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Posted byThe Paddington Paradox3 months ago
Moderator of r/movies

Official Discussion - Insidious: The Last Key [SPOILERS]


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After the events in the previous film, Elise Rainier goes on to investigate the recent supernatural disturbances occurring in a family's home in New Mexico, a house in which she used to live in her youth, diving her deeper into The Further.

Director: Adam Robitel

Writers: screenplay by Leigh Whannell

based on the characters by Leigh Whannell


  • Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier

  • Ava Kolker as Young Elise Rainier

  • Hana Hayes as Teenage Elise Rainier

  • Angus Sampson as Tucker

  • Leigh Whannell as Specs

  • Josh Stewart as Gerald Rainier

  • Caitlin Gerard as Imogen Rainier

  • Spencer Locke as Melissa Rainier

  • Kirk Acevedo as Ted Garza

  • Bruce Davison as Christian Rainier

  • Pierce Pope as Young Christian Rainier

  • Thomas Robie as Teenage Christian Rainier

  • Tessa Ferrer as Aubrey Rainier

  • Javier Botet as KeyFace

  • Joseph Bishara as Lipstick Red-Face Demon

  • Ty Simpkins as Dalton Lambert

  • Rose Byrne as Renai Lambert

  • Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert

Rotten Tomatoes: 24%

Metacritic: 57/100

After Credits Scene? No

89% Upvoted
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Lin Shaye is pretty good as a lead in a horror movie considering she is 70yrs old.

With Halloween bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis, I think we've entered an era of elderly scream queens

Hey 59 isn't elderly.

You start shilling poop yogurt, you're elderly regardless of your age.

Hey I like to poop.

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74 actually

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"I finally have a family!" Dies on her next case

And she was no longer scared to die due to that.

326 points·3 months ago

Kinda tired of getting jump scared by the lipstick man at the end of every movie

Darth Maul is in it again? His appearance at the end of the third movie felt so out of place and just unnecessary fan service. How was it done in this movie?

I just want a proper third film for fuck sake, the ending of the second movie left me waiting for the return of Darth Maul. Hopefully after Aquaman James Wan comes back to the franchise to deliver that final instalment of the main storyline.

Darth Maul is in it again? His appearance at the end of the third movie felt so out of place and just unnecessary fan service. How was it done in this movie?

It was so fucking bad and laughable. At the end of the film, Elise begins having dreams about Dalton from the first movie and it switches to him. Then the camera pans over to the window and begins zooming in, while Elise is kinda foreshadowing or some shit (“there is something evil in that house”, example) and this super cheesy scary music begins building up and everyone knows what it’s going to be, Darth Maul has shown up in the end of the Insidious films almost every time. So then the camera stops, the music does the jumpscare thing and this red fucker comes into corner of the camera where the tree is and starts shaking it’s goddamn head almost like it’s a fucking salt shaker. I swear I just about died when that shit happened, my theater burst into laughter as well.

If you want a truly psychologically scary movie along this theme, try lovely molly. Of course, that's just my opinion.

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It's done to set up another movie. She literally gets a call at the end from the original family saying "hey remember what happened in the first two movies, well it's happening again to my grandson"

Kinda lazy in my opinion but if James wan comes back I'm on board

I thought it was just literally tying back into 1, not another movie

You might actually be right on that one. I thought it was Rose Byrne's character calling but it's definitely Josh's mother. My mistake

It was obviously a callback to Chapter 1 every piece of dialogue and that wall morphing scene matches uo

No lmao the only reason Dalton got lost was because they walked in on him and left the door open.

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Okay to be fair I actually like that in a "it comes full circle way" if it ties directly into the first movie. Like what Annabelle: Creation did.

I don't mind it coming full circle it just seemed kinda shoehorned in and made the last two movies feel even more like filler movies until wan can come back. I would've preferred something more organic like while they're fighting the demons of Elise's past they find some connection with darth maul demon that explains why Elise is so tied to this family.

I'm excited for characters I actually care about to return, it just kinda solidifies that the last two movies are meaningless

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No, this movie takes place before the first two movies. The phone call is the prelude to the first movie.

That's literally not what happened lmao.

The movies are in this order: 3 4 1 2

The end of 4 is the phone call that leads up to 1, not a new family.

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Comment deleted3 months ago(1 child)

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Man that scene with the suitcases was tense, even though I knew what was coming.

I could tell everyone in the theater was waiting for it due to the scene being in the trailer. Everyone tensed up when they saw the lone suitcase, and then relaxed when it didn't happened. And then when she turned to see the stack of suitcases everyone damn near shit themselves.

The demon is really underdeveloped in this one. Just demoning for demon's sake.

Demons gotta demon.

I was so pissed off that the whole premise is Keyface trying to open up all the doors, and the setting is a house next to a prison, but there are very few ghosts to be seen.

This movie was lazy and boring.

Where was the creepy bald girl with a lisp from the trailer!? WHERE WAS SHE


I thought maybe I had fallen asleep and missed a good chunk of it. But you just confirmed that I didn’t. God I hated this movie.

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It was which is a shame, I thought its concept was really cool. Straight our of Silent Hill

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Okay so Elise has her niece give her brother a picture of HER holding the whistle. So knowing that the whistle is in Elise's possession (he didn't know it was taken away from her), he goes to the house to randomly search for it instead of going to Elise and asking for it back?

Can you or anyone help me? So what was the point of the demon locking someone down in the basement? They didn't really clarify the reasoning someone kept doing that. [spoiler text here] (#spoiler)

It's open to interpretation. The demon feeds on fear and hatred and thus influences the men to imprison those women. Keeping those women locked away, their spirits are trapped by the demon when they die.

