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Watching the trailer for The Shape of Water makes me want a Bioshock Movie so much more.

Guillermo del Toro has such a great vision and if anyone would be able to bring Rapture to life it would be him. Just watching the trailer it felt perfect, the style, the looks and even the music is almost the same.

I know the chances of it happening are so slim it hurts, but seeing how well he did TSOW gives me hope that it's possible.

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Screw that, the game already does the story perfectly.

I might be able to get behind a heavily Bioshock inspired movie but I'd rather they just leave the game alone.

I saw in another thread someone suggested it be about the civil war in Rapture and the downfall of Ryan’s empire instead of retelling the first game. I think it could work. But honestly, I’d love a Bioshock Infinite movie because we at least know the main characters name and background story to go off of.

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You just reminded me that I have this book somewhere. I need to get around to reading it.

When you're done, please could you mail it to me.

When you're done, would you kindly mail it to me.


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He isn't correcting you, he's pointing out how you could have referenced the game and how Atlas was controlling your characters' actions using the words "would you kindly". Pretty big plot point.

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Have you even played the game ?

Can't say I disagree.

The audio book is pretty great too

Really? I thought the narrator was awful. He clearly didn't listen to the game audio.

I remember a few characters were off (Atlas being one of them unfortunately) but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Is it read by the voice actor who did Andrew Ryan in the game?

It is not but I thought the guy did a decent job portraying him

There's also a really great audio play (which can be found on YouTube) which covers the story of the book.

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Oh really? Can it be read online? I would love to read it since i played bioshock 1+2 4 times and infinite 2 times. Its my favorite singleplayer of all time.

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Sorry seven seas?

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Ahh hahaha in my 15 years of pirating i have never heard of the seven seas. Thank you mate i will check those out :)

Edit: found it and dl. Cant wait to read it.

too bad that infinite tramples over the rapture backstory to play with a weak meta-narrative and diminish the importance of the first game's events

How do the events of Infinite at all affect BioShock 1/2?

Obviously they try and tie them in, but it's not like it changes anything about the first two. You could complain about how it weakens the ending of Infinite, and I'd say sure that's your prerogative.

Didn't they cover the tail end of the civil war in the DLC for Infinite? It seems like it would throw off audiences to have this quantum character in a rather grounded sci-fi story.

I think a more closed in, intimate story in the Rapture setting could work quite well.

But I think a big grand epic would completely fall flat. And that's what we'd probably get, something like "John Carter but underwater".

Also, remember that the setting and story are deeply entwined with political metaphors that might not work well in the current climate. Rapture feels outdated, basically, because that sort of big govt vs libertarianism dynamic has been totally wiped away by the current wave of populist ethnic-tinged nationalism vs establishment multicultural globalism. Infinite touches on the themes of the latter, but it does so in a historical way that might seem even more out of touch and less relevant today.

I saw in another thread someone suggested it be about the civil war in Rapture and the downfall of Ryan’s empire instead of retelling the first game. I think it could work.

Someone could do a show, too, if they wanted to go more in-depth like Bioshock: Rapture. Cover the building of the city and the gradual downfall into the civil war. Start out with all the optimism and a few rotten apples and then show the gradual spiral into insanity.

I need this.

I think a Rapture tv series would be better, but that sounds like it could turn out like a mashup of Boardwalk Empire and Westworld

actually I want that even more now

A Netflix Original: Rapture.

That's so interesting, when i think Bioshock movie, i see splicers and jumpscares and constant running and evading(kinda like Jurassic Park but the raptors can shoot fire out of their hands) to escape the horrors. A civil war in an underwater city sounds sooo incredible.

That's far more interesting, a Fall of Rapture film! The game is perfect as-is, don't mess with it, but the pre-game stuff is still interesting and could be great.

I actually think a series would be better, but that's just me.

If you haven't seen High Rise I suggest you do. It's got exactly the kind of feel I would expect this to have.

