverty/abuse she seemed destined to in order to make her mark (pun intended) on the prissy, stuck-up world of Women's Figure skating.

I didn't knew anything about Tonya. But by the movie end I felt like crying, and was so sad! She was the victim and media and those stuck up snobs of Figure skating association DESTROYED HER LIFE. It was painful to watch it unfold. I'm still sad for her.

24 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

Finally saw this film and holy hell was it fantastic! Clever, immersive, well paced and amazing performances all around. I really loved the way the story was set up, it felt like a very unique way of pacing the film and jumping from one important setpiece of Tonya's life to another while having the very biased and differing narration of all the characters supporting it.

I thought the movie got me to empathize with these really flawed people amazingly and Margot Robbie is definitely worthy of that Oscar nomination and from the nominated performances I've seen so far, she should win as well.

Another little detail I loved was that during the actual skating sequences the film kept the focus on Tonya very well and really made you guess from her reactions whether it was going well or not, instead of the usual thing where they show the other characters' faces and reactions as they watch it happen.

I really think this movie should've been nominated for best picture as well, so far I've seen two of the nominees there - Call Me By Your Name and Three Billboards, and I've got to say I liked I, Tonya better than both of those.

Just saw this movie, LOVED IT. Excellent acting, excellent music. I was 8 when this happened and remember it pretty vividly...none of the details in the film were ever made apparent during coverage at that time (from what my kid mind remembered). I felt SO much sympathy for Tonya...I'm not a movie cryer, but when they took her ability to compete in skating again I was misty. And her smiling into the mirror while crying...ugh. Honestly, an important movie for this real, living person and tons of low income "white trash" folks out there. Great film.

I loved this movie. I got like a little big short/goodfellas vibe to the whole feel of the movie. Margot robbie was amazing in this. When she was pleading for the judge to give her a jail sentence I completely empathized with her character. One of the best movies of 2017 for me.

When she was begging to go to jail instead of being banned from skating I got chills from head to toe. Margot Robbie is #1 on my list of "free pass" celebs so I thought I'd be kind of bias towards her performance in this film. I know she's an amazing actress, but during that scene I completely forgot who she was(in the best possible way). I've seriously never been so moved by a performance.

Sorry for jumping in on this so late, but I just finished watching the movie and so I wanted to see people's thoughts on it. But holy shit, that scene was incredible! I absolutely loved the movie, and Margot Robbie was fantastic in it, but that scene really blew me away!

I loved this movie. It was bitingly funny, dark and thought provoking, outside of the obvious storyline, it is unflinching in the way it explores the fucked up nature of domestic violence, classism and shitty parenting and it deftly handles all of the dreadful characters, keeping them human and avoiding making them cartoonishly evil or giving them cheap redeeming features.

Margot Robbie can be very proud, a lot of actors will go through their career never having starred in anything quite as good as this film.

I absolutely loved the film. I thought Margot Robbie was amazing as was the whole cast. She properly won't win the Oscar but for me it was the best female lead performance of 2017.

Just saw it yesterday and loved it and am obsessed with telling people how awesome it is!

I loved the music. I loved the camerawork--some super-cool shots of the routines (apparently the cameraman was actually skating around Margot Robbie with a handheld). Loved the acting and the story. I loved the little soliloquy thing they did from time to time. The split-screens of her and Jeff.

I'm too young to remember when this happened, but I'm familiar with it (I mostly know Tonya for her appearances on those Tru-TV Wildest Police Chase Videos type shows). Put the case in a whole new light. She's crazy, but she was abused too and apparently was oblivious prior to the incident.

I always get a little concerned when they make biopics about people who are still alive. Like the real-life person will sue or something. Apparently Tonya herself really liked it.

Is a critic allowed to have two negative reviews for a film on Rotten Tomatoes?

Good catch

I thought it was great, it makes me sad to think what would have happened to her life if she had married basically anyone else on the planet. Maybe not a medal winner but she would still have skating in some capacity.