Torture probably feels better on a living soul than on a dead one, and most of his prisoners in his cells were probably already dead.

Even as a contrived plot device to get them all to the house, it just doesn't make any sense. That shot of the brother brushing away "DO NOT CROSS" tape to rummage for a whistle that logically is not in the house is the part where it turned more comedy than horror for me.

The only thing I'll say is:

I'm happy Lin Shaye is getting work as a lead this far in life. She's good in anything but she has been stuck with (other) bad horror movies and comedies over the years. Good for Wan and Whannell for keeping her around for this series!

I bet they regret killing her off the first movie. Sequels featuring her character helping new families seemed like the obvious way to go after the Lambert story ended. Now instead they have to go to prequels.

Except for the fact that they explicitly set up a sequel with her at the end of Insidious Chapter 2 and then just forgot about it.

Something tells me they're saving that for James Wan if he ever wanted to come back, but at this point I just want a conclusion to that cliffhanger.

15 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

I talked to Leigh Whannell about that around the time of the third movie and he said he couldn't see doing movies with ghost Elise cause itd be too silly to have Specs and Tucker talking to a person no one could see.

Okay, I found the exact quote I got from him:

It could be explored in the future. I kind of never the liked the idea of the film being about Lin (Elise) as a ghost. It could’ve gotten a bit silly if it’s just Specs and Tucker going ‘I think she’s here with us.’ And we have her behind us. I like the idea of going back in time, cause I wanted Lin’s character to be alive. And that’s what we did. I think a lot of people go ‘Prequel?! But I want to find out what happened at the end of the second film!’ And I really think that desire to find out about the second film goes away, because when you watch the film it just sucks you into this whole new universe. And that’s been our experience testing the film

That cliffhanger was all style and no substance, they could never live up to the hype.

Eh, it's fine either way.

I mean apart from the initial family dealing with that demon where else was this universe gonna go? I'm fine with the idea of seeing these characters past exploits.

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The movie started out really good but the way it was ended felt off.

The monster who wanted to use Elise to unlock all the doors only ever unlocked one door, apparently controlled the males to capture and abuse females for who knows what and got defeated by a smack from Elise's dead mum. I didn't feel any sense of resolve as I couldn't tell what the monster really wanted.

agreed! i feel like they didn't properly develop the demons this time around. also, the fingers turning into keys seemed to move into pan's labyrinth fantasy which felt kinda off considering the demons have been pretty grounded in past episodes. so much potential wasted.

ed: also... the humor felt forced most times and lots of jarring moments. like when the sister is in trouble and specs still has time to flirt with the other sister. Also aren't they like teenagers or something and the other dudes are in their 30's? that kiss gave me more dread than the entire second half of the movie...

Also aren't they like teenagers or something and the other dudes are in their 30's?

Caitlin Gerard (Imogen) is almost 30. Still a ~10 year age gap, but not quite as weird.

So, if the old lady hadn't opened all the goddamn doors, Dalton and everyone would have never been visited, and everyone (including her) would still be alive.

This movie should be called "stop opening the goddamn red doors".

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The dialogue is cringeworthy levels of bad in this movie

That. Entire. Scene. Where. She. Meets. The. Kids. At. The. Diner.

God, that was hand-wringingly awful

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Movie Score Aficionado65 points·3 months ago

I love how they ended two on a great cliffhanger and the. Just decided never to return to it.

The best thing to come of this movie is that it closes the link from the prequels to Insidious 1, and so forces the creators' hand; either they continue chronologically after Insidious 2 (As everyone wanted them to...), or nothing.

56 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

I thought the first two were so good. The last two were just okay. My big question is this: Why aren't they using the super tense amazingly scary music from the first two movies in these prequels? I have concluded that the music made these movies great and truly believe these prequels would be completely elavated if they used it. They tease it a little in both movies but pretty much abandon it otherwise. Anyone else feel that way?

Me and my brother were expecting the SUOER LOUD STRINGS that always play when the title card pops up. When we didn't hear it I knew I was going to be disappointed.

THIS. For me, it's not an insidious movie unless the title card shows up in big red letters with the screeching violins or whatever they are.

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Remember that scene from the trailer where all those weird looking people came out of doors at the same time in the hallway, and then the weird bald creature pointed and said "this way"?

It happens at 1:38 in this trailer:

None of that happens in the movie.

I think that using material that's not in the movie should not be allowed to be used in the advertising of the movie.

Scene X is not in the film? Don't put it in the fucking trailers. Similarly, combining completely unrelated shots to falsely hint at an event in the film that doesn't happen is also obnoxious.

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Did Darth maul attack again

He pops up for a second to say hi to the audience

I saw a screening back in the summer and I haven't been able to check it out again this week. I remember seeing him in a quick shot where he was on a TV in the background. Did you or anyone else notice that? Just curious if anything changed

I didn't notice it. I'm kinda sad he didn't make a larger appearance. He was what made the original scary. I want to see another movie with him as the main demon, he makes me scared just thinking about him and I dont know why.

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It was really intense until the part where the owner of the house pointed the gun into his mouth. At that moment someone shouted "You ain't gonna do it, BIIITCH!". Everyone in the theater was laughing so hard it was difficult to take anything serious after that.

I hate horror movie audiences. Especially PG-13 ones. The theater gets packed to the brim with 14 year olds who are staving off the fear by trying to be funny. You’ll hear more laughs (nervous laughs, but still) than in comedy audiences and it completely takes you out of the experience.

I like to see horror movies at home, or after they’ve been in theaters a little while and the auditorium is mostly empty.

Yeah, I have to say I hated the audience I had to bear with. There was this couple sitting next to us, there was no gap between me and them, so they were right there. The dude would go RAHHH to the girl every time every time the camera panned.