Here’s my idea:

The movie is set after the first BioShock game, and stars either Liam Neeson or Tom Holland(doesn’t actually have to be one of these guys, the main character is either an older lighthouse keeper nearing retirement or a young guy who is new to the job). They get their assignment, get taken to the lighthouse, and so forth. When they go inside, they get into the elevator, thinking it’s gonna take them to the living quarters, but instead it takes them to Rapture. They have to escape Rapture. Horror/thriller.

The reason Bioshock's story is so impactful is because it's a game, not in spite of it. It isn't incidental that this is the medium chosen to tell this story.

Bioshock is a game about games, and how players never give any thought to the rules or objectives they're given, no matter how grisly the implications.

In order for a Bioshock movie to work it would need to be a story about stories in movies, which would require a lot of retooling, and at that point just make something else entirely.

I swear, a lot of people clamoring for video game movies are only interested in it for aesthetic purposes, or to see a Big Daddy or Andrew Ryan's speeches in live action done by completely different actors for... some reason.

It's like adapting Watchmen. No matter how perfectly it's translated to live action, which I think Snyder did extremely well, I believe it loses almost all of its context when it isn't presented as a comic book.


BioShock's story, as in the first BioShock, only works as a game.

You couldn't have a protagonist like that who's just a mute and unwitting pawn for a ~2-hour live-action movie. The parts that would actually work well in a movie (most of the cutscenes), work just as well (if not more so) in the game itself.

Jack wouldn't be mute in a movie. But he can still be a pawn.

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I disagree somewhat.

You are correct, of course, as far as the plot of Bioshock is concerned. However, as far was twist-based plots go, they tend to rapidly lose their impact, once the cat is out of the bag. Rewatching / Rereading / Replaying anything that relies heavily on a twist is bound to have less of an impact, because you know what is coming.

Sure, it was a great "Gottcha"-Moment at the time, but what stuck with people was the setting of Rapture.

People don't idolize Bioshock because they want to go back to that Gottcha-Moment, they do it because they want to go back to Rapture. ... until we got to go back to Rapture in Bioshock 2 and then collectively decided to not talk about that experience.

Going back in Infinite though, was amazing (:

Eh, I liked Bioshock for it's world and aesthetic, not because of it's whole game about games thing (which is a bit tacked on IMO). I'd love to see anything exploring that world further.

You should check out Resolution by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson. Sort of similar to what you are saying. But I also fully agree. Bioshock works best as a videogame and would be dulled in any other medium.

I agree to some extent, but the setting of BioShock could do very well as a film or TV adaptation.

Especially 2D animated, I think.

An adaptation still has value even when the original material is flawless (which, as fantastic as it was, the original Bioshock was not flawless).

I think there's tremendous cinematic potential in the Bioshock world. And the story of the first game would be absolutely riveting if condensed into a two hour script- there's a lot of "plot" in the first game that's actually just various tasks that the player needs to accomplish- so just tear out a lot of that stuff and focus on the characters and themes. Del Toro would kill it.

The original BioShock may not have been perfect, but it probably told the story it had about as well as it could have been told, and I doubt a movie could replicate or improve on it. It would need a remake to really do it better than the original.

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Normally I would disagree with this mentality. Just because a story is really well done doesn't mean there isn't still something to be gained from adapting it to another medium. Video games especially, tend to have stories that could really benefit from some "fat trimming", and better cinematography.

However, Bioshock is one of those stories that works specifically because of the interactive nature of video games. The story really isn't just about Rapture or Splicers or Big Daddies or whatever. The bigger picture is an analysis of the nature of player choice and, well, I don't want to spoil anything beyond that, but if you've played the original game, you know what I mean. And that stuff just wouldn't work in any other medium.

It would be cool to see the setting brought to life on the big screen, but to me, it would be missing the key component that made Bioshock such an instant classic.

I’d love if he did a film on Rapture before it went to shit... I honestly think that would be incredible.

I think an original movie just set in the Bioshock universe could be amazing, especially with someone like Guillermo del Toro behind the wheel.

Yeah, the thing about Rapture was it was this huge city with probably thousands of people living in it at its height. There's plenty of room for other stories to be told in that setting that don't have to be about Andrew Ryan and Atlas. Even going into a lesser character's story like Suchong or Tenenbaum would be interesting to see play out.