Why is I, Tonya getting very limited release in my part(LA/OC)?

I knew this movie had good ratings going into it but I didn't expect much. Absolutely loved this movie, though. Entertaining the whole time, and Margot Robbie was amazing in it. Didn't know anything about Tonya Harding before but now I'm going to spend the night learning everything there is.

Loved it, but I wish these biopics would use real footage in the movies like Narcos does.

26 points · 5 months ago

The clips at the end showed us that we didn't really need the actual footage, because they made the actors look/act enough like the real to create a better connection to the characters.

18 points · 5 months ago

Great movie! The acting was tremendous. Allison Janney really put in the performance of her career, which I don't say lightly. I really enjoyed the whole mockumentary type angle it had. Paul Walter Hauser also kinda stole the show for me every time he was on screen.

14 points · 5 months ago

I found this movie a difficult watch. I was only 3 when this all happened so had never heard of any of the events until now. I didn’t expect there to be so much graphic violence and found it quite distressing seeing her be hit over and over again.

Agree, the main reason I didn't enjoy the film was all the domestic abuse. Probably wouldn't have watched it if I'd known.

3 points · 4 months ago

I’ve talked to a few other people who were similarly bothered by it, it was just so intense and frequent

Yes. Agreed. Those scenes were horrifying.

I Tonya should have been nominated for best picture this year, the story is funny and touching, the performances are top notch! Everything about this movie is excellent! You don't have to be into figure skating to love this movie!

I agree. This was definitely better than The Shape of Water. I felt more for Tonya (someone I was told to hate as a child), than I did for any of the characters in that movie.

Yes. I am a Guillermo fan, but I enjoyed this way more than Shape. I would also choose it over Dunkirk, Three Billboards, and Get Out.

True. I thought I, Tonya was better than most of the movies nominated for best picture except for Lady Bird, and the Phantom Thread. I thought Shape Of Water was beautifully directed but it didn't make me feel anything like Lady Bird or I, Tonya did, I mean I didn't feel too much for the creature. My other favorite movies of the year Coco and Blade Runner 2049 should have been nominated for best picture this year.

The ZZ Top skating scene is one of my favorite scenes from a movie this year

That was freaking awesome!

I liked the beginning with her mom enrolling her in figure skating class to Cliff Richard's Devil Woman, too! Lots of good music in that movie!

Entertaining review podcast here -- talk whether I, Tonya is the G.O.A.T. ice skating movie. What do y'all think?

Toooooeeeee piiiiiccccck

Toe pick!

Just saw it last night and thought it was incredible. My favorite movie of 2017, even though I saw it in 2018.

Also I would've loved it even more if it was a fictional event portrayed in this same manner, if that makes sense.

14 points · 5 months ago

The only gripe I have is that the comedic nature does take away from some of the more serious scenes. I feel like the suicide threat scene with Jeff and all of the abuse lost some of their weight due to the overall tone of the film.

the fourth wall bits were annoying. is this abuse supposed to be funny? every time there was violence it felt like it was trying to be funny. made it hard to care about tonya. the pacing was fairly quick at some points so the relationship between tonya and her husband felt rushed. almost as if the movie was trying to cram everything that happened into the movie. i wouldn't have minded if they picked just one portion of her life and focused on that. make it much more slower and drama-oriented rather than become a bizarre scorcese ripoff.

the middle of the movie loses focus so much. tonya becomes a side character, everything after the "incident" feels like you've seen it before. even the chosen songs throughout the movie felt uninspired. margot was great but way way too old for the role.

luckily the end kind of brought it back together. definitely the best part of the entire movie. strong 5-6/10.

every time there was violence it felt like it was trying to be funny. made it hard to care about tonya.

I assume it was to avoid making this movie really miserable.

One of the themes of the movie is that people want a story and an idealism, not real people. Maybe the movie pads the violence to make her seem more like a figure than a person, to bring that theme full circle into how the narrative is set up. Is there a technical term for that? I don't know.