Be cite on your own time, I'm trying to enjoy a fucking movie.

That and people giggling at the most suspensive times. People randomly yelling hoping to get laughs. Fucking hell.

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I got those kind of things the whole movie. The only one that got me was when Christian's daughter said she sees things too and a guy behind me says "put your hands on the wall"

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165 points·3 months ago

How many times are they going to do the "pan the camera to the left to investigate a noise, pan it back right for a JUMP SCARE" trick? The only somewhat suspenseful part was when she was investigating the suitcases and the only real suspense came from anticipating the inevitable jump scare.

You know it’s bad when you’re just waiting for it.

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When did they do that? The panning scare?

They didn't.

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/r/movies Veteran387 points·3 months ago

Hopefull this is Insidious: The Last Movie

I've really enjoyed the Insidious films up until now, even the third one was still better than the mundane shit that makes up 90% of the horror genre. Was this one really that bad?

I'm a pretty big fan of the franchise and I really enjoyed this movie too, so that's my two cents

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Hahahaha right? I feel like there are so many bad horror films just being churned out for the sake of it

This is pretty much what happens with every horror movies with endless sequels.

Pretty much every horror movie for the past 20 years or so with a few exceptions*

/r/movies Veteran21 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

Every major theatrical release horror film that has success maybe but there are so many great horror films that most people never see that never have sequels.

Here's two lists that I made a while back to try and expose this sub to more horror films. There's also sci-fi and thrillers on here but it's all indie features. Most don't have sequels.

55 Indie Horror, Sci-Fi and Thrillers

57 More Indie Horror, Sci-Fi and Thrillers

These lists are old too. I've been working on another, I'm only at 30 titles so far but will compile and share when I get it up to 50.

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There's a lot of good ones, you just gotta keep an eye out. The VVitch came out just a couple years ago and I'd be willing to call it one of the top 10 horror films ever. Get Out last year was great as well. "IT" as well

It Follows was amazing too. That movie still freaks me out and I’ve seen it like five times.

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Oh man, I saw the Witch a few days ago. That movie was one of the creepiest movies I have ever seen. Now I definitely want to go back and watch it over again.

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Already saw all the good Oscar-y movies, and I have MoviePass, so I gotta see something. Give it to me straight, just how bad is this thing? It's between this, Pitch Perfect 3 (haven't seen 1 or 2), and Father Figures. sighs I'm depressed, I feel like a junkie hitting rock bottom.

Father Figures was Bland, I at the end said I should of watched PP3...

Father Figure only made me laugh at a few sly racist jokes from kat Williams and some grotesque mom fuck jokes you see in the trailers

if you haven't watch Jamanji that is what I would go see had me dying laughing

I used my moviepass on Jumanji and worked on it.

It's a moviepass movie.

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It wasn't bad but very underwhelming at the end. Why not make a movie that explains more about Darth Maul???

What happened to the scene in the trailer with all the cells opening and the fucked up looking ghost saying "this way".

And I really wish Elise would use her powers more. We know that spirits can fight each other when the mom bitchslaps the key-mon with the lantern.

When Elise opened the cell with her powers I thought she was about to throw down with that toothy bitch but instead just got throat locked.

Speaking of throat locking, what was the point of that? I figured they would need to get the keys back to unsilence them but it never happened.

This movie was a mess. Still an okay watch, but it wasn't great.

This article should explain

Basically it didn't go well with the pacing

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Everything was okay except for that ONE PUUUNCH into the demon with a fucking lantern.

I was waiting for Elise to take that crowbar thing and whack it into oblivion.

The demon looked too much like the thing from Sinister except more CGI so it was off-putting.

I liked seeing Elise's childhood and I think seeing her in her early 20's battling demons would be a cool film/TV idea.

I think the Insidious series should really be done though. The first 2 are some of my favorite horror films, but the 3rd and 4th are severely lacking.

People don't know how to use fucking flashlights in this movie.

60 points·3 months ago

It frustrates me when what they show in the trailers isn’t in the actual movie. In the trailer there’s a part where the cells in the other side open and spirits come out and one in particular says “this way” if i remember it right. Kind of disappointed that wasn’t in it

I was looking for this comment and I'm surprised it's so fat down.. half the scenes in the trailer were cut out of the movie.

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That was the part I was excited to see. She looked so fucking creepy, and it was the main draw for me to buy my ticket. I kept waiting... and waiting... and waiting... but she was nowhere. It’s worth a watch, but borderline disappointing if the trailer gave any expectations.

Lol u srs? I just saw the trailer and was like that prison realm with the creepy prisoners looks pretty cool.

the prison realm is in the movie but the creepy prisoners are not.

Would you say it’s worth watching?

Edit: Fucking stupid why did they show the cool creepy prisoners and not include them.

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There's a simple explanation to all of this. It's F you it's January!

You're on the internet. It's okay to fucking swear.

oh, in some sub reddits it's not allowed, it's just so hard to keep track. Well if that's not the case here. It's Fuck you It's January. Fuckity Fuck.


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The final fight with the demon is one of the funniest things I've seen in a movie in a long time

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"who are you?"

"I'm the woman who grew up in this house, I can see ghosts, this is all my fault and Im not leaving until I solve this!"

There were so many lines like that. Like very few conversations felt like conversations, it was like one person asks something and the other masturbates information all over the first person. Also the scares were lame, and I was so disappointed with the demon. The first appearances where it was just a hand was great I thought. When they revealed it as some wannabe 30 Days of Night looking dude who glued keys to his fingers I lost interest.