Unfortunately, I think too many people just want to see Bioshock's main story on the big screen that telling an original story would alienate them and make it difficult for the movie to be successful.

How about a new story in the Bioshock universe? I want a Bioshock 3 game so bad, but I know it'll never get made. I know a movie is even less likely. Listen, I just want more Bioshock.

I would see it for sure but I don't know. Not all franchises need to be resurrected or constantly added on to. I just wish they would leave it alone.

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To make this a more general statement:

Let the story teller tell a story they love and can have some creative freedom with. The makers of Bioshock did, and it’s great. If a filmmaker sees that, gets a bug in his head about a new story to tell in that world or an interesting take on the story from the games, sure. But more often than not it’s just being done for a quick cash grab which is why it sucks.

This is not only true for games. A good translation of a book to film has to have something in it that the filmmaker wanted to do or say, be it a slightly different take on the story (The Shining) or just to bring fantastical images to life (Lord of the Rings).

But it is actually extra true for games, because they are already moving pictures just the same as movies. A book leaves a huge opportunity for creativity in just translating it to a visual medium. But games don’t. In fact, games are both visual and interactive, meaning moving the story to film is in a way a step backwards for the audience; instead of adding, it is subtracting.

It’s not to say a good game movie can’t be made, but it needs to justify its existence in some way. It needs to have a reason to have been made, something the creators needed to create. But video game movies typically just want to cash in on a popular IP, having nothing to add and usually not even giving a shit about the content anyways. They just want to cut a good trailer and make you pay them to see their half-assed schlock.

What would you think of a Bioshock: Infinite movie? I think people forget how hyped up and well received that game was when it came out. I personally think a movie adaptation of that story straight-up wouldn't be that great, but if you hacked it up and made it its own thing it could be interesting.

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Bioshock Infinite's core story could definitely be adapted into a good movie if done right. Elisabeth and Booker are solid leading characters, the setting is fresh, and the ending has a crazy twist that audiences would eat up.

Take out some of the weirder elements like Vigors and the Handyman, and cut off a lot of fat from the game story, and it could end in a good product.

Take our some of the weirder elements like Vigors and the Handyman

Why would you do that, though? You’d be gutting the style of the story for marketability.

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there's like 3 or 4 Handymen in the entire game, they're poor reskins of the Big Daddies except they have even less agency as plot devices

Oh they definitely suck, but they’re still a big part of the game’s iconography.

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Honestly Vigors never made any sense within the context of the story or world in Bioshock Infinite. It just felt like an extra unnecessary tie-in with Bioshock. Not saying they weren't fun in combat, they were a blast.

As for the Handyman, it just didn't add anything to the story, so it would be best to cut it off for the screen time.

Vigors played a large role in the DLC story.

plasmids: huge backstory justification and implications and a key part in the downfall of rapture

vigors: lol idk we need plasmids for it to be bioshock, here's some interdimensional handwaving so we can have them

Vigors did make sense in the context of the Columbia. Other than Lutece's inventions, it seemed like all the 'innovations' of everyone in Columbia were just stolen from other worlds. There's several recordings that detail people watching other universes and copying techniques and plans - even one directly talking about copying the plasmids in order to create vigors. Even songs are stolen from other worlds such as 'God Only knows' from the acapella group at the start to the rebel girl singing 'Fortunate Son'.

An incredibly religious and superstitious population was being sold on a development that would appear to them like a complete abomination of God's Work.

Their mere existence in the game's world was resolved with a neat trick; their specific placement in the game's world was dissonant. The fact that it was such a blatantly obvious "same franchise, same game mechanic" gimmick on top of that left a very sour taste in my mouth.

The fact that it was such a blatantly obvious "same franchise, same game mechanic" gimmick on top of that left a very sour taste in my mouth.


Except all it would take is a few good words from Comstock and they're good. Also remember that the advertisements for them were about empowering people to defeat devils. With both those in mind, I think the sell works. Columbia is basically a cult city and if the cult leader says it's good, it's good.