11 points · 4 months ago

I think the fourth wall breaks also kind of just cement the idea that this is just the reality of life for Tonya. It's not meant to show her sadness. Her mom throws a knife at her arm and she just shrugs it off and walks away. She gets beat? She takes it.

She gets knocked down? She looks into the camera, says some shit, and then stands back up.

I love this movie and I’ve always liked Tonya Harding. Nancy is a little bitch.

I always thought Nancy Kerrigan was a bitch (before the incident). Her injury didn’t make me like her.

Haha right. She’s still bitching about it to be relevant.

21 points · 5 months ago

How in any sense would Nancy be a little bitch in this matter?

Haha because she got hit once and she wouldn’t stop crying. Wasn’t even broken.

why are you crying about it

24 points · 5 months ago

Dude, those police batons are no joke. I'd imagine you'd cry too if hit in the knees with one.

I’ve been hit by worse.

9 points · 5 months ago

Did you cry?

No haha

wow cool. have a cookie or something

Thanks, already have. Chocolate chip bitch

Comment deleted5 months ago(6 children)

Tonya Harding got banned from the Olympics. Her dumbass ex husband ruined her dreams.

Lol “viscous” don’t be so dramatic.

Did that “viscous” attack end her career? No. Nancy is still bitching about to this day. It was a bruise princess, get over it.

Definition of vicious 1 a : dangerously aggressive : savage

a vicious dog

b : marked by violence or ferocity : fierce

a vicious fight

2 : malicious, spiteful

vicious gossip

3 : worsened by internal causes that reciprocally augment each other

a vicious wage-price spiral

4 : having the nature or quality of vice or immorality : depraved 5 : defective, faulty; also : invalid 6 : impure, noxious

lol said the person who comments on celeb's feet on reddit. You douchenozzle.

Haha you creep. That suppose to hurt my feelings or something? I like feet, so what. Suck me off

lol yea i'm the creep. There must be something mentally wrong with people who feel so compelled to post publicly on porn. Like, christ, your mom did a bad job raising you.

Haha people who try to insult on how you were raised on the internet definitely have problems and insecurities of their own haha.

So typing a comment is wrong now? Look what you’re doing haha

I don’t think you can trust this movie as a historical account.

I believe Tonya.

The media is fucked up

Saw this last night...I was entertained throughout, but by the time the film ended I felt like they had approached the story in completely the wrong way. The abuse was portrayed slightly comically - probably to make it less dire - but it has the effect of making the whole thing rock and roll rather than tragic, and by the time the film ended I only felt like it was a tragedy. The husband wasn't a comic loser to me, he was a serial abuser - they left out a scene that apparently really happened where he gangraped Tonya AFTER the knee cap attacked and threatened to kill her if she talked...ha ha? No wonder it wasn't in the movie...

Besides that, the movie really dropped the ball on the media frenzy part...It was just sort of a background detail, and besides the cable news guy telling us the shit they did, we didn't really experience it.

Also - I like Margot Robbie, but not sure why she was cast in this (except maybe to get the movie bankrolled). It was an odd fit for the role, especially because she looked at least 28 for the whole thing - "I'm 23, Mom!" got some laughs in the theatre.

I like the daring of the 4th wall breaking and the mocumentary style, but I thought this story in particular deserved a more traditional approach. There were several times characters just said what the film was trying to say and I thought, "Why not just let the film say that? I'm left with nothing to think about because you just spelled it out for me."

I agree with everything except the Robbie criticism. She absolutely nailed this. It's a little ridiculous to complain about the age of an actor compared to the character- that's an old hollywood standby. She embodied Tonya and it was great not seeing her as just eye candy after all the roles that have been given to her of that nature. This was HER role.

Robbie was not a good cast period. Jane levy would have been perfect in this role.