Movie was super predictable too. There were two places that scared me slightly, the suitcase scene (which was the only scene I enjoyed) and the interrogation, which made no sense and was a cheap scare just to have a cheap scare.

"We are psychics"

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Can anyone explain to me the importance of the red bible Garza grabs and Elise references as well? I must’ve missed something because they went out of their way to reference it twice.

Edit: formatting

Yeah there was probably more to it but it was edited out.

The movie felt really choppy and badly edited. Like they had a 2.5 hour movie they had to cut down to 1.5

I'm not saying we needed 2.5 hours of this, but sometimes movies can be TOO trimmed.

I sort of thought maybe he hid his gun in that specific bible, given there were like 60 other bibles on that desk from what I recall, perhaps he thought it was a good place to hide it. That’s probably a stretch though! I do agree that there was an odd amount of focus on it.

red door?

I came into this post to ask that exact same question. Maybe another movie in the works for that Bible? I was sure it would serve as a key plot point. Instead it seems like a red herring...

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The Insidious franchise definitely peaked with the first two. Like other people, after the forgettable 3rd chapter, I had high hopes for this one. With the movie centering around Elise and her past, it HAD to be good. What we got was, as others describe, very bland. Learning about Elise’s past was definitely the best part, and that’s about it.

The whole thing about the new house owner and Elise’s father keeping women locked up was very intriguing, but was never fully explained. The whole thing with the red doors (I think they say there’s five?) is introduced, but again, never really fleshed out. The movie pretty much follows this pattern. You never really know WHY or HOW some things happen. And then suddenly the movie ends and you’re left without the details, kinda lost. At least, that’s what it felt like for me.

Another thing that bothered me was the big, bad demon in the movie. It’s design was definitely scary and had a lot of potential. They build up the presence of the demon throughout the movie, and then at the end it’s wiped out in half a second by Elise’s mom, swatted away like a fly. Very anticlimactic.

IMO the movie wasn’t HORRIBLE but it definitely had its flaws. I’m just hoping that by connecting this one with the first one, they can finally do an actual sequel to the second movie, and with JAMES WAN as director. I’m gonna stay hopeful and see what happens.

I like insidious series because of the further, it is interesting. But I agree with you, beating that demon is too easy and rush.

Btw, she's psychic and I'm sidekick

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Specs killed a guy!

I was waiting for that to not be real; it really escalated quickly!

With no repurcussions at all

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Doubt it

Was alright until the end. Hype built for a demon that could open all red doors and we get no other entities or demons but him in the Further and gets owned by spirit mama.

Seems like they want to set up future movies using Imogen since Elise is dead from the first and making more prequels would just be milking the franchise too much.

Enjoyed it as a fan but can't see this being a hit with first timers to the franchise.

since Elise is dead from the first and making more prequels would just be milking the franchise too much.

I hoped that they would continue the franchise with Elise's ghost helping people from beyond? I mean, the second film left us with a paralyzed girl being visited by Lipstick Face Demon. I assume that the series can continue from there?

Ya for sure. Shes been carrying the insidious franchise on her back since the first. But maybe just as an advisor/mentor to Imogen and guiding her.

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23 points·3 months ago

I think James Wan and Kirk Morri must've been the two keeping Leigh Wannel's shitty writing in check.

The movie was bad. Poor Lin Shaye tried to carry scenes as best she could, but the writing was just so god awful and the humor just so goddamn awkward.

And fuck was up with that shoehorned romance? "Thank you" "Yes." smooch -- Leigh wrote his character into being smooched for no goddamn reason.


When the niece said "I see ghosts too" or whatever, someone in the theater started clapping like they'd just revealed a beloved Star Wars characters' parentage, and it was so ridiculous everyone laughed through the whole next scene. It was a bad movie but worth it for that.

Lol someone in my theater burst out laughing when she said that. Same guy was laughing at every ridiculous scene throughout and all the high school kids couldn’t understand why. The movie was so bad.

Is it really that funny that someone has to disrupt everyone else who also paid money to watch a movie (aka, not listen to someone else make noise).

Honestly if the movie is so shitty that it just makes people laugh, you can't blame people for laughing. Movie had to suck less.

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[spoiler] Missed opportunity near the end of the film when they are opening doors trying to find their way home. If these red doors are gateways to the physical world, they should have had her open several other doors thus implying:

a) Elise inadvertently released the red face demon on Dalton

b) Elise inadvertently released Parker Crane from the hospital

c) Elise inadvertently opened all these other portals

These other portals would serve for antagonists in sequels w/ new girl as replacement

I just want more Lin Shaye being badass and motherly. Sadly the franchise shot themselves in the foot with their own timeline of events but if there's a fifth movie and Shaye is in it, I'll happily go see it. The movie was better than the second but not as good as the first or third. All in all my opinion may have been better had it not been for the annoying group of friends who kept laughing and screaming next to my seat.

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Absurdly bland, with an assload of jump scares. More than the entire rest of the series?

Haven't seen this one, but the other three Insidious movies were some of the most jump-heavy films out there (especially the first and second). I'm assuming this one is along the same lines, hard to get more than 20-25 jumps into a movie without making things ridiculous.

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After Insidious 1:

"hey this low budget film is a critical and financial success!"

"woah really? awesome! time to milk it dry!"

Hollywood probably

Meanwhile episode 9 is in the writing as well as a Hans Solo prequel coming out soon and fans are screeching that they aren't getting enough promotional material.

Horror invented the endless sequel. Sure it's not for everyone but it's a bit late to start singling out a small horror flick for pumping out sequels when something like 98% of 2017 blockbusters did the exact same thing.

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Anyone laugh when they seen the demon from the first film? It looked like a hand puppet or something.