I generally don't like the idea of video game to movie adaptations so I don't want that. A action thriller about a weird secret floating dystopian city..I could get into that. But I don't like the idea of adapting any of those characters or storylines.

A VR port of Bioshock would be amazing

Honestly, the only "new adaptation" I want for the original bioshock is VR.

Oh definitely. It’s not a good idea to adapt the game to film, but something in the world of Rapture (or even a Rapture-inspired city like Columbia from Infinite) would be awesome

Amen to that, brother. Amen to that.

The plot of Bioshock wouldn't work as a movie because the whole point of Ryan's mind control over you is that that gamer does what he says (not that the gamer has a choice since it's linear and you're forced to)

In a movie, if the plot twist is the same it comes off as a shitty twist

Guillermo Del Toro would be fantastic!

I said in another thread the other day but I’m sad Gore Verbinski didn’t get to do his Bioshock film. I think it could have turned out great. It’s all I could think about when I was watching A Cure for Wellness, which is super underrated by the way.

A Cure For Wellness is pretty much the closest we'll get to seeing what his Bioshock movie was going to look like. And to be honest, I'm kind of glad we got Wellness instead.

Wellness was good... but holy shit that fucker escaped from the sanitarium like 80 times.

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I said in another thread the other day but I’m sad Gore Verbinski didn’t get to do his Bioshock film. I think it could have turned out great. It’s all I could think about when I was watching A Cure for Wellness

This is literally the comment chain you posted that in

Verbinski was going to do it, but it got canned due to the failure of Watchmen.

Wait your turn, I'm still waiting for "The Mountains Of Madness"!

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I'm only now diving into Lovecraft proper (as opposed to the derivative, modern stuff) and I was pretty crushed when I heard Del Toro was going to do an adaptation of Mountains.

I swear these studio heads just do not know gold when they see it.

I love the idea of a Bioshock film and Guillermo Del Toro would be an excellent choice to get it done. Another trip to Rapture, regardless of medium, gets me all kinds of excited. But I simply don't trust that it would be executed well and I'd rather no movie than a bad one.

But who knows, BR 2049 should have been a dud and it's now one of my all-time favorites.

Ive always though the director of Bladerunner 2049 should have directed a bioshock film. I was actually thinking that 30 minutes into my first screening so it’s funny you bring it up in your post.

I try not to get too hyperbolic about directors, but wow, Denis is on such a streak he seems infallible. His take on Bioshock would be incredible, I'm sure.

Dark City was also an inspiration Ken Levine (BioShock game director) used when making the game.

This scene from the movie in particular was an inspiration for the plasmids & fake memories.

Wow, I had no idea about that being an inspiration. Love that movie, and Kiefer Sutherland is amazing in it.

Uh, the way you word it OP, sounds like you still haven’t seen The Shape of Water...

The beginning sequence is all Bioshock, I even said that to my friend who was sitting next to me in the theater as it was happening. The lighting and the overall feel and look of that world is very Bioshock-y.

I’m not saying it’s not. I 100% feel the exact same way. What I’m saying is OP said “Just saw The Shape of Water trailer...” when he should be saying “In The Shape of Water...”

Yeah. Few parts of it are barely reminiscent of Bioshock at all.

the movie definitely gave me bioshock vibes, but yeah op should def go see the movie

It’s hard to when it’s playing barely anywhere

Didn’t you hear? Art Deco + 50s Music = Bioshock-esque

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Guillermo del Toro is a massive Bioshock fan and friends with Ken Levine. I'm sure the similarities didn't escape him.

People said the same shit when he did Pacific Rim though like "WOW DEL TORO MUST LOVE EVANGELION" to which he responded saying that he had never seen it and based it off kaiju films and saturday morning cartoons only for people to still go "WELL YOU STILL MADE EVANGELION" even though the only similarity is Mechs. People will cling to anything.

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Except he did a two hour podcast with the creator of Bioshock a few years back and discussed it at length.

I saw the movie and have played BioShock. I definitely felt there were similarities:

Color palette - mainly deep blues and greens, mechanical facilities, lots and lots of water, 50's music, art deco.