Robbie was 26 during the filming of the movie. Playing a 20-23 year old didn't seem off to me, but it was a stretch when she was playing a 15 year old Harding. Overall, she was awesome in the role.

What? She nailed her role and looked just like the real Tonya.

The only thing she nailed was prolly the producer.. given her reputation.

Completely disagree. Robbie nailed the role, as I said above, but to each their own.

Definitely agree about the media frenzy part of things. In fact, it was kind of jarring because one scene shows the media stationing outside their house, and then a scene later Tonya is talking to Jeff at the ice rink like she has no idea what’s happening... the dozens of newscasters by your car didn’t tip you off?

In defense of the 4th wall breaks, I think sometimes it felt like they were spelling it out—at least they were spelling out what the characters wanted you to think. But more often than not, I felt like their partiality was on fully display. The one scene that made my wife and I both turn to each other and roll our eyes was when Tonya made th spiel about America being her abusers. That was a little too “on the nose” and contrived, especially because, like you said, the media frenzy was oddly underplayed. I was really surprised Bobby Cannavale was never actually in the “film” part of it.

26 points · 5 months ago

Margot Robbie looks too old for this role. She looks at least 35 years old. I couldn't get into the movie because of my inability to suspend disbelief that this old person was a young talented skater.

Robbie isn't even 30 in real life. I feel like everyone looked older than they were in the 80s and 90s. Something about the hair and clothes...

Oh please, if that's your only criticism you can go... look, in Goodfellas Robert De Niro starts out the movie as a 28 year old, and he was damn near fifty. That shit don't matter. Does the actor embody the character? Is the passion there? The honesty? Robbie killed it. Don't go taking her down by the knee just cause of a little thing like age.

I actually laughed when Margot first appeared. That's how OLD she looked, when she was supposed to be a teen. It was jarring.

Yeah this. The first time Robbie's in the film she's supposed to be FIFTEEN. By the end I assumed she was upwards of 30. Nope, she's TWENTY THREE.

It was ok. not a best picture. The costumes were kinda funny. It was meant to be funny at points, and reality at points, but overall it wasn't bad. Just not great. The story itself is sad. Paints Tanya as a fighter her whole life. And skating was all she ever wanted and it got ruined for her because she didn't have good people around her.


I had honestly never even considered whether Tonya Harding was guilty or not, it just seemed to me she was.

This movie makes me seriously reconsider the way I remember things happening.

I sure hope that’s not the case. It’s a great movie but the point of it is that you can’t believe any specific person from the story.

But didn't both Tonya and Jeff agree on that bit in the end?

Why would you hope that’s not the case?

I’m not saying I inherently believe the facts of her story. Just that I’m reconsidering what I considered to be fact.

His entire article is based off of Gillooly's statements made to the FBI after he was already implicated. Seems to be some conflict of interest there, no?

Enjoyed the comedy and awesome performances from Margot Robbie, Allison Janney and Sebastian Stan. While parts of the movie felt a little unfocused and slow paced, the ending brought it all together and did a great job of wrapping up the story. I also made a video review for the film here if anyone is interested!

I was a little disappointed by the film. I liked the performances, and I was interested in Tonya's character, but once the film started being about "the incident", I felt it became unfocused and not so strong. As someone who was born in 1993, and really had no idea about Tonya Harding or that whole thing, I didn't feel it was handled particularly well, with Tonya herself having little to do during it and becoming practically a supporting character in her own story.

Also, some of the jokes seemed a bit contrived in their execution, and I don't know if I liked a lot of the fourth wall stuff. I don't think they needed as many fake interviews as they used, like Bobby Canvale's. I really love Bobby Canavale as an actor, and was stoked when he showed up, so it was pretty disappointing when I realised he wasn't even going to play any role in the actual story and didn't need to be in the movie at all.

If they make a movie about nancy kerrigan, they should choose missy peregrym- the girl from the movie stick it. Margot robbie is too hot for the role but she really made it her own. I felt bad for harding, to endure all that abuse. I don't think she deserved to receive a lifetime ban. Maybe a few years. It was her life.