Actually that demon scared me more than the key guy

I spent more time laughing at this latest Insidious than being scared. Specs and Tucker were quite cringy throughout.

45 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

This movie was... bad. Worst of the Insidious series so far. I saw it last night and I'll just share some random points that have come to mind since:

  • Lin Shaye is a lovable actress and grandmotherly figure whose character is one of the few redeeming aspects of this film. A horror film whos main protagonist is a 74 year-old woman is unique and interesting. She's one of the few people in this film who can actually act. However, even she falls victim to the horrible, horrible writing.

  • The writing is fucking terrible. The dialogue is incredibly forced and unnatural. Many of the actors in the film speak like they're reading off a piece of paper and told to put a dramatic tone on what they're reading. The pacing and order of the story is also poor. I understand that they needed to cut out a lot of parts "to improve the pacing" but it appears to have made it much weaker. The movie was written by Leigh Wannell, whose character, Specs, in the movie was a complete disaster. Let's talk about him:

  • The "Sidekicks" of Lin Shaye, aka Specs and Tucker, are two of the least likable, creepy characters I have come across in a long time. Every line they say is cringeworthy; I understand that many of their dialogue is intended to be cringeworthy, but instead of being portrayed as lovable, nerdy goofballs, I saw them as cripplingly awkward perverts. They are borderline rapey toward Lin Shaye's nieces. The nieces act like it's cute when the 37 year-old stranger man with a mullet tries to kiss them in public, when in reality anyone would feel like they are in physical danger just by fucking looking at Tucker. Specs is particularly unlikable. Fuck that guy so much.

  • Lin Shaye's nieces cannot act. Their characters are the most stock "pretty girls in a horror movie" that I could ask for. I almost fell asleep every time they were on screen. The scene where one of them announces that they can see demons and ghosts too might be one of the most painfully poor deliveries in a movie I have seen in a long time. I hope they never act again.

  • The diner scene is getting a lot of hate in this thread, and rightfully so. It's so fucking painful to watch Lin Shaye approach the random girls in a public place, stare at them, then unleash her rapey sidekicks onto them. How dumb are these girls that they believe this total stranger woman is their aunt, just because she says she is? Their father firmly says that they aren't related! I would believe my father in a heartbeat over some random old woman who "hunts ghosts" and hangs around with those two creeps.

  • Ted Garza being evil was really predictable. But it was an interesting twist that he had a woman in his basement. I actually thought this was a cool and unique twist. I know he's possessed by a demon and all, but Garza is a fucking idiot for having "ghosthunters" come to his house, with investigative equipment and cameras, and expecting them not to find the captive girl in the basement. That annoyed me.

  • Why the FUCK did Specs kill Garza by crushing his head like a grape? He could have just knocked him out!!!! And everyone, including Lin Shaye, acts like this was the only way it could have been done. The fact that Specs is unaffected by being responsible for this gruesome death proves that he is unstable and perhaps the most evil character in this movie. I feel like Wharrell wrote this scene, expecting to make himself look so badass. Garza didn't deserve that.

  • The scene with all the suitcases was genuinely creepy and had me on the edge of my seat. All creepy elements in this movie have to do with the non-supernatural occurrences in this movie involving women being held captive and murdered. It's because this shit can, and HAS, happened in real life. Cliche to say, but the most horrifying demon I can think of is a human.

  • The design of the demon is not scary at all when he is fully revealed. It would have been more creepy to never show the entire demon.

I'm tired of writing, so I'm done. I have much more to say, but it's not worth my time. I just wasted 20 minutes critiquing a shitty movie.

The two young girls are Lin Shaye's nieces, not granddaughters. They are the daughters of Lin Shaye's brother.

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CO-SIGN! Also, how in the fuck - after showing up at a crime scene where a man is dead and a woman has been clearly kept prisoner inside the home - do you question a witness who claims to be a ghost hunter, who then screams in horror at seeing a ghost during questioning, and then you just...let them go? Clearly they wouldn't be a suspect or need a psych evaluation, right?

I loved that after she freaked out in the interrogation room, the cop was like "Wtf, what happened? Oh, it's nothing? Alright you're good, thanks."

I think they really missed out on showing a scene where any of those girls were kidnapped or at least speaking to the girl they saved. Well, let's hope they get their shit together and do something now that her brother and daughters trespassed on a crime scene (that I guess law enforcement already processed?) in spite of the ribbon and ended up with one of them being hospitalized after someone was just killed.

Nothing to see here, folks.

The scene with all the suitcases was genuinely creepy and had me on the edge of my seat. All creepy elements in this movie have to do with the non-supernatural occurrences in this movie involving women being held captive and murdered. It's because this shit can, and HAS, happened in real life. Cliche to say, but the most horrifying demon I can think of is a human.

At this part, I keep thinking, "Oh hell no, lady if you want to open up random suitcases, let's do it outside and not in this creepy sewer thing." There were some decent suspenseful moments.. but eh.

Also, how did that random key showed up in the basement before she unlocked it? I don't know if they were trying to exonerate her dad (or explain away the reasons for abuse), but even before she let the demon out, he was already a dick and you can see it with the mom too. Does that mean he's always like that or did the demon manipulate him someone from the Further?

Oh on top of that, with Garza, I did kind of like the twist in relation to what's going on with him and what was going on with her dad when she was younger. However, are we to believe this dude kidnaps some chick and locked her in that place (with no escape but the door, I guess) and repaints over the little keyhole every time he feeds her? One question I have is how did the brother leave? We clearly see her running away but how did the brother get to leave without having been affected like his dad?

You should do reviews, every point you made was spot on.