People ITT are just latching onto surface-level similarities without giving the content of the movie any thought. They're not similar in any meaningful way.

Same thing with calling it "like Beauty and the Beast" just because there's a monster and a girl that fall in love and dance. I roll my eyes but that's what got them to watch it in the first place, which is kind of okay.

DUDE I just watched the movie and noticed an exact sound that you can hear in the first Bioshock while you are pirating something. Did someone else notice or I'm going crazy!?

Aye, the trailer is very Bioshock-esque. Movie is nothing like it at all.

I like how he praises the director so much yet he probably hasn't seen TSOP along with Pan's Labryinth.

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why does it need to be a movie? just play the fucking game

I think a lot of people were really touched by that first game, so the idea of being able to recreate that experience again is really compelling and romantic.

Yeah, but you'd have to change things up for it to have the same impact as a movie and I'm not sure the hardcore fans would really appreciate it all that much.

A pre-destroyed Rapture film would be incredible... you had to admit. I agree it shouldn’t be literally the game’s plot though.

I’d rather see that as an expansive HBO or Netflix show detailing the fall of Rapture

I'm imagining something like 28 days later, where everyone just starts going mad, and the madness spreads throughput the city, destroying their civilization.

Because this is a world that needs to be seen by people other than who play video games. I'd say people who have made video game movies have never really even set out to capture what the video games bring to the table except for maybe Assassins Creed considering what happened in that movie is Canon in the lore. Bioshock can be done but obviously you need to be serious about creating something that would truly resonate with people and still adhere to the aesthetic and ideals of the game.

I could also argue the story of the game can be adapted if done right and take advantage of some story elements, you can still be Ryan's son, you can still be hooked to a phrase, Atlas can still be the one who helps you through Rapture. They said Watchmen couldn't be done but that movie is damn close to reading the graphic novel.

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Lmao that is stupidest comparison there is considering there are 4 generations of fans and probably one of the most known franchises in the entire world. You should've said something like a TV show because that's more of an investment like a video game. Movies are only an hour and half to 3 hours of a one time thing. Its definitely more digestible than a video game, book, or TV show.

Not to mention, the Star Wars universe has been done in all mediums.

The most popular franchise of all time is a world you think more people should see? Turn your brain on bud.

The last 3 movies in the series have made 4 billion dollars combined. I think a shit ton of people have seen Star Wars.

Because people liked the very cinematic video game and want more of it. Really that shocking to you?

In a movie you lose the entire feeling of choices thought, and we already know how bad videogame movies have turned out

No you don’t, the audience is just not in the drivers seat. The same ideas can be explored and have been in countless films.

With that attitude, we'd never get any adaptations whatsoever. "Just go read the book," "go see the stage play," "Go read the comics."

Anything can be adapted well, the hard part is actually making it good.

OP never said s/he wanted the movie to recreate the game's story. Wouldn't you also want a Bioshock movie set within the lore created by the game if it could be directed by a competent director who has just made a movie that suggests he can bring that vision to life?


Pan's BioShock Labyrinth, seems a good movie

Even the music fits the bioshock tack despite not set in the same time. Alas I fell asleep, fuck knows how as I was enjoying the movie!

I think the only way a BioShock adaptation would work is as a TV series, and this is coming from someone who hates the whole "make a gritty HBO miniseries" circlejerk. But I honestly think it's the only way to do BioShock.

The thing about BioShock is the actual base story is very straightforward and simple. Jack navigating the ruins of Rapture pursuing a singular goal.

The actual narrative is told through the audiologs, background characters divulging exposition, and environmental storytelling. If you just breeze through the game on a speed run, you could finish it in two hours but you wouldn't really appreciate the depth or complexity of the themes.

The entire crux of the game is based around Jack discovering the truth about Rapture, and how this leads to a discovery about himself.

I could see Lindelof doing it justice, if he took the Lost/Leftovers approach of fractured chronologies and flashback exposition scenes. However, I think he'd have to flip the structure - the bulk of the show would be in flashback, with Jack's story being flashforward and used to bookend sequences of the narrative and frame the story.