Excellent movie! Very tragic story all around... Does anyone know what part of Washington Tonya and her husband live in? I live in NW Washington and there are lots of landscaping companies around here...what are the odds they’re in my area?

She lives in Vancouver, WA I believe. So probably not in your area.

The Daily podcast had an interview with her last week, I think they said she still lives near Portland

Excellent film, and Robbie, Stan, and Janney are all brilliant in it.

13 points · 5 months ago

Great movie, loved it. Robie exceeded all expectations. I'm actually touched too, by Harding's life. Movies have been getting so dumbed down with all the blockbuster franchises, it's great to get out and see a small budget biopic with so much heart and soul.

I enjoyed this film. There are some great moments between Tonya and her mom and between Tonya and her man Jeff. The soundtrack was fantastic. This film is not artsy in any way however. Do not go into this if you're looking for depth in cinematography for example. It's strictly an interesting life story retold on the big screen. After the film a woman in my aisle got up and said "that was exactly how everything went down. you saw how the press up and left? yeah that was because OJ happened." I think that was a very nice compliment to the accurate portrayals of Harding's story and the 90's overall. There were also some great comedic moments from Tonya's bodyguard Sean. Pretty solid cast if you ask me. The only issue I have--and I know it's nitpicky--is that the sequences in which Tonya (Margot Robbie) is actually skating are wonderfully shot [trust me, they are seamless] but the CGI committed to placing Robbie's face on the stunt actor falls flat at key moments. Aside from that, this film is pretty top notch.

I didn't plan on seeing this film, but ended up watching it. It exceed any expectations I had going in. Allison Janney was incredible in her role, and the format for story telling was a refreshing change from the other movies I had seen recently.

FML Summer 2017 Winner
19 points · 5 months ago

The bodyguard stole every scene he was in and the movie was incredible. I was born as this was happening so I only really heard about bits and pieces of what went on periodically in my life, and didn't know much about what had happened or any of the background of Tonya Harding in general.

I will say though that Margot Robbie was a bit too old to be playing a teenager in the earlier portions of the movie when she's first integrated into the movie but I thought she was incredible in this as well.

I was cracking up at parts of this movie when no one else was. It was just fun at times and I had a great time...other times it was sad and kind of a bummer. Shawn absolutely brought some comedy to the show...he was almost ALWAYS eating something bahahaha

The only time I truly felt sorry for Tonya during this movie was when the judge banned her for life from figure skating organization. No matter what her involvement with kerrigan that didn't seem right and it was all she had. I know nothing of her life after skating but I hope she found something else.

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She didn't object to her husband openly planning to send death threats to her competitor and lied to the FBI about her knowledge about the case and was more worried about performing well at competition. In addition, she was very vulgar and combative to the judges, told them they needed to change their scoring standards, etc.

...and she was constantly being abused by her mother and husband?

6 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

the other reason I don't feel sorry for her is because she made some very unempathetic / stupid decisions. she was ok with them sending the death threat to her rival after she received a death threat and was so scared by it that she backed out of the competition that day. Anyone with a lick of empathy would have seen how cruel that was. and the film downplays this as "just a death threat", "just some letters", etc., but according to [this page] ( (not sure how reliable it is), you can get 18 months in jail and a $5K fine for a death threat. threatening to kill someone is pretty serious, honestly. as a politician, my mom has received some threats (no death threats- just smaller threats like "you better watch your back if you vote X on issue Y", "we will see to it that you are never re-elected", etc.) and they really rattle people. I would honestly agree with the voting committee if they had Tonya kicked out of skating permanently on the grounds of allowing her husband to send death threats to her rival. Let alone allowing shadier stuff to go on (and possibly knowing about the attack).