I was genuinely shocked when Specs killed the guy. Like... why? He could've known he was possessed, they could've just knocked him out, locked him up and helped him, but no, Specs really just murdered a guy...

I knew the suitcase scene from the trailer, so I was getting ready to be scared, but then nothing happened, Elise turned around and saw a bunch more suitcases and nothing happened until the third or something. I liked that twist, haha!

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I thought it was horrible.

Lin Shaye was the only good thing about this because everything was just bad. The scares were uninspired, the comedic relief was cringe-worthy, and the final confrontation was lame.

It also didn't help that there were a bunch of teenage girls in my theater that screamed at every jump scare.

I know most movies have scenes from the previews that don't actually make it to the actual film, but come on.

Just re-watched the trailer now that I've seen the movie. Wow, you weren't wrong.

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62 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

I went into this with high hopes. I liked the idea of an anthology series of movies built around Lin Shaye, just hopping from place to place helping people with their ghost troubles.

It might have gotten a little redundant but there are always ways to spice things up along the way. I liked how Insidous 3 featured the primary target as someone unable to walk due to dual leg-casts. That allowed for some new visuals and moments to be tried.

So it's a real shame how disappointingly bland this was. And every time it looked like it was going to throw a twist at me and do something different, it just fizzled and reverted back to the mundane. The attempted drama with Elise and her brother was hackneyed and, like a lot of the plot, really rushed and underdeveloped.

Case in point was the moment half way through, when Elise stumbles upon the chained-up girl. Suddenly the person we think she's here to help turns out to be a human kind of monster. Great twist and made me say "oh wow I wonder where they're going with this."

Turns out nowhere original.

And then there's the cringy, cliche "chase the hot girls" try hard comedy. How old were those girls anyway? They looked like ten years younger than Elise's two lackies. It just came off as creepy.

There were two moments I loved, but only two:

  1. Young Elise talking to the voice on the top bunk, thinking its her brother. Then she looks out and sees him sleeping on the chair. Great ending to that scene.

  2. The suitcases in the pipes(?). Classic Hitchcockian suspense. Building and building and building and building. Sure it ended with an Un-hitchcockian payoff (he infamously favored the bomb under the table NOT going off) but the whole scene was A+.

And that's about.

The rest was as pedestrian as they come, which is a shame because I really liked that there was a franchise of popular movies starring a 74 year old woman. That's pretty uncommon.

This looks to be the end of the franchise as we know it, though. Since it ends right where Insidious 2 begins. I'll be curious to see if the next one moves forward in time with Elise as a ghost (how Insidious 2 ended). We need some closure on the red-faced demon.

edit: If I was to put a rating on it, it'd be 2 stars out of 4. It wasn't terrible, just terribly bland.

It actually ends during the middle of the first Insidious.

1 more reply

I agree with you about 100% the only thing I'd like to add was I did like the twist that the 1st chained up girl turning out to be human and not a ghost.

BUT, they totally cheapened it by using the twist again five minutes later.

It was shocking and horrible when it turned out the first time, the second time was obvious, trite, and felt forced to add more emotional depth for Elise. That was really dumb considering they already had the house, dead mom, abusive dad, "no one will love you," diner fight with the brother, and the reuniting with the nieces. Making the case personal to Elise wasn't necessary, it already was! It just felt like a piled on cliche, especially because it was never resolved. I mean, they found the suite case and the ghost girl helped the niece in the further but the ghost girl and Elise never talked, Elise never apologized-but that also would have felt forced because other than that one scene they never showed any emotional connection between them other than that time in the laundry room. It was just a dumb plot thread.

Ghost chick only existed to move the plot forward but for some reason they decided to rationalize her existence by shoehorning her into Elise's past. Honestly, I would have preferred it if she was just a previous victim of the current home owner. Would have kept the plot more streamlined.

Also I hated the nieces. They had no personality, it's like they just slotted it "white girls number 2 & 3." Especially the psychic one. If she becomes the new main character I am checking out of the series.

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Better than expected. But I didn't expect much.

EDIT: I'm so envious of that camera setup though. Being able to shoot completely grain-free in an almost completely dark space must be awesome.

6 points·3 months ago

Digital cameras are very good at shooting in low light conditions

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13 points·3 months ago

first one is only one that was 'scary', others are just for the plot

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Having never seen an insidious film before, I thought this wasn't that bad. I didn't like the overuse of jumpscares in the opening scene, but it shifted away from them as the movie went on.

I highly recommend you watch the first one.

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1 more reply

Just come back from seeing this film this evening. It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t terrible either. It has left so many unanswered questions and not in a way. I’m a massive fan of scary films where you don’t actually see what your scared off to this franchise has always been his and miss for me.

  1. Why does the demon have keys for hands and why do they each do different things. There was no actual relevance to this. Why keys in the first place 🤣

  2. Why does the demon want to hold all those people chained up, it never rounded this up, who does he choose and why does he choose them.

  3. Why is this “entity” so weak against the mother when she comes back? Why is she able to just beat it away with a lamp and it’s gone with no fight. Why is the mother so tough? Wouldn’t the demon just push her away and throw her to the floor if he is this mighty powerful entity. I mean he was able to use people as a puppet to get women locked up in that cellar, and was able to make a cable wrap around her neck and kill her at the beginning, so I don’t understand why she was able to beat him away. That scene ended to quick in my opinion.

The jump scares were really good and got you in the right places, just when you think you know somethings going to happen, it happens differently. They got this perfect 👍 it was a good film in general, I just didn’t like the concept of the key man, and lost my fear as soon as I saw his weird hands !