People saying that "BioShock only works as a game" are kind of missing the point. The story itself is so great that they could easily make an effective TV show out of it, and the twist would still have impact. Not as much impact, but still a lot.

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I think if you do a Bioshock movie, it would make more sense to do the fall of Rapture than it would to adapt the game itself. Structure it kind of like Titanic, with a grand, opulent period drama leading to a terrifying survival/disaster movie.

Honestly, I don't think this works, because of the fact that Rapture is interesting in hindsight. The game's story is so compelling because you're discovering this alongside the protagonist (and because it's a game, ultimately the twist hinges on you actually being the protagonist).

A standalone Fall Of Rapture movie wouldn't work. The hook of BioShock is "dystopian city under the sea." Without a hook (of a main character crashing into the ocean and ending up in an abandoned underwater city) you'd have to do a lot of work to get people interested and give the story forward momentum.

I think it only works if you frame it from Jack's point of view.

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It could, and probably would, still be from a character's point of view -- and probably a newcomer like Jack -- it just wouldn't follow the plot of Bioshock (such as it is -- it's mostly told through audio logs, which don't really have a good functional analog for a movie, so you'd be doing either flashbacks or exposition dumps about the fall of Rapture anyway).

See I just think that's too much for a first outing. I think that's the problem with a lot of video game movies - they try cram too much into two hours, and make their concepts so needlessly complicated.

I think the simplest way to put it is this - us hardcore BioShock fans might like a "Fall of Rapture" movie. But that's us. General audiences or casual players just want to see the most fulfilling execution of a concept possible. And with BioShock that's dark hallways crawling with boobytraps, splicers around every corner and a Big Daddy trying desperately to protect his Little Sister... And an audience insert having to deal with all that, discovering the reason it's all there as he goes.

The best high concept franchises all start with a simple story. I think you're just asking for disaster if you make such a complicated Bioshock movie as a first outing.

Yep. You get it. Have the person there. Show a couple of the big things of the world. Do it faithfully have a simple plot there. With the world being a backdrop to the story rather than a driving plot device. Later on once the audience is used to it being in the bigger stuff

I would love to see a mini series. You could spend time telling the story from conception to height to fall.

And this is still my favorite fan made trailer for a potential movie:

And he probably has played the game.

Instead of bioshock, think Soma. Similar world and a story more suitable for movies. Not that bioshock doesn't have a good story, I'd just hate to see studios ruin what is already a great story.

That'd be great, I could see Soma being adapted into a good 2 hour movie, whereas Bioshock would be hard to cram into one film IMO.

Soma? Isn't that the drug from Brave New World?

Bioshock is the most Hollywood ready video game of all time.

Bro 100% agree! I was thinking of rapture the whole time. The consumerism, the watery light, the aesthetic of the lab. I would love to see a movie about the rise and fall of rapture from del toro.

The story of the video game is too fantastical to be a successful film. It works in the video game medium.

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Yeah something people fail to understand sometimes. A game like Nier:Automata is a good example of a game that absolutely wouldn't work because the way the story and game are constructed. Games are special that way.

Isn't the story more or less The Manchurian Candidate stuck in an Objectivist setting?

The Shape of Water is better. Don't ask for something that will never size up with the original experience.

At first I was really convinced this was the remake of Hellboy, with that water creature being Abe Sapiens. But then no Hellboy came!

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But Shape of Water is not a action movie with things shooting at each other all the time.

A BioShock movie wouldn’t have to be either, at least not any more than Shape of Water has its action scenes.

If you want a movie similar in tone and setting to bioshock watch Snowpeircer. Its not underwater but its still an autocratic utopia set in a closed atmosphere surrounded by uninhabitable hostile environment.

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There should never be any video game adaptation ever made again, they are never good.

The problem I feel is always the fucking dimestore directors and producers that get attracted to video game adaptations. No one ever puts their actual vision into the movie. They just create a watered down version of the source material and cram it into a by the numbers type of plot.

You need a director who both loves the source material but also doesn’t give a fuck what the fans might think.