In addition, she gave Jeff a $10K check. She says in the film that a high end skating suit would cost her $5K. The only other reason she had a bad "Presentation" score was her manners/the way she carried herself. She could have spent the other $5K on a manners coach. Or she could've simply listened to her first coach's advice on the importance of good presentation.

it is understandable why she made bad decisions but chalking it up to abuse is enabling and imo a little offensive to anyone who has experienced any form of abuse. (not that i am offended, just saying)

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Saw this last night and loved it. I wasn't planning on prioritizing catching this one, but the word of mouth was so strong that I reshuffled and am really happy I did.

Question about the story: we never see any of Tonya's siblings in the movie. Was that an artistic choice, or was Tonya the only one of her siblings whose dad left them to live with her mom?

Edit oh right, I forgot about "Creepy Chris" - I guess this was Tonya's only half-sibling? Apparently he died in a car accident, c/o Vulture:

Harding’s half-brother, whom she calls “creepy Chris” in the movie, was actually named Chris Davidson, and he did sexually assault her in their home when she was 15 and he was 26. In the movie, Harding quickly fends him off and leaves him on the ground, but the real-life events are much more frightening. As Harding prepared for her first date with Gillooly, Davidson tried to kiss her, and she threatened to burn him with her curling iron if he kept advancing. Davidson continued to force himself on her, so she set the iron to his neck, ran to the upstairs bathroom, and locked herself inside. According to Harding’s account, he then followed her and beat the door down, but she was able to get away and call the police. He continued to pursue her, though, so she hit him with a hockey stick and ran to a neighbor’s house. Davidson was arrested later that night and spent several years in jail. Shortly after his release he was killed by a hit-and-run driver, and Harding told Sports Illustrated in 1992 that she did not attend the funeral. Of the incident, Harding’s mom said, “I wouldn’t put it past Chris to try and get a kiss. Tonya has a vivid imagination. She has a tendency to tell tall tales.”

“I wouldn’t put it past Chris to try and get a kiss. Tonya has a vivid imagination. She has a tendency to tell tall tales.”

Wait. So she can see Chris doing it but is simultaneously going to undermine her own daughter's report of events? Jesus, what a shitbag "mother".

I wanna see the guy who played Shawn in everything. Dude stole every scene he was in. So fucking hilarious.

I suspect he spent months on Reddit arguing and munching Cheetos in preparation for his role.

12 points · 6 months ago

I want a Jeff and Shawn buddy movie. Ship it!

pepper some of shawns op buddies in for good measure...

18 points · 6 months ago

"There's other way to disable people so, your welcome"

56 points · 6 months ago

Really, really enjoyed this one. Not only does it successfully turn Tonya Harding into an empathetic figure, it does so with a shit ton of pitch black comedy, fourth wall breaks, mock/doc style interviews, and a soundtrack that's so overtly "too cool for school" that it's almost a joke in and of itself. It sounds so cheesy written down like that, but it all came together perfectly. Nailed the humorous tone to allow for the emotional moments to shine through, and Robbie absolutely crushed it with every comedic and dramatic beat. Shawn was so idiotically hilarious that it felt like he was straight out of a Coen Bros. script. Just an endlessly entertaining watch, like a mixture of The Big Short meets Fargo meets Steve Jobs.

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It also felt a little Scorsese like and Margot Robbie played Tonya like a scorsesein anti hero type.

But why the hell is it called “I, Tonya”...?

Because she narrated most of the movie

Because much of it is shot in a first person shot of Tonya. It represents her giving her testimony to the audience. It’s actually a very good title given how the film is shot and how the story unfolds. The film is essentially her long version of what happened.

Loved it.

I'm twenty minutes in and the mother is already annoying me. I feel like it's just too much. I don't really know how to say it, but maybe she's "overacting"?

Anyone with a narcissistic parent will probably tell you that her behavior hit too close to home.

And as for my personal experience, anyone who came from a healthy family seems unable to accept that people like her absolutely do exist.

Anyone with a narcissistic parent will probably tell you that her behavior hit too close to home.

Holy shit can confirm. Just glad mine wasn't this bad.