Good film but lots of annoyances! Will still get it on dvd when it’s out though.

only 7 days in but "she's psychic, we're sidekick" might win worst line of 2018

Don't get me wrong, the movie was shit, but I'm pretty sure that part was intentionally horrible

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Horrible pacing the actual substance of the movie felt like 10 minutes. Relied completely on jump scares for any horror. Predictable tropes, "No I need to do this alone" "Hey we spent money on this you think we'd let you go alone"? The stupid romance angle. Bad bad movie

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I would rank this entry as better than Chapter 3, but not as good as the first two. Having said that, the monster was the weakest in the series and, overall, the movie didn't scare me at all. But I thought the story was better than Chapter 3's.

Went to the movie with my gf. She said it was dumb. I somewhat agree. Elise's dialog was....idk....corny? cheesy?

Caitlin Gerard is a babe. She's like...if Dani Daniels and Rilynn Rae had a baby girl, I feel like she's exactly what she would look like.

Also, that one scene with the mom and elise almost made me cry, even though I was expecting her to pop up at some point.


If you simply want to be repeatedly startled by jump scares, and don't care how good the actual movie is, you'll enjoy Insidious: The Last Key

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12 points·3 months ago

i saw this image while browsing another thread and legit thought the old woman was dustin hoffman in some sort of comedy

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That girl lying on the floor, her boobs is way high lol. Then that monster got on top of her, was really weird like little bit sexual LOL!

Your comment entertained me more than the entire movie

wow lol

This comment is good because it's bad

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The wikipedia plot part was edited by someone to be more scary than the movie.

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With all the surprisingly good horror prequels and sequels, the universe had to even it out.

I didn't really think this movie was that bad, or that good, it was just sort of there, much like Insidious 3.

1 and 2 got me hooked on this series, but they haven't done a very good job of following it up.

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'Twas complete shit.

But I think everyone kinda knew this beforehand.

I saw this movie. It's by far the worst Insidious movie they have come out with. One the plus side a horror movie being carried by a 70 year old woman is kind of awesome.

8 points·3 months ago(1 child)

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9 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

Well Lin Shaye is amazing there’s no denying that. I was looking forward to this because I loved the first 3 insidious movies. But the early January release date told me it wouldn’t be good. Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as some other January horror movies like The bye bye man or Rings, But as an Insidious story this was such a let down. It could’ve been a lot worse but it’s definitely the weakest of the series by far. The story just wasn’t goof at all. It felt like a filler movie, but overall just a waste of an Insidious story.

I wished they would’ve just wrapped up the red face demon thing and been done.

It’s time to stop dragging this dead horse around for more money Leigh Whannell.

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Saw it today. Was an alright horror movie. I just wish they developed the demon more. He got defeated way too easily and they never expanded on the "open all the doors" thing.

I don’t actually like these movies that much, but my mom loves them so I take her. Always very impressed by Lin Shaye though. She’s amazing.

Two fucking prequels? Are you shitting me? What did the old bitch see at the end of I2? A ghost? A demon? Bad housekeeping? A 80 inch flatscreen tv? A Nitendo Switch?

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wait, this is the last movie right? but didnt the second movie end with cliffhanger?

I don't think horror series ever end. They just get lower budget sequels for eternity.

Anyway I liked it but I rarely watch horror.

That's what Saw 3D said and then HELLO JIGSAW.

Horror franchises never die. They just simmer until a company needs money again.

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I'd give it a solid 5/10, pretty average horror movie. Had some good scares, and the demon was a creepy son of a bitch. However there were some cheap scares (looking at you, interrogation scene.) And some plot inconsistencies.

They either need to make a sequel to the second one with Wan, or end the franchise with this one.

They have to do a sequel for the second one because I want to know what she saw!

Ive been waiting for that for years.

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I've seen all if the movies...question....why is the lipstick demon in 3 of the 4 movies (cameos included)? Is there some crowd or fan base that really wants him to come back to the franchise?

In the end of the 3rd film the blood faced demon appeared behind alyss.

This is my interpretation of it, the blood faced demon has been following her waiting for her to open the door. The key demon pointed out that alyss has the power to unlock and open all doors to the further, so in that scene in the current film where she was looking for the hospital to send her nieces spirit back to her body she opened the wrong one and entered Daltons house (scene in the attic). However knowing this was her destination she left the room and continued searching for the right door. Now she just left this door open, and as you know in the first film Daltons parents hear him screaming in the attic. So because she didn't close the door I assume the blood faced demon found a target as it was waiting for alyss to make a mistake.

Tdlr: it's alyss fault that Dalton was attacked by the blood faced demon therefore she sealed her fate as the events of the first film lead directly to her death which she foretold in the 3rd film.

I do like the connections to the other films and they make. I think they do them really well.

However there is another scene involving the blood faced demon which hasn't been explained or happened yet. At the end of the second film where alyss spirit is with tucker and specs who are at a clients house, she enters the house to a wheel chair bound woman and as she's trying to talk to her she hears the clicking noise it the bf demon makes as she gets startled and it cuts to black.

You could say this is maybe early concept for the 3rd film which maybe was rewritten to take place in the past as the girl Quinn in the 3rd film is wheel chair bound for alot of it, although is being attacked by another type of demon.

Honestly I didn't like the bf demon, I thought it was a weak pathetic character and preferred the woman In black story (which I'm glad they elaborated on in the second film). Though the fact it has been attached to alyss from the beginning gives it a bit of a more sinister (or Insidious if you will) aspect.

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What a shame to know the storyline of Specs was written by the actor plays Specs because he acts like a stupid piece of crap in it.