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Duncan Jones directed Warcraft. The problem I see is that story-based video games are often based a lot around action and/or exploration from the player’s end, and when you try to turn that into a movie it just doesn’t translate. Video games have to have sort of thin storylines to make room for the actual gameplay portion, so when you emphasize the story it turns out there’s not a lot of room to work with.

Agreed. Video games just can’t translate well into film because anything you do is ultimately removing interaction away from the audience which is like telling an Olympic runner to compete with only one foot.

You have to pick out something from the background of the video game, like a side story or the events leading up to the video game. I think making the movie a “companion piece” to a given source material is a better place to start rather then adapting the story you play in a game.

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Duncan Jones directed Warcraft.

An admitted fan of the franchise. And he still butchered it.

To be fair there's a lot of information out there that there was a fair amount of studio interference on that one. I don't think the final product was what he envisioned.

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Because you can’t make a good video game movie. You just can’t.

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I disagree with that quite strongly on principle but in reality it's true because the film industry doesn't allow for it, not because a game story can't be adapted to film. Everything must be dumbed down for an audience member with zero knowledge and the attention span of a 2 year old.

There's no reason the Warcraft movie had to be warped from its lore, so poorly casted, and murdered in editing. That was a suit setting the budget and dictating how it needed to play to a stupid audience and China.

I’m sure you’ll be downvoted but it’s the truth.

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Every single time I make that statement on this subreddit, it always winds up in the negative. People are really attached to their favourite commercial IPs becoming terrible movies.

Id prefer a Castlevania adaptation from him.

Part of the problem of doing a Bioshock movie is that part of the power of its narrative is dependent on you experiencing it as a player. It examined linearity in video games by having a story about a person who is literally programmed to do whatever a third party tells them to, and a lot of the oomph of that narrative is lost the moment you are just an observer rather than the person who thought they were the ones issuing the commands.

Going from "I can make this character in the game do whatever I want!" to "This character in the game has been making me, the player, do whatever he wants!" is easily the biggest twist in the game, and it's one that doesn't exist in a non-interactive medium.

Bioshock infinite is my favorite game, something about the sound design and art style is just so magical.

yes but we’re talking about the first game, get out of here with that.

I did not play the first game but I did enjoy Bio-shock Infinite. Surprisingly, I was able to play it through to the the end, even though I do not particularly enjoy first-person shooter games.

You shall have it, soon ;)

I feel like TSOW is so good due to not really having an expectation built around it. If you make a movie based on a game you eventually have to condense a lot of footage down to fit it into a film's time allowance without making it look like cutscene after cutscene.

Directed or written by Alex Garland.

Jon ham as booker dewitt!


Whats the relationship between the creature in this and Abe Sapien from Hellboy? Is it just a concept that GDT likes?

There is no relation, aside from both being humanoid fish creatures and both are based on The Creature from the Black Lagoon

fair, they both eat eggs i noticed too

  1. My faith in Hollywood is really low. I don't have high expectations of a live-action Bioshock movie.

  2. Who owns the movie rights to this?

  3. The only way it would work is if they had a talented director and writer who were very enthusiastic about this project. And most of all... don't rush it. If they only make this movie to profit off an IP that comes with its own fanbase, then I'd rather they don't.

Watch the movie. There's more where that came from. The first minute or so alone made me think of Bioshock.

I’ve never seen a good game turned movie

Maybe someday

Have you seen this fan made trailer? I watch it every now and again to remind how cool it could be if it ever got made.

OP probably hasn't even seen the actual movie. I bet he hasn't even Pan's Labryinth either. Just because the trailer is reminiscent of the video game does not mean it equates to what the actual movie is.

Del Toro is a huge monster movie fan and Bioshock does not really fit the themes when it comes to what he is passionate about.

1 point · 6 months ago

He has publicly wanted to make a Bioshock movie since 2008, before the doomed Gore Verbinski project even started, and said like two months ago that he still wants to make one.

1 point · 6 months ago

No thanks. The games work fine on their own. Videogame movies usually don't work because the gameplay and story don't really transition well and be crammed into a two hour time period.