Having had a perfectly ordinary life, I still found her performance believable and profound.

Well that's probably the case

6 points · 6 months ago

I don't believe you, are you texting in the theater? Fake news.

Funny. Some people watched her performance and felt it hit too close to home.

Source: Me.

Not according to Tonya Harding.

I felt like the only real over acting was from Derrick and a little from Shawn

If you watch actual interviews with Shawn Eckhardt I think the actor nailed it, the guy is an absolute lunatic.

I have to go watch those interviews before I can say for sure, but I just felt like Shawn's performance didn't stand up to the other characters. This was a very minor flaw and I can't say it took away any enjoyment from the movie.

I watched 30 for 30's Going for Gold episode after watching I, Tonya. Hats off to whoever cast this movie. They nailed everyone.

Going for Gold

Before anyone else goes to look for it like I did it's "ESPN Films 30 for 30: The Price of Gold" which should likely be playing again soon with this movie people out to a much wider release.

I saw this film completely on a whim. I didn't even know it was about the ice skating thing in the 90s, so I literally had 0 expectations.

I really enjoyed it. I would give it an 8/10. I thought the performances were good, (except for Derrick and Shawna) and I felt like the film was extremely effective. It told an interesting story from the perspective of unreliable narrators with style and class. Ironically I found the 4th wall breaks even more immersive.

I never really cared about the controversy about this event, I was too young when it happened, and I'm not a huge figure skating guy. I've seen some people criticize this film for glorifying a character like Tonya. I don't really feel like this film glorified Tonya, but rather tried to sympathize with her. Tonya was portrayed as a believeable human character, but I wouldn't call her likeable, or even particularly relateable. I could appreciate the story this film tried to tell and I was very entertained through the course of the film.

Entertained is a good way to put it. I had a fun time watching this movie...

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People are complaining about the cgi but i thought it was great. "It" had horrible cgi but i don't hear people calling it out for some reason.

I didn't even notice any cgi. As for IT, I agree cgi was bad and overused.

Where was there CGI?

During the skating scenes, since Margot Robbie and stunt people can't actually perform the moves Tonya can.

Yea especially the triple axel (seriously, not a lot of ladies can actually do it even to this day; those who can, are in training- so why would they get involved in an indie film). The movie didn't do it justice; you really gotta watch a clip of it:

*The insane height and air time she had was what's impressive.

(Also, like all the spins were done by the stunt double and since skating revolutions are so fast; it takes quite a feat to CGI and edit that entirely- let alone a few programs that were shown throughout the film)

5 points · 6 months ago

During some skate scenes. Margot Robbie did skate but the jumping and fast spinning they cgi Margot's face. I thought it wasn't bad but It had horrid cgi. It the moive was ridiculous.

Yea I assumed they did some CGI on her face during the skating but that's all people are complaining about? The face would have been blurry even if Robbie had been doing the skating, they're moving very fast, it looks blurry on live TV.

I remember one or two shots where the use of green screen background is jarringly noticeable, but I prefer a film where my biggest criticism are the visual effects. I was so immersed in the other aspects of the film that tops didn't really bother me

It's noticeable, but I dirn't find it tondetract feom the film at all.

I didn’t notice that but I saw it at an Alamo Drafthouse, so, you know....

Me too! Just got home from there, actually 😊

13 points · 6 months ago

I really can't decide if it's ethical to watch this movie. I assume Tonya is getting paid for it, and I'd hate to support her at all. Meanwhile Nancy Kerrigan is being harassed about her thoughts on the incident once again, and as always is asking people to stop bringing up her assault so she can move on.

I think she got like $1500 for the rights.

15 years ago?

Not sure why this is getting downvoted, it's a fair point.

It likely she got paid a flat fee and isn't getting any residuals or anything so she made her money regardless if zero people or infinite people see the movie.

4 points · 6 months ago

what are you basing that on

16 points · 6 months ago

Did you watch the movie?