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This was definitely a movie best enjoyed having seen all the previous entries in the series. That being said I had alot of fun with it. Yes like 90% of the scares were jump scares, but there were a couple really well done creepy scenes and the design of the demon was really great. The story was definitely interesting and some clunky dialogue here and there didn't ruin it for me. I also really liked how they showed the connection to the first movie. Overall i' d rank it above chapter 3 and below chapters 1 and 2. Maybe like a 6.5/10.

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Insidious: The Last Key felt like one of the laziest and by the numbers horror film in recent memory. Just nothing but sequences of drama with terrible dialogue interspersed with scenes of people walking around dark houses. Lin Shaye does a good job when she doesn't need to speak, thanks to the dialogue, but all of the other performances are awful. It's not scary, or suspenseful. Just incredibly dull and forgettable.

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hits blunt

Bro, you know how your mom says she'll fight off whatever's under the bed at night?

What if she actually fought off a demon ghost thing for you?

I do have a theory that they keep making lazy endless sequels/ spin-off to save time and effort so they can actually invest for some good original ideas...

That’s literally the Blumhouse model. They’ve never made a movie that cost more than $10M, most of them half that or less, so that when they get a huge hit like Split or Get Out, that finances a dozen more projects. I have a feeling Truth or Dare, if executed properly could be their next big teen oriented thing, and they have the fourth Purge movie coming out this summer, plus the Halloween reboot in October. It’s basically “throw shit at the wall to see what sticks”, and because it’s cheap horror, most of it sticks.

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I enjoyed the movie. Maybe not as fresh plotwise as some of the others but had enough scares and tense moments, and some unexpected twists that made it a solid entry in the series.

Maybe I am the only one, but Iove Tucker and Specs. The characters are arkward and the dialogue cringy but it is intentional. And even though they do not seem like the type they really step it up to help Elise and the relationship between the three is nice. Tucker and Specs, especially Specs, get there hero moments in the film.

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I loved the other Insidious movies, and I kinda liked this one (for the back story). It wasn’t scary at all, which is fine for me, but it left me wanting more creepy things to happen. I loved the first Insidious due to the creepy factor. Also, I wanted to see the red goat man again. I thought this movie was going to have some sort of fight between Elise and the goat man, but sadly, it didn’t.

So then, is this the last of the Insidious movies? Because now that Elise’s niece has the gift too, will she now go on to avenge her aunt’s death from the original movie? I would watch that and maybe have the final showdown with the goat man

3 more replies

Can someone help me clarify something? What was the purpose of Elise opening the red door when she was little? So when Elise was in the further beating up his dad, she realised that the spirit was using the dad as a puppet and kidnapping girls. Was the spirit also controlling the dad when he was beating up Elise as a child? If so, that means the spirit was already in the house before she opened the red door. So if that is true, what entity did she release? Or is it that the dad was beating Elise on his own free will and then became possessed by the spirit after the it got released and then started the kidnapping?

Felt like it was missing 30 minutes of exposition about el villain that would have made me care.

I really enjoyed the movie, especially Lin Shaye, but I was disappointed by the anti-climatic ending.

7 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

Can we get an insidious 5 to follow up 2 and then end it? It's alright but Leigh Whannell can write much better than this.

10 more replies

I don't know how people here feel about Insidious 3, but I found it to be very decent, and overall actually pretty scary. Its last shot was so unnecessary and poorly done though. But this one was just bland, at parts cringe worthy, and by far the worst in the series. There were some bits that left me just scratching my head as well. Like, the whole deal with the red bible. They just threw it in there and forgot about it. And how did the whistle come into Imogen's possession in that pivotal scene near the end, where she throws it to Elise? It just came out of nowhere. Stuff like that showed how little care they had put into this one. Bummer, I was a fan of the other three.

There are surprising twists in the story until it gets fucking stupid and believe me it gets stupid. For example, there is a scene where Elise is getting investigated by an officer, and she thoroughly explains her occupation. But right after describing how she can see spirits, a spirit just appears behind the officer and scares her. So when the officer asks her whats wrong, she responds with, “Oh nothing. I just saw stuff.”


Why did you just lie to the investigator when you just explained to him what you do? You could’ve just said a spirit just showed up and I got startled. Just small moments are so baffling that you question the reasoning for several characters actions such as why does Specs straight up murder a dude when he could’ve knocked him out unconscious? How come the spirit world or “The Further” could create a rift between time and space?


Leigh Whannell pulls some creepy shit with Specs and Tucker who are annoying as hell and provide nothing to the story at all. They will make you do nothing but cringe. You can make a drinking game out of many times you can cringe in this movie.

I believe the spirit she sees in Melissa Rainier when she's being captured by the demon. So when Elise sees her, she knows Melissa is in trouble and she needs to return to the house immediately. Knowing the cops would be of no help in the manner, she simply says it was nothing so she can rush back to the house without further questions.

Having seen both 3 previous films in theater, I had no idea this existed nor hope for them to do one. Seriously, just let a franchise concluded when it’s time.

Both three? Haha

So that is 6 movies in total

Yeah, the first two films were a really good arc. The 3rd film was fine, but it wasn't really anything special. Just your standard prequel horror film.

I loved the movie. Loved the comic relief by the sidekicks. But they were a bit rapey which was unsettling. The sidekicks seemed forced into everything. But the movie was genuinely scary and that's what a good horror should be. I feel like the movie was too short and the end felt like the midpoint of the movie. The lead was wonderful and carried the movie. I really hope there is another movie after 2 because that set up so much. Also why didn't the bride in black show up isn't she supposed to be hunting Elise? I feel like that set something up. Also the mom banishing the demon was cliché and shouldn't have killed the demon. The twist was not expected for me and wonderfully executed. People say it wasn't unique but the "the girl is alive in the basement and same in the laundry room" was unique and hasn't been in any of the previous insidious films. 9/10

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