I was excited to see shape of water, but by the time I got done travelling for the holidays it had been pulled

A movie in the setting of Bioshock Infinite would be cool too

This was a good year for Bioshock-ish films. I watched A Cure for Wellness last night, the closest we'll get to a Gore Verbinski Bioshock film... which was once a plan ;_;

Favorite game of all time.

Bioshock Infinite? Yes pls.

Like most videogame films, it'd probably turn out pretty bad because the mediums of film and video games aren't really compatible.

Bioshock has a very distinct look that I think would make for a pretty amazing stop motion animated film. But they'd never do that :/

Saw this driving on the DC beltway once. It blew my 2-year-old’s mind.

Old guy behind the times but I got a PS3 hand me down from my nephew...any bioshock games for the PS3 you can recommend? If I don't hear back ill just annoy the lil bugger soon enough.

Every bio shock game is good, so start with first one.

Guillermo Del Toro, would you kinda begin pushing for a Bioshock production?

OR we could enjoy an original film with quality and style rather than thinking about fan service for a moment.

A lot of games have really interesting pre-built worlds that would translate very well visually, but the story or "mechanics" of the storytelling are more intrinsic to its medium. I think when people want a Bioshock movie, they want the world more than anything--which is incredibly rich and interesting. Dishonored with its steam-punk aesthetic and supernatural elements, and whaling background would make a great world too, from which the basis of a new cinematic story can be constructed.

Look at the trailer for A Cure For Wellness and cry more knowing that guy almost did it and it could've been great since he wanted an R rating

You know it'd get fucked up somehow, so why bother honestly.

I definitely was thinking the exact same thing when I saw SoW

Roy Taylor, head of media and entertainment at AMD and BAFTA board member, hates SHAPE OF WATER... WTF?!

See his tweet:

SHAPE OF WATER is nominated for 12 BAFTAs, and he's on the board?

Yeah I think GDT would be a great candidate to direct a Bioshock film, but I'm rather pleased with the way it is and I don't think a film is needed TBH.

A lot of people on here seem to love shape of water but i personally thought it was just so-so. Lead actress and michael shannon were both great but octavia spencer and richard jenkins characters seemed more like plot devices. I also think it should have gone more into the creature's background and what kind of research was being done in the lab a little more

Anyone still wishing for a cinematic version of Bioshock is confused.

Look around videogames, recognize that those games are aging quickly, and start wishing for another jump into one of those worlds on modern hardware.

You're still wishing for a movie about Rapture, but I'm still reveling in the afterglow of Columbia's delights.

And yeah, I'd also rather watch a cinematic vision of that city. Because Rapture was already a lot of different movies mashed together, and it was powerful because of the player's role in the story more than really wanting a whole movie of its content.

Like, what is the story of the movie? A guy encounters a bunch of horror movie tropes? We watch those tropes get born?

Naw. Bioshock: Infinite is the one with the story that could be a movie.....and it doesn't need one because a movie would never be the same level of experience.

But yeah. Lemme get a new chance to go back to Columbia. The balloons would be even more amazing.

Stop trying to make video game movies a thing. They've been garbage from day one. The highest rated video game movie is still Final Fantasy: Spirits Within which is like 55% on RT, and half of that is because the CGI was impressive at the time (and it's not even based on a FF story).

Video games are good. Movies are good. Video game movies are shit.

And games based on movies are usually shit too. There should be a law against crossing their streams.

I can't be the only one sick and tired of hearing this. It was bad enough that all the youtube comments were like this when the trailer came out but now that the movie has been out for a month people are still comparing it to bioshock when the only similarities AT ALL are the fact that it's the early 60's and that there's water.

or, you know, we could have original stories instead.

I mean, Bioshock is an okay shooter...but it would surely make an utter shit videogame movie.

Bioshock 1/2 didn't have a story and the WORLD BUILDING is basically just America in the 50s underwater

-1 points · 6 months ago

Is it me or does this seem like a back handed compliment.

"Seeing you naked girl makes me wish to see this other girl naked really bad."

3 points · 6 months ago

Don't think OP was referring to naked girls, more than they were referencing the environments, ambience, aesthetics

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