3 points · 6 months ago

obviously not, that's why i put the idea forward.

go watch it, the movie has more originality than all these dc/marvel movies.

10 points · 5 months ago

What a dumb comparison

1 point · 6 months ago

Eh, after reading through this thread I'm going to pass, honestly. Doesn't seem like I'd enjoy it.

I've found myself getting bored with movies that are "based on a true story" lately as they seem like the only "original" thing Hollywood is capable of and interested in producing anymore. And half of the time, they need to spruce up the real story to make it watchable anyway.

But I, Tonya was a huge refresher from that. With the talking heads, 4th wall breaking, biased and inconsistent stories, it was really original and fun. The way it's told is almost like a mix of The Big Short and Bernie. Margot Robbie kicks ass here. And Allison Janney holds her spot as one of my favorite actresses of all time.

I knew nothing about this story before seeing this movie and now I have so many opinions about the whole incident. Not many based on a true story movies are rewatchable, but I can't wait to watch this one again!

Funny how the 4th wall breaks in this film added top the immersion

29 points · 6 months ago

In lack of better words, I thought this movie was amazing. As a person going in with basically no knowledge of this whole incident, I thought the story felt very real (as in not overly blown-up and dramatized, and you could sense how biased the narrators were), the acting was amazing (I really do not have the vocabulary for this), and the last movie I watched that really got my heart racing was Inception.

I don't know how to put this in words, but this movie really took me on an emotional roller coaster. I've never ever watched a movie that was able to capture so well the feeling of people watching you in a crowd (used to do theatre), the nervous energy (butterflies-in-stomach kinda feel) that was in a room when something big was about to happen, and the gut-wrenching moments that either got you rooting for or really disliking a character. The hope and desperation at the end, Tonya's helplessness. Goddang Margot Robbie, man. I'm not sure why this movie was marketed as a comedy as well as a biopic/drama, but it was pretty dang dramatic for me.

I thought the characters were very well written. Everyone was played very believably, and it was easy to empathize with the characters. Maybe besides Shawn. That dude, lol. But, for all the main characters, it was easy to step into their shoes and really understand and feel them, their motives, their goals. Yes, LaVona was a shitty person, but I felt that I understood what she was trying to do, how much she's sacrificed and pushed her daughter and how she really felt that she was doing the right thing, and that she made a damn good athlete.

Okay, I'm out of words. There was definitely something about this movie that really took my breath away, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Fantastic movie, definitely in my top 10 movies of 2017.

It came out in 2018 I thought

I believe it had a limited release in 2017 to get nominated for awards.

This might be my favorite movie ever. The story is just so good and that’s because it’s real, or whatever blurred line that real is. It was fun, I laughed a lot, and I wanted to tear up for Tonya at the end even though I went into it thinking that she was 9000% guilty

Did every laugh line fall flat for you as well? Also seeing a fat man eating in every scene felt super hack to me.

The movie was good but the winky Wolf of Wall Street- Big Short- etc. style is growing very stale

You know we all have different personalities and the like but I personally had a heck of a time at this movie.

I was cracking up and having fun with it. Entertained to the fullest. I recommend anyone go see this in the theater.

I laughed every time they showed him and he was eating. It felt like less of a hack joke to me and more like that's probably accurate to how much this dude was eating. I hated his character so much.

This was a fantastic movie. I thought it was funny and interesting. I watched all of this with fascination when it happened and the movie didn't sugar coat anything. "Her" story is exactly what I expected it to be.

203 points · 6 months ago

Anyone else think that Shawn Eckhardt is the personification of r/iamverybadass? That's what I thought of when I saw his interview was actually real. Still a bit mind blown.

Amazing. Margot Robbie was a fucking revelation.

13 points · 6 months ago

"Suck my dick"


6 points · 6 months ago

Outstanding movie, I loved it

Favorite film of the year. Every single story beat landed perfectly for me. Great direction, even greater acting.